My MAPPA/Machine-Gun Registration

FAO  Inspector Lyndon Jones re Dr Tegwyn Williams ref 1700070489

I have acquired alarming new evidence with reference to my unlawful 2009 incarceration in Caswell Clinic and MAPPA 3/3 registration purely to influence my civil damages claims against the South Wales Police.

Despite my repeated visits to South Wales police stations since 2010,  complaining that no one will take my victim statement and/or MG11 statement, I have to turn to the Cardiff law courts again to attempt redress.

Last time when I tried this the Cardiff magistrates refused to even  process a legal-aid application with court officials secretly changing public records without authority.

Do I have to go to England, again, for help?

South Wales Police Failed Disclosure of Records required for 4th Jury Trial – 21 May 17


  All Clerks of Cardiff Courts                                                                                                         ref:T20170239/BS614159 et& 1CF03361

 21st May 2017

 Dear Sir/Madam,

                                 Regina v Maurice John Kirk (4th jury trial)

  1. Please find enclosed my 17th Oct 2014 letter, yet to be answered by many recipients yet alone properly addressed as to its seriousness. No disclosure has flowed from it nor from some hundred or so similar such requests for even public records when ordered by a judge!

 2. In the letter ‘defendant’ reads as ‘Chief Constable’ in my blocked civil cases including the ‘machine -gun’ conspiracy and garrotte ‘tape’ appeal, with the former before the RCJ and websites worldwide.

 3.  My refused ‘note-taking’/arrest of prison officer/entering a prison without permission nonsense case last year before Sweeney J et al was won causing that appeal to be back in the Cardiff’s high court but, surprise , surprise, someone is sitting on it as its evidence would affect the imminent 4th restraining order jury trial.

 4.  This 4th alleged breach of a ‘restraining order’, never served in the first place or was quashed, it appears, by the last judge in the matter was ‘dead in the water’ ‘ from the start as you cannot harass a police doctor now proven never to have been medically qualified to inform His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC I should be locked up indefinitely in Ashworth.

 5. Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams and any others continue to break the law in attempting to cover up the truth, when not having my medical corrected or simply expunged from the record.

 6. This makes it my right to have reasonable cause, under the badly drafted 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act, to continue to detect or prevent crime be occasioned by so many in both south Wales and South Island, New Zealand.

 7. I ask for this well over-due disclosure of both police and court records, relevant for my 4th jury to deliberate upon, despite South Wales Police /Cardiff courts joint excuses to hide/shred/redact/alter or bury them under police MAPPA 3/3, NHS (Wales) and PII legislation.

 8. You lot have successfully, so far, covered up so much within my civil damages claims by blatant failed disclosure contrary to CPR, due to your quite unchecked police brutality but your time, like my own, is fast running out.

 9..  Be rest assured my family and several of my friend from around the world, who also detest the likes of you, will take it on when I am gone.

 10. Your 8 year blocking of the ‘machine-gun’ police conspiracy, to prevent it going public, is now blown open with this quite remarkable ‘finding’ of the 2010 jury trial CD.

 11. This trial collapsed in judicial ridicule confirmed by 9 of the jury to my family and friends when they told the police plant on the jury after the very first day of evidence in a hilarious if not thoroughly entertaining 2 week trial, fit to rival Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘trial by Jury’.

 12. I request a copy of the restraining order citing Dr Tegwyn Williams as recipient of this purported court order and when, where and why by return of post, please, in order that I make an early application before the Recorder of Cardiff.

 Thank you 

 11.  I also enclose, may it assist, for those within the Principality’s Authorities, still appearing to be unaware of what is still being unlawfully covered up, a website setting out, in general terms, the evilness I have personally had to witness and suffer when simply trying to go about my business in the Vale of Glamorgan, with my family close by, as a practicing veterinary surgeon.

 Yours most sincerely,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc                           



Dr Tegwyn Williams Beaches His Own Restraining Order – 21 May 17

by mauricekirky

Dr Tegwyn Williams’ Police Forensic History – 20 May 17

by mauricekirky

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