Stalking that fails: the Postman – updated 09 May 2019 + archive

Update:  What I claim were entrapment attempts by those [postmen] connected to the controllers who are responsible for my stalking here occurred on 11/04/2019 when two letters were handed to me by a postman I’d never seen before. I was standing by my front door talking with him and before he handed me these 2 letters meant for a neighbour – he actually looked at the address on the letters before handing them to me – this wasn’t any of the regular postmen who usually deliver to my door [one is described below] that I’ve had to complain about so many times before, going back years, but a new foreign postman I’d not seen before and haven’t seen since. This pic shown is the 2nd letter I claim was deliberately misdelivered – a rent statement from the local council meant for a neighbour. The 1st letter contained a new bank card for the neighbour with a letter from the bank but given to me. I opened both letters inadvertantly thinking they were meant for me, and the letters were then given swiftly to  the neighbour they were meant for. Were they trying to entrap me by trying to get me to commit a crime by using this card given to me fraudulently? I believe so. Immediate messages to the CEO R. Mail were sent but ignored, so then messages [and  phone call] to their Customer Services were replied to, eventually, with the standard and usual apology – the same as happened so many times before.

GILLINGHAM 3 20190415_07444609_0001

Stalking that Fails: the Postmen where I am  – 11 Oct. 17

Regarding my being punished by what I consider to be “rogue” police, by being stalked constantly because I’m highlighting on this blog – and in many letters I send to UK government – victimised individuals. I see now these “rogue” police  have recruited neighbours who live alongside myself to surveille me 24/7 to pass on surveillance information via sms cell phone messages or phone calls o the controllers or whatever each time I leave my abode, to their fellow stalkers, to generally “keep an eye” on all my actions – as much as they can. Now, I realise that the postmen who deliver mail to me are involved also in my surveillance. I firmly believe the long tentacles of the rogue police have now taken control of  citizens here where I am in Bournemouth.  I’ve suspected this for some time, but now things have been confirmed, as I am about to try and describe.
The comment in the paragraphs below from the 5 October details the postal delivery through my letterbox of 2 small packets at a most unusual time of between 1 and 2pm on the 5th October, this delivery completely outside the normal and usual delivery time of around 11am each day. In the morning of the 5th, at the usual delivery time of 11am I received 2 packets from one of the 2 regular postman on the street, as I was entering my block, and he happened to be about to deliver the packets, so he stopped me on the street to save him the time and effort of entering my block and delivering the 2 items. After that event at 11am, strangely 2 further packets were put through my door, as I said, between 1 and 2pm of the afternoon of that day. Asking the other regular postman the following day, the 6th October, were there deliveries between 1 and 2pm on the 6th, this guy replied firmly “no – only in the morning when we deliver”. So, where did these packets come from, and who put them through my door hours after the normal delivery time?

On the 7th October, the day after I enquired with the postman about the 2 late deliveries, the first postman, who I got the 2 packets from at 11am on the 5th walked past me on the street as I was returning home, quite a distance away from my home. He walked straight past me, within inches, apparently on his mobile phone. As I crossed the main road alongside to get to the busstop [the same busstop where I’ve been harassed so many times before by certain individual stalkers] this guy crossed the road 10 yards ahead of me also, and headed for the ATM cash dispenser in the wall by the local supermarket, mere yards from the busstop on the other side of the road I was going to wait at, and proceeded to interract with the device. I turned my back, whilst waiting for a bus, and when I turned around seconds later the individual was walking slowly away in the direction from whence we came. Was this entire event of all I’ve described above and below preplanned and a set-up – a manufactured event to see if I would interact with this postman? Was this a trap to see if I would snap and lose my temper with the frustration of having these idiots do the rogue police’s dirty work for them by, I believe, messing with my mail, and then parading in front of me – taunting me while the situation was still fresh in my mind?  I believe so. Sick or what? These characters abusing their position as police officers would do anything to make me get arrested so they could say that my supporting certain “victims” [for want of a better word]  was simply the work of another delusional criminal, thus losing credibility and kudos throughout my attempting to highlight any appalling situation.  It’s all part of the harrassment. Their problem is that their amateur dramatics are so transparent it’s more than easy to see exactly what their doing – to see exactly the smallminded mentality of the situation. 

Below, a bit more of what’s behind the postal service I receive, from the 5th Oct. 17, written before the report above describing their appalling tactic of waving a postman in front of me after they messed with my mail, hoping I’d be angry enough to do something about it which would get me arrested through the frustration of it all. What these idiots fail to realise is – if the truth be known – I couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss about any parcel being delivered – or the time it’s delivered. Its all irrelavent and meaningless and incredibly boring – a product of a failing mind – the failing mind of someone who tries to stalk someone who’s far too quick for them…it’s as simple as that…

5 Oct. 2017 =

 Now, the postmen are playing games, by misdelivering mail due for me, I firmly believe. Just the latest in a long line of events, going back 12 years

At approx. 11am on Thursday 5th October 2017 the regular postman gave me 2 packets on the street, to save him walking up the stairs. Later that day, inbetween 1 + 2pm 2 items were put through my letterbox – a 7″ record in a packet, and a letter from my bank. I spoke to another regular postman at his usual delivery time at approx. 11am on the following day, the 6 October, Friday, showing him the 2 items – and he stated had no knowledge of these 2 new items that were delivered later on the 5th. So what is going on? The later postman – “Gordy” as his sidekick fellow postman called him one day – told me there would be no deliveries other than the morning ones, so how come 2 items were delivered in the afternoon on the 5th between 1 + 2pm? Were they misdelivered and whoever received them did the “neighbourly thing” by redelivering them to me? How odd…

I know the rogue police who are behind the stalking here are in contact with everybody I deal with – from my doctor’s surgery to the postmen, to even the eye test people at the opticians where I have to go for diabetes eye screening – this has been obvious for ages. Things like this only motivate me to expose them all more. What a sick bunch they are.

Below is the correspondence to and from the Post Office / Royal Mail about the postman advertising I’m not in when I don’t answer the door to his knock when I’m out. I spoke with the particular postman last week who did the shouting on the 2 occasions and had a lengthy conversation with him, and he told me no one had contacted him after my 1st complaint to them in early September – so he didn’t even know not to shout as he did again after I wrote to them the first time – thus setting him up for a complaint, which I did after he repeated his shouting a 2nd time days later. All this – all of it going back whatever time – will be used as part of the case when it gets to court and the miscreants are prosecuted, as they should be – for stalking and harassing Carol Woods – and now myself, courtesy of my rogue local police whose harassment towards myself began in 2010 – all is recorded and ready to go!! Bring it on!!




Tuesday, 21 June 2016 DOMESTIC SURVEILLANCE – DAYS OF MY LIFE…with spooks.


As I write on the 10 May 2019 there re many updates o do with Royal Mail that need to be added here. The update on 03 July 2018 is that the stalking and harassments suffered here in Bournemouth has far from gone away. Just one example of this, and to do with Royal Mail, is that an item purchased from an Austrian Ebay seller was not delivered to my address by Parcelforce – a Royal Mail delivery department, Attempted deliveries of the parcel were said to have been made by the delivery persons at my address, but no “red card” was left at my address to prove an attempted delivery on apparently 2 separate occasions. What’s more, to add to the malfeasance,  R. Mail were called regarding the missing item but they denied the packet had even been passed onto them by the Austrian postal service for delivery, as is the norm when sending purchased items from Austria – something the Austrian postal service denies totally – see the email interchanges between myself, the Austrian postal service, and Royal Mail below. I contend these denials of delivery were instigated by the rogue entities responsible for the stalking I am experiencing here, who will do anything to disrupt anything to do with my life since exposing the horrendous hostilities happening to Carol Woods, particularly from Lancs. police, who, I contend, have been responsible for many of the hostilities happening to myself also here [using rogue elements of my local police to aid and abet their nefarious actions]. These events to do with Parcelforce and Royal Mail and the nondelivery of an item being just the latest harassments from a long line of many beginning particularly since the posts here on this site supporting Carol Woods began in Febuary 2016 when many particularly bad hostilities happened to Carol up in Lancashire then. Since Febuary 2016, the same dark forces who have been targeting Carol Woods for many years began targeting myself, in varying degrees, regarding which I have overwhelming evidence. These irregularities include my recent actions on Ebay, of which there have been numerous irregularities recently, each far from the norm, just one being the irregularities regarding the purchase of an item from a seller in Austria. The emails between myself, Austrian post, and Royal Mail themselves:  

To the Royal Mail C.E.O.:

On 3 July 2018 at 01:51, butlincat <> wrote:
Dear Sir, at ROYAL MAIL,
 I wish to make a formal complaint as my packet i have been waiting weeks for was not delivered by R. Mail, nor was a card left at my home after TWO occasions of attempted delivery, which I find outrageous! 
The message i received from Austrian post which is selfexplanatory is directly below, with the relevant details also below. 
J. Graham
Reply from R. MAIL:
From:  xxx
Date: 3 July 2018 at 14:35
To: “” <>

Dear Mr Graham,

Thank you for your email to Rico Back.  As part of Rico’s senior team I have been asked to reply on his behalf.

I am very sorry to hear of the problems you have encountered with the delivery of an International item, reference number CD000346364AT, from Austria and I understand the concern this has caused.

After checking the reference number on our website, I can confirm the item was passed to Parcelforce for UK delivery.  I have therefore forwarded your enquiry to Parcelforce for them to investigate and reply to you.

Kind regards


Royal Mail – Chairman and Chief Executive Office

Address:  Royal Mail Group Ltd, 100 Victoria Embankment, LONDON, EC4Y 0HQ

Email:      —————————–



The Austrian postal service replies to my contact about the missing packet from Austia which has not been delivered weeks after it’s purchase:
= On Mon, Jul 2, 2018, 11:33 AM <> wrote:
Dear Mr Graham,
thank you for contacting us.
According to our database your shipment with the number CD000346364AT has been handed over to Royal Mail for further transportation in Great Britain.
Unfortunately Royal Mail has not been able to deliver your parcel and it is therefore being returned to the sender in Austria.
For more information regarding the delivery please contact Royal Mail or ask the sender to initiate an official inquiry about the matter at one of our post offices or online.
We hope this information was useful.
Kind regards,
Veronika Hintersteininger
Bahnsteggasse 17-23 
1210 Wien 
Tel: 0800 010 100 
Fax: +43(0)57767 22071 
​from:   ​

Item distributed


02.07.2018 22:16:31

Delivery status:

  • Date: 02.07.2018 22:16:31
    Item distributed; Postcode 1005

  • Date: 02.07.2018 09:46:00
    Item arrived in country of destination; Postcode Eurodis

  • Date: 29.06.2018 09:24:20
    Item could not be delivered – return

  • Date: 22.06.2018 15:32:00
    Item arrived in country of destination; Postcode Bournemout

  • Date: 22.06.2018 12:44:00
    Item could not be delivered – return

  • Date: 18.06.2018 11:39:00
    Consignee not available at time of delivery – carded; Postcode Bournemout

  • Date: 18.06.2018 07:02:00
    Item is out for delivery; Postcode Bournemout

  • Date: 15.06.2018 12:29:00
    Consignee not available at time of delivery – carded; Postcode Bournemout

  • Date: 14.06.2018 19:47:00
    Transit unit deconsolidation; Postcode Eurodis

  • Date: 14.06.2018 02:50:00
    Item distributed; Postcode Köln

  • Date: 14.06.2018 02:50:00
    Transit; Postcode Köln

  • Date: 13.06.2018 15:40:00
    Transit; Postcode München

  • Date: 13.06.2018 06:20:00
    Transit unit consolidation; Postcode Eurodis

  • Date: 13.06.2018 05:32:33
    Item handed over to subcontractor; Postcode 4005

  • Date: 13.06.2018 03:20:00
    Item distributed; Postcode 4005

  • Date: 12.06.2018 19:46:47
    Item distributed; Postcode 9005

  • Date: 12.06.2018 07:31:27
    Item accepted at sendbox; Postcode 9802

  • Date: 11.06.2018 19:40:01
    The sender has provided electronic shipment information.
    The investigations are continuing to find out why R. Mail failed to deliver the packet, or leave the “red cards” when attempted delivery failed on the 2 occasions when attempted delivery was supposed to have been made. Why did R. Mail say they had not received the packet when I called them when they clearly had, according to both R. Mail themselves, and also Austrian postal service? Was it because they were told to say that?  I have had so much trouble from Royal Mail and the mail deliveries going back years, with red cards being left even when I’ve been in waiting for the delivery, when the postman has not even bothered to knock so as I can take the parcel from him. Bizarre behaviour. Numerous other irregularities also exist,  each one being notified to the R. Mail CEO, including the actual stalking of myself  by a regular postman to my  address, described below. The dark forces will manipulate anyone and say anything and lie about anything in order to get their subject’s cooperation – in this instance, a regular postman who had been delivering mail to my address for years, who pandered to their bizarre request to harass me:

See more: UPDATED: 2 stalkers filmed 28 June 2017 – VIDEO

This is a true sworn statement by myself, and I’m sure all mentioned above will agree all is accurately described – J. Graham 6/11 Oct. 2017

More on these postmen:

 Date: 6 September 2017 at 16:19
 Subject: Thanks for contacting Royal Mail – Enquiry Reference: 170904286

Enquiry Reference # 170-004286

Response By E-mail (P) (06/09/2017 04.19 PM)

Dear Mr Graham,

Thank you for contacting Royal Mail.

I’m very sorry to hear of the problem you’ve had regarding deliveries by your Postman. I can certainly understand your concerns in this matter, so please accept my sincere apologies that you have had cause to contact us.

To deal with this problem, and based on the information you’ve provided, I have been able to take the following action:

• Logged and reported the full details of your complaint reference 1-4080965.

• Passed these details to the Manager of the Delivery Office.

The Delivery Office Manager will do all that is required to ensure you receive the quality of service you should expect in future.

I trust this will ensure that, going forward, you will have no further incidents but should you have any further issues please let us know.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us and once again, please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

I hope that this concludes your enquiry but if you do need any further help please do not hesitate to contact us again.


P Rowlands
 Customer Service Advisor

Customer By Service Web (JOHN GRAHAM) (04/09/2017 07.22 PM)

Dear Sir, I am reliably informed by other neighbours here that one particular postman – on finding I do not answer my door [because I’m not at home] to his now normal decibel level of knocking when he’s trying to deliver a packet – is resorting to shouting at the top of his voice “ARE YOU IN JOHN?” after his knocking. This shouting, I am reliably informed, has happened a few times when I’ve been out. With the current crime rate I find it preposterous this postman is advertising to the world that I’m not at home by shouting as he does. I have valuables in my abode that I cannot afford to have burgled by this out of the ordinary Royal Mail procedure. PLEASE stop this blatant advertising that I’m not in happening again.

Thank you.

J. Graham

————————————– via
 14 Sep
 to me

Enquiry Reference # 17091323

Response By E-mail (N—– C—–) (14/09/2017 04.43 PM)

Dear Mr Graham

I’m very sorry about your recent experience with one of our colleagues. Our employees are trained to a high standard and receive continuous coaching, with a strong customer focus – so I apologise if you didn’t receive the high standards of service that we attain to on this occasion.

I’ve logged the details of your complaint and passed them onto the relevant manager to action accordingly.

Thanks for taking the time to report this problem, we’ll use this information to make further improvements. My apologies again for the obvious inconvenience caused. In the unlikely event you need to contact us again regarding this matter, please quote your reference number 1-4035116915.


N—–  C—–

Customer Service Advisor

Customer By E-mail (NC) (14/09/2017 04.33 PM)


From: butlincat
 Date: 13 September 2017 at 11:27
 Subject: Fwd: Fwd: Thanks for contacting Royal Mail – Enquiry Reference: 17090486


Dear Sir / Ms.,

Please note I now wish to make a formal complaint about your postman shouting at the top of his voice “ARE YOU IN JOHN?” when he called today at approx. 11.10BST today Weds. 13 August – in exactly the same way a postman did when I complained recently [see message below].

I was lieing on my bed with a migraine attack unable to move when the postman knocked and then shouted. I have already explained my reasons why this shouting is unacceptable.

I have asked already that your postmen desist from such practices, and now wish to make a formal complaint.

Do I have to take legal action to stop this deliberately irresponsible behaviour?



Q: when will it all end? 

A: when those  in government do their jobs, that’s when…

But why the stalking and hostilities?

“This is a statement by myself John Graham, who is aware that he has been “stalked” and is a “targeted individual” and has been for some time, at my home and, more or less, every time he leaves his abode:

1] What does the word “gangstalk” mean?  The online internet site “Wikipedia” describes gangstalking thus:


[From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]

Stalking is unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group towards another person. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them. The term stalking is used with some differing definitions in psychiatry and psychology, as well as in some legal jurisdictions as a term for a criminal offense.

According to a 2002 report by the U.S. National Center for Victims of Crime, “virtually any unwanted contact between two people that directly or indirectly communicates a threat or places the victim in fear can be considered stalking”,[1] although in practice the legal standard is usually somewhat more strict.”

Why am I a targeted individual who is being treated with such hostility by people I do not even know, and that I have hardly ever spoken to – some persons with whom I have NEVER even had a conversation with in all my life?

This is a true sworn statement by myself J. Graham,  3 Oct. 2017.” [ENDS]


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