Found in Possession of Garrotte Type Instrument used on HRH Prince of Wales’ Farm

I have decided to release, prior to my 12th September 2017 Cardiff jury trial, the last few minutes of my lengthy interrogation, back in 1993, by the South Wales Police who had received instructions to detain me in custody on any old pretext but long enough to have me extradited back to Guernsey for the ‘attempted murder’, it was rumoured, of de Vic Carey, the then Chief Prosecutor of the Bailiwick.

Last 17 minutes of my hidden, until now, 1993 police custody interview tape which is riddled with their usual deceit and senior police officer intrigue to such a pitch, this time, even HM Crown Prosecution Service refused to stay in the in the court room when the police inspector told the two fellow devil worshippers ‘I could not be identified’!

the 1993 audio:


When this failed this xxxxx not only set me up to be ‘lawfully’ shot after being found out over her falsely drafted affidavit by Dolmans solicitors, of course, she went on to have me falsely sectioned under 1983 Mental Health Act by blackmailing Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams to further having me section to Ashworth high security psychiatric prison, IPP, meaning indefinitely.

Adrian Oliver Dolmans

This tape extract is an example of just how low some bitter welsh will stoop with their unexplained hatred of the English. What is primarily of significance in this particular tape is not just the evilness it personifies but was one of many required exhibits I was  unlawfully denied in the therefore meaningless 2013 civil damages claim hearing.

Not just has this full tape has been circulating the corridors within Bridgend’s police HQ  since 1993 but also the in the bowels of the welsh judiciary at least since march 2016.

All knew for a very long time, long before the ‘machine-gun’ conspiracy hatched by the bitch, that this police interview tape proves perjury committed by numerous police officers and a lot of flagrant lying within the judiciary and lawyer’s offices over the excuses as why it was not brought to the notice of a criminal court of law decades ago.


Arrogant Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University put Tegwyn up to this Barbara Wilding induced scam, to permanently lock me, by deliberately informing him and other Caswell Clinic clinicians, in writing, my significant but permanent brain damage  was the result of:

  1. having flown  to Australia without a map
  2. having ditched in the Caribbean
  3. having been a long term drinking companion of the actor, Oliver Reed.

14 01 23 Bautiful Brain

HMP Swansea Brian Scan

Well, stuff your thoroughly rotten country,now my engine is back on Liberty Girl11, I am going back to Africa sadly still stuffed, in this day and age, with deprived communities but, unlike Wales, most appreciative of small mercies witnessed, to my horror, in both poverty stricken South Sudan and North West Kenya.

The fabricated police transcript of an interview  to delay my extradition to Guernsey
 AA Action 1 claim 8.6, 20 May 1993 arrest at Grand Avenue Cardiff.

email to CPS

I enclose a statement of complaint the police refuse to accept


(Criminal Procedure Rules, r. 16.2;

Criminal Justice Act 1967, s. 9)

STATEMENT OF  Maurice John Kirk    

Age of witness (if over 18, enter “over 18”):     …72 years old……………….


This statement (consisting of three pages) is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and I make it knowing that, if it is tendered in evidence, I shall be liable to prosecution if I have wilfully stated in it anything which I know to be false, or do not believe to be true.

On 20th May 1993 I laid complaint of police harassment with Inspector Trigg at Barry police station both verbally and in writing and complaining of previous complaints being ignored.

20 minutes later right outside my Cardiff veterinary surgery a police officer now known to me assaulted me in the misconceived belief, he may say, I had stolen my own BMW motor bike. A second police officer known to me deliberately knocked me to the ground and put in handcuffs leaving me with a significant injury.

No one had asked for my name up and until I had arrived at the police station as I had been addressed throughout with my name as the local veterinary surgeon for the local community and as a designated 24/7 emergency veterinary surgeon for the south Wales Police.

I asked why they had legal right to demand my name and address but refused say why or identify any allegation that my give them that right.

The arrest was at about 2pm and at around 4 pm I believe it was Inspector Trigg, himself, who came over and identified me through the door flap and shouted down the corridor “that is Maurice Kirk”.

At around 9 pm two police officers in my cell informed me I was arrested under s25 of 1984 PACE but again refused to explain what this was all about.

It was about the police holding me for extradition to Guernsey but they never told me of this thus depriving me of legal redress by rebuttal.

At about 11pm I was led through the police station to be interviewed under caution but on the way stopped the duty solicitor to also see what the police had written on their ‘day book’ attached by paper clip—–‘Maurice Kirk believed to be extremely violent’ and underlined twice in red ink.

The interview has by a police officer and the arresting officer with the obviously nobbled duty solicitor also present. This took over an hour but the official tape transcribed in an English forensic laboratory only last month, would you believe, records a total length of only 45 minutes. The audio copy given to me by Cardiff’s county court, due to a new judge intervening in this outrageous delay of court proceedings, contains several periods of time on tape that are silent for some unexplained reason.

I am now in possession of the Cardiff Civil Justice Centre’s CD after 24 years of trying and also in possession of a copy of that original police interview transcript concocted by the South Wales Police as far back as in May 1993.

The 2017 English version is at gross variance to that original version by the welsh police concocted and served on me to defend the indictable offence, before a jury, of ‘being in possession of a garrotte type instrument’. I was only cautioned at the beginning and not when this new idea of an indictable charges was dreamed up.

The arresting police officer admitted before my being charged with the offence that he personally believed it was a piece of veterinary embriotomy wire as he had seen similar used on his uncle’s cattle. This one had just been used on HRH The Prince of Wales’ farm in the Vale of Glamorgan but not for embriotomy, for dehorning beef cattle.

That night I was not charged with theft as the interrogation intimated it may be with both officers pretending no prior contact had been made with the Guernsey police. They had, of course and had satisfactorily established the ownership of the Guernsey number plated bike as mine.

The bike I had originally been bought off a Guernsey police officer, the son of Geoge Farnham the music composer.

I was charged and refused police bail for the offences of assault on police, resisting arrest and two charges of ‘being in possession of a garrotte type instrument’

The absence of CPS in court, next day, was palpable with the police asking for custody in prison, indefinitely, in order that my identity be established. They again all knowingly lied. My veterinary staff in the public gallery recorded the lies.

In 2013, whilst under cross examination in the County court all police in this incident knowingly lied to His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC who now refuses to release the records of the hearing, allow copy of the tape recordings (CDs) or the copy of evidence collated by Dolmans, solicitors.

HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC refused me my right to call inspector Trigg, Barbara Wilding Dr Tegwyn Williams and many more witnesses of fact with relevant evidence to give evidence at the trial

In particular he refused release of the contemporaneous notes taken by the clerk of the court, solicitors clerks at the back of the court room or from the bevy of defence barristers who all witnessed and understood the blatant lies made on oath, each day, by over fifty police officers or their staff.

Barbara Wilding was ordered by the court to personally sign her own affidavit that I had been given full relevant disclosure of evidence under her control but knowingly lied knowing she and Adrian Oliver are immune to prosecution in Wales.

Police lied and can be proved in all 33 failed malicious prosecutions that were deliberated upon by the judge.

I again ask that an outside of Wales police force make seizure of existing plethora of incriminating documents that will prove perversion of justice on a grand scale.

Records of my civil and criminal cases relating to the South Wales Police sre needed from the courts, prisons, Caswell clinic, law courts and in particular from the offices of Adrian Oliver of Dolmans who personally instigated the armed police raid on our home, in June 2009 with helicopter, when just failing to snatch our then 10 year old daughter, Genevieve, to be taken into council care as my being registered MAPPA level 3 of category 3 victim of the state.

Evidence seized, please, before they are further tampered with any more as has been proven before during my 25 miserable years in the Principality when simply attempting to practice veterinary surgery.


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

20th August 2017





Signed: …………………………. ………………. (witness)


Date: …………………………………………….


(To be completed if applicable:  ………………  ………………………………….  being unable to read the above statement I, ……………………of ……………………….., read it to  before  signed it.


Signed: ………………………..   ……………..      Date: ……………………..   )

This audio of the interview will be played world wide shortly as a warning to anyone thinking of setting foot in South Wales and assuming it is safe.

16 12 03 BS audio order

HHJ Seys llewellyn QC

17 0815 Mr Kirk Audio Forensic (1)

17 08 15 Mr Kirk Audio Forensic (3)

AA Action 1 claim 8.6, 20 May 1993 arrest at Grand Avenue Cardiff.

Ely May 1993 incident     PC Thomas

PACE s 2 & 3

Provisions relating to search under section 1 and other powers (2) If a constable contemplates a search, other than a search of an unattended vehicle, in the exercise— (a)   of the power conferred by section 1 above; or

(b)   of any other power, except the power conferred by section 6 below and the power conferred by section 27(2) of the M2Aviation Security Act 1982— (i) to search a person without first arresting him; or (ii) to search a vehicle without making an arrest,

it shall be his duty, subject to subsection (4) below, to take reasonable steps before he commences the search to bring to the attention of the appropriate person— (i) if the constable is not in uniform, documentary evidence that he is a constable; and (ii) whether he is in uniform or not, the matters specified in subsection (3) below; and the constable shall not commence the search until he has performed that duty.

(6) On completing a search of an unattended vehicle or anything in or on such a vehicle in the exercise of any such power as is mentioned in subsection (2) above a constable shall leave a notice— (a)      stating that he has searched it;

(b)      giving the name of the police station to which he is attached;

(c)      stating that an application for compensation for any damage caused by the search may be made to that police station; and

(d)      stating the effect of section 3(8) below.

PACE s3   Duty to record

(2) If— (a)  a constable is required by subsection (1) above to make a record of a search; but (b)  it is not practicable to make the record on the spot,  he shall make it as soon as practicable after the completion of the search. (3) The record of a search of a person shall include a note of his name, if the constable knows it, but a constable may not detain a person to find out his name. (4) If a constable does not know the name of a person whom he has searched, the record  of the search shall include a note otherwise describing that person. (5) The record of a search of a vehicle shall include a note describing the vehicle. (6) The record of a search of a person or a vehicle— (a) shall state— (i) the object of the search; (ii) the grounds for making it; (iii) the date and time when it was made; (iv) the place where it was made; (v) whether anything, and if so what, was found; (vi) whether any, and if so what, injury to a person or damage to property appears to the constable to have resulted from the search; and (b) shall identify the constable making it

PACE s 24

(2) If a constable has reasonable grounds for suspecting that an offence has been committed, he may arrest without a warrant anyone whom he has reasonable grounds to suspect of being guilty of it. (3) If an offence has been committed, a constable may arrest without a warrant— (a)………….. (b)       anyone whom he has reasonable grounds for suspecting to be guilty of it.

(4) But the power of summary arrest conferred by subsection (1), (2) or (3) is exercisable only if the constable has reasonable grounds for believing that for any of the reasons mentioned in subsection (5) it is necessary to arrest the person in question.

PACE s 28 Information to be given on arrest. (1) Subject to subsection (5) below, where a person is arrested, otherwise than by being informed that he is under arrest, the arrest is not lawful unless the person arrested is informed that he is under arrest as soon as is practicable after his arrest. (2) Where a person is arrested by a constable, subsection (1) above applies regardless of whether the fact of the arrest is obvious. (3) Subject to subsection (5) below, no arrest is lawful unless the person arrested is informed of the ground for the arrest at the time of, or as soon as is practicable after, the arrest.

[ At NO POINT did Thomas or Beer inform MJK anything related to stolen/theft, nor offensive weapon, it was wholly & exclusively related to failure to provide name & address for purpose of producing documents, and they had ample time from the moment they sat on his back to the 20mins or more faffing about over transport – van or car? ]

PACE s 30

(7) A person arrested by a constable at any place other than a police station must be released without bail if the condition in subsection (7A) is satisfied. (7A) The condition is that, at any time before the person arrested reaches a police station, a constable is satisfied that there are no grounds for keeping him under arrest or releasing him on bail under section 30A.] (8) A constable who releases a person under subsection (7) above shall record the fact that he has done so.

PACE s 31 Arrest for further offence. Where— (a)     a person— (i) has been arrested for an offence; and (ii) is at a police station in consequence of that arrest; and

(b)        it appears to a constable that, if he were released from that arrest, he would be liable to arrest for some other offence, he shall be arrested for that other offence

Extracted from the notes of   

                                                                                                                     Charles Caspar Kirk

HRH Prince of Wales Garrotte Incident 1993 Police Interview Tape Finally Disclosed

Incident site

garrotte 1993 Ely Grand Avenue site


This travesty of justice led to a private prosecution as it was obvious, while recovering from this unexpected encounter with a bunch of lying bastards from both police, Dolmans and judiciary, that I must expose the ‘welsh way of doing things’ on an unsuspecting visitor to Wales.

By launching a private prosecution would prove the point and soon, sure enough, I had lots of little minded louts, as in Guernsey, seen scurrying around in ever decreasing circle, not unlike the Ouslem bird, desperate to protect their cosy and lucrative life style when clearly answerable to no one.

09 09 09 Barbara Wilding & A Oliver Private Prosecution to Barry Mag (2)

16 12 03 BS audio order

17 0815 Mr Kirk Audio Forensic (1)

17 05 12 Newey J refusal re tape


13 04 10 Tape Destruction


93 05 20 Interview Tape

This eventual release of the South Wales Police interview tape of their victim, in custody and under caution, has taken no less than twenty four years to achieve.

Maurice’s horrific experiences when suddenly thrown in prison, as ‘unidentifiable’ while Guernsey Authorities were considering his extradition quite unbeknown to him, may explain one of the reasons why the 2013 trial judge, His Honour Judge Seys Llewelyn QC, deliberately further delayed this already mysterious release if it into court in the April to do nothing until almost to the day of his retirement.

Meanwhile Maurice is not just refused the right to buy the 100 odd witness trial transcript for his appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice but access to the court log and exhibits originally lodged with the court.

It may surprise no one, now, to know that His Honour’s ‘order’ continued to remain dormant on the dusty shelves of Cardiff’s notorious ‘Civil Justice’ Centre until July 2017 without it going for any forensic analysis, as ordered in the previous year as all are just waiting for Maurice to die.

‘And now for something completely the same’……the power of ‘devil worship’ in our Christian community.

.HHJ Seys llewellyn QC

His Honour sat on my machine-gun damages claim for seven years, why?

Only premeditated by Barbara Wilding, this malicious hopeless from the start malicious prosecution? No chance, simply to interfere with our civil court proceedings, yes was, of course, her motive in fear of losing her pension.

‘Dark forces’ took control that night the moment PC Phyl Thomas, now a sergeant and a damned good I would bet, made contact with that notorious corrupt channel island.

His Honour delayed the forensic examination of the ‘tape’ for  a year, why? Bloody obvious.

RING this number 07708586202 and I will tell you why or email but your laptop may smoke a little.

‘The tape’ content, to be published later, reveals another side to the incident deliberately withheld that the masonics knew all about hoping this tape may never be ‘found’ or eye witnesses eventually could be traced.

[ Has some grandson or granddaughter  of one of my old Cardiff or Vale of Glamorgan  veterinary clients ‘slipped’ this controversial tape my way for saving their mother or grand mother’s cat after being scraped off the road at 3 in the morning?  That’s the usual reason for my accumulation of leaked sensitive  police and court docs have taken’]

What actually happened was a passing police officer came to the apparent aid of another he may have believed, at that moment in time, was being assaulted by Maurice in order to resist arrest, arrest, it turned out twenty four years later, for the theft of his own BMW motor bike. The contents of both bike panniers, their prisoner’s pockets and information from a crowd of angry waiting clients, outside his veterinary surgery, were all ignored as the police soon had their own agenda.

93 05 00 Grand Ave Surgery Arrest

Their prisoner’s copy of the police tape was deliberately withheld from him as he had now been charged with an indictable offence, that of ‘being found in possession of an offensive weapon’.

Further detail currently blocked at the Royal Courts of Justice for obvious reasons:

AA Action 1 claim 8.6, 20 May 1993 arrest at Grand Avenue Cardiff.

93 08 04

Barrimore ParkervChiefConEssexPressSummary


18th August 2017

Crown Court

Dear Sir /Madam,

Further to the police and its bed fellow, HM Crown Prosecution Service, refusing to disclose relevant court records as they will clear my name, I again refer to my 4th June 2014 CPS unanswered letter on the matter, as it is required for the 4th jury’s deliberations and possibly 5th, as previous juries have been systematically denied them due to the obvious consequences‘ should all be revealed’.
14th March 2013 Criminal Court of Appeal judgement records even Their Lordships were denied the knowledge of the very existence of a ‘jury note’ and the 1st jury’s obvious need to see these records.
Cross examination of both Michael Williams contrary to Lee Barker’s version of the bizarre events, while my being a ‘shoot to kill’ Barbara Wilding MAPPA level 3 category 3 victim, no clerk of the court ‘hiding’, as instructed, in the 1st December 2011 court cell could have possibly seen anything being served on me or attempted again at 17.05 hrs when I was being dragged across the cell floor with my crutches to the waiting police for my ‘gate arrest’ to the London.
The 2011 Nigerian Musa ‘seven child snatch’ by the Haringey Council compounded the reason for my unlawful conviction of harassment concocted by  Dr Tegwyn Williams while under blackmail by the Chief Constable of the South Wales Police.

Crown Prosecution Service                                                                                                              T20170239

Cardiff South Wales


28th July 2017


Dear Sir/Madam,

12th September 2017 Cardiff Crown Court

4th Jury Trial for ‘Breach of a Restraining Order’ Never Served in the First Place


  1. Further to my 22nd Oct 2013 letter and my other countless applications since 2011 for disclosure of police evidence, neither unprotected by privilege nor PII for public records of my 1st December 2011 ordeal in Cardiff magistrates’ cells, I ask for them yet again for this 4th and possibly now, 5th jury trial, RCJ and ECHR.
  2. The 1st jury was flatly refused them by the Cardiff judge, as ‘irrelevant’, despite no less than four Geoamey custody officers having been required to open my cell door, as I was a MAPPA level 3 category 3 victim, to serve the fictitious ‘restraining order’!
  3. Why are they not interviewed as they will confirm no ‘service’ took place as 1st jury suspected following my cross examination of the lying court clerk and Geo manager?
  4. Why will you not disclose my immediate ‘gate arrest’ in my wheel chair from those magistrates’ cells records? You knew why I ‘failed to attend’ the Musa Harringay Council snatched kids 28th Nov 2011 hearing because I was un lawfully locked up in Cardiff prison to avoid my evidence re ‘child trafficking’ witting the world media.
  5. My 2012 2nd Jury trial was also an ‘abuse of process’ and collapsed but you lot refuse to disclose relevant records for 3rd and now my 4th jury, those police records of Dr Tegwyn Williams evidence that I had been caught at his house, in the dead of night, with cans of petrol. His solicitors, tax payer funded Blake Morgan LLP, have buried those records to defend my blocked by Cardiff County Court damages claim.
  6. Today CPS again accuses me of ‘witness intimidation’ using proven false police data.
  7. Lord Justice Leveson and Mr Justice Males were successfully fooled by you lot at my March 2013 Appeal for my 1st jury trial malicious 9 month prison sentence. Para 9 —

“There is a complaint also that the jury requested sight of the original custody notes and court log…..but the judge refused……there is no trace of anything of that nature having been requested by the jury”        WHO, then, will be the bloody liar at my 4th jury trial ?

Archive continues:

MAURICE KIRK: HRH Prince of Wales Garrotte Incident 1993 Police Interview Tape Disclosed 19 Aug. 17 + archive

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