MUST SEE!! GANG GUILTY OF RAPE! “VICTORY! Jayda Fransen explains our victory at Maidstone Magistrates Court” + TOMMY ROBINSON [VIDEOS]

VICTORY! Jayda Fransen explains our victory at Maidstone Magistrates Court

Jayda Fransen Jayda Fransen

Published on 1 Jun

Day of action in Muslim grooming hotspot of Rochdale

Published on 29 May 2017

In the wake of the sickening BBC programme “Three Girls” which laid bare the horrors of Muslim grooming in Rochdale, Britain First held a day of action in the town to raise awareness.


“3 GIRLS” – BBC IPLAYER – EP. 1 – 3:

 New to the area, Holly is keen to make friends but finds herself drawn into a frightening world she is unable to escape – a world all too familiar to sexual health worker Sara. As her relationship with her family fractures, Holly finds the courage to speak out, but will her nightmare finally end?

Tommy Robinson confronts another accused Muslim grooming gang


West Yorkshire police say they are investigating 179 new cases of alleged child sexual exploitation in Bradford. 

The Police have announced they are investigating 165 suspects, amid fears of another scandal like that which hit Rotherham.

Just last year, a gang of 12 Asian paedophiles from West Yorkshire were jailed for a total of 143 years after they passed a 13-year-old girl around for sex, with men literally queuing up to rape her.

Michael Jameson, strategic director of Children’s Services at Bradford Council, told local media: “Child sexual exploitation is a horrendous crime and we work with police and other organisations to investigate and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

Social services say they are currently supporting 100 victims.

Local child safety campaigner, Angela Sinfield, said she believed the number didn’t represent the true extent of the problem, as many victims are still too frightened to come forward.

Mrs Sinfield also called for a major change in the law, which would allow police to prosecute more cases, otherwise “campaigners will find themselves fighting the same battles in 10 years time.”

Westmonster has a sad feeling that this is just the tip of the iceberg.



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