The Shocking Carol Woods Coverup: Infinite ID frauds, shockingly all funded by the taxpayer, all covered up 2 Sept. 17 + archive

Carol Woods = “It is a highly complex matter which the police organise where they try to make me someone I am not. They have in fact tried to invent me as the reverse of myself using numerous characters, including “neighbours” who live alongside myself, and others elsewhere – the entire situations going back years. I find things out because I am not stupid. See my original w’blowing blog York LGO Blog re Lancashire CC you will see why I am hounded by lowlife RECRUITED to do that by the Gestapo. Carol Woods Ms.”

Shipman Policy; Lancashire, FRAUD in cover up  31 Aug. 17

PHOTOS SENT SEPARATELY. This data shows how ANOTHER nail was found for the coffin of the previous tenant of 28 Fell View LA2 9RP: 28 Fell View was found to be suitable for me Ms Carol Woods for the sole purpose of revising history of serious organised crime in Lancashire found out by me and on which I blew the whistle in 2001. In that, because the Gestapo chose not to deal with the matters then of corporate manslaughter and more, preferring to protect the gangsters who were all part of the same gang, the freemasons who all expected to gain massively but didn’t, led to me finding out more and more.

ONE issue was the Shipman Policy of Lancashire and looting the dead which would probably have never been found out had I not been forced to move around. Prior to sending this out, the council fascists and institutional bullies have another “idea”. (See below linked to Jackson in 26 Fell View.) From soon after moving in to 28, I found a car would drive off at night when it was obvious I had retired for the night. It was over 2 years before I found where they all hid to do that and why. The lunatics pretended that someone drove me from 28 to another address BUT I pointed out after over 3 years of that, that no one ever drove me back to 28 in a morning thus a jury would wonder how I was in 28 after being driven out at night EVERY night. On 24/8/17 I had the answer to that: JARVIS in 41 had been pretending EVERY NIGHT from quite early that they drove off Mrs Invisible living with them and then collected her every morning. YOU funded that fraudster and thief and have done from March 2014 when I moved in to 28. Jarvis has forged my signature and run at least 2 bank accounts aided by COUNCIL sleazy to pretend I was the “Invisible” in 41 all that time. Hearing them stand about shouting on the front of 41 this week told me what the “new idea” was thus THEY are paid to drive about and pretend as are whoever hides and sets off at any time after they see I retire for the night. I do not retire for the night: they THINK I do. I let them drive a mile or so away and then switch my radio and lamp back on so they have wasted their time and YOUR money. But today, the lunatics had one parked outside about 10 30am, wait for 1 minute then race off: that was me “dropped off” after being driven off the previous evening. I took photos as usual: they had ANOTHER invisible person to drop off after collecting from somewhere. The related data as to what is to be “revised” will be sent out with photos. They have had a thug stalking me and he uses Lancaster Uni library with his lap top he thinks is hidden, pretends he is a student and sits at a library screen doing nothing possibly because he will be another bullying ignoramus and uses his phone linked in as well. That is why I ceased using the library except for scanning. The computer misuse has been reported.

Leading then to Fell View, there were many reasons it was deemed “perfect” for me so that “I” disappeared among the lowlife who all think they are me for huge gains.  In that, of course, the right group of persons were needed; those who would act like lunatics and thugs on instruction BUT firstly to bully out, any way they could, the elderly lone tenant of 28 Fell View which they did. I have drawn up a document of all the reasons it was wanted for me but here show why ONE house in particular was part of the “selection process”; 45 Fell View, DALTON, the Mrs MARGARET DALTON and her unemployed son, TRAVIS, both parasites and always will be. Mrs Dalton was to tell me in Aug 2016 that she had changed her name to Wheatfield which is a STREET in Lancaster and again, used by Mrs Dalton the Dullard because the Gestapo wanted to “revise history” of the street being used in a FRAUD which is out of scope of this suffice to say that the Gestapo were instrumental in that cash point fraud and ID theft as well; it was all photographed and they try to rewrite photos.

The Gestapo try to make me someone of their invention so others can be me: currently there are at least 25 others round Fell View who are used in thinking they are me: Agnes Jackson in 26 for example who pretends she has an identical twin who is Carol Woods. Amid the lunacy of 23 Aug 2017 when various plans to “revise history” had failed yet again, Jackson was to switch on her lights and TV and then wait for me to cease working late in my garden to go indoors where she then sneaked from the rear of 26, round her gable end and then waddled along the shared path (26 and 28 share a path from the pavement to the front doors about 30 yards in length) to the gate, quietly open the gate then slam it shut as if she had just returned for entry to 26 as if she had been out. Thus pretending that the light and TV on were on for her “identical twin” (Carol Woods) and she was just returning thus there were then 2 in 26 Fell View. Jackson is deranged, deluded and more stupid than anyone would think one could be. But that is ONE example of one who thinks ON INSTRUCTION that she can be me by pretending there are 2 of her!

Mrs Margaret Dalton is another. Jackson looks nothing like me; she is older than I, short, dumpy, waddles instead of walking, and her hair is almost white: she is a long term parasite. Mrs Dalton was “me” also from my moving in to 28: she had straggly grey hair she dyed red and aside from the DWP frauds in claiming to be me “needing a driver as disabled”, she and her son have gained hugely. 45 Fell View a scruffy council house is a den of iniquity and has been used from March 2014 by many lowlife collecting using the computer in E-CRIME and more ALL FOR GAIN. The Gestapo call in the early hours socially when supposedly on duty and have supplied Dalton with MY passwords for MY emails to allow them to use MY emails when I have no access and claim thus we share MY emails as proof they are linked to me AND that she is actually me. Without listing all those who take part which persons then use other addresses in the immediate area: the web is spun but they being stupid, it is not difficult to see where each strand links to another. The cars used identify those I cannot name and photos are excellent proof. Thus Dalton caught red-handed using my email address and the Gestapo PERJURE themselves to cover for them and as usual, find “a witness” to then confirm anything they are told to confirm such as claiming I was seen on Fell View between 5 and 10 of Oct 2015 when I was in Barcelona.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

 Mrs Dalton has no daughter, a local unemployed roughneck is used from 2 Fell View, WOODRUFF and she with her red Peugeot DG51 WRL is used to drive about and pretend to be linked to me and then use 45 as if that is proof Dalton is me. To aid the found out serious fraud of Oct 2015, Mrs Dalton was told to have her longish, straggly hair cut shorter and dyed more brown instead of the red she used trying to sound to be me with “red hair”. My hair is not red nor is a grey and dyed.

Sometimes her hair is almost orange trying to make it seem to be my colour so she can pose as me. The photos show how one thing found out then leads to a “revised version”. 45 I knew from vast experience was used from the day I moved to Fell View in the PLANNED, PREMEDITATED ORGANISED CRIME. Aside from bullying to death the former tenant of course. I had seen many using 45 Fell View as a sort of Fagin’s den and the photo shows son and mother where they walked up and down, daily in such pose so it took me a little time to find out she was his mother and not what it looks like. The Gestapo, in making others be me, have to try and give them experiences I have had as that is “proof” they are me. Rogerson’s firm used in fraud and worse in 2012 when I rented MILES away was drawn in (and are still used in acts of lunacy trying to make me forget the original matter), was sent to park and pretend at 45, that SHE was having an “inspection” as I had had in 2012. BUT 45 Fell View is a council house; private firms are NOT used; the council has its own gas inspectors. Rogerson’s drivers just sit and PRETEND. That though was to give her my experiences and expect a jury to accept it as proof she is me!

Travis Dalton is the grey hoodie and trackie uniformed yob and they are used daily in stalking and harassment of me to manufacture as “proof” that someone of that type could be linked to me thus Mrs Dalton is, after all, me. Manchester airport even 28/10 16 and one slightly older I noticed following me about and trying to sit as close as possible to me as if that was me going away with yob Dalton TO AID THE PERJURY OF OCT 2015. The Gestapo arrange for persons to pass through PASSPORT CONTROL when Dalton for example has no passport and such as this male may not have been travelling: clearly if he had a passport to show it was not in the name of Travis Dalton. On at least 2 other occasions I have formally reported to FCO and airport security that 2 person have been used to get as far as the boarding gate without passports or intention to travel on this same date: one was a dirty, scruffy old woman who tried to be seen as if “with me” and she was chosen as a Jackson “lookalike” thus proof Jackson was in the airport and using my passport so was Carol Woods. The 2nd person that same event (after this uniformed male) was a seedy, white haired old male who was to pretend to see me off as if he was Mr K WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View and I was his horrendous wife JUNE FRANCIS WILLIAMS as she is also me and together they are MR and MRS C WOODS. Thus I go away and this is how 3 persons are to be me.

In 31 Fell View, another unemployed parasite is also “me” and she was used as she had her hair similar to Mrs Dalton’s and is used as an “understudy”. I also apparently live in 31 Fell View where she has gained hugely also. The cloth capped idiot is her partner in crime and he is also MR Carol Woods. She was used to drive about Agnes Jackson when Jackson was to be me for DWP frauds mostly. I am not sure which of the 2 woman named on the electoral register this one is but she drove Jackson about in Citroen Zsara BK53 EWE and then as my car is red, the “discrepancy” was cleared up when 31 was bought a red Nissan Y191 SLF and drove Jackson about in that so she could be seen in a small red car as mine is thus more proof she is me. (As well as Mrs Dalton and Mrs Williams et al.) Mine is X165 YUB Toyota. Travis Dalton was bought a red Corsa which he used to stalk me for a few weeks after I moved in, on camera and found out, the car disappeared. He was then bought a Toyota like mine but dark green R48 GMA and he with WOODRUFF as passenger would stalk me and pretend we were all out in ONE car and I was his mother! R48 GMA was then passed to a seedy old man and he was found to be stalking me and also caught on camera after which he ceased. The Gestapo do that all the time, swap cars to person who they then claim are MR Carol Woods. According to Lancashire lunatics, Mr Carol Woods is the most common name in Lancashire if not the UK for males. R48 GMA was used again recently in stalking but with Travis Dalton driving. He without a driving licence and no insurance: reported, ignored and he who then claimed he could not recall the red Corsa or the green Toyota in Aug 2016 when he has the use of R48 GMA. Woodruff has auburn hair which is why she was used: and she is unemployed so available and, one of my daughters has auburn hair but not like Woodruff’s. Woodruff was told to change her hair to “blonde” as I also have a blonde daughter who drives; my other daughters do not drive. Thus Woodruff was to be the one that did and had to change her hair colour. I have photos of the Gestapo aiding and abetting to her follow me about and parking where MY car so she can somehow claim she drove me as Mrs Dalton! There is an illegal GPS on my car which allows for all this.

Why would Dalton be seen to be “useful” when it is not a family name of mine? MARGARET was seen to be “useful” as Mrs Margaret Middleton of 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ was used to be MY DEAD MOTHER in 2012 t0 2013 when I rented there (scene of the Rogerson farces), 2 TWO elderly lone ladies I have found out about were called MARGARET and one of those was said to be my mother which FACT I discovered quickly. That lady bullied to death and I moved to her former flat, No. 3 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA after I left 298 Oxcliffe Rd. I was not to learn that the INTENTION was to claim I was her daughter and thus was not me. That is out of the scope of this suffice to add that is why I was offered Flat 3 because of the “Margaret” name. MARGARET PECK is a lady missing from 33 Fell View where I have apparently lived from March 2014 being driven about from there and in fact, am moved into the unoccupied 33 at least 4 times a week. The council vehicle plus 2 vans were used on 23/8/17 AGAIN at 33 to PRETEND “I” had just moved in EXCEPT I did not go out on 23/8/17 so could not be said to have moved in anywhere. (Any day I go out, I apparently move out and move in to one of the others houses used in the fraud of persons claiming to be me or to be driving me about. Naturally I have a huge collection now of photos of “removal” vehicles and council thugs all PAID to PRETEND round Fell View.) There are other ‘Margaret’s’ but they are the most important as to why Dalton is used in 45 Fell View. Like Jackson, she is deranged and waits for me to park up and then walks up and down with the dog they were forced to get and pretends she was me out having just parked my car and the taking the dog out! Jackson being me has no dog and was supplied with the tape of a dog barking instead as were Williams in 30. I have no dog but the Gestapo want to claim and prove I have to cover for OTHER found out thieves and worse from Penhale Gardens who were “me” when I rented Flat 3 have dogs. Mrs Margaret Middleton also has a dog.

The name DALTON was seen to be “useful” in the attached document. JOYCE DALTON a former manager in a job I was forced out because of the whistle-blowing matter running on and on. Joyce Dalton in my claim 2402412/04 OF WHICH THE RECORDS HAVE BEEN DESTROYED EXCEPT FOR MY FILES, changed her testimony while under oath and committed perjury which she admitted. She was not the only one but also IAN MICHAEL FISHER Head of Legal Services of the county and the Gestapo was found to be a perjurer and then it was found Fisher had been impersonated: he had had another pose as him and PRETEND to be Fisher under oath! That case was ONE which went to Mike Todd Chief Constable of GMP given the perjury and worse happened in his working area and for which he was murdered for being in the process of prosecuting in March 2008.

I have scanned and attached the first page of JOYCE Dalton’s statement with a teacher’s pay slip to show I am in 28 Fell View and not 45,26, or any other. I have also scanned a document which was hidden from me for the case of 2402412/04 and I only knew of it by seeing someone from the College who told me that management AS USUAL had been soliciting detrimental remarks about me from persons I worked for. This was the response and why it was kept from me. Withholding of documents is an offence. This document though was why JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View was given ID as if she was me to make that old bankrupt with drink and smoking problems into me and then she was given a volunteer’s post in HMYOI Lancaster Farms as if she was me, found out April 2014 and on marvellous photos. She could only claim to be a volunteer as she is barely literate BUT this document about me shows SOME of the LIBEL and PERJURY of the claim 2402412/04. Thus 28 Fell View had so much the Gestapo could use to “rewrite” their “history” that Dalton in 45 and someone of Williams’ calibre in 30 plus the deranged in 26 and 41, 31 and others (all to follow) were all nails in the coffin of the tenant of 28. This was not the end of trying to manufacture PROOF I was Mrs M Dalton so that data brief is sent with the photos. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO QUOTE. CAROL WOODS Ms under duress at 28 Fell View.

Use of others to aid FRAUD Lancs. 31 Aug. 17

On Thursday, 31 August 2017, 16:00, carol woods <> wrote:

These are the photos from Ms Carol Woods 28 Fell View LA2 9RP where apparently I have just moved yet again. Please feel free to quote me. The data related was sent separately.  The final photos were added after that FRAUD to aid Dalton. The Gestapo see ILLEGALLY all I scan intending to send out and indeed had seen 2 documents attached here when sent to a friend. To aid and abet Mrs M DALTON to be seen to be me (remember I am SCORES of others all the same time) this FRAUD and HARASSMENT takes place AS ROUTINE using different people depending on who is said to be me. The sleazy in the suit sneaks along behind me (he has been used at least 3 times but mostly Farrell Heyworth are used and JD Gallagher) he walks towards where my car is parked which is not far from MY HOUSE. I can small him: stand to one side and wait, the woman is next, chosen to be said to be seen as DALTON. Dalton is dirty, scruffy and looks like a ship wreck on a bad day. BUT her long straggly grey hair dyed RED for over 2 years when she was “me” after I moved to 28 Fell View, was then to be cut shorter. That was early 2016 in the great “all change” where she was told to cut her hair shorter and dye it brown more like mine which is strawberry blonde and NOT brown. She dyes hers all shades varying from orange to brown. This woman was to be seen as if with the agent, near MY car and thus somehow PROOF DALTON was me SELLING MY HOUSE. The rucksack was added as in 2012 when a DIANE LENNON was said to be me FOR GAIN I had bought a new leather brown rucksack, this was the interpretation recently. It is too light a brown to be mine and I don’t use mine anyway for going out shopping. Lennon had in Aug 2012 done EXACTLY the same but not with a leather rucksack, a brown canvas one. Those photos are all kept safe as well; LENNON was the one to call to 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ when I rented there and STEAL MY MAIL handed to her by the landlady as PROOF LENNON was me.

The photos show Dalton and his mother and how they are “revised” when they are not where I am and others fill the space. The document from E Sadler was NOT produced in the tribunal as LCC tried to say I was no good at my job, (ALL docs kept safe). LCC then solicited fro detrimental remarks and found only those of this calibre, then the first page of statement JOYCE DALTON and she in 45 was to be ME as if JOYCE DALTON had been me!  This is what is known as muddying waters of investigation when really, it is all crystal clear.

Dalton in fact in the 3 years I have been in 28 Fell View, all she can do like the yob son is claim benefits in frayd and work for the Gestapo who search for her hidden charms in the early hours when supposedly on duty.

This though was partly why JUNE F WILLIAMS roughneck and worse in 30 Fell View was told to bully out the tenant of 28 so that I could have 28 and she could ALSO be me! Williams with the ID provided for her by Lancs Gestapo as if she was me and volunteer’s post in HMYOI Lancaster Farms as if she was me was to hope MY document seen here, could be said to have referred to the bankrupt with a drink and smoking problem WILLIAMS. Foul mouthed, loud and quite stupid. And all that has cogent evidence. HER car used then PK62 NXJ was on CCTV film footage at Lancaster Farms when she went AS ME. Thus the campaigner suffering much harassment NOW as he tries to assist me in matters of the ILLEGAL GPS on my car is an issue, MY car is X165 YUB RED and was never a dark grey anything, it was never a Peugeot and I would not need to work as volunteer being fully qualified to teach to ALL standards as well as fully qualified in social work fields.

Some Background:

Carol Woods = “It is a highly complex matter which the police organise where they try to make me someone I am not. They have in fact tried to invent me as the reverse of myself using numerous characters, including “neighbours” who live alongside myself, and others elsewhere – the entire situations going back years. I find things out because I am not stupid. See my original w’blowing blog York LGO Blog re Lancashire CC you will see why I am hounded by lowlife RECRUITED to do that by the Gestapo. Carol Woods Ms.”

Apart from numerous and longstanding ID frauds [where goods and other services have been obtained by dubious “neighbours” in her locale using Carol Wood’s ID, much obtained via her stolen mail – something Royal Mail has been notified about an infinite amount of times, with no proper response at all] and along with many other serious crimes enacted in her name [see the list below in the section entitled “Some Background, below] Carol Woods is stalked daily by her neighbours who are, it is very strongly alleged, employed by the local police and other factions of Lancs. county council. Ms. Woods is particularly targeted at the library which she has to use for the use of the computers therein, as having computers and phones etc. at her home has proven futile because of them being hacked by the same individuals who hack the library computers whenever she uses them. These unemployed, mostly male yobs, in the pay of the police etc. to surveille Ms. Woods [it is very strongly alleged], openly sit alongside her in the library, mobile phones in their hands while they hack the computer Ms. Woods is using, scanning and interfering with whichever emails to and from Ms. Woods they see fit, amongst other electronic interference.

What is particularly appalling also is that – apart from the Royal Mail letters not reaching Ms. Woods and ending up, via being misdelivered, to criminal neighbours, or letters being delayed delivery for weeks at a times – serious crimes committed against Ms. Woods have been refused being reported for years now, to the police and other government agencies, including the IPCC who do nothing when told about complaints involving Lancs. police. Apart from Ms. Woods continually contacting police departments and politicians and other government agencies, other supporters have contacted UK Government departments regarding the serious crimes Ms. Woods is victim of, I personally have approached 3 different chief constables of 3 different police forces to no avail, and the IPCC have been complained to regarding this lack of duty by police employees – the IPCC merely passing my concerns back to the force allegedly behind the bulk of so many of the very strongly alleged crimes – Lancs. police. Contacting these UK Government departments has proven a complete waste of time, such is the coverup involved to do with so much of what is very strongly alleged concerning Ms. Carol Woods.

The posts and updates from Ms. Woods on this site alone detail this harassment from Ms. Woods neighbours along with detailing many of the numerous crimes committed since Febuary 2016 when Ms. Woods was forcibly detained for no reason other than to silence her in a mental unit, for the 5th time. As there were no proper grounds for Ms. Woods to be held in the mental unit, she was released after protests were made. This enforced kidnapping of Ms. Woods was the 5th time such a kidnapping had occurred to Ms. Woods because of the input by certain authorities who completely shirk their responsibilities and cover up serious crime – eg. employing and paying from the public purse criminals who flout the law by  stalking Ms. Woods almost daily, and every time Ms. Woods leaves her abode, and also enabling them to partake in numerous ID frauds completely outside of the law, and much more – the reporting of numerous DWP benefit frauds and connected to the DWP fraud department, and to the banks – Barclays and Santander – who had numerous accounts in false names to launder the DWP monies gained illegally, proving a complete waste of time also.

Some background:

In the latest posts and in the archive linked, Carol  goes into greater detail regarding what she is having to experience from those around her, all with, it seems, the full cooperation and assistance of the local authorities who command the numerous crimes and the actions of the numerous lowlife stalkers she is surrounded by.  Not only do these nightmare neighbours she is surrounded by steal her landline telephone and internet delivery lines running into her house, and misuse it on an almost daily basis by the lines being previously diverted to their more than likely ramshackle homes, they also steal her electricity too when they can [when Carol switches it on], and much more. Carol can hear her neighbours testing their electricity sockets after she has turned her power on from the main switch in her home. For this very reason her electricity supply is having to be almost permanently switched off for fear of it being hacked by these criminal neighbours, she lives by candlelight and she has had to live electricity free in her home for years because of these lowlives’ thieving alongside her home – many of them doting and ageing pensioners who steal her services because they can and do not get criminally charged with anything – courtesy of the fake authoritarian figures in place who should be in prison rather than be sitting pretty in a government office somewhere, local or otherwise. Fake IDs used by so many – if not all – of Carol’s criminal neighbours pay for many things through fake bank accounts, the money all ultimately coming from the UK taxpayer – the general public, as are the new cars given as rewards to certain neighbours paid for the same way – the road tax etc for these cars also paid for by the UK public, as are the numerous “Blue Badge” schemes many of these cars are concessioned with – all registered via false details but paid for out of the public purse. Authorities do nothing when told about these scams – how much longer can these outright crimes continue? 

Regarding the internet and phone lines running into her abode: Carol even witnessed the rewiring of such to cater for her neighbours criminal thieving when she came back home from being out one day – the lines being rearranged and diverted into her loft where the neighbour’s connections take place, and thus the ability for these thieves to steal her services. A bit of  detail about this stealing of Carol’s services – when Carol came back from being out one day, she noticed an ironing board, of all things, leaning against a wall in one of her rooms which wasn’t there before she’d gone out. On moving the ironing board, there on the wall was – crudely written in biro or whatever – the electrician or whoever’s drawing for the rewiring of the phone + internet lines being diverted into her loft – for the use of the thieving neighbours as already described. This is why, when out on later outings to wherever, tell-tale ironing boards would be left deliberately en route – leaning against walls or whatever – for Carol not to miss. Such is the cruelty of the minds involved in this entire gangstalking scenario CW is having and has had to put up with for so many years. Does any authority  do anything about any of this stealing of her phone or internet services when they’re notified? No they don’t – the same way as the CEO of Royal Mail ignores all notifications to him regarding misdeliveries of CW’s mail to assorted neighbours [see earlier posts on this]. Other authorities also contemptuously ignore other notifications of gross irregularities / crimes sent to them. Why? Go figure. Semantic battles with the R. Mail’s current CEO proved pointless when trying to report the numerous and longstanding deliberate misdeliveries of mail to the neighbours who give CW such a hard time. As for these loutish neighbours and their hostilities, it’s hard to argue, for example, when someone wearing a police officer’s uniform making out they’re a police officer is intimidating one and breathing down one’s neck giving one preposterous orders to harass and hurt a fellow citizen – but harass and hurt they do, putting aside any semblance of conscience or, dare I say it – guilt. Perhaps the gift of a new car – or two – paid for by the UK taxpayers – eases their conscience and helps these sad characters turn the other cheek and commit serious crime and also stalk so inhumanly someone who devoted her entire working life in service to others – as Carol has – trying to help children especially. These lowlives – and the lowlives controlling all the conspiracies against Carol Woods – have much to answer for, and let’s hope that day comes soon when they get their comeuppance – noone likes a corrupt traitor, especially those who are in the positions they’re in, whose sky-high wages are paid by the UK taxpayer, and its funny how things turn around and come back ten times worse for those perpetrating these obscenities. But that’s noone’s problem but theirs.

It is completely unjust and as outrageous and unfair that I am refused reporting – by 3 separate police forces – serious crimes, as correspondence, or rather ignored correspondences to these 3 police forces, would show [UPDATE 24 JUNE 17 – a few days ago – at 20.53BST on the evening of Saturday 17 June, to be exact, 2 Dorset officers knocked on my door without any forewarning [after my now numerous messages to the Chief Constable]and although unprepared, I duly gave them such info as I could regarding the huge number of crimes listed so far as detailed by and committed against CW. After 50 minutes, one of the officers promised me that “Lancs. police would be got in touch with, with a view for them to contact CW”. Of course I immediately protested that, allegedly, the Lancs. police were one of the very parties behind this series of numerous ongoing crimes, and to do such would be a waste of time. Note that this has been tried before when Lancs. police have been told of certain crimes pertaining to CW by CW, and nothing has been done at all. Nevertheless, this was all I could expect, apparently. Who knows if anything was passed on to Lancs. police, and even if it was, will anything be done about anything? It is now weeks since Dorset police were informed that night of 17 June, and Ms. Woods harassment continues unabated – so the evidence points to the fact that nothing has been done regarding what was reported to those 2 Dorset police officers]. If one complains to higher authorities about this completely unacceptable situation, I would guess that the targeting I am experiencing almost on a daily basis – whenever I go out – would escalate to an unacceptable level, causing me to fear for my very own life. That is why also the updates from CW have been drastically curtailed here. So be it. William Burroughs, the great author, once said that if a person didn’t want to catch malaria, one shouldn’t go to an area where malaria is rife. I seemed to have stumbled into something similar. So be that also…

The question has been asked: “why would the “Powers That Be” target someone such as Carol Woods for so long [since 2006], involving so many perpetrators, committing so many serious crimes, funded by the public and local council taxpayers?”. Carol Woods is a 63 years old former Lancashire County Council Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer [who used to train social workers] and a former Probation Officer, amongst many other things. Perhaps the appalling and chronic targeting she has no choice but to put up with 24/7 is because she reported numerous seriously grave irregularities she discovered, including child abuse, when being employed by Lancashire county council, as described in the “IMPORTANT VIDEOS” at the foot of this post, and also because of what Carol has reported, especially here, from Feb. 2007:   “York LGO Blog and Lancashire CC” More is described here:   “Harassment as punishment for whistle-blowing: Lancashire”

When one realises that the very controllers of the targeting and stalking Carol is forced to endure are, very probably, very closely connected to the same departments and personnel who are described in the links above and the “IMPORTANT VIDEOS” shown below, which detail what was discovered when Carol worked as a Child Protection officer in Lancashire, then it should not be hard to understand these hostilities enacted against her. Put it this way: the Welsh scientist, weapons expert and authority on biological warfare, employed by the British Ministry of Defence David Kelly was supposed to have leaked serious information to the detriment of the PTB at the time – look what happened to him. Now, Carol is no weapons expert, but one doesn’t have to be one to upset the proverbial apple cart bigtime. And anyway, we are told there have been assassination attempts upon her life too – quite a few in fact, including ramming her car at speed, on a main road, by perpetrators unknown…well, almost unknown.

And why is there an illegal tracking device installed in Ms. Woods car – put there, apparently – by Lancs. police? The Chief Constable of Lancashire has been written to so many times about so many serious matters with no response it’s quite remarkable. Another 2 chief constables have been written to asking can serious crime be reported to their forces also with no response whatsoever, and I have tried on more than one occasion to notify my local police about serious crime at my local central police station to be totally ignored every visit, which is just another public scandal!

Many more serious crimes and misdemeanours committed against Ms. Woods are all completely ignored by whichever UK government agency one tries to take anything to, including: 

many murder attempts,

impersonation, ID frauds,

person[s] impersonating police officers in official government hearings, [or hearing[s]  purporting to be official],

Royal Mail frauds,

monetary frauds involving: dubious bank accounts at numerous high street banks, the DWP, town council[s] and other agencies,

illegal tracking of motor vehicle via GPS device [or similar],

a high number of motor vehicle “Blue Badge” [UK HM Government concession] frauds,

regular physical harassment / mental torture upon a person [aka “gangstalking”],

telephone / Internet Broadband  / electricity supply fraud,

wrongful arrest,

wrongful kidnapping[s] / incarceration[s] in UK HM Government units, police station[s], HM Prison[s] etc.,

home burglaries, 

– many other instances of serious crime and illegal activity exist, and many acts contravening not only the Data Protection Act 1998, but also the contravention of articles pertaining to the European Commission of Human Rights [particularly Article 8].

What is going on is maybe unbelievable, and at times complicated, but that is surely deliberate and part of this outrageous targeting of a law-abiding citizen  – a lone female – who dared to report serious irregularities she found during her employment as a Level 3 social worker and Child Protection Officer. As a result, apart from the crimes committed against her as described, her house and contents with a value of £400,000+ was stolen from her, and her employment tribunal award of £50,000 found its way to someone who conspired against her who fraudulently took Carol Wood’s ID. Other serious crimes exist and continue to  this very day…



2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016 


 SriLankerC 24 April 2016

6] Carol Woods Social Worker Unlawfully Incarcerated In Psychiatric Gulag   – 16 April 2016 by  GeorgeGreekTrucker


The Shocking Carol Woods Coverup – Carol writes – 29 Aug. 2017

On 29 August 2017 at 21:17, carol woods <> wrote:

“The cancelling of buses and even trains in my case is only when they are desperate; now you know why I have no one who will be seen out with me!. Seriously, take care, they are seriously fed up, if I wasn’t a lady I would say peed off, called to uni, only open for another half hour, manic all over weekend so I stayed indoors the whole time. Traps set include the usual of persons sent hoping to get a lift from me so the Gestapo can claim I have been seen with them and somehow that proves anything they want! The last time I sent out the photos of the looted car brought back to the flats to pretend it was only then sold, was 6 Nov 2015 and we all know what happened by 8 30am the next day. Checking my notes kept from moving in to 28 I see now I was right all along about the former tenant of my bungalow as well as the former tenant of flat 3. My book Vol 3 and 2010 and the antics of bus drivers then in the Manchester area and then Southport, they see you as a threat, that much is certain.”

after I wrote:

to carol, et al, 

 “Carol, I know it may seem like crying over spilt milk and trivial, but considering ive done nothing to warrant this harassment and being stalked [eg. ref: UPDATED: 2 stalkers filmed 28 June 2017 – VIDEO] – everything originating, it seems – from a process of elimination – from what seems like a local police officer who has recruited a team of Watchers who pay constant and untold attention to myself 24/7 – this continual surveillance is out of order. This outrageous surveillance begun in 2010 when I put up 2 posters

Inline images 1 

– one in my nearby local post office shop window, and another on a lamp post 30 yards away, and within days they were removed, and the harassments began, which has got intolerable at times. [I find it interesting that at the same time I met one Belinda  Mackenzie, began visiting her in Highgate, and actually gave her a few posters which I saw one in use attached to the railings at one of her Royal Court of Justice demos. I find my meeting her at the same time all this harassment begun very coincidental].

Also, the nearby printing shop that made these posters for me closed down shortly after these posters were made. A mobile phone stall owner who fixed a mobile phone for me last year so that it couldn’t be hacked also closed down shortly after, and an auction house which I used in Weymouth also closed down after I bought mainly household items from them and sold them online. Coincidences?  And there’s the guy called James from “up north” – who claimed to be a so-called “computer specialist” and mentioned he did work for “Data Protection” during the call with him I recorded at the time  [and filmed as he  remotely took over my pc for 2 hours] – who I used and paid £40 to in January 2016 to check my pc for bugging  [paid for actually nothing I couldn’t do myself, I realised after], the £40 paid direct from my bank a/c when I visited my local bank. That transaction has completely vanished from my bank a/c and statements! That surely is illegal – or if it isn’t it’s extremely odd. Did whoever is behind the surveillance have dealings with this “James”? I’d put money in it! This guy is a hacker!!

Having advertised odd items for sale in the “Buy + Sell” section of my local paper – random things I had bought I thought i could make a couple of quid on – these items would attract a range of neer-do-wells – each seemingly programmed merely to interfere with my selling these things, such as an old BT phone, and a police truncheon Inline images 2 and other odd items. I would get phone calls from fake buyers, some who visited simply to harass, it seems, as they clearly had no intention of ever actually buying anything. Even buying an item from my local paper came with it very odd behaviour from the person who came round who sold me the item – a Readers Digest German learning course – its like she was frightened of me or something – I was going to ask her “was she ok” as she was acting so nervously and odd. Is there someone at the local paper working with these rogue police operatives who gives them contact details of buyers / sellers so they can be preprogrammed as I strongly allege has occurred in the past? Seems so. I recall trying to buy a laptop in 2011 from a guy called Frank, a businessman, an obnoxious character who gave off excruciatingly bad vibes who was obviously programmed with some old tripe before his visit, who came round with this ancient decrepit laptop I might have bought that was actually worthless, that had been advertised in my local paper. This guy was odd and couldn’t look me in the eyes once until about 10 minutes into his visit, after being invited into my home, stupidly. He mentioned “his daughter was in America” – a very odd thing to say at the time. Having been conversing with American acquaintances at the time, this mentioning of America, and the guy looking me in the eyes for the 1st time, I realised afterwards, was the result of him being preprogrammed, to fish for info, or simply to let me know someone was on my case and I believe, hacking my computer, as that was the only way the info was got re: myself and America.

A latest event was when I went to a weekly “healing” session run by a holistic healer, in Boscombe – one of the connected persons blurted out “is this where the MI5 meeting is held?” after he made his appearance during my 3rd and final visit to the sessions – an extremely odd thing to say at a healing session and obviously directed at myself – the guy having been preprogrammed with whatever to say such by whoever is on my “case” and very much behind this rancid targeting I am and have experienced for at least 7 years.  This “case” has now progressed in 2017 to a team of Watchers – particularly 6 over-zealous neighbours who act in the strangest manner – along with numerous strangers who harass my every move when out. I will make complaints to whoever I can in an effort to expose whoever is behind this nonsensical Watching – and there’s only a 3 cops I’ve had contact with since 2010 [not including the 2 who came round recently after I contacted the chief con of Dorset regarding not being allowed to report the serious crimes committed against Carol Woods] – those 3 contacts being:

1] contact with a local police officer when I reported the Holly Greig case – a case of child abuse – to the Child Abuse section of Dorset police,

2] I visited my local police station and saw a certain policeman when I took my mobile phone there after I received hundreds of dodgy emails in my yahoo a/c which contained links I thought may be of a dubious nature – it turned out these links were nothing. This character is top of my list.


3] another cop I had email interchanges with re: a 6 day hearing at the RCJ in November 2011 when the Musa prosecution team lied in court in front of Nicholas Wall and were reported.

Other than those 3 cops Ive had no contact with anyone [apart from contacting the CC re: C Woods, and the “Dorset Enquiries” service – a futile exercise]. Each effort of visiting my local police station proved fruitless when I was ignored each time when, say, trying to report what was happening to Carol Woods over the months – I couldn’t get past the civilian on the front desk – few can it seems. Even the “Dorset Enquiries” representative from their contact section on the online Dorset Enquiries police site hung up on myself when he rang after I tried making contact with them to report the crimes Carol Woods was experiencing. Yes, the “Dorset Enquiries” service responded to my contacting them, but its how they responded that is the joke.

I cannot list here the areas in total which are affected by this unwanted and intolerable surveillance – I very strongly allege even my medical history and conversations have taken place, contrary to the Data Protection Act, between this police operative and the GP’s I see when visiting my local surgery – which I undertake with duress anyway after what’s already happened to me regarding many GP’s professional incompetence who have dealt with me at my local surgery – the very same GPs who nearly killed me with their incompetence in 2007, and directly before.  

So, all in all, it could only have been one of those 3 officers I had contact with at my local police station in 2010 / 2011 who even knew anything about my business until then, and I believe it was one of those who started the ball rolling re: this rancid surveillance I am experiencing to this very day – some of which is completely intolerable. I have all the details of all my contacts from 2010, plus all the email interchanges with everyone too – local and otherwise, plus numerous audio recordings and notes made at the time – each and every one stored safely.

 Suffice to say I have not exposed a gang of corrupt SS child workers as Carol has [which is a positive thing and not something that a person should be punished for, as is clearly happening to Carol] nor done anything that warrants the outrageous targeting Carol is having to experience, yet a constant stream of events occur – for example, council reps come round at regular intervals over minor matters [checking electricity etc] and my computers and phones are hacked continually. I have had constant trouble with R Mail, and constant harassment whilst out – right in my face – and a whole lot more – all because of what? What have I done to warrant this blight? I have done nothing and don’t even have a criminal record – the last time I was busted was in 1984 for a minor drug offence. Whoever’s doing this is out of order and now it is my mission to expose it all – because, apart from my own personal suffering – some else somewhere is going through a whole lot worse – courtesy of this cop who shouldn’t even be employed as such because what he’s caused is underhand – and criminal.

So, now other departments will become involved, if only to begin new complaints processes – and all names I have had contact with will be named in an attempt to find out just who began or is now behind this totally unacceptable surveillance and harassment upon myself, before I leave this place prematurely, as a result of that GP’s gross incompetence back then in 2005/6/7.”



MUST SEE!: “7/7 Ripple Effect2” Producer Muad’Dib Arrested Again + THE “SNOOPER’S CHARTER” BECOMES LAW + more [VIDEOS]

Updates continue:

The Shocking Carol Woods Coverup: LANCS.: How Organised Fraud is Planned, including Treason – 29 Aug. 17 + archive


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