MAURICE KIRK: Cardiff Crown Court a Can of worms? + Maurice attacked / property stolen 17 July 17 + archive

Cardiff Crown Court a Can of worms?

The Chief Constable bitch, Barbara Wilding, had me registered MAPPA level 3 category 3 in order to attempt a ‘snatch’ of our daughter, Genevieve, by armed police and armed helicopter, on 22nd June 2009. 20 odd police surrounded our home pretending to be looking for a WW1 decommissioned Lewis machine-gun relic they damned well knew had been sold a year earlier attached to my 2000 Farnborough Air Show 1916 replica DH2 fighter aircraft by personal invitation from old friend of Bristol University Air Squadron days, at Filton aerodrome, Bristol,  Brian Trubshaw, no less, 002 Concorde test pilot.

Brittany March 275

(Just caught he first huge carp in our Breton lake now for sale)


Wilding Wanted

Left 14th July Bastille Day Paris celebrations where I went to inform Presidents Trump and Macron of the dreadful move here in UK for Brexit and could they stop it?


Left my ‘petit promenade’ around Versailles chateau to be in Cardiff court in time only to find the case was cancelled and no one told me!. It will be on next Monday, 24th July where all ARE INVITED AND I AM PAYING FOR THE USUAL LONG LUNCH!.

On next Monday I impart an ‘abuse of process’ application for Her Ladyship to deliberate upon in that:

  1. in 2008 I had obtained a court order that Barbara Wilding, the then Chief Constable will, by 6th January 2009, disclose police records covering in excess of 40 police incidents that were nearly all tantamount to harassment to interfere with my civil damages claims, started in 1993, following 33 failed police prosecutions.
  2. The Chief Constable therefore hatched the machine-gun conspiracy malicious prosecution and took early retirement in order to preserve her pension should her scheming goes ‘pear shaped’.
  3. She could not disclose, of course, police records or a lot of police officers faced long prison sentences so I resisted the mandatory 10 prison sentence, when had been promised by CPS by NOT doing what you must never do in any Welsh courts. You do not, I repeat, from my experiences helping prisoners in the local prisons, confide in your defence facts with a local lawyer all under the thumb of the notorious Cardiff cabal.
  4. She had me sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act, without examination by a doctor and registered MAPPA 3/3 (amongst top 5% most dangerous) on 8th June 2009 so that when I approached her to ‘exchange’ my 200+ lever arch files of incriminating evidence, as Claimant in my two million damages claim, I would be ‘lawfully’ shot by her pet ‘shoot to kill policy’ she had recently introduced into her previous Metropolitan Police force before her ‘promotion’.
  5. video:
  6. .

My photo of things the CPS chose to avoid:

17 07 05 MJK rebuttal to CPS

Robbery incident no 11-382 of 11th July 17 Dorset

Maurice physically attacked but police do nothing

Yet another vicious assault on Maurice Kirk in South Wales where, again, police are appearing to be ignoring his complaint no doubt due to his 25 years of multiple civil claims against them.

About 12 times today he telephoned the GBH complaint to the South Wales Police. He even a visited the police station complaining but still the police refuse to either interview the eye witnesses, identified on CCTV or the assailant or assailants who’s actions caused the ambulance to be called.

 Maurice writes 16 July 17:

“Bridgend’s Sgt S——- xxxx ref 17——- took my statement of complaint of robbery of my mobile phone and lap top as has the French police,  ref officer no. 3877— .

Last week i spent over 2 hours at Poole police station wishing assistance in MG11 production having found most of mine and that of a friend’s property  stolen at a premises just outside Blandford..something vinery next to Wood Ashley golf course.

The thieves and attackers have been identified as B——- L—– alias C—— 43 years old and B—— H—– about 23 years old.

Today i have spent well over two more hours at Bournemouth police station, the only one open in the whole of Dorset, only again to be clearly ignored.

I now go myself to the assailants house to retreive stolen property as obviously the police have no intention in lifting a finger. I have been warned there will be violance and hold you responsible.

Threats of violence means my friend is refusing to either assist me or prepared to go to the police authorities about his stolen car and its valuable contents.

That is all eminating from my South Wales Police fabricated MAPPA registration when knowing it was reliant on spurious medical records concocted by Dr Tegwyn Willams and Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University for cash and promise from any criminal prosecution.

All concocted with now 13 cardiff judges implicated when the machine gun trial collapsed.” [ends]

see the comments here regarding the physical attack on Maurice and the failure to get his stolen property back:


£1000 Reward on Convictions of Assailants and Return of Stolen Property as Ministry of Justice Kept in the Dark over 100+ South Wales Police Malicious Acts or Omissions to delay Dr Tegwyn Williams/MAPPA Machine-gun compensation.

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