The Shocking Carol Woods Coverup: ICELAND, Tracy Kennedy, ID Theft, Lancs. Corruption 21 Oct. 17 + archive

Background: this is just one video from the list of very informative “IMPORTANT VIDEOS” shown below, with the UK Column’s Brian Gerrish interviewing Carol Woods, from March 2016. The video sees Carol explaining in detail, amongst other subjects: a] the failed “supercasino” project, which was an epic episode in irregularities in itself [also described by Carol here:  York LGO Blog re Lancashire CC, b%5D – b] the death of elderly Sheila Bridges, who died after a heart attack, [very strongly allegedly] caused by the actions of recruited and bullying yobs connected to the “supercasino ” project c] the death of former Greater Manchester police chief constable Mike Todd, who deceased after a judge David Williams, connected to the then Social Service’s Upper Tribunals department, was given a file of Carol’s evidence, d] certain Lancs. Social Services irregularities which saw Carol being hounded out of her job for refusing to alter records of vulnerable children connected to Lancs. Social Services, and e] Carol’s move to Lewes, Suffolk, under the advice of MP Norman Baker, which brought on much hostility aimed at Carol, including arrests by police, and the wrecking and theft of Carol’s home = “Child Stealing By The State – A Social Worker Speaks”  – please see the other videos listed for more background on the atrocious targeting of Carol, which began in 2006 and continues daily now.

Carol Woods = “It is a highly complex matter which the police organise where they try to make me someone I am not. They have in fact tried to invent me as the reverse of myself using numerous characters, including “neighbours” who live alongside myself, and others elsewhere – the entire situations going back years. I find things out because I am not stupid. See my original w’blowing blog York LGO Blog re Lancashire CC you will see why I am hounded by lowlife RECRUITED to do that by the Gestapo. More is described here:   “Harassment as punishment for whistle-blowing: Lancashire” Woods Ms.”

Iceland bank crash, Lancs corruption and my case  18 Oct. 17

Please feel free to quote me: From Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP. The photos with this show yet again how Lancashire Gestapo covers for serious criminals in trying to make them be linked to me in reverse of fact in the usual masonic inversion lunacy. My recent holiday in Croatia and area and a usual route for visitors to walk identified as a route I walked a number of times. This was done when I was in other countries with the masonic links sending instructions and acting on them. In Barcelona I was pestered with males who were all to be lowlife from Fell View and area seen where I was thus somehow either me or linked to me which is what the FRAUD is in LA2 9RP. In Madeira the same took place but the masonic thugs used recruits to be others who have been said to be me. The photos showing the harassers and the persons they were supposed to be have been sent out with the persons recruited and the versions already used in serious fraud in my area when they posed as me; they can be sent again on request. 
In Greece I found that the masonic thugs had a local troll installed in my hotel using a room for free which was unoccupied and using her phone to be me when I used the hotel WiFi: I found her by chance and took photos: she had assumed I’d leave my room and take the lift so would not see her sneaking out via the stairs but I did. Soon into my stay in Croatia I saw a local roughneck woman using the hotel for FREE while she trying to follow me about to the dining room, was pretending she was a) with me and b) was me as ANOTHER one the Lancs Gestapo are desperate to make into me, she a JOANNE HALL who lives nowhere near me and aside from being 20 years younger than I, almost 10” taller, and with very dark hair, Hall does not go anywhere, nor will she be collecting my car from Manchester airport either partly because she does not drive. With this I send a page of women all used to be said to be Hall where I am to be proof Hall is me. In the hotel, the one I found as the usual then seemed to “disappear” after I let it be known she was not a guest, not a member of staff and was to be HALL “seen” thus Hall is me; apparently. That would be for phone use and WiFI as if her use was mine as happened in Greece but the one used then was not a HALL type but a WOODRUFF type as WOODRUFF in 2 Fell View is another “me” according to Lancashire lunatics. On 14/10/17 I found that the local roughneck chosen had not “disappeared” but uses at least 2 rooms, one on a floor higher than the floor my room is on and a room next to mine when she thinks I will not find out thus at 7 30pm on 14th I caught her again leaving the room next to mine and then running to a higher floor. She wore the grey trackies and sweatshirt “uniform” of lowlife recruits and that is also to be me as MR Carol Woods and the thieves and fraudsters used round Fell View especially the yob DALTON in 45 who also thinks he is me. Please note how those used to be J hall are always all different; sometimes such as on 16/10/17 in Lancaster, at least 2 others were used and both about 10 years younger than Hall, far too fat and again, nothing like her. The one in green jacket is “Sally” M&S employee used often and sent out of work which is what Masonic contacts arrange, to be seen near MY house as my car was parked near there; thus my car and her seen was to be PROOF Hall was me AND IN MY HOUSE.

The masonic element have arranged other “in sight of” harassment and as it achieved nothing except to show me what moronic contacts they have, I took no photos. Trying to use my lap top after driving to Lancaster, instead if using the library, I find nothing but harassment in the cafe I use, of the theatre. Right now a rough woman has been sent in (the use of texts sent by trolls after I park my car allows for this PLUS THE GPS ON MY CAR ILLEGALLY) she had never previously used the cafe and sits with her coarse mouth, shouting about court appearances in PRESTON, BAIL, and using language not heard in this place unless as part of a staged event. She, I was not surprised to see when I look to see who shouts about being “carted off to Preston Magistrates Court” and trouble with partner, smoking with an electronic gadget which the staff feel to intimidated to tell her it is not allowed; she is Joanne Hall as me as Hall is not where I am. Hall does not and never has smoked. I could type up an whole 4 A4 pages of what she is told to shout about; she has no audience. In 2 minutes, I could not help but hear her cram in all names of persons from my family as if she is J Hall and shouting about being on probation and so on and the usual wannabe of 5 minute fame to harass. She appears to be more proof that the Gestapo use known criminals to do their dirty work.

The other major criminal they cover for is KENNETH NICHOL of 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ murdering lowlife and thief who they claim is linked to me. He then is the subject of photos also. One is of a local Croatian stalker who thought if he followed me from in front, I would not notice and he could be seen to be with me and in that be the murdering lowlife NICHOL. They following from in front is an old act of lunacy where the recruits are told to hide in a gateway or doorway TIPPED OFF AS TO WHERE I WALK and then they step out ahead of me and hope I don’t know. They then walk and constantly look over their shoulders to make sure I am still behind: this clown with his phone looked and found I was not behind: I had crossed over, his phone use was his phone use as the roughneck hiding in the hotel has use of phone and WiFi that is her use. The photos of NICHOL show him leaving his caravan at 298 with a load of ICELAND shopping gained in fraud and linked to me. The other photo shows him on another occasion, having done exactly the same of shopping by phone order to ICELAND, having the large deliveries taken to his caravan (when I rented there which place I left on 1/7/13 with the council continuing to pay rent to the landlady to pretend I am 2 people and 1 of me lives there still in organised fraud) and then removing it all via his car. The INTENTION in those frauds was to hope the Gestapo would “see me off” where he was to claim the delivery was taken in by me as I was not present. That is to be a serious event from May 2011 (anyone can ask) but as the Gestapo did not “see me off” (which was also why May 2011 events failed), Nichol is left with a load of Iceland shopping which he cannot house in his small caravan with tiny fridge thus, when told to, he has to remove it; where to, I had no idea. BUT THIS IS WHY ICELAND WAS USED AND TO TRY AND LINK IT TO ME AND HOPE THE STORE BECAME THE ISSUE AND NOT THE BANK COLLAPSE IN ICELAND. LANCASHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL HAD MILLIONS HIDDEN IN THE ICELAND BANKS AND LOST IT ALL. WHEN ASKED HOW THEY HAD MILLIONS IN ICELAND, THEY CLAIMED IT WAS MONEY FOR ‘WAGES’. Now then, I asked, were they the INVENTED staff members they claimed worked for LCC as persons claimed in at least 2 names at 298 to gain benefits twice over and which was what the council tried to claim I was party to? Who were the staff who lost out as their wages monies were lost? And who were the staff expecting to gain their “bonuses” had the banks not crashed? Why doesn’t someone ask Clive Grunshaw: he was in the thick of it all then as he is now as Crime Commissioner with his cronies from 2001 onwards on his advisory panel? This has already gone to the Gestapo without photos as a sort of preview: the page of photos of Hall types show how many are all to be one person; they are all English and I guarantee none speaks Croatian. The Croatian roughneck version does not speak much English nor is she called SALLY working in Lancaster M&S. That woman has been used often to be me as Hall given she is the one available (sent out of work when necessary) and has the long dark hair with a vague look of Hall aside from working as Hall never has, never, aside from not being as tall as Hall and aside from not being my niece as Hall is. I have not yet added a photo of lowlife JOANNE NOLAN from 17 Fell View who is yet another who claims to be me and who the council pays to pretend she drives me about. I moved in apparently, again on 7 Oct 2017 after I moved in to that council house at least twice in 3 days prior to that.Iceland bank crash, Lancs corruption and my case.

Investigatory Powers Tribunal; MIKE TODD GMP and ID THEFT  18 Oct. 17

carol woods 
18 Oct (3 days ago)
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Dear Sirs, I have sent out photos of various women who are all supposed to be a Joanne Hall when they are not her even to a blind person. Lancashire police want Hall to be me: currently via harassment, stalking (3 Gestapo and 2 squad cars included) and use of local unemployed idiots sending their texts on instruction as I walk by so the next one in line can know when to expect me. This is because of lack of CCTV in the area I parked my car. This took place again today 18/10/17.
 I rarely do this but harassment and criminal activity takes place any time I try to use the local libraries, the University library and so I have my lap top in a cafe WiFi at a local theatre of which I am a member as a regular theatre goer NOT an actress able to change my appearance and grown almost a ft taller at will.

To harass and maintain the HALL farce, the Gestapo have sent in a roughneck with her foul mouth to shout about “being carted off to Preston magistrates Court”, bail, murder, stabbings, she uses names from my family and Hall’s family in shouting a list of nonsense that she is told to regurgitate as harassment and “brainwashing”. She is to be where I am as HALL. This is usual when I try to use a launderette for example.

I am not listening to all her rubbish but her audience is a male of the same type; they had never previously been in; she sits with an electronic gadget to smoke as I apparently smoke (according to the Gestapo and the person they want me to be who they invented as she may be the mother of Joanne Hall), the staff are too intimidated to tell her such gadgets are not allowed.

The talk is to out do each other in their criminal experiences and to talk now of going to drink discussing the most awful pubs as I also drink, apparently.        This is why: JUNE FRANCIS WILLIAMS 30 Fell View LA2 9RP Caton was PLANNED on being said to be me and is used in that FRAUD and ID THEFT for massive gain.                                                                                                                                           
Officer TRACEY FRANCIS KENNEDY in MY house is also apparently me; the use of Williams was because she is bankrupt and her middle name is Francis thus somehow she could be me. KENNEDY has massive debts and was sought for years by courts and debt companies and lived in hiding in 29 Blades St Lancaster hidden by her lesbian partner ANNA JUDITH PERELES. Thus somehow Kennedy was me then Williams could be me. The reason I “lost” MY house was because I was apparently bankrupt and had owed my assets of £500.000.00 which the Gestapo are finding is now not convenient to claim. Thus they look for others to be me and make their experiences mine and try to make me into others altogether. I have invited arrest if I am any they claim I am as if I am I only pose as me and have a false passport and false driving licence. They do not arrest me when invited.

WILLIAMS is from the Manchester area: how she came to be in Caton I do not know but she has been in 30 Fell View for almost 2 decades. I moved to 28 under duress on 24/3/14. I found the Gestapo had given her ID in my name as proof she was me. The link was Manchester mostly but FRANCIS was partly “useful”. I have no idea where Kennedy ran from to hide in Blades St from 2007; it may be the Manchester area.

WILLIAMS was linked to a pub where she drank the profits and was declared bankrupt at one stage thus moving to Caton, why out of her area, I do not know.

Williams has serious health problems related to heavy smoking and drinking (hence the lowlife sent to the theatre cafe and her smoking and drinking), what have they to do with HALL?                                                                                                      

The woman sent in was nothing like Hall, she was younger than Hall I would guess anyway, too short and Hall does not and never has smoked. Nor have I. Hall I have never known to be much of a drinker although I have not seen her since 2011 and hardly before then. I have never drunk. My money is used for my car and travel. The woman was unemployed and from her loud stupid mouth I would say she has never worked and probably never will. Hall had never worked. From 2011 I can’t comment.

So who on earth is Hall to warrant all this Gestapo lunacy? THINK OF THE MURDERED MIKE TODD GMP AND MY CASE. The Gestapo want to claim I have links to Manchester to account for the thugs in GMP and links to me which Mike Todd found out about and why he was murdered.

Hall has lived in Oldham area, aside from her first 8 years or so; she is now about 42. Joanne is tall, almost 6ft and has long very dark hair and she is my sister’s youngest daughter. My sister has 3 daughters; I do not see any of them. Joanne started early using drugs being overtaken by a local yob older than her; Joanne’s life from about 15 years old was one of theft, drug abuse, shop lifting for others and such crimes to fund her habits. By 2011 she seemed to be on the right road; who knows, so why is she to be ME?

The link to GMP and events where they have used Joanne WILLINGLY to pretend to be me, her aunt. Joanne stated to me and her mother that she would lose her DWP benefits if she did not do as she was told. On 19 Oct 2012 Joanne was moved to a new flat and told to apply to ROCHDALE DWP as if she was just moving to her area AS ME. She could not go to Oldham as she was too well known. The lunatics tried to give her a “history” as if she was me AT MY HOUSE. On 17 Oct 2008 I was “evicted” from my own house, owned outright, for “rent arrears” as apparently I had sold it to Gestapo thug ANDREW HALLIDAY and agreed to pay him rent to stay in my house but forgot I had sold it so forgot to pay rent thus he evicted me for RENT ARREARS ALL ON COURT DOCUMENTS WHICH ARE JUNK BUT WHICH THE GESTAPO PRETENDED WERE REAL. Their problem is that I have them all and the FRAUD, EXTORTION etc related plus my house deeds with Halliday not named! On 19 Nov 08 MY HOUSE was LOOTED thus they moved Joanne on 19 Oct 2012 to PRETEND she was me having lost MY HOUSE and all contents! My sister had no idea why Joanne was moved as she was not a priority and liked her flat; she had had that flat for over 10 years 14 Julian House Henshaw St Oldham. I do not know where she moved to but it was in Oldham area.

Thus the Gestapo want the arrests of ME to be JOANNE’s, and her crimes to be MINE and then instead of all the other reasons as to why I “lost” MY HOUSE, the lunatics want to claim I “lost” it as I had bought it via proceeds of crime so as Joanne is me then she bought my house when she was about 10 years old. Some criminal! One wonders where she started to go so wrong being caught every time from the age of 15.

In 2006 to halt the then FULL INQUIRY starting into my case by the Investigatory Powers Tribunal they decided to tell the IPT to stop the inquiry that I was not me, that they had never heard of me and that I had never lived in MY house. This is in brief, anyone can ask for the full details. It was March 2008 when I found out why the inquiry had been halted and when Mike Todd also found things out and why he was murdered. Lancashire Gestapo had told the IPT that I was really my sister living in Shaw which was a Greater Manchester area but not Greater Manchester. How did they know I had a sister and where she lived if they had never heard of me? When the lunatic YOUNG found out that I knew (he accessory to the murder of Mike Todd) he decided that I was my daughter, which one he did not say but added, “She is her daughter” to a formal document which is kept safe. (I have 3 daughters.) Thus I was not my sister any longer but I had become my daughter. The daughter I guess they wanted to say was me suffered much harassment and intimidation; she has long brown hair but she is nothing like Joanne Hall, her cousin, and my daughters have all always worked in good jobs. Then it followed that if YOUNG decided “She is her daughter” then after claiming I was my sister, it had to be expected that I was her daughter, thus they chose Joanne as she had long dark brown hair (and is about 8” taller than all my daughters) and then thought that Joanne with her record could be the reason GMP thugs harassed me as she was me and I was only posing as me. IT WAS ALL CASINO LINKED AND MY WHISTLEBLOWING WAS WHY THEY DID NOT GET IT WHICH WAS WHY THEY WANTED CERTAIN DOCUMENTS SO HARASSED AND TRIED TO SCARE ME INTO SUBMISSION.

Joanne Hall spent 2 days in STYAL PRISON in Nov 2010 using MY NAME, attending a drug clinic there and the dentist as if she was me. I was held there in 5 different other names, Karley, Kirsty, Caroline, Kerry and Catherine, there may have been more. It was a campaigner who realised I was missing and she rang all round to see if she could trace me: she from Canada was left to do that herself. She found me in STYAL and they had to admit I was me. Without going into all that but anyone can ask, all I add is that the staff almost all bullies and worse, had to ask me what my name was to add to the cell door. I said, “If you don’t know it by now, I am not telling you”. They wanted me to complete all the induction forms for admission, why when I’d been held in solitary for weeks? I declined; I was released but what had I done to be there? NOTHING: there are no court records of any crime committed anywhere.  It is all bogus and thuggery and usual for whistleblowers look at MELANIE SHAW now. But the 2 days Joanne was there are to be said 2 days I was NO, I WAS HELD IN SOLITARY FOR WEEKS UNDER AT LEAST 5 DIFFERENT NAMES. Thus I am Joanne. Thus I lost MY HOUSE because I bought it via proceeds of crime and the explanation as to why there is nothing in my name is because I am not me!!

Recently another campaigner has worked hard to try to deal with the IPT and found as I did when I tried to explain why they were lied to in 2006, the usual troll “receptionists” gatekeepers, act on instruction and LIE, they have even told this campaigner that he did not speak to one decent woman staff member claiming she was not working there when he recorded the conversation. Such trolls are all over and prostitute themselves for the pat on the back from the Gestapo. Like the cheap troll shouting about her miserable existence as if it was something to be glorified and envied by ordinary persons in earshot. That though is why I am to be Joanne, 20 years younger than I.

 It is why JOANNE NOLAN of 17 Fell View is used in fraud and pretends to drive me about and YOU FUND THAT as she is another not to work as YOU pay her not to!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
It is why NICHOLA McGUIRE is used in 14 Fell View as I also live there as she is a Hall lookalike, and why she doesn’t sign as available for work as she is busy caring for and driving about an invisible person, the same one that Nolan drives about and 22 others round Fell View such as lowlife in 12 Fell view ELY as the unemployed thief there claims to drive me about and be linked as family to such. Joanne has never had anyone to driver her about; Williams has had 5 FIVE cars as if she is me courtesy of YOU the tax-payer, and 2 of my daughters do not drive with the 3rd one working round the world so not in the “frame”. My son of course is my son and my sister has no son so we seem not to be interchangeable.

Use of GP   20 Oct. 17

Just sending this really quick no real data but see how slow I have been working this out: MY GP from MY house and the lunatics I guarantee are saying that it is PROOF the lowlife in 30 and 26 especially are me as MY GP has a Caton branch surgery, MORE planning to see the lone elderly lady off in 28, Queen’s Square is NOT my GP and has not been for many years now but I guarantee this is another link. MY GP surgery manager gave MY medical records to the Gestapo in 09 and I have proof of that. I am putting the pages together to show how they tried to get my records for years and then resorted probably to bribery: she did not do that for nothing. I’ll bet every single lowlife in Caton is registered with the branch, there is nowhere else and Lancaster GP’s will not accept a person more than 3 miles away. Thank goodness for high winds: at the flat on Penhale Garden the high winds there on bin collection day gave me PROOF of TREASON. Look at what AJ is taking: no wonder they claim she is me “too ill to live in my house”.

Archive continues:

The Shocking Carol Woods Coverup: Mail and other treasonable acts / stalkers in Caton and environs, Lancs. + more – 18 Oct. 17 + ARCHIVE

For archive posts from Febuary 2016 put “carol woods” in the search box on any page to view.

Some Background Carol Wood’s situation:

Carol Woods = “It is a highly complex matter which the police organise where they try to make me someone I am not. They have in fact tried to invent me as the reverse of myself using numerous characters, including “neighbours” who live alongside myself, and others elsewhere – the entire situations going back years. I find things out because I am not stupid. See my original w’blowing blog York LGO Blog re Lancashire CC you will see why I am hounded by lowlife RECRUITED to do that by the Gestapo.

More is described here:   “Harassment as punishment for whistle-blowing: Lancashire” Woods Ms.”

Apart from numerous and longstanding ID frauds [where goods and other services have been obtained by dubious “neighbours” in her locale using Carol Wood’s ID, much obtained via her stolen mail – something Royal Mail has been notified about an infinite amount of times, with no proper response at all] and along with many other serious crimes enacted in her name [see the list below in the section entitled “Some Background, below] Carol Woods is stalked daily by her neighbours who are, it is very strongly alleged, employed by the local police and other factions of Lancs. county council. Ms. Woods is particularly targeted at the library which she has to use for the use of the computers therein, as having computers and phones etc. at her home has proven futile because of them being hacked by the same individuals who hack the library computers whenever she uses them. These unemployed, mostly male yobs, in the pay of the police etc. to surveille Ms. Woods [it is very strongly alleged], openly sit alongside her in the library, mobile phones in their hands while they hack the computer Ms. Woods is using, scanning and interfering with whichever emails to and from Ms. Woods they see fit, amongst other electronic interference.

What is particularly appalling also is that – apart from the Royal Mail letters not reaching Ms. Woods and ending up, via being misdelivered, to criminal neighbours, or letters being delayed delivery for weeks at a times – serious crimes committed against Ms. Woods have been refused being reported for years now, to the police and other government agencies, including the IPCC who do nothing when told about complaints involving Lancs. police. Apart from Ms. Woods continually contacting police departments and politicians and other government agencies, other supporters have contacted UK Government departments regarding the serious crimes Ms. Woods is victim of, I personally have approached 3 different chief constables of 3 different police forces to no avail, and the IPCC have been complained to regarding this lack of duty by police employees – the IPCC merely passing my concerns back to the force allegedly behind the bulk of so many of the very strongly alleged crimes – Lancs. police. Contacting these UK Government departments has proven a complete waste of time, such is the coverup involved to do with so much of what is very strongly alleged concerning Ms. Carol Woods.

The posts and updates from Ms. Woods on this site alone detail this harassment from Ms. Woods neighbours along with detailing many of the numerous crimes committed since Febuary 2016 when Ms. Woods was forcibly detained for no reason other than to silence her in a mental unit, for the 5th time. As there were no proper grounds for Ms. Woods to be held in the mental unit, she was released after protests were made. This enforced kidnapping of Ms. Woods was the 5th time such a kidnapping had occurred to Ms. Woods because of the input by certain authorities who completely shirk their responsibilities and cover up serious crime – eg. employing and paying from the public purse criminals who flout the law by  stalking Ms. Woods almost daily, and every time Ms. Woods leaves her abode, and also enabling them to partake in numerous ID frauds completely outside of the law, and much more – the reporting of numerous DWP benefit frauds and connected to the DWP fraud department, and to the banks – Barclays and Santander – who had numerous accounts in false names to launder the DWP monies gained illegally, proving a complete waste of time also.

Some more background:

In the latest posts and in the archive linked, Carol  goes into greater detail regarding what she is having to experience from those around her, all with, it seems, the full cooperation and assistance of the local authorities who command the numerous crimes and the actions of the numerous lowlife stalkers she is surrounded by.  Not only do these nightmare neighbours she is surrounded by steal her landline telephone and internet delivery lines running into her house, and misuse it on an almost daily basis by the lines being previously diverted to their more than likely ramshackle homes, they also steal her electricity too when they can [when Carol switches it on], and much more. Carol can hear her neighbours testing their electricity sockets after she has turned her power on from the main switch in her home. For this very reason her electricity supply is having to be almost permanently switched off for fear of it being hacked by these criminal neighbours, she lives by candlelight and she has had to live electricity free in her home for years because of these lowlives’ thieving alongside her home – many of them doting and ageing pensioners who steal her services because they can and do not get criminally charged with anything – courtesy of the fake authoritarian figures in place who should be in prison rather than be sitting pretty in a government office somewhere, local or otherwise. Fake IDs used by so many – if not all – of Carol’s criminal neighbours pay for many things through fake bank accounts, the money all ultimately coming from the UK taxpayer – the general public, as are the new cars given as rewards to certain neighbours paid for the same way – the road tax etc for these cars also paid for by the UK public, as are the numerous “Blue Badge” schemes many of these cars are concessioned with – all registered via false details but paid for out of the public purse. Authorities do nothing when told about these scams – how much longer can these outright crimes continue?

Regarding the internet and phone lines running into her abode: Carol even witnessed the rewiring of such to cater for her neighbours criminal thieving when she came back home from being out one day – the lines being rearranged and diverted into her loft where the neighbour’s connections take place, and thus the ability for these thieves to steal her services. A bit of  detail about this stealing of Carol’s services – when Carol came back from being out one day, she noticed an ironing board, of all things, leaning against a wall in one of her rooms which wasn’t there before she’d gone out. On moving the ironing board, there on the wall was – crudely written in biro or whatever – the electrician or whoever’s drawing for the rewiring of the phone + internet lines being diverted into her loft – for the use of the thieving neighbours as already described. This is why, when out on later outings to wherever, tell-tale ironing boards would be left deliberately en route – leaning against walls or whatever – for Carol not to miss. Such is the cruelty of the minds involved in this entire gangstalking scenario CW is having and has had to put up with for so many years. Does any authority  do anything about any of this stealing of her phone or internet services when they’re notified? No they don’t – the same way as the CEO of Royal Mail ignores all notifications to him regarding misdeliveries of CW’s mail to assorted neighbours [see earlier posts on this]. Other authorities also contemptuously ignore other notifications of gross irregularities / crimes sent to them. Why? Go figure. Semantic battles with the R. Mail’s current CEO proved pointless when trying to report the numerous and longstanding deliberate misdeliveries of mail to the neighbours who give CW such a hard time. As for these loutish neighbours and their hostilities, it’s hard to argue, for example, when someone wearing a police officer’s uniform making out they’re a police officer is intimidating one and breathing down one’s neck giving one preposterous orders to harass and hurt a fellow citizen – but harass and hurt they do, putting aside any semblance of conscience or, dare I say it – guilt. Perhaps the gift of a new car – or two – paid for by the UK taxpayers – eases their conscience and helps these sad characters turn the other cheek and commit serious crime and also stalk so inhumanly someone who devoted her entire working life in service to others – as Carol has – trying to help children especially. These lowlives – and the lowlives controlling all the conspiracies against Carol Woods – have much to answer for, and let’s hope that day comes soon when they get their comeuppance – noone likes a corrupt traitor, especially those who are in the positions they’re in, whose sky-high wages are paid by the UK taxpayer, and its funny how things turn around and come back ten times worse for those perpetrating these obscenities. But that’s noone’s problem but theirs.

It is completely unjust and as outrageous and unfair that I am refused reporting – by 3 separate police forces – serious crimes, as correspondence, or rather ignored correspondences to these 3 police forces, would show [UPDATE 24 JUNE 17 – a few days ago – at 20.53BST on the evening of Saturday 17 June, to be exact, 2 Dorset officers knocked on my door without any forewarning [after my now numerous messages to the Chief Constable]and although unprepared, I duly gave them such info as I could regarding the huge number of crimes listed so far as detailed by and committed against CW. After 50 minutes, one of the officers promised me that “Lancs. police would be got in touch with, with a view for them to contact CW”. Of course I immediately protested that, allegedly, the Lancs. police were one of the very parties behind this series of numerous ongoing crimes, and to do such would be a waste of time. Note that this has been tried before when Lancs. police have been told of certain crimes pertaining to CW by CW, and nothing has been done at all. Nevertheless, this was all I could expect, apparently. Who knows if anything was passed on to Lancs. police, and even if it was, will anything be done about anything? It is now weeks since Dorset police were informed that night of 17 June, and Ms. Woods harassment continues unabated – so the evidence points to the fact that nothing has been done regarding what was reported to those 2 Dorset police officers]. If one complains to higher authorities about this completely unacceptable situation, I would guess that the targeting I am experiencing almost on a daily basis – whenever I go out – would escalate to an unacceptable level, causing me to fear for my very own life. That is why also the updates from CW have been drastically curtailed here. So be it. William Burroughs, the great author, once said that if a person didn’t want to catch malaria, one shouldn’t go to an area where malaria is rife. I seemed to have stumbled into something similar. So be that also…

The question has been asked: “why would the “Powers That Be” target someone such as Carol Woods for so long [since 2006], involving so many perpetrators, committing so many serious crimes, funded by the public and local council taxpayers?”. Carol Woods is a 63 years old former Lancashire County Council Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer [who used to train social workers] and a former Probation Officer, amongst many other things. Perhaps the appalling and chronic targeting she has no choice but to put up with 24/7 is because she reported numerous seriously grave irregularities she discovered, including child abuse, when being employed by Lancashire county council, as described in the “IMPORTANT VIDEOS” at the foot of this post, and also because of what Carol has reported, especially here, from Feb. 2007:   “York LGO Blog and Lancashire CC” More is described here:   “Harassment as punishment for whistle-blowing: Lancashire”

When one realises that the very controllers of the targeting and stalking Carol is forced to endure are, very probably, very closely connected to the same departments and personnel who are described in the links above and the “IMPORTANT VIDEOS” shown below, which detail what was discovered when Carol worked as a Child Protection officer in Lancashire, then it should not be hard to understand these hostilities enacted against her. Put it this way: the Welsh scientist, weapons expert and authority on biological warfare, employed by the British Ministry of Defence David Kelly was supposed to have leaked serious information to the detriment of the PTB at the time – look what happened to him. Now, Carol is no weapons expert, but one doesn’t have to be one to upset the proverbial apple cart bigtime. And anyway, we are told there have been assassination attempts upon her life too – quite a few in fact, including ramming her car at speed, on a main road, by perpetrators unknown…well, almost unknown.

And why is there an illegal tracking device installed in Ms. Woods car – put there, apparently – by Lancs. police? The Chief Constable of Lancashire has been written to so many times about so many serious matters with no response it’s quite remarkable. Another 2 chief constables have been written to asking can serious crime be reported to their forces also with no response whatsoever, and I have tried on more than one occasion to notify my local police about serious crime at my local central police station to be totally ignored every visit, which is just another public scandal!

Many more serious crimes and misdemeanours committed against Ms. Woods are all completely ignored by whichever UK government agency one tries to take anything to, including:

many murder attempts,

impersonation, ID frauds,

person[s] impersonating police officers in official government hearings, [or hearing[s]  purporting to be official],

Royal Mail frauds,

monetary frauds involving: dubious bank accounts at numerous high street banks, the DWP, town council[s] and other agencies,

illegal tracking of motor vehicle via GPS device [or similar],

a high number of motor vehicle “Blue Badge” [UK HM Government concession] frauds,

regular physical harassment / mental torture upon a person [aka “gangstalking”],

telephone / Internet Broadband  / electricity supply fraud,

wrongful arrest,

wrongful kidnapping[s] / incarceration[s] in UK HM Government units, police station[s], HM Prison[s] etc.,

home burglaries,


– many other instances of serious crime and illegal activity exist, and many acts contravening not only the Data Protection Act 1998, but also the contravention of articles pertaining to the European Commission of Human Rights [particularly Article 8].

What is going on is maybe unbelievable, and at times complicated, but that is surely deliberate and part of this outrageous targeting of a law-abiding citizen  – a lone female – who dared to report serious irregularities she found during her employment as a Level 3 social worker and Child Protection Officer. As a result, apart from the crimes committed against her as described, her house and contents with a value of £400,000+ was stolen from her, and her employment tribunal award of £50,000 found its way to someone who conspired against her who fraudulently took Carol Wood’s ID. Other serious crimes exist and continue to  this very day…


 1] PLAYLIST [3 videos]: EXPOSING FAKE SOCIAL WORKERS ETC. 06 Febuary 2016

2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016


 SriLankerC 24 April 2016

5] Interview by torquaytalkeytv  31 March 16

————— TO BE CONTINUED ——————————————————-

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    BBC News – Ex-Lancashire Police officer Jayson Lobo jailed for voyeurism


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    see all the updates, from Febuary 2016 when Carol Woods was put in a mental unit on false pretences, to be got out by supporters who knew what was happening. This was the FIFTH TIME MS. WOODS HAD BEEN FALSELY INCARCERATED IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL!! –


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