Witness Statement for the Secretary of State

11 06 10 Adrian Oliver WANTED_page001

14th Oct 2017


Clerk of the Cardiff County Court,


Attached is a copy of my email 13 October 2017 regarding claiming costs that I sent to all Defendants. The content of this email is self explanatory.

As we are all aware it can bring the Administration of Justice into disrepute to claim or be awarded costs for legal work and submissions that the evidence may show as being too unreliable, dishonest, malicious or deceitful.

The main theme in my email 13 October 2017 is that to provide examples of clear evidence of false comments and misleading the Court by omissions.

Obviously the Defendants had to do some work and so why I say they may still have reason to potentially be awarded minimal costs.

Yours sincerely,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

SWP 3rd def costs appl

17 10 13 Defendants regards costs R

09 08 28 Brain scans Rpts PAGE 5

recent email extract

Spoken to JK who is looking for full copy of 09 10 19 DR TW psychiatric report  and HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC  PII 2012 Cardiff County Court Order re refusing to order the disclosure of South Wales Police MAPPA meetings originally set up by Barbara Wilding, on 8th June 2009, to getting me ‘lawfully’ shot.

I enclose why I went to 1 Kemble St ….to say I was embarrassed that my government has now been dragged into the stench of Cardiff law courts all over bent police/ judges and a blackmailed forensic psychiatrist oh, almost forgot, also to serve strike-out appeal now in RCJ.

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