MAURICE KIRK: RECORDS DENIED: T20170239 4th alleged breach of a restraining order trial hearing + archive 17/06/17

T20170239 4th alleged breach of a restraining order trial hearing

17th June 2017
Dear Mr ——–,
I again apply for CPR disclosure from the following list, suggesting more than just police malice, identified in an extract of the below document destined for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons & ECHR

Criminal Cases Review Commission Refusal to Disclose Magistrates Records

7th August 2015 FOI application to disclose the above is refused by the CCRCSept15 HM Crown Prosecution letter, under FOI, reveals it is also refusing to disclose above CCRC continues to refuse to reply to their victim’s letters for same CCRC state, as full disclosure of 1st 2011 Cardiff magistrates ‘Harassment’ conviction despite devoid of:

  1. clerk of the court’s contemporaneous notes
  2. any copy of either CPS or Defendant applications
  3.  any copy of any court exhibits of which this case is pivotal
  4.  the court log
  5.  nor how, by whom, when or where the subsequent ‘restraining order’, re South Wales Police/Dr Tegwyn Williams fabricated psychiatric reports, was served on their victim knowing, full well, no such service ever took place.
  6.  His Honour Judge Seys Llewelyn QC continues to refuse to disclose Cardiff court public/Claimant lodged records despite having adjudicated over the similar withholding of South Wales Police MAPPA 3/3 fabricated records to incarcerate their victim, indefinitely

 No lawyer can be found in the UK to even draught a Judicial Review

Application against the CCRC or even obtain copy of the above public records from Bristol HM Crown Prosecution Service. It had admitted this in Bristol Crown Court of having them during their victim’s re located appeal for having arrested the original 1st December 2011 corrupt prosecutor, barrister David Gareth Davies of Park Place Chamber, Cardiff as he had repeatedly lied to the original public gallery and subsequent 4th May 2012 Cardiff Crown Court jury whilst fully protected by His Honour Judge John Curran presiding.

Their cosy relationship, all based on greed, is now guaranteed longevity should Brexit succeed.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

16th August 2016
Another police misdemeanour requiring full CPS disclosure for the next Cardiff Crown Court hearing:

17 02 02 RCJ Mr Hebden summary

15 01 21 Gilbart transcript with typos

16 10 06 Gilbart another application


CO/4737/2014/ RCJ ref 2016/PI/11303

Ms FAO ——-                                                                               your Ref              

Court of Appeal

Royal Courts of Justice                                                                    My Ref                            CO/4737/2015


16th June 2017

Dear Madam, 

Wrongful Imprisonment, Failure by HMP Swansea to Produce s Prisoner to court and unnecessary delay


  1. I refer to your letter of November 2016 and re submit, again, my application to ‘strike out’ the order of Gilbart J, vary it or return the matter to the Administrative Court in order for it to consider my further evidence enclosed.


  1. I enclose a summary best set down in my letter to Mr Hebden enclosed.


  1. As for the transcript of Gilbart J’s 21st January 2015 hearing, during my forced absence, the Welsh authorities, ever since, have appeared to obstruct the speedy return of my application re my having enter Cardiff prison without permission to recover my unlawfully withheld passport.


  1. The transcript has still not been typo corrected, which is essential and despite further applications to the transcript writers and court nothing is yet forthcoming.
  2. Gilbart J judgement enclosed

Yours faithfully,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc


17 06 16 Gilbart resub
8.7 MB

Preview attachment 16 11 08 RCJ re submit letter.pdf

16 11 08 RCJ re submit letter.pdf
239 KB

Preview attachment 15 0121 Gilbart transcript.pdf

15 0121 Gilbart transcript.pdf
104 KB

Preview attachment 16 07 31 ct appl letter CtAppeal sent again on 10th Sept 2016.doc

16 07 31 ct appl letter CtAppeal sent again on 10th Sept 2016.doc
49 KB

Preview attachment 16 07 16 Gilbart re re submisn to RCJ.docx

16 07 16 Gilbart re re submisn to RCJ.docx
25 KB

Archive continues:


above: Maurice Kirk outside Cardiff Civic Centre. 8 months later he was to begin 18 months in prison [for nothing] which had  with it an outrageous amount of “irregularities” and targeting as often MK’s sentences had within them. This sentence included MK enduring a 33 day hunger strike, the somewhat positive result of that resulting in a previously denied but extremely important letter being given him stating he had no “brain tumour” – that allegation [which came with it futile months on remand in custody for MK] manufactured by the now infamous Welsh consultant psychiatrist “Dr. T. W.” who colluded, with others, in order to banish MK forever in a closed mental unit, thus “closing the book” for them on the subject “Maurice Kirk”, who would keep standing up for himself! Whilst serving this most recent completely dubious sentence, which saw this  hunger strike, MK was denied urgent medical treatment regarding parts of his stomach hanging from his rectum after ingesting food after the hunger strike – this offending ailment to prove excruciatingly painful  for him for many months because of the subsequently denied medical treatment to correct matters. Cruelly, MK was denied the appropriate painkillers for over a year, as was the relevant paperwork so as the surgeons, who were waiting to act, could perform the urgent medical operation. In some instances one suffers much more than just having one’s freedom removed [for no reason] as MK’s last farcical sentence clearly shows. And it continues again, soon, with another dubious Welsh “trial” to take place where a punishment of 4 years imprisonment in connected, we are told. Having been put in prison for over 5 years since 2009 – those custodial stays based on extremely highly questionable reasoning – this man has suffered more than most for trying to put something right that was clearly wrong…


MJK litigation history (as the police see it!

12th June 2017 MG hearing:
This , with a few deliberate mistakes, is a document written by police solicitors for Mondays start of my machine gun damages claim spelling out just why they have deliberately delayed its start for 7 YEARS while hoping I would run out of steam, run out of money or simply die off.”

17 02 16 MG Signed Statement of Mr Hill

New post on Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police

Machine-Gun Hearing on Monday 10.30am Cardiff County Court

by mauricekirky

The start of another corruption cover-up exercise by one Cardiff Court about another.

I have decided, therefore, to get around to reading yet another typical South Wales Police piece of written inaccurate verbiage just to try and delay my damages claims for at least another three years while they wait for me to die.

16 02 17 Hill Signed MG

09 12 02 Transcript Crn Crt REDACTED


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