Desperate disabled gran attempted suicide after brutal DWP cuts left her fearing she would lose her home 18 Nov 17 D. Mirror + MUST SEE LINKS

Update:  Desperate disabled gran attempted suicide after brutal DWP cuts left her fearing she would lose her home – Daily Mirror  18 Nov 2017


Former DWP ministers could face police investigati… – butlincat’s blog

7 Jun 2016 – Police in Scotland are assessing whether to launch a criminal investigation into two former DWP ministers’ handling of so-called disability …

BUTLINCAT’S BLOG: OUTRAGEOUS!! Diabetic man blames DWP …

DWP spokesman said: “Sanctions are an important part of our benefits system and it is right that there is a system in place for tackling those few who do not …

BUTLINCAT’S BLOG: Attack on DWP sanctions by the National Audit …

3 Dec 2016 – 2 Dec 2016 — The government sadly still feel that sanctions are a necessary and long-standing part of the welfare system, and indeed still …

Petition · Hold an inquiry into benefit sanctions that killed my brother ……/david-cameron-hold-an-inquiry-into-benefit-sanctions-that…

The DWP were aware of my brother’s diabetes and insulin dependency, and, if as they say, they followed procedures and no errors were made, then why did my …


Revealed: DWP’s secret, ‘financially devastating’ proposals for benefits appeals

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has drawn up secret plans for sweeping reforms that would make it far harder for disabled people to appeal against having their benefit claims turned down.

The heavily-redacted document was sent to Disability News Service (DNS) by DWP following a freedom of information request, but disabled activists from the grassroots campaign network Black Triangle managed to reveal the words behind the blacked-out areas.

The document, titled Appeals Strategy – Post Election Planning (pictured), was drawn up by civil servants just before last year’s general election, and contains 11 policies for a new government to consider, most of which are aimed at reducing the number of successful benefits appeals and cutting welfare spending.

Eight of the policies – which appear to be…

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