MEET TOMMY ROBINSON: UK shopkeeper is being bullied by the police over an anti-terror sign – POLICE FORGET THAT THEY’RE PUBLIC SERVANTS YET ACT LIKE NAZI BULLIES

Meet Tommy Robinson at Fletcher’s “Don’t Fund Terrorism” shop in Sunderland: Saturday July 29

Published on July 26, 2017 – On Saturday, July 29, Tommy will be working at Fletcher’s shop, to raise money for Fletcher’s legal defence and to show support.
Tommy will be selling bumper stickers to fund Fletcher’s sign, and to fill the town with “Don’t Fund Terrorism” slogans.
Join Tommy on Saturday, July 29 in Sunderland, Suffolk St, Sunderland SR2 8NE.

UPDATE — The sign is going back up! (For now)

Published on June 30, 2017 – The sign is going back up next week — bigger than ever. And our lawyer is on standby. If the police or city council come back to hassle John, they’ve got to come through us, first!
We’ve already spent thousands of pounds on this lawyer — but freedom of speech is worth it. If you haven’t had a chance to chip in, please consider doing so, by clicking here. We need to pay the lawyer for his work so far, and if the police follow through on their threat to seize the Fletcher family’s licence, we’re going to need even more.
But in the meantime: let’s take a moment to celebrate this victory for freedom of speech and patriotism, and be thankful for brave families like the Fletchers.

In response to the recent terror attacks that have plagued the UK, and after reading about local corner shops funding terrorism in Afghanistan through money laundering, a Sunderland business owner put a sign up on his corner shop that read, “Don’t Fund Terrorism! Shop at Fletchers” 
The sign was fairly innocuous.
Customers took pictures of themselves next to the sign. Images were shared widely across social media.
But the sign provoked outrage with a Muslim shop owner up the street.
Then the police decided to become involved, visiting the store seven times and asking Mr. Fletcher to take down the sign. They threatened to arrest him if he didn’t.
This is a video from The Rebel’s first interactions with Mr. Fletcher:
Eventually, the police threatened to take away Mr. Fletcher’s liquor license, which would have sunk his entire business, if the sign was not removed.
In compliance, Mr. Fletcher was forced to take down his sign.
We can’t allow police to intimidate Mr. Fletcher for simply displaying his patriotism.
So we are going to help him get legal representation — and a new, even bigger sign.
If you think Mr. Fletcher should be able to have a sign on his store that says, “Don’t fund terrorism” then please sign the petition below.
And if you would like to contribute to the legal defence and new sign fund, then please click here
The Petition

Sunderland police must stop harassing John Fletcher for exercising his free speech! 

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