The Shocking Carol Woods Coverup: “Deliveroo” employee was stalker at University library – + more 27 Sept. 2017

UPDATE 10 Oct. 17 – BACKGROUND: this is just one video from the list of very informative “IMPORTANT VIDEOS” shown below, with the UK Column’s Brian Gerrish interviewing Carol Woods, from March 2016. The video sees Carol explaining in detail, amongst other subjects: a] the failed “supercasino” project, which was an epic episode in irregularities in itself [also described by Carol here:  York LGO Blog re Lancashire CC, b%5D  the death of elderly Sheila Bridges, who died after a heart attack, very strongly [allegedly] caused by the actions of recruited and bullying yobs connected to the “supercasino ” project c] the death of former Greater Manchester police chief constable Mike Todd, who deceased after a judge David Williams, connected to the then Social Service’s Upper Tribunals department, was given a file of Carol’s evidence, d] certain Lancs. Social Services irregularities which saw Carol being hounded out of her job for refusing to alter records of vulnerable children connected to Lancs. Social Services, and e] Carol’s move to Lewes, Suffolk, under the advice of MP Norman Baker, which brought on much hostility aimed at Carol, including arrests by police, and the wrecking and theft of Carol’s home =   Child Stealing By The State – A Social Worker Speaks  – please see the other videos listed for more background on the atrocious targeting of Carol, which began in 2006 and continues daily now.


Above: from the “Bournemouth Echo” 27 September 2017

continues: Focus on irresponsible behaviour by all road users not just cyclists, urge campaigners after illegal bike used by Deliveroo rider” B’mouth Echo, 27 September 2017


“Police launch crackdown on ‘dangerous’ delivery cyclists”B’mouth Echo, 3 May 17

 Earlier, in Lancaster, Lancs.:

This  character below – an Italian who claimed to speak no English, employed by this “Deliveroo” company to deliver pizzas etc, via bicycle in Lancaster – is one of the numerous stalkers who harass Carol Woods so often at Lancaster University library where Carol uses the Wifi. They hack  Carol’s email a/cs as she uses the Wifi there on a regular basis, interfering and erasing very often emails to and from Carol. Only a very few emails I and others send Carol are received by her, and vice versa. The library staff know what’s happening and have seen her email contents disappear in front of their eyes when Carol has shown them the harassment, but they are powerless to actually do anything about any of it as things are being controlled by a much higher source eg. the county council [who run the libraries + its staff] and, of course, the local police!  Since I reported this guy, below – as my message below shows, to their head office – he has disappeared from the library – thank God, but many more delinquents remain to regularly harass and cause disruption every time Carol visits the Uni library to use the Wifi there – and also at the local “Morrison’s” store, who also have a Wifi facility the public can use. These paid stalking delinquents frequent there also whenever Carol tries to use her laptop at the location, being tipped off regarding her whereabouts via the illegal tracking device in her car – something that is supposed to be being investigated by the police as I write after numerous complaints have been made to many government departments. [the pics below taken when I visited Lancaster recently – see more:  The Shocking Carol Woods Coverup: VISIT / Lancs: Compromise agreement falsified, + archive 10 July 17  

From: butlin cat <>
Sent: 12 July 2017 17:16

Dear Sir / Ms. at “Deliveroo PLC”,


Today at approx. 15.28BST I called the “Deliveroo” contact no. on 0844 248 2428 and spoke with a lady there who gave her name as “Dabby”.  She kindly gave me a reference number for my complaint – no. 15456605, and the email address I have used here to contact yourselves. She also told me tat my concerns wold be escalated to the relavent department.

I wish to make a formal complaint regarding one of your employees NAME UNKNOWN who was riding his bicycle in your employment in a pedestrianized area of Lancaster, Lancashire, on Sunday 9 July at approx. 13.20 BST.

To ride a bicycle as such in a pedestrianised area, such as this “Deliveroo” employee was engaging in, is illegal, because it is dangerous to other people – especially children who run in and out of shops unaware of the dangers of cyclists who shouldn’t be riding whilst- using the “walking only” area.

I challenged this cyclist, and tried to tell him that his riding his bicycle was illegal in that pedestrianized area but he laughed and claimed he didn’t understand what I was saying, and that he “was working”. I believe he was Italian. A photo of the person follows below.

He was about 25 years old, slim build, short dark hair, as can be seen the following pictures.

I told this gentleman that the next time I saw him riding his bicycle in a “no ride area” he would be arrested, because his riding the bicycle was illegal in that area,  which would bring this company into disrepute, and probably punished for not making sure it’s employees didn’t break the law.

Enquiries are ongoing to see if this person is claiming Social Security benefits and related whilst doing paid work, and also to see if he is here in this country legally.

The address the person was working from, a food outlet, was entitled The Study Room”, and the address of that establishment is: 30-32 Church St, Lancaster, LA1 1LH

female employee at that address confirmed this person was employed by the “Deliveroo” company at that address.

Another young man, looking very similar in age and physical build to this gentleman in the pictures below, was seated at the front of this “Study Room” building, is also the subject of ongoing enquiries.

The person:

  Please note this matter is subject on ongoing enquiries in related matters.

Thank you.

J. Graham

The response from the “Deliveroo” company to my complaint =

 On Aug 14, 2017 4:48 PM, “Matthew (Deliveroo Customer Service)” <> wrote:



Matthew (Deliveroo UK)

Aug 14, 16:48 BST

Hi J,

Thanks for your reply. I have pasted the email that was sent dated, July 22, 2017.

Hi J,

My name is Matthew and I work in the Serious Complaints team at Deliveroo.

I apologise for the delayed response but thank you for taking the time to contact us about this incident.

We appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention. We require all riders to meet our minimum safety standards and, as with all road users, expect them to obey the highway code at all times. I do apologise if our rider failed to obey these rules.

I have shared the details of this incident with our local rider operations team to review and work with riders in the area to ensure this does not happen again.

Kind regards,


Should you require any further assistance please let me know.

Kind regards,

Customer Account Executive

2-24 Torrington Place, London WC1E 7HJ


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