Unlawful Doubling of my Prison Sentance case today

17 06 12 C90CF012 Parole Release

16 07 29 Parole Board Particulars of Claim

wanted-posterMy 1993 custody interview tape confiscated in  Cardiff court as this was really where  all THIS POLICE BULLYING started from in South Wales (apart from the 1971 incident in Pembrokeshire when I put my old Burma war time Auster through the roof of a police car and in 1975 the  comical Manx kippers incident at Swansea airport when my 1945 Auster finished being gutted of a hundred or so smoked fish while the idiots were looking for something…a machine-gun , perhaps?

93 05 20 Interview Tape

HMP Swansea release

Archive continues:

MAURICE KIRK: “Two Million Pound Damages Claim against South Wales Police edges closer” 21 June 17 + archive


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