MAURICE KIRK: S Wales police: why do courts protect a false medical diagnosis with a restraining order on behalf of them? 15 Oct. 17 + archive

Why do Courts protect a False Medical Diagnosis with a Restraining Order on behalf of @SWPolice ?

October 9, 2017 

Why are Courts corrupt?

 1.because they (and many other organisations) have immunity from prosecution – but the public doesn’t know that;
2.because their employees are part of secret societies such as cults or freemasons and protect each other above all else;
3.because the Rule of Crime seems to have taken over the Rule of Law. See Bent Lawyers and Cops.

Why are Criminals being Protected as ‘Witnesses’?

 1.because Police treat criminals as ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and innocent people as ‘criminal suspects’;
2.because they hand over responsibility to the CPS who only go on paper work – no matter how fake it is;
3.because the whole process of ‘justice’ is a farce, abusing the ‘authority’ of robes, wigs and ‘noble’ buildings.

Why are Restraining Orders used to Criminalise Innocent Citizens?

 1.because ‘they can’;
2.because in that way Police hope to get innocent people behind bars, while avoiding the underlying issue;
3.because it’s easier to convince a jury of a mistake by an innocent citizen than any possible wrongdoings by any authority, let alone Police or Court.

When will Courts wake up to the Realities of Social Media?

 1.Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division, published this judgment, asking courts to wake up to the realities of social media. He realised that the secrecy of family courts was used to hide crimes. He wants reform.
2.But they are all in it together: chasing targets in the ‘people processing industry’, where ‘professionals’ are fed by by the ‘public gravy train’ and use people as ‘fodder’; after all, I am told that 40% can’t read or write, when they leave school. How could they defend themselves, when their baby is taken at birth or later for adoption and other abuse?
3.Social Media are the ‘weapons of mass empowerment’ – against a system that is too heinous to believe. But here are:

The Metropolitan Police acknowledging child abuse linked to faith or belief:

The 109-page report by the admirable Mike Veale of Wiltshire Police about the allegations made against Edward Heath:

And here is David Icke commenting. After all, in 1998, when Ted Heath was still MP, he made his allegations known to him that he published in his book The Biggest Secret:

The most authoritative report said it on 8 pages in 2012. It was produced for the National Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups:

Archive continues:




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