MAURICE KIRK: Further Witnesses for Restraining Order Trial VIDEO July 3 + archive

Further Witnesses for Restraining Order Trial


9 08 28 SPECT & MRI Scans (2) 

17 07 01 12-12-13-morgan-cole-mjk-response

17 06 28 CPS throw in the towel

2nd July 2017                                                                                             C90CF012

FAO Cardiff County Court                                                                     BS614159 +2


Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police, HM Justice Ministry & HM Parole Board

False Imprisonment and Perversion of Justice

Dear Sir,

  1. At the last hearing I asked for judgements/orders etc to be sent by email address.
  2. At my April/May 2016 default judgement application (first form error for correct case number, corrected by 2nd hand written) neither Parole Board nor Justice Ministry filed defences unless you now say otherwise? What was the result, please?
  3. I enclose my first 2016 claim enclosing Article10 inadvertently left out of my 7th Sept 2016 amended particulars and ask for proof it was filed with the court last year?
  4. At the last hearing, by sheer chance that I even attended believing I was legally represented, I left more confused over a purported judgement of last summer, by a judge North? Please send me copy confirming it had been originally sent by email?
  5. At the last hearing, if my poor memory is correct, Defendant or Defendants denied knowledge of my 7th September 2016 amended claim being received when it was served on the court and I was told any fee paid. Has my lawyer been nobbled?

6, Now I have sent again to your court another copy, as per court direction, of my 7th September 2016 particulars and request proof of service as I have asked for proof of service, in the past, for my original application for full default judgment in 2016.

  1. I remember last time I was so stupid to sue HM Partnership, the reason for remaining in the EU for protection us from HM widespread abuse by underlings, Cardiff County Court apologised to itself saying, “perhaps, the service of particulars of £50,000 claim on HM Governor of Cardiff Prison’ was overlooked!
  2. ‘A likely story’ when the Co-Defendant, the police, acknowledged receipt of service
  3. You still refuse disclosure of those simple records in my first HM Partnership skirmish (5th Action) and since then have wrongly closed ranks with your police to prevent my expediting both my civil and criminal cases while continuing this disruption by not allowing me to stand at the public counter for ‘due process’.
  4. Your court refuses to let me have sight of the BS614159 +2 Maurice Kirk v Police claims court records who’s appeal is now filed in the RCJ also requiring copy of court log, exhibits, evidence and all court refusals, especially key witness subpoenas.
  5. Is it any wonder the RCJ appear to continue to not process my appeal, as a ‘can of worms’, while your court has even confiscated, over a year ago, my police interview tape, because ‘indictable and not under caution’ from one of my 33 successful defences for malicious prosecutions of many due before your ‘system’.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Tel 07

14 08 11 particulars of claim

17 07 01 12-12-13-morgan-cole-mjk-response


Brittany cottage field andBritanny farm house and field £40,000

carp lake for only £30,000

Resident pig and Genevieve extra (just caught her first carp)

Brittany March 275.JPG

Fr aug 07051.JPG

 Another just one hour from St Malo boat for only £30,000 (carp lake, opposite, is extra)

tel _+447708586202


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Witnesses for the forth coming 4th Jury trial

include:  Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams



Dr’s wife,  Dr  Janis Hilliar

Her 2012 statement to the police re Maurice found, at the dead of night, at her home with a cans of petrol

Menage-a-trois Mr x

11 11 08 Curry REDACTED

Caswell Clinic  Ms Elisabeth Paul

Her eight MAPPA level 3 meetings notes

09 08 28 SPECT & MRI Scans (2)

10 12 7 MJK MAPPA Executive Summary09 12 02 Transcript Crn Crt REDACTED

Caswell Clinic  Dr Ruth Bagshaw

Full file on Professor Rodger Wood’s spectacular findings

Caswell Clinic   Dr Gaynor Jones

full Caswell brain-scan records castigating Dr TW and lying Wood

9 12 1 medical Kemp

SWP retired liar Barbara Wilding

Her specific orders to kill me in order to preserve her pension

NHS (Wales)  masonic Paul Jones

the obvious

NHS scavengers, Morgan Cole solicitors

17 07 01 12-12-13-morgan-cole-mjk-response

the vivid account by Dr Tegwyn Williams re police finding their victim , ‘in the dead of night, with cans of avgas lurking in a doctor’s garden’

Dolmans solicitor, Adrian Oliver

The overarching conspirator  using doctors as porn (spelt right?)

police man, Mr David Vaughan

his orders not to disclose Visor/custody police records over 25 year period

ex CPS barrister, David Gareth Evans

and the rest not said by him in Bristol Crown Court

Crown Prosecutor Mr Killick

the full CPS files on machine-gun/MAPPA/ Caswell clinic conspiracy

Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University

10 05 26 NHS Deny Rcds Exist

Judge Richard Thomlow

Judge John Curran

just for ‘starters’

this list is far from exhaustive

Frank Werren at Caswell Clinic jpeg

Police led by Mr Frank Werren at Caswell Clinic in search of a suspected burglar out to steal his own medical records.


vulture HQ 4.jpg

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Mad as a Box of Frogs

Corruption in welsh institutions is not just confined to the South Wales Police, not by along chalk!

For example,

Morgan Cole, solicitors, financed by tax payer to protect Dr Tegwyn Williams in my a £840 claim due to blocking my already arranged appointment at caswell clinic with Dr Gaynor……………

17 07 01 12-12-13-morgan-cole-mjk-response

Refused court transcripts4 1 10

A typical false missive from the corrupt Luigi Strinnati

10 07 26 Luigi Stranati refusal to Cardifrf Courts

Police ‘assault’ charge against me was lost at appeal but ex police officer’s assault on me in Cardiff Crown Court, when breaking my leg by pushing me down the stairs, entered the pleadings of my two million pound claim against the Welsh authorities last month.

And Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) destroying the incriminating evidence

12 12 21 CPS Dicken RO

Totally disproved Lee Barker witness statement by cross examination of him and lying HM court clerk saying I was coming down the corridor, on crutches, when I had the restraining order served on me that was also proved fictitious.

Barker_Statement (1)

The 21st Dec 2012 CPS letter admitting the 1st Dec 2011 court ‘draft’ restraining order, for my consideration, ‘can no longer be found’ is topped, by misbelief with this, their latest fairy tale of public records are 6 years old and therefore not discloseable!

CPS Throw in the Towel

and following the 4th May 2012 jury, asking to see court proof I had ever could have  known about yet alone was served a restraining order, Cardiff’s HMC&TS, under the control of Luigi Strannati, frantically tried to alter the court log but made a right botch of it. (all twelve hearings squeezed on to one page).

15 05 03 altered 1st Dec 11 court log.jpg

Luigi Stranati, incidentally, the South Wales area court manager and Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University have a substantial reward on their heads for what he and his cronies have done to my family over these past 25 years. We need their whereabouts at home in order that they have a visit, unannounced.

Please contact by email or telephone

This Luigi was seen desperately trying to remove all the Cardiff magistrates chairs from my alleged harassment of Dr Tegwyn Williams November 2011 trial to try and stop my helpers, such as my sister over from Jersey, Sabine McNeil over from Germany, the notorious Llangannor Six, a retired law lecturer from London and many, many more from entry to a UK public court.

(Interestingly, I noticed private lawyers for NHS, Caswell Clinic, police and Dr Tegwyn Williams were all allowed into the hearing with reserved chairs to witness no retraining order, they will deny, was ever mentioned to be taken from the court room and served on me in my cell.

Many there witnessed it was the part CPS typed, part Judge John Charles hand written draft ‘restraining order’ by the sacked CPS barrister David Gareth Evans who was made to admit it on cross examination in Bristol Crown Court, that was brought to my cell for agreement but unable to be even read rolled up in Lee Barker’s fist!

Gareth had to first go down the tortuous route of a private person’s arrest  in order to the get the above evidence on oath.

David Gareth Evans

Gareth Lea Barker, below, will be my key defence witnesses at next month’s 4th jury trial on the same matter.

Lee Barker 1st Dec 2011 Custody manager.jpg

All these eighty odd police malicious prosecutions stemmed  from my civil damages claims against the police, started in 1992, and it was he, Luigi Strannati, that was tasked by the police to have all my court lodged files in Cardiff courts, around 130 by 2002, to be sent to HM Solicitor -General to have me registered a ‘vexatious litigant’ with obvious consequences for blocking any civil redress


The Tegwyn saga was dreamed up by Barbara Wilding as my civil claims endangered her lucrative penson. She therefore deceitfully swore, six weeks late to His honour Judge Nicholas ChambersQC’s order, the following witness statement but only by my getting into Adrian Oliver’s office and thamping on his desk very hard until it was done.

09 02 25 Barbara Wilding Affidavit Lies (2)

Adrian Oliver Dolmans.png

The following extract  from the Tom Gruchy collection of videos capture the Llantwit Major police video they failed to have destroyed in time catching then Sgt Nicholas Kilberg lying to the custody sergeant that I had been swearing in a public place. The officer on the right would not substantiate that fact was further proved by unlawfully shredded police statements in the civil trial, now on appeal with 32 other malicious police incidents blocked at the RCJ these past two years!

That is the true state of our UK law courts, pre Brexit, so god help you lot, without EU law but I will be long gone

Kilberg went on to give further lies against me in several motoring cases that the royal college used to have my name removed from the veterinary register for life.

Watch another police video clumsily doctored showed my being assault by police, dragged out of my car, without arrest, to obtain a false motoring offence the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons used to remove my name from the veterinary register for life,


10 11 24 GMC Complaint_0001

12 01 20 Remand Warrant &12 02 22 Judge Curan Court Order

10 10 17 GMC Wales complaint REDACTED

11 11 15 Solicitor letter to Cardiff Magistrates REDACTED

10 06 16 CAA Medical

9 12 1 medical Kemp

09 08 28 SPECT & MRI Scans (2)

11 01 17 GMC

NHS Court Order Scan-14-Feb-13

and Dr Tegwyn Williams’ written excuse in his October 2009 MJK psychiatric reports describing Norman, Patrick and Mr Oakes, as a very dangerous men to the doctor, no one else, snatched upon by bastard HM Crown Prosecution Service Wales Richard Thomlow, to be able to successfully apply to have me locked away in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital, indefinitely. Could Enid or Brothers Grimm have made a better fairy tale than that, I ask often myself.


Dr Tegwyn Williams WANTED poster

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Welsh Prosecutors ‘Throw in The Towel’

My application to ‘strike out’ the blackmailed Dr Tegwyn Williams ‘Restraining Order’ police and court conspiracy, once and for all and go, instead, for the ring leaders, the ignorant liar Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University and that attempted murderer, scheming machine-gun little bitch, Barbara Wilding.

17 06 30 MJK Crn Crt appl

The arrogant small minded Rodger Wood who frantically back dated his ‘expert’ records for Williams, originally used in  2nd Dec 2009 Crown Court and Her Ladyship’s November 2009 court refusal  bail hearings, once the Jan 2010 machine-gun conspiracy trial collapsed by jury finding the police plant within their merry 12.

long term drinking partner of Oliver Reed

This masonic little shit to have me locked away for life, had it not been for His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC on 2ndDecember 2009, wrote and used an unlawful report.

Used in open court  while I was in my forced absence, locked in a cell below Cardiff Crown Court, he had freely circulated his report throughout Caswell clinic staff and for evil prosecutor, Richard Thomlow, to support the latter’s application I may have a brain tumour, with no other forensic psychiatrist’s signature than from Dr Tegwyn Williams.

Wood’s expert opinion, as to my ‘significant brain damage’, was because:

i) I had flown my 1944 D-Day Piper Cub to Australia without a map

ii) I had then ditched my aircraft in the Caribbean

iii) all because I had been a ‘long term drinking partner’ with actor, Oliver Reed

Who else, by this idiot Wood gets sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act, for Peter’s sake?

11 06 10 Barbara Wilding WANTED

So, it has taken us, my very dear helpers from around the world, six years of my life so far, with much of it incarcerated in every welsh prison of depravity,  just to beat the evil boasting deceitful little short-arsed shysters.

Oh Wales, with my many fond memories of the Vale of Glamorgan, what is your future?

With a bunch of selfish fanatics now in charge, paranoid for self rule for promised judicial autonomy, it may now stupidly go Brexit.

This will  leave the door even wider open for their next UK tax payer’s funded ‘gravy train’ to go straight to their already thoroughly corrupt judiciary where ‘the rule of law’ and basic human rights will no longer be protected by the European Court  of Human Rights and fundamental freedoms.

First set up in the aftermath of the 3rd Reich, I foresee Wales sinking into the same cesspit with ‘tax haven’ Guernsey with its bullying police state based on the morals of earlier leaders who collaborated with the Nazis.


I remember speaking to an old farmer with his old black cat in my St Sampsons harbour veterinary surgery, back in the 80s, telling me how German soldiers came at 5 in the morning, in 1943, for his young farm worker for the Cherbourg cattle trucks and Auschwitz.

The eighteen year old had been identified to the gestapo by Guernsey’s then Bailiff of the Bailiwick , one Mr De Vic Carey to be hanged by Churchill had it not been for the disastrous 1946 general election. The traitor was, instead, knighted by Atlee…….all rather like what war criminal Bair would have done. Is there ‘nothing new under the sun’?

Our current Welsh gestapo, dressed in senior police officer uniforms, have clearly decided to shred their original Maurice John Kirk 1st December 2011 custody records and of those seized from the court clerk, HMP Cardiff and Geoamey Custodial Services all clearly indicating no restraining order was either mentioned to me before my release or served on me on the day.

Recent HM Prosecutor’s letter to me also confirms why my first of four juries on the same argument were lied to only to be refused those above records controlled by His Honour Judge Paul Thomas.

CPS Throw in the Towel


or was it Judge Curran , ‘like peas in a pod’?

12 01 20 Remand Warrant &12 02 22 Judge Curran QC Court Order REDACTED

12 05 01 eiffion edwards statement

another ‘can of worms is how the Criminal Cases Review Commission closed ranks admirably portrayed in just half a dozen or so of their key letters  also treating me as if  I had just crawled out from under a stone

16 01 06 Jenny Thomas requests

Clearly Article 10 is missed in the version I sent but my lawyer sent the right one last year!



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Maurice just survives another HM Partnership Ambush

He was eating his usual oysters, down by his carp lake in Brittany while sampling a particularly good favourite Saumur wine of his when the  telephone rang.

Yes, he thought, he had been chancing his luck leaving a court hearing against HM Justice Ministry to a lawyer in South Wales of all places, as he gathered his fishing rod and picnic hamper about him whilst legging it for his motor bike.

The South Wales Police clocked him  into the country at Portsmouth dock immigration at 7am which meant that gave them at least a four hour start on him to screw his court case later that same morning.

Oh, to have been the proverbial ‘fly on the wall’ of a few Cardiff offices while the cabal frantically buzzed messages to each other, often encrypted, to hatch another skirmish that had worked the first time, so well, when Maurice had appeared to have successfully won a £50, 000 judgment against Cardiff’s HMP governor for yet another false imprisonment.

Interestingly, this time he was not arrested coming down the gang plank as had sometimes been the case, in the past, only to be released 16 hours later without charge or the slightest explanation except that the South Wales Police were espied silently scurrying around outside his cell door.

That was simply ‘power for the course’ for any one so daft as to take on UK’s ‘HM Partnership’ in broad day light and especially in an age of its unfettered pillage, rape and brutalising of any harmless old serf at large, for a moment, in the kingdom.

CPS(Wales)  had already ‘thrown in the towel’ forcing the proposed HM ambush in court

CPS Throw in the Towel.jpg

17 06 28 CPS throw in the towel

At Cardiff civil Justice Centre no lawyer to represent him, he found, oh, surprise, surprise, when the case listed was only against not just the usual bully boys, the South Wales Police but included this time, as joint Defendants, both HM Justice Ministry and HM Parole Board.

Well, Maurice first thought, at least that made only three barristers not four, as half expected, simply to spending the next 5 years shuffling the HM Swansea prison verbiage of cover-up, already prepared and set down on several trees worth of differing coloured parchment simply to justify their other minions also their jobs.

Why are two barristers needed in this simple case from the old Home Office, you may well ask, as the learned certainly judge did?

So why not simply settle ‘out of court’ or just let the judge, alone or with a legal cleric or two, simply sort it in his chambers at leisure?

There is no delay needed for any standard ‘disclosure’ of documents as the prison should have the lot, in any event, so nothing is needed from their victim, Claimant as was deliberately gaoled by the south Wales Police to shorten his life by refusing his pre -arranged hospital appointments even when out on parole.

EXACTLY the same circumstances as in the conspiracy hatched by the old Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, who had conspired with Dr Tegwyn Williams and Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University Police to fabricate their victim’s medical records, MAPPA 2/2 registration and many months in prison, on remand, over an antique decommissioned machine-gun tampered with , in the first place, by police to simply try and fool the jury.


Extract from NHS (Wales) medical records citing Norman Scarth Esq as the primary reason for the then lying little bastard Crown Prosecutor Richard Thomlow, now rumoured to be a judge, asking His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC, on the 2nd December 2009,  during my unlawfully forced absence, that I be incarcerated, indefinitely,  in Ashworth’s high security psychiatric hospital as Dr Tegwyn Williams, also present in court, was of the opinion Maurice had a brain tumour but he must not be told about it.

11 06 10 Barbara Wilding WANTED

Gun Dog

Gun dog , Snipe and Alex

Maurice was of the firm opinion that there was no need for another 25 years of court hearings for this 7th Action, as it has so far taken in the first three of his actions for police bullying.

A jury trial of at least two weeks, simply to appraise the guilt over the content of HM and police created documents, would be equally ridiculous as no veracity of witnesses is in question as no witnesses are needed, JUST POLICE DISCLOSURE of their records as has always been the case in the UK judicial system, other than in Wales it would appear.

It now appears all three barristers this week, defending, deliberately tried to mislead both Maurice and the new judge into thinking the Claimant’s amended 7th September 2016 Particulars of Claim (devoid of the most important fact, breach of Article 10)  was never served on the court or three defendants , following Judge North’s directions.

16 09 07 amended parole Board Particulars of Clai

Ah, hence no barrister, they knew, for Maurice would attend court, that morning, nor no Maurice nearly getting tricked in doing the same, leaving the usual bevy to have struck-out another embarrassingly harmful damages claim by simply, oh so eloquently sung, quite uninterrupted from their same government hymn sheet in harmonics even the Wells Cathedral Quire would have been proud about.

£50,000 awarded for false imprisonment in 5th Action against police

Last time the Cardiff court played this trick, to protect their very cosy lucrative HM Partnership cartel was when Maurice  was awarded, by HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC no less, £50,000 for a false imprisonment when all but he knew HM had no intention of paying out.

At appeal the Cardiff court simply said, “oh we may have forgotten to serve the summons on the HM P Cardiff governor”. The court refused to order the return of my court application fee which is likely to be the same in this current HM case as all three barristers are pleading ‘strike-out and never ever seeing the amended claim (devoid, for the moment of the urgent Article 10 clause).

And almost in the same week as both  HM Crown Prosecution Service and the South Wales Police have now ‘thrown in the towel’ ( see above CPS letter), over their trying to hide the original HMC&TS deliberately doctored court harassment conviction records, denied to the 1st jury as there was no restraining order served, all originated, for those who can keep up with this tortuous 25 year audit trail of police bullying, from then HHJ Raymond Jack QC in January 2000 much bemused as caught on tape:

00 01 28 Judge jack Comment

which , in turn, caused this Dr Tegwyn Williams NHS machine-gun cover-up:

0CF03922 NHS One Million Pound Claim REDACTED

which, in turn, caused the MAPPA collapse before HHJ Neil Bidder QC on 17rh Dec 2009

10 12 7 MJK MAPPA Executive Summary

watch this space……

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Cardiff Court MAPPA Cover Up

I am shortly to be subjected to the stench of yet another so called law court in Cardiff where he or she will, no doubt, be promising me disclosure of its own court  and police records ordered time and time again by successive judges, for me, over the past 20 years.


Judge Hughes

A Judge Hughes refused me my legal papers and relevant witnesses in Cardiff court on 1st March 2012 to appeal a trumped up harassment conviction against Dr Tegwyn Williams.

Maurice caught re Dr Teg Williams house on fire

Maurice caught, red handed, ‘fire bombing’ Dr Tegwyn Williams’ South Wales home to cause him to flee, apparently, to New Zealand.

Can you spot Maurice’s rabbit gun, his trusty WW1 Lewis machine-gun tucked under his arm in this passer-by’s snapshot?

The latter’s wife, Janis Hillyer, physically fought my main witness, x, on his crutches, from gaining entry to the court room and thus prevented , with a little help from her friends, to deny me my main witness.

Witness  concerning poor old Tegwyn having to write a police dictated psychiatric report to have me immediately sectioned and goaled under the 1983 Act without the need for even a medical examination!

Fabricated to block my civil damages claims coming to a quick and decisive conclusion in July before both memories and evidence was lost of over 30 failed malicious prosecutions to put me out of business (income) to fight the torrent of litigation

 The cabal has to intention of doing it, of course, as with this typical individual below who has lied to my face time and time again since he and his mates allowed the concoction of the 2009 malicious Machine-Gun/Dr Tegwyn Williams/MAPPA conspiracy by withholding Crown Court transcripts.

Successive Cardiff courts continue to cover up their illegal use of MAPPA legislation to frustrate the Claimant’s civil claims against the South Wales Police’s countless malicious prosecutions as HMCTS must preserve its lucrative income.

Similarly, despite recent Crown Court promises being a repeat by a past Recorder of Cardiff, Nicholas Cooke QC, I am not holding my breath for release of the evidence still under the control of the court, police and Dr Tegwyn Williams.

In Judge Cooke’s case he said I would receive similar such court documents needed for any thinking jury and would include my NHS (Wales) Caswell Clinic Dr Tegwyn Williams instigated medical reports. That promise was in 2009 and he repeated it in 2010 when police had refused to take my complaint surrounding NHS Glanrhyd Hospital Bridgend Caswell Clinic misconduct on medical evidence.

Cooke’s now proven lies to my face, despite the recent collapse of the cabal’s vindictive ‘prohibited weapon’ prosecution conspiracy,  was based on new evidence as to how the South Wales Police had painted my machine-gun, just days prior to trial,  a different colour in the hope of fooling the jury.

She was returned to new owner in yet a different botched-up colour when police, in Bridgend HQ,  had tried to match it to the original colour before their unlawful seizure to be transport nearly 2002 miles in breach of their own regulations.

That was how frantic Barbara Wilding was and Cardiff law courts right now.


After the collapse of the gun trial, requiring no defence, the cabal put their snouts back into their trough to dream-up another way of wrecking their victim’s lawful civil processes to sue other members  feeding off the tax payer funded ‘gravy train’.

All a pack of lies from Judge Cooke of course but who cares? Remember, no less less than seven Cardiff Crown Court Judges, so far, have knowingly deceived the general public over the truth surrounding Tegwyn Williams when  South Wales Police illegally blackmailed him into all this.

M KIRK CALLS: 1, 3, 7, 8, 9, JAN ’14 from HMP CARDIFF  (just before 3rd Dr Tegwyn Williams Jury trial)

STOP PRESS- one of the witnesses to 1st Dec 2011 Cardiff magistrates harassment hearing, leading to the prosecutor being arrested, reminded me today that DR TEGWYN WILLIAMS had written at least five police  statements before Christmas 2012 and in some that I had been threatening to ‘fire bomb’ his house- this I have to see or may I suggest, more to the point, the jury needs to see!

I apply to the Crown Court for those documents, previously refused,  to be also disclosed to me with the DVD custody tapes for each and every restraining order breach allegation and machine-gun one, also always refused of course.

The last Cardiff Crown Court (4th alleged Breach of a Restraining Order) hearing,  a few weeks ago, again promised, as they do, I would receive some of the still withheld court transcripts relating to Dr Tegwyn Williams and even, possibly, record of the evidence recorded by 1st December 2011 magistrates court rodeo.

All those at that original 1st December 2011 magistrates harassment conviction know, full well, that I will never get those documents, what ever the present Recorder of Cardiff may believe when Her Ladyship promised transcript disclosure etc, as more crime committed by those in positions of privilege will be further uncovered.

Filmed at the House of Commons is an example of how dangerous it is to find misconduct in our law courts. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons had accepted so called ‘evidence’ from the South Wales Police, when nothing what ever to do with animals, sufficient to have my name removed from the veterinary register.

When the Registrar of the college, despite state law contradicting contained in the 1966 Veterinary Surgeons Act, refused to entertain my application for my name to be put back on the register I had appealed to HM Privy Council.

Likewise, that registrar refused to put my appeal before Their Lordships contrary to law.

Likewise, the European Court of Human Rights  notorious Scottish clerk,Ms Reed,  wrote back refusing my application, out of hand, by saying that any further application in the future relating to the RCVS then it will be refused

So much for HM Partnership, a subject to become far worse if Brexit succeeds.

Recovering from being beaten up by Geoamey Custodial Services, all caught on CCTV, for being unable to serve the restraining order because district Judge John Charleshad prematurely  released me for fear of a fight breaking out in his ridiculous court room.

Shortly all of the doctor’s police witness statements, implicating the true ring leaders in all this but also promised immunity to prosecution, may be named with their home addresses for proposed peaceful demonstrations.

Defence Evidence

Today’s email to Cardiff Crown Court

I enclose an HMP Cardiff tape recording telephone record  (already with the police) of part of the audit trail of the 26 years of disgusting South Wales Judiciary conduct when reliant on  their agents  to bring in the money to guarantee all your  continuing employment
Contrary to anybody’s court directions, over the past 25 years, the South Wales Police and your courts continue to refuse to disclose even your own records relevant to the 4th jury on the matter.
 A restraining order was deliberately not served on me in the first place in order to have me quickly gaoled again, for breaching it simply   to prejudice my civil claims against the Cardiff cabal currently being defended.

Successive judges have refused to question my effective arrests of HM Crown Prosecutor David Gareth Evans, HM Crown Prosecutor Stan Sofa and Police Inspector Hall, as examples, to expose the Cardiff culture of covering up the truth if their is the slightest risk to any one of their pensions.

2010 Cardiff Court MAPPA Abuse

MAPPA Legislation ABUSE

MAPPA Executive Summary

RCJ Provisional Grounds Appeal Annex A etc

HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC also refused all police Visor records, not already disclosed, of in excess of thirty of their malicious prosecutions to be allowed t be used by the Claimant in recent court hearings now subject to appeal in The Royal Courts of Justice

HHJ Seys Lewellyn QC refused disclosure of the MAPPA conspiracy by the then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding despite the unambiguous 2008 HHJ Nicholas Chambers QC court order order for the above disclosure of police records.

HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC achieved further delay of much of this by blocking the 2009 Machine-Gun/Dr Tegwyn Williams conspiracy, for seven years, in order to have this Claimant locked up , indefinitely without trial or being ‘lawfully’ shot.


“And now for something completely different”, as Monty Python would say…..

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Archive continues:

MAURICE KIRK: Witnesses for the forthcoming 4th jury trial – 1 July + archive

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