Welsh Prosecutors Throw in The Towel – 30 June 17

by mauricekirky

So, it has taken us six years of my life, with much of it incarcerated in almost every welsh prison,  to beat the evil deceitful little short arsed shysters

mauricekirky | June 30, 2017 at 6:59 am

MAURICE KIRK: C90CF012 SWP Parole Board Justice Ministry Claim 28 JUNE 17

C90CF012 SWP Parole Board Justice Ministry Claim 28 JUNE 17

FAO Clerk of the Court

Dear Sir,

Last week I had to return from Brittany as I suspected my case had been ‘arranged’ to be thrown out.

Despite the fact, following my first action in Wales against the parole board, my 5th Action against the police, I was was awarded £50,000 for false imprisonment only for it to be clear, from last week’s antics by three barristers, the same HM Partnership  tactics are being metered out again in Cardiff.

I enclose my 7th September 2016 amended claim, drawn up, served on the court and paid for by a lawyer last year to block the scandalous manner in which my £50,000 successful judgement was overturned on appeal last time.

How, prey?

Cardiff Civil Justice Centre ‘may have forgotten’ to have served my summons on HMP Governor to attend court the court heard ……so lets have my court fee back was the immediate reply……and I am still waiting

And here we go again……..lies , lies and more lies , all because the ladies, down on the train from London for a day’s shopping, like Cardiff’s  oh so lucrative cabal  

Maurice J Kirk BVSc  

Tel 07———–                                 


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May  2011:  MK with the Musa parents, who had 7 children stolen by Haringey council under totally dubious circumstances and went on to receive 7 years imprisonment each after an extremely dubious trial full of blatant irregularities..and dishonesty, and not from the Musa parents.


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