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Today all hell broke loose when President Donald Trump retweeted several of Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen’s Twitter videos (pictured below).

The videos he retweeted are irrelevant, the act of retweeting was an explosive sign from Trump that he is not happy with the fact that Jayda is facing prison for criticising Islam!

It has made international news and so far Jayda has given interviews with the Telegraph, NBC, the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, HBO, CBS and CBC, and the story has made headlines in the Guardian, the Daily Mail, the Independent, the Sun, the Mirror and a thousand other media outlets. 

The fact that the leader of the free world has expressed a level of support for our Deputy Leader is astonishing and shows the extent to which he is unhappy that patriots are being persecuted by the authorities. 

The Prime Minister Theresa ‘Sharia’ May has condemned Donald Trump for his actions, despite the fact she is presiding over the implementation of Islamicblasphemy laws here in the UK. 

With the seemingly-assured backing of American President Donald Trump, it is time our movement went into overdrive to defeat the numerous Mickey Mouse charges our leaders are facing. 

We will not get a ‘second chance’ if we don’t move quick and fight the persecution inflicted on us by the authorities. 

It is literally, now or never!

With enough resources under our belt, we can launch a stupendous fightback against the politically correct authorities.

Target: £40,000
Raised so far: £17,150
Patriot Name: 
Recommended: Chip in £15

We need you to ‘Dig Deep’ and make the biggest sacrifice you can to provide the resources we need to fight the police bullies, and win!

Please click on the link below and chip in today with whatever you can afford – every penny counts:

Yours sincerely,

Britain First

Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

HOTLINE 0203 409 6216

Donald Trump re-tweeted highly inflammatory videos, says Doughty

Welsh Labour MP Stephen Doughty has criticised Donald Trump for re-tweeting comments by far right group Britain First.

The Cardiff South and Penarth MP said the US president’s re-tweets included “highly inflammatory videos” posted by someone recently arrested and charged in relation to serious offences.

He raised the issue with Commons Speaker John Bercow, who said he did not tend to follow what was said on Twitter and it would be wrong to expect a minister to immediately respond.

Wales Office Minister Lord Bourne, minister for faith in the UK government, also criticised Mr Trump for re-tweeting “proscribed anti-Muslim organisations”.


Rebel Media

In the early morning of October 31st, Nikki Hurst was walking in Batley.

Three Muslim men approached her and asked for a light. When she told them she didn’t have one, they launched into a tirade of verbal abuse, calling her a “gori slag” – a derogatory name often used by Muslims for white girls.

Then they grabbed Nikki, smashed her face into a stone wall, and ran away. She regained consciousness alone, some 30 minutes later, with a large wound on her forehead. She suffered serious injuries that have left permanent scars.

Nikki told me her story. She showed me her scars. She showed me where she was attacked on the street:

It’s been a month, but Nikki says the police have still not taken her statement. Desperate for justice, Nikki posted photographs of her injuries online – but the police warned her that she could get in trouble, for potentially inciting riots.

Batley’s Police Inspector is named Mohammed Rauf. He doesn’t appear to be planning to investigate this racist attack. Even though Nikki knows the assailants go to a local school, and she can even tell the police what class they are in thanks to their school uniforms.

We demand justice. Tell Batley Police Inspector Mohammed Rauf that we want justice for Nikki, by signing our petition now. Click here to add your name.

Then I’ll go back to Batley, with Nikki, and personally deliver your signatures to Inspector Rauf.

And we won’t stop fighting until these racist attackers are brought to justice.

Yours truly, 

Tommy Robinson

P.S. Please forward this e-mail to your friends and family. The war against our British women and girls must stop.

P.P.S. Please sign the petition, and make your Facebook status.


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