UPDATED: 2 stalkers filmed 28 June 2017 – VIDEO

2 stalkers filmed 28 June 17 –


Lancs. / my local police connected stalkers who came up to me as I waited for a bus at a busstop not far from my home. Both got on the bus and both got off at my stop [the old junkie, shown on the left in the clip on her mobile phone is a next door neighbour, unfortunately, whose visitors kept knocking on my door asking for her on at least 6 occasions earlier this year. All is filmed. This old junkie has harassed me often when out]. The new younger one recorded got off my stop and went to cross the road but walked miles away from me to do so. Very weird – looked bemused. I doubt if this character actually lives near me – maybe her car was parked up nearby, or she was at the safe house ready for use. Certain other neighbours are stalking chronically – all is recorded and ready to go.

I guarantee I’m watched more daily that hundreds of so-called “terrorists” on that supposed “watch list” so what on earth is going on???

UPDATE: hours after that video was uploaded>

SUN. 28 Aug. 17:
Today was classic example of my belief that busdrivers are being controlled by rogue police. I live in a relatively remote area and on bank holidays there’s almost no buses and I had to meet a family member. The hourly bus was cancelled [as the final last bus home often is when I’ve alighted a train coming from London – 100 miles away – for example] – anything to mess ones day up – so eventually I got a cab, but still noticed a couple of strange characters paying myself far too much attention and staring at me at my destination as they’ed caught up. This strange behaviour is quite normal and I’ve even pointed this strange attention out to the person I was with at the time, who couldn’t make head nor tail of things.
After finally arriving home after being out – at the final busstop of the journey – who should be waiting but the very individual shown in my clip – itself a rare event [unless one is being stalked and one uploads a video as I had 12 hours earlier] =

Today was just one of many where totally confirmable events occurred which can be collated with numerous other similar events – most are on film or audio safely stored in safe locations. Everything – and i mean everything and a heck of a lot more – will not only go to the PM and numerous other top officials [if it hasn’t already] but also reports will go to a humungous number of media outlets, human rights orgs and many more agencies – if not sent by myself, then by trusted colleagues – fear is not an option in any shape or form. A couple of bent individuals on personal agendas or whatever will not go unreported. I remember a few months back when i was going to a local shop to get posters made and 2 heavies were standing outside a pub by this shop obviously waiting for me to pass having been forewarned beforehand exactly as that old woman was who was waiting by the busstop on my return home today was, who featured in my video. This event with the 2 thugs saying “hello” menacingly as i walked within inches of them on my way to the shop was just a latest event of many from those couple of days back then earlier this year. and was my 4th or 5th visit in as many days to that shop, so my route was well known by then by these bent ones who are controlling the stalking. This “intimidatory tactic” – which is all I can put something like this unsavoury and odd incident down to – failed miserably to have any effect upon myself whatsoever, and If any one of these corrupt rotten eggs thinks ive forgotten about those 2 thugs that day and the scores more other events that alone have happened since the beginning of reporting from Febuary 2016 when I learned of the appalling and barbaric targeting meted out to Carol [Woods] then theyve got quite a number of thoughts coming to them. Even if i discount 50% of the total of targeting events Ive witnessed and put them down to a wild imagination, that still leaves a huge number of events that need reporting to the appropriate authorities.


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