Retired Judges & 15 other Witness Summonses sought for 12th Sept 2017 Dr Tegwyn Williams Cardiff Trial

Application for Witness summonses to be issued

Case ref 16th Sept 2017 Cardiff Crown Court  T2017 0239 and counting

Dear clerk of the Cardiff Crown Court ,

Please consider the following:

Case 272 – The Maurice Kirk Story And Somerset Police

This is the amazing story of police deceit and the hounding of ‘the flying vet’ Maurice Kirk, who was thrown about like a ‘punching ball’ from one police force to another, beginning with the antics of the Avon and Somerset Police….see the full story later on this page……”The Strange Case of Maurice Kirk and Police Victimisation” =

‘The strange case of Maurice Kirk and Police victimisation ‘

Although this was tipped to us we followed through to one of many web pages on this ‘flying vet’ and the trouble he was having with certain police forces.  MAURICE KIRK of Taunton, Somerset, says the trouble began with THE AVON AND SOMERSET POLICE who assumed and accused him of smuggling via the use of his plane.  He then explains that The South Wales Police and Guernsey Police also rolled into the scene, a sort of gang bang against him and accusing him of committing crimes.  He apparently rubbished 120 allegations against him brought by the South Wales Police Force….. and he is currently suing the South Wales Police for £800,000 damages.   He went onto say that ten Cardiff Judges who refused him bail in an attempt to silence him and have him at a disadvantage failed……this case shouldn’t be dismissed lightly, because we have a rather long file on the Avon and Somerset Police….and certain reports we feature on the South Wales Police raises an alarm on their integrity and conduct.

source: [near the bottom of this page]:

From: Maurice Kirk [] Sent: 10 August 2017 09:39

More, much more later so come to Cardiff’s Crown Court and witness for yourself their ‘lying culture’ when trying to persecute an Englishman just trying to practice veterinary surgery.

Dr Tegwyn Williams WANTED poster

Adrian Oliver Dolmans

Masonic devil worshipping firm of solicitors also police protected from prosecution, Dolmans solicitors. He is required to give evidence how he hatched with Barbara Wilding  the machine-gun gibberish for my  the sectioning, under 1983 mental Health Act, to Ashworth in order to avoid the embarrassing machine-gun jury trial, doomed from the start, as a failure.

May be that is why Seys Llewelyn QC blocked my one million pound civil damages claim for  aight years and now HHJ H Keiser QC for almost another year knowing it will not be long, now, before I die off and their problem will appear to go away.


HHJ Seys llewellyn QC

Retired now, His Honour Judge Seys Llewelyn QC, as one of the many Cardiff judges (last count was 13?) ‘in the know’ over MAPPA/machine gun/ Dr Tegwyn Williams  ‘snatch’ Gen conspiracy but all too spineless, it would appear,putting it oh so politely, to do anything about it


Late Crown Prosecutor David Gareth Evans who is another ‘spineless example ‘ who simply needed  to confirm , as he did in 2014 Bristol Crown court, I could not have been given a restraining order, as described to the 1st jury, as it had not even been drafted at  that point! He confirmed it was, instead, his typed draft proposal written over by District Judge John Charles’ blue inked fountain pen.

Lee Barker 1st Dec 2011 Custody manager

This custody officer, needed as a witness for my defence, was there on 1st December 2011, in the cells, with Lee Barker and there in the dock with me before Her Ladyship, in my recent ‘abuse of process’ application carrying no right of appeal, of course, due to police/court/Geoamey/ HMP/ Justice Ministry rampant corruption which will be far worse if we manage daft Brexit.

prof liar rodger wood

The lying little creep Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University, required as a witness, will confirm his Dr Ruth Bagshaw evidence, of Caswell Clinic, report was  false as he simply wanted to also jump on the ‘gravy train’.

ALL EIGHT are  required as defence witnesses

Auster Tugmaster Gen Dogs

Their June 2009 intended Machine-Gun/MAPPA  victim ‘snatch’

As my ‘character witness’ I am considering Gen’s testimony on growing up without her ‘crazy’ dad, her words not mine, entirely due to the rampant South Wales Police bullying, answerable to no one, reliant on an equally corrupt judiciary driven only by avarice.

Further to my today’s telephone call over my countless applications, including letter of 8thy May 2017 to you, I have still not received the where with all on obtaining witnesses into the witness box relevant for the 12th September 2017 4th jury trial on this public scandal that reveals so much accepted lying by officialdom.

I require the names and addresses of those 8+ who here present in the Cardiff Magistrates Court building when a paper or papers, purportedly to be a valid restraining order of same date, was ‘served’ on me in my cell or in corridor (‘while on my crutches’) or found on me following a police search immediately after the incident.

NOTHING was ‘served’ on me while in the building and well you know it except for a pair of handcuffs for my ‘failing to attend’ the Nigerian Musa six children Haringey Council ‘snatch’.

Your court and/or the CPS know the prison had received police orders I was not to be ‘produced’ to the London court due to my not inconsiderable knowledge proving UK’s illegal multiple ‘child snatching’ industry for the cash included that 21st June 2009 abortive attempt with 20 odd South Wales Police with police helicopter, some with automatic weapons, to ‘snatch ‘ our my own 10 year old, Genevieve.

All, again, driven by legal aid fraud so admirably exemplified by the six or so Haringey Council  lawyers, in the Musa scandal, portrayed before Mrs Justice Atkinson to deliberate upon not in the parent’s favour.

11 12 01 wheelchair gate arrest

Re written botched fabricated court record that the 1st jury trial were denied as it di not exist on 4th May 2012 when both Judge John Curran and CPS prosecutor David Gareth Evans both, lied in the face of the court, all routine stuff in Cardiff courts, refused the jury as being neither ‘available’ nor ‘relevant’!

11 12 01 Cardiff Doctored Court Log

15 Witness summonses are to include:

  1. Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams who will give evidence that the police blackmailed him to fabricate numerous forensic reports about me, recommending me for Ashworth prison, indefinitely due to a brain tumour, will also confirm he fabricated the reason needed for the abortive 2nd Jury restraining order trial, in  that his civil rebuttal, by Morgan Cole, solicitors, who have all the records on the criminal conduct, ‘that I was caught around at his home, late one night, with cans of petrol but that the police simply moved him on’!
  2. Dr Janis Hiliar will support the above evidence and also confirm that the £10,000 counterclaim by her husband was also fraudulent. My then petty debt civil damages claim of £800,  for ‘out of pocket’ cost, of being denied access to a Caswell clinic prior appointment made by Dr Gaynor Jones and Ruth Bagshaw, was illegal.  He knew no doctor in Wales would support him in that I had ‘significant brain damage’ and should be registered terrorist MAPPA 3/3.
  3. Barbara Wilding the bitch that personally, as defendant in my 33 failed malicious prosecutions 25 year running damages claim, quickly resigned on full Chief Constable pension, when court ordered to give full CPR disclosure of police records but not before ordering for me to be ‘shot’, if possible, during the court ordered ‘exchange of witnesses statements’  by now retired judge HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC despite aware of the likely content.
  4. Retired judge, HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC, who can produce the full MAPPA level 3 category 3 investigation documentation to show it was fabricated from the start to have me framed with a machine-gun fit to ‘kill the mayor of Cardiff’ as recorded in both Cardiff crown and magistrates records all need, of course , for an attentive jury, a rare event nowadays.

This is the preliminary list of defence witnesses required in order, hopefully, the next application id dramatically shortened.

Yours truly.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Archive continues:



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