MAURICE KIRK: Applications Re: Specific Disclosure for trial 17/06/17 + archive

17th June 2017 (2nd Letter)

Crown Prosecution Service (Wales)
South Wales
Dear Sir,
           Application re Specific Disclosure
 re trial T20170239 & Machine-gun Civil Cases 1CF03361 & C90CF012
I enclose, for starters, part of my leaked Ministry of Justice forensic record fabricated by the South Wales Police to successfully oppose, on many occasions, my release from custody as part of their conduct of harassment. 
The enclosed data originated from your police supplied  similarly fabricated records for your department’s 2nd December 2009 application, before His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC, when Richard Thomlow applied for my incarceration, indefinitely, in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital as a MAPPA category 3 level 3 registered victim.
Neither your department nor any NHS (Wales) member of staff has ever informed me of Thomlow’s evidence that I have ‘significant brain damage’ originating from a possible brain doctor. 
No less than seven times I have been denied access to my criminal court hearings in Cardiff. Why? 
The overarching purpose of Dr Tegwyn Williams’ and Professor Rodger Wood’s erroneous medical reports was for the cash promised by the then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding.
 Ms Wilding’ modus operandi was to protect her pension by disrupting my preparation for numerous damages claims against the South Wales police for malfeasance, including the perversion of justice, from 1992 up to today’s date.
The enclosed form before the 2014 HM parole board, deliberating my immediate release, contains no less than eleven relevant falsehoods 
I apply for the next jury a copy of those records supplied by the South Wales police to the Ministry of Justice, for this 11th July 2014 OASys MAPPA form production and used so successfully to have me  gaoled in Texas USA, Brittany France, Southern Sudan and countless times in the UK, also with no possible criminal conviction, in London, Cardiff, Taunton and Hampshire police stations.
When will you be getting around to answering my previous applications for disclosure for the above and other relevant issues withheld by CPS (Wales), CCRC and police? 
When is the 5th Jury trial, on Dr Tegwyn Williams/Professor Rodger Wood conspiracy, scheduled for?
These matters are now urgently needing to be addressed by your department in the  light of Her Ladyship The Recorder of Cardiff’s apparent suggestion for need of a time-line re police interference in the progression of my civil damages claims against them coinciding with so many failed criminal prosecutions.  
Maurice J Kirk BVSc  
Tel 07708586202                                 

Dr Tegwyn Williams WANTED poster.jpg
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Preview attachment 14 07 11 Fbcd OASys MAPPA Prisn Recl.pdf


14 07 11 Fbcd OASys MAPPA Prisn Recl.pdf
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Preview attachment 14 07 11 pgs 36-37 MAPPA Restricted.pdf


14 07 11 pgs 36-37 MAPPA Restricted.pdf
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 Archive continues:

MAURICE KIRK: RECORDS DENIED: T20170239 4th alleged breach of a restraining order trial hearing + archive 17/06/17

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