I was followed yesterday and was drawn out and stared at in a nearby town again in exactly the same place as it happened before and when I got home there was a next door neighbour waiting to greet me with a “hello!” who I don’t even speak to.​ The same as before when I arrived home to find a total stranger outside my home, dressed exactly the same as me wearing an identical fluorescent jacket, waiting to greet me with a “hello!”. Very odd. This, of course, is rubbish, and affects me little – it is an irritant and nothing more and is but a small part of what’s going on around us overall, and pales into insignificance to what’s happening to Carol Woods up in Lancashire, where so many actual authorities are involved in the numerous serious crimes committed against her, including chronic gangstalking – so bad on some days she can’t even go out, as it’s simply not worth the hassle. Check the updates for that here on this site with “Carol Woods” in the headline to posts, by scrolling  down. These people following people about are so very sick, but not as sick as the people behind it all, who are robbing the people blind via, for example, the Finchley road scams  and letting known terrorists be left alone to murder innocent people as is becoming the norm now, with 3 attacks in a few weeks in the UK!!  Its truly disgusting and – as stated in many places – will lead to mayhem on our streets. 3 jihadi attacks in 3 months – when’s the next one for IT IS COMING, don’t you think?!!




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