Spurious Allegations Made By Esther Baker And Sonia Poulton Are Dropped


Source: Spurious Allegations Made By Esther Baker And Sonia Poulton Are Dropped


272 responses to “Spurious Allegations Made By Esther Baker And Sonia Poulton Are Dropped

    1. Sue

      Barrister Sarah Phillimore stated she left her child playing with matches. Therefore complaining about tweeters using her child against her is beyond risible. Her critical analysis of some tweeters has now gone beyond the pale, and it has been noted her twitter avatar is extremely violent. Perhaps suggesting her inner bitch is possibly on par with the likes of Lee Taylor Ryan. Lee Taylor Ryan is an automatic weapons enthusiast, and Sonia Poulton’s boyfriend. (Or not her boyfriend, depending upon which authority Poulton happens to be complaining to at the time.)

      A 🌿Country 🍃Girl‏ @BarbaraHewson 1h1 hour ago

      This does sound a shade paranoid. Poulton Koolaid at work?

      NFA Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017

      SHE is the one who uses “her child” to score points and frankly she’s a disgrace.

      A 🌿Country 🍃Girl‏

      Replying to @majorleak2017
      She also uses her father as a punch-bag. Very odd woman.
      3:52 PM – 15 Jul 2017

      NFA Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 1h1 hour ago

      Replying to @BarbaraHewson
      And no respect for others’ families either. Exceptionally odd for a barrister tbh.

    1. Sue

      The reason convicted stalker James Rhoyden Jones says he does not know the details and has to be careful what he says regarding poster FTS, is because he falsely alleged to police that FTS had sent him death threats. However, police discovered Jones had in fact sent the death threats to himself and are allegedly still investigating this thread of Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw’s dangerous criminal activities. It is unknown if it is yet proven Jones and Poulton shared accounts over the five years of their hate campaigns, although both have admitted to doing so.

      ADMINADMIN September 23, 2016 at 11:54
      I am not aware that FTS was arrested for having child porn on his computer Mike, but from what I can establish, he is complaining bitterly about being harassed over an ‘image’ that has been found, that he claims is ‘legal’.

      I do not know the details about that or if there is any truth in his claims, or if he is simply hoodwinking the readers of that site over the real reason he was arrested.

      I do know that it’s not the same image that Spivey was arrested for, and that the image was not the ‘Ovendon’ image that Spiv has repeatedly claimed was found on his machine. That is a completely separate issue, the details of which are easy to find as Spiv has himself written about it on his site.

      I do not visit so whether they have been deleted now I also cannot say with accuracy.

      It is my understanding, however, that FTS was arrested after making some horrendous threats online, which were viewed as having broken the law and were directly traced to his home address. His devices were seized by the police in order to be examined, and he is currently on police bail.

      I have to be careful about what I say here, as there is an ongoing investigation which I do not want to interfere with in any way.

    1. Sue

      ”Rosalinda” still considers Sonia Poulton to be a good friend, despite Poulton abusing Rosalinda’s attention seeking illness by passing her name to a Scum reporter under pretence he wanted to write a Madeleine McCann story.

      Sonia Poulton’s good friend ”Rosalinda” then appeared in the Scum with Ambridge, as two of Britain’s vilest trolls. It it unknown why Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw did not appear in this article themselves.


      Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton11 July 2017 at 14:40
      I don’t know or really care what the accusations are 13:37 and I doubt anyone outside of Ben and the dozy women like Zora who follow him, care.

      It is a little late for Ben to start worrying about his reputation now – his thuggish anti social behaviour is all over the internet. He wanted infamy – he’s got it. Now he is blaming Bennett, but such is his character he will always blame anyone other than himself.

      Anonymous11 July 2017 at 15:22
      Then why comment at all, if you don’t even know what the accusations were? I’m not going to repeat them but there were many serious crimes laid at his feet. Lawbreaking is lawbreaking regardless of who you like and I really can’t simplify it more than that.

      Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton11 July 2017 at 16:49
      Are you saying they are coercing others to commit the same crimes, or accuse Ben of them?

      At face value they appear very serious indeed 16:25, which is why I cannot understand Ben’s hesitance in refuting them – online where the damage was done.

      Words can at times sound heinous 16:25, and are often taken as more powerful than they really are. But ultimately, they are just words.

      Along many of the accusations hurled at me, was the proven fact that I was a maker of snuff movies. I wasn’t bothered by it, because I am confident in the fact, that before a policeman or a Judge, absolutely no-one would believe it.

      These claims seem to stem from Ben asking them to stop attacking my friend Sonia. OK. Kudos to Ben for stepping in as macho protector, but I seriously do not see my friend Sonia as the maiden in distress.

      Who asked him to step in? Sonia doesn’t give two hoots what Bennett says about her, like myself, she thinks he’s barmy. From what I can see Ben made an idiot of himself, he attacked people who are just as nasty, vicious and spiteful as himself. Apparently, his angry young man, butch persona didn’t scare them off. They are each reaping exactly what they have sown

      Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton11 July 2017 at 23:09
      I think they are a load of namby pamby attention seekers, who should be ashamed of themselves for wasting police time. They have all got themselves into a position where literally no-one believes them, and outside their own little circle no-one cares.

      The police won’t clear Ben’s reputation anymore than lack of arrest, has cleared the McCanns. The only person capable of cleaning up his diabolical online name, is Ben himself. There won’t be any sympathy from me 17:30, Ben is a bully who has had the tables turned on him.

      His hypocrisy over allegations of criminal acts is astounding – especially given everything he has accused the McCanns of. Child murder and much, much more. That he is now claiming the same victim status as all those he has stalked and hounded over the years, does have a certain irony.

    1. Sue

      My Lady. A word to the wise. The twitter platform was hijacked by the malicious and the inadequate from the moment Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw began to pen lurid stories apropos Jimmy Savile hacking up children on a dining table, and making false allegations in regard to notable Tories and Liberals, in a somewhat protracted and convoluted conspiracy to satisfy a Labour Shadow Cabinet lout’s lust for power. Rather undemocratic what?

      Your unread bundles can be found on Darren Laverty’s blog and on the Troll Exposure blog. Alternatively: Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise…

      Sarah Phillimore‏

      Sarah Phillimore Retweeted Andrew
      No. I shall not stay silent and allow this platform to be hijacked by the malicious and inadequate. If that makes you sad or worried, sorry.

      Andrew @AndPackman
      Replying to @Adeybob @Bloomgate @SVPhillimore
      Emotional distress? Stop being a crier baby, Snowflake.
      6:04 AM – 16 Jul 2017

    1. Sue

      Another example of a fool rushing in, not knowing lives and careers have already been wrecked irreparably by those whom he seeks to defend. Someone who does not know of the incessant death threats and threats to maim, or that people were due to stand trial because of false accusations made by Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw in order to pervert the course of justice, which was further compounded by corrupt police officers using extreme prejudice against the victims of Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw.

      Someone who does not know the fears of families awoken at dawn by police wearing riot gear. and entering their properties on false warrants to make false arrests based on false allegations made by Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw.

      Chris Coomber‏

      Replying to @Adeybob @majorleak2017 @SVPhillimore
      I don’t debate cowardly anon haters. My sincere advice 2u is 2 stop what you’re doing. You r playing high stakes game with people’s lives.

      12:10 PM – 16 Jul 2017

    1. Sue

      Surely Goodwin’s obsession with young boys’ bottoms and anal tears is more important than commenting on the language Barbara Hewson uses to describe some of Goodwin’s obsessive and gratuitous tweets?

      Sarah Phillimore‏ @SVPhillimore 16h16 hours ago

      Sarah Phillimore Retweeted
      No wonder Barbara’s career continues to soar stratospherically.
      One can only marvel at her effortless command of the language.


      A Country Girl‏

      Replying to @SVPhillimore
      Look at Mr Goodwin’s Twitter feed. He tweets about anal tears in boys, fellatio of a ruptured anus. Feel comfortable with dat do we, madame?
      9:53 PM – 15 Jul 2017

    1. Sue

      The cost of investigating Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw’s conspiracy to harm; causation of actual harm, and incessant false allegations made to police in order to establish to pervert the course of justice, will also cost a pretty penny.

      It is demonstrated the number of individuals involved in Team Outlaw increases year on year entirely because police repeatedly failed to act with due diligence, to discover Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw use the most base of stalking techniques by claiming to be victims of an imaginary troll gang.

      How many police hours alone have been wasted by Sonia Poulton, Team Outlaw and the police themselves? How many dawn raids and false warrants have been executed due to police deliberately ignoring evidence provided to them, and due to their extreme prejudice against ex prisoners, and extreme bias towards fake victims, (whom police already knew to be liars by said provided evidence) and continuously allowing Poulton and Team Outlaw to make the most outrageous defamatory claims in regard to their targeted victims during telephone calls and when writing statements?


      A Country Girl‏ @BarbaraHewson 5m5 minutes ago

      Has #ToxicNick been arrested yet?

      NFA Green Bottle 🕵️‏

      Replying to @BarbaraHewson
      ah the £6m (police operation costs) question.
      3:32 PM – 16 Jul 2017

    1. Sue

      Sauces sick of Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw taking over the McCann debate and frightening people off twitter, say fake Portuguese account is a shared Team Outlaw sock. Some current Team Outlaw sock accounts still in operation are suspended, dormant, protected, or avoiding #McCann tag and each other due to police investigating police who colluded with Poulton and Team Outlaw in conspiring to harm and causing actual harm: @fredthefish10 @TheBunnyReturns @Papa___Rico @fiorifan @BigPhiIIyStyle @KillingJokeZ @PalioRiz @CaroleShooter @notatroll11 @Lennnny11 @Windstorm88 @LeanneMarilynx @MichaelBWanker @Syn0nymph @ChallengeGovUK @SadeElisha86 @CarlaSpade.

      It is demonstrated police were in possession of names and addresses regarding the majority of above named accounts plus several other stalking accounts prior to 2015 when Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw began escalating their campaigns in order to obtain false warrants to make false arrests and confiscate IT equipment in order to further pervert the course of justice.

      Costs of policing Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw’s incessant false allegations, and police failures to use due diligence in regard to those false claims is now subject to inquiry.


      NFA Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 15h15 hours ago

      Replying to @BarbaraHewson
      Remind me of the old quote “I’ve never had an accident in my life” “No but you’ve caused fucking hundreds”. She’s attention seeking again.

      NFA Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 15h15 hours ago

      Bottom tweet in this may also reveal the real identity of said supposed Portugese account.

      A Country Girl‏ @BarbaraHewson 15h15 hours ago

      McCann trolls again.When will Poulton’s exciting research ever see light of day?

      NFA Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 14h14 hours ago

      2/2 and it’s never seen the light of day anywhere, not even Youtube or Vimeo etc. Binned likely. Or Goblined. 😉

      Adeybob’s Out-takes‏ @Adeybob 14h14 hours ago

      ‘likely about trolls'< very true

      NFA Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 14h14 hours ago

      She was banking on nailing Lav. Once that went pair shaped she’s now fecked, potentially career breaking too. IF things pan out as should.

      Adeybob’s Out-takes‏ @Adeybob 14h14 hours ago

      Good obs. I hadn’t even thought about the particulars like that.
      It works well. Stands up.

      NFA Green Bottle 🕵️‏

      Replying to @Adeybob @BarbaraHewson
      Add it all up. Documentary = binned. Court case = binned. Only people interviewed re Doc = trolls i.e. binned. QED binned.

      Adeybob’s Out-takes‏ @Adeybob 14h14 hours ago

      Replying to @majorleak2017 @BarbaraHewson
      nailed..a good working hypothesis. The effer’s got legs.

      NFA Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 14h14 hours ago

      Take a look at her own pictures, she interviewed McCann trolls and stayed in same hotel room as a McCann troll. Work it out mate. 1/2

    1. Sue

      ”Sarah Roberts” ID is held by police in regard to her having identified some of Sonia Poulton’s Team Outlaw hate campaigners and stalkers. Brenda Leyland was not a McCann troll, as was later confirmed by London Metropolitan Police after Sky’s crime correspondent Martin Brunt stalked her on behalf of Gerald McCann to frighten people away from debating the fact both Portuguese police and Leicester Police state they will not rule out that he and his wife are suspects in the disappearance of their child Madeleine.

      Brenda Leyland was severely attacked by McCann trolls who drove her to suicide. It is alleged both pro and anti McCann trolls hounded Brenda Leyland to her death, and as yet nobody has been charged, due to police once again failing to use due diligence and thoroughly investigate reported stalkers. Concerns still remain with regard to Benjamin Thompson @TheBunnyReturns who admits to being determined to drive Frances Gallagher to a heart attack or worse, and to have others imprisoned by continuing to make false allegations to police about them.


      NFA Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 56m56 minutes ago

      June 17th 2015 was when a “Sarah Roberts” threatened the owner of Troll Exposure. Still have the comments “Sarah”…

      Adeybob’s Out-takes‏ @Adeybob 42m42 minutes ago

      Am sure all the main players were tagged with #Trollinquiry.
      It’s a unique tag..mostly deployed for later Ref> #McCann trolls.

      Adeybob’s Out-takes‏ @Adeybob 40m40 minutes ago

      The early deployment was strictly for McCann trolls.
      I thought it might be a good idea to mark things for later use. 😉

      NFA Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 39m39 minutes ago

      Always good to mark a trail back to where it all started. 😉

      Adeybob’s Out-takes‏ @Adeybob 35m35 minutes ago

      If you follow it right from the beginning, it paints a pretty horrid story.
      Straight after, SP’s trollpatrol did a little hatchet-job on me.

      NFA Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 30m30 minutes ago

      i.e. same descriptions in filenames for specific individuals as per her descriptions of them….

      A Country Girl‏ @BarbaraHewson 15m15 minutes ago

      What a giveaway

      NFA Green Bottle 🕵️‏

      Replying to @BarbaraHewson @Adeybob
      quite. “Lavatory” being one such file naming convention.
      5:49 AM – 17 Jul 2017

      Mystic Fusion‏ @fusion_mystic 16h16 hours ago

      These also show the type of people who support #Mccann – far worse than anything Brenda posted. These were posted a day before her death.

    1. Sue

      Anti McCann trolls continue to believe information collected by dubious and illegal means via Sonia Poulton’s Team Outlaw, stating @walkercan1000 is actually Michael Wright of Skipton, and a witness in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Similar information provided by said Team Outlaw was found to be false, and the same Team Outlaw members repeatedly lied and made false allegations to police with regard to their targeted victims in conspiracy to harm, and also lied in police statements, and were preparing to lie in court order to further pervert the course of justice.

    1. Sue

      Ignorantia juris non excusat or ignorantia legis neminem excusat.



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