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In this show we uncover some very diabolical link ups with corporations and human rights as well as tap into a plot behind LIGHTING and why these requests may be being stopped.

Short bio: Alan M Dransfield is a FOIA Campaigner and Social Watchdog from Boston UK. I believe the  FOIA and the Information   Commissioner’s Office is in meltdown owing to widespread corruption at the ICO.

I am the UK leading Vexatious  Court Precedent, which has now been used approx 6500 since my own original  Vexatious  Decision inJan 2013. In a nutshell, the Dransfield Vexatious Decsion as in GIA/3037/2011 is being used as a get out of jail free card scapegoat to circumvent the FOIA 20000 and to prevent Joe Public obtaining Public Information.

The Dransfield Vexatious cases has been used by lots of High Profile Government Authorities to prevent them washing their dirty laundry in Public.


Alan Dransfield posted in Parents Injustice Group.
Alan Dransfield
June 1 at 4:27am

Please see my letter to the Minister for HSE and according to the HSE and Office Nuclear Regulator (ONR) there is no need to panic Mr Mannering because the Contractors are responsible for such matters.
Penny Mordaunt is a MORON.

Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt MP
Secretary of State for the HSE

Dear Madam

Further to my recent letters ref the subject title. Please see the following report which confirms my allegation ref the subject title.
There are three types of Lightning SCAMS which have been used in the UK, they are
1.Dissipation’s Array Systems (DAS)
2.Early Streamer Emissions (ESE)
3.Charge Transfer System. (CTS)

The most common and successful Lightning Protection System (LPS) is the Franklin Earth Rod System and the Faraday Cage System to protect Premises/Structure from lightning..
Benjamin Franklin invented the Franklin Lightning Protection System in 1752 and has successfully protected Premises and Structures for nearly 300 years. The Franklin Rod System was further improved in 1836 by the Michael Farady Lightning Cage Principle (Faraday Cage Principle)

The three items above are SCAMS and they purport to PREVENT Lightning occurring. The FARADAY cage system absorbs the Lightning current and directs it to the earth(ground). Both Faraday and Franklin Systems relies upon the CAPTURE and DISSIPATION of the Lightning Current being redirected to the earth/ground viaa Finial and Earth Conductor System. Items 123 above are non compliant to the current BS/EN 62305/2008 Standards.

It is impossible to PREVENT LIGHTNING as purported in items 123 above. There is NOTHING on God’s Earth which will prevent LIGHTNING from occuring and there are only TWO (2) recognised protection systems,ie Franklin and Faraday systems.

What is most disconcerting is that BOTH the HSE and the ONR are oblivious to such scams and are totally reliant upon the Contractors installing these SCAM Nationwide.

Neither Michael Faraday or Benjamin Franklin guaranteed their systems would be 100% successful in preventing damage to a structure/building but they have successfully stood the test of time for nearly 3 centuries.

Not only are these three items above a SCAM and FRAUD, they are an insult to both Lightning Pioneers of Franklin and Faraday.

Benjamin Franklin and Michael Faraday would turn inthe graves at the thought of their inventions had been bypassed for any of the three(3) listed Lightning Protection Systems above.

The worse case scenario of a Direct Lighnting Strike on a UK Nuclear Plan,Munition Site which has been protected by either 1-3-3above would be a Chernobyl Type of disaster.
I do state with the greatest of confidence the ONR and HSE are failing their fiduciary duty of care on such matters by their consistent wilful blindness to the dangers of 123 above..

Suggestion and recommendations.
1. Call for immediate criminal inquiry into the unlawful use of 123 above.
2. Cease and desist of any further use of 123 above.
3. Call for an inquiry into the criminal negligence of both the HSE and ONR.
4. Call upon the UN to investigate the unlawful use of items 123 above

For your information ,action and files.

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield


Alan Dransfield’s Blog

Does this mean the ICO is now prepared to hold a forensic investigation into the 6,000 wrongful vexatious decisions based on the Dransfield GIA/3037/2011?

alan dransfield – the information commissioner – butlincat’s blog – blogger

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