The Shocking CAROL WOODS Coverup: WHY DO THE AUTHORITIES ALLOW THIS? 17/06/17 + archive

Harassment Lancs in HOUSE and ID THEFT.

carol woods 
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 Please feel free to quote me. On 15 June 20I7 I, Ms Carol Woods  sent out data in regard to MORE Lancs Gestapo thuggery and the sleazy from the council PAID AT YOUR EXPENSE to harass me and PRETEND I lived in at least 23 other houses round Fell View Caton LA2 9RP with now ANOTHER found to be “useful”. 23 Copy Lane was used on 15/6/17 as the woman there is ANOTHER MARGARET so they now use her to be “me”.  Her name is MARGARET REILLY and the lunatics have used a MARGARET RILEY to be “me”. She was “found” in 2012 and sent to pretend to be me; she, I knew as a friendly acquaintance, she was used because my ex-husband’s mother’s maiden name was MARGARET RILEY so the lunatics decided a contemporary of mine could be me as my former mother in law! The name MARGARET is in that: MARGARET PORTER bullied to death in the Shipman policy of Lancashire with her assets looted, then she was linked to me in FRAUD, but then they decided ANOTHER “missing” elderly lone lady MARGARET PECK was better used but that lady I have reported as MISSING IN SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES as the council PRETENDS she is in 33 Fell View when it has been unoccupied from March 2014 at least when I moved to 28 Fell View. Council sleazy try to use 33 from time to time to PRETEND someone in there when I check often and have found out their SCORES of frauds in that. They think I am as stupid as they are. I resent the data re 23 Fell View and child abuser also claiming links to me which was why the old woman in Copy Lane, behind Fell View was found and used. MARGARET MIDDLETON from March 2012 onwards (and may still be used now), she of 298Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ and who posed as me as if I was my own DEAD mother. The data matters sent to the ICO recently brought the usual reprisals where the deranged lead the insane to try to make history be NOW.

I also referred to 17 Leslie Ave also off Fell View as the pair there in B6 ROV large van,pretend to drive me about in stalking and such like. Their names I find from the electoral register are BRIAN and JUNE GIBSON and that is the reason they are used. 17 Fell View and a seedy old fraudster JUNE CARRADICE lived and she was a “me” then moved out with a roughneck, cleaner for LCC moved in JOANNE NOLAN and she took over in stalking as she claimed I lived in 17 Fell View and she was my daughter. JOANNE was used to be a real niece of mine, Joanne, making me then into my sister with a daughter called Joanne. None of my daughters is “Joanne”. The JUNE name is used because of the serious thief and fraudster, JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View who also claims to be me. And when the Gestapo moved out a seedy old man from 34 Fell View who was MR Carol Woods apparently, they replaced him with a pair of loudmouth harassers and fraudsters IAN and JUNE Blenkinship and I also live with them AS WELL!

Thus 15/6/17 June Williams was out as me but so was AGNES JACKSON from 26 her partner in serious crime. I knew what they were up to and went out, recorded the farces AT YOUR EXPENSE and the lunatics then set about reversing all that. Instead of a boy in RED with more than 3 large Gestapo vehicles plus about 9 staff and a “chase” in a staged event to somehow make that linked to me for 14th then 15th where Williams sneaked out early to be me somewhere and then Jackson when she thought I had gone out and would not know. I returned to 28 Fell View after they all started their frauds and noted all the cars used taking photos identifying SLEAZY YOU PAY FOR. Thus all that huge expense wasted as whatever they thought they’d achieve failing, they merely thought they’d do it all AGAIN while I was in Morecambe later on 15/6/17. I took photos of Gestapo using 5 large vehicles and a youth to run about in BLUE as that is now proof my car is BLUE and I only think it is red and why the boy was used in RED on 13th. Omitting most detail, I took photos to show how they try to cover for the old thief and worse Jackson in 26 Fell View as MY car is hers apparently.  DO NOT FORGET THE DIRTY, SCRUFFY OLD TROLL THEY SENT INTO MANCHESTER AIRPORT IN OCTOBER 2016 WHEN I WENT FOR MY TRIP TO MADEIRA AND SHE TRYING TO BE WHERE I WAS, WAS TO BE JACKSON IN THE AIRPORT. I WONDERED HOW THAT DIRTY OLD TROLL COULD GET PAST ALL THE CHECK POINTS AS SHE WAS NOT TRAVELLING. JACKSON IS NOT DIRTY INCIDENTALLY. THAT OLD TROLL WILL BE ON CCTV. (Reported, ignored.) Jackson is nothing like me so couldn’t even pretend to use my passport; photos of all that time are available and show such as those used on 15/6/17 to be Jackson where I was, were nothing like any used thus far! In fact Agnes Jackson must fly about given she is also always where I am driving about in my car then parking.

Finally after the usual harassment and thuggery of the day with 4 FOUR at least squad cars and staff used in farces, I approached Caton and found the Gestapo slinking away with 2 large cars so they will be fraudsters pretending to be linked to me with the Gestapo confirming they saw those fraudsters thus PROOF they were linked to me! They got their timing wrong as I drove as I chose to and ignored the cretin tailgating hoping to make me drive fast. That was 7pm.

At 7 02 in LT59 FGN the sleazy COUNCIL dullard was also driving away and she calls to park outside me but goes into 41 Fell View and PRETENDS she is seeing ME as if I live in 41 with JARVIS thief, fraudster and insane in my professional opinion, another who not only has me living with her in 41 Fell View but also she claims to be me. Remember this council is one to provide lowlife in 20 Fell View, Ms K MILLS to help her claim to be my niece with her sister, also K. Mills and both caring for me and driving me about and YOU funded that lowlife RENT PAYMENTS for a squalid, uninhabitable caravan dumped at 20 Fell View in their tiny, front yard and huge amounts of shopping supposedly for their invisible aunt (me) when it was all for themselves: it is all on photos. The DRIVERS (at least 3) of LT59 FGN take over from the pair of deranged COUNCIL SLEAZY who YOU paid to walk about with their dog and pretending they had removed it from “someone” unable to care for it (also me). Photos of that pair sent out twice recently. They all wasted their time as I went to the next village instead of returning right to 28 and called to a corner shop.

The GPS ILLEGALLY on MY car allows for this: the Gestapo have another local yob who was sent to harass. How? He was to be similar to a type they use such as one seen in the morning leaving 23 Copy Lane with that FRAUD using PK62, a 4 wheel drive on photos now, which type has facial hair and auburn or brown hair to be the thugs provided for Jackson in 26 Fell View who were ALL her sons, even those almost as old as she was but also they were ALL MR CAROL WOODS to make her me Ms Carol Woods with those thugs as “my son”. MY son, a real one, does not have auburn hair. That yob was to walk to the corner shop as I left but not enter just then PRETEND he was me leaving as MR Carol Woods and then he went to the Chinese take away which type of take away I had used at 5 30pm and miles away. I took a photo that he walked right into and then the lowlife from 45 Fell View waited hiding in their doorway. Travis Dalton, serious criminal and his mother live there; she thinks she is me and thus the unemployed lout son is mine! But she has no daughters, I have 3. In Aug 2016 T Dalton was sent to me to try to provoke me and entrap me so that the Gestapo could call to arrest ME with that serious criminal the “victim” he to also lie as usual and tell me a pregnant teenager was his girlfriend and I had upset her, pregnant in Oct 2015 yes, yet there she was, still pregnant in late Aug 2016. I checked the electoral register; she does not live in 45 Fell View at all (which I knew) and in fact lives out of the LA2 area. But not long ago she appeared with the pram sent by the Gestapo so by then the baby was about 5 months old which Dalton had never seen yet he is the “father”! I was to think she at 45 Fell View made him the father so reported him to CSA then she was not seen again. The Gestapo then arranged for a male of the masonic type to PRETEND to be CSA and calling to 45 as if I was stupid and would believe that farce. At 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ in early 2013, they sent a similar type and I was to think he was DPW fraud team investigating a fraud USING MY NAME AS USUAL at 298 when I was more likely to think a banana was a DWP fraud officer than the halfwit sent (on photos).

Thus by 7 30pm approx., on 15/6/17 everything else failing the “back up plan” was for the girl with pram to wait at 45 then leave making sure she was at my car as I unloaded, she with T Dalton and they to hope to provoke me so I take a photo so they could be “victims” with the Gestapo on hand to claim I took photos of children. What by taking a pair of fraudsters and worse with a pram? In this banana republic anything is possible.BUT I was arrested for taking photos of children Nov 2015 with the Gestapo then deciding they had no “evidence” (it is not illegal to take photos of children anyway) so changing the reason for the arrest at least 5 FIVE times then IN WRITING admitting they had no evidence of anything. So they manufactured some to aid and abet Dalton in PERJURY and more. On 9/9/14 they sent PCSO PETER WOOD to keep me talking in 28 Fell View while Jackson went to a GP as if she was me. The PCSO said someone had reported me for taking photos of children, really? No, it was because I had found out the CHILD ABUSER, CLARKE  and his frauds in 23 Fell View so, instead of doing anything about that they decided in masonic lunacy inversion to claim I took photos of children. (That was why they found 23 Copy Lane to use more recently as well.) In my Sec. 7 Subject Access Request the Gestapo can provide NOTHING at all and as the ICO claims that they can have at least 7 SEVEN months to find something and not the legal 40 days, they try to recreate events to then claim NOW is the PAST and the data of NOW was what was missing from YEARS ago.

I totally ignored Dalton and the girl with the pram: so, doing some work in my front garden about 8 30pm, they sent ANOTHER to walk up and down to try to provoke me as he also had a small child with him. School day on 16th and a small child out at that time of night! What was a baby doing out at the time of night as well having being used to aid and abet PERJURY and worse before it was born?Fine future that baby has. 23 Oct 2016 Mrs M Dalton was to sneak out of 45 and then claim she saw me drive off in my car, then add that she saw me following lowlife associates of hers who were waiting parked to drive off ahead of me. Driving behind someone is a SERIOUS CRIME OF FOLLOWING, apparently. On 9 April 2015 and T Dalton with at least 8 others all using at least 4 vehicles converged on me in my front garden in the evening when I went to do some work then. Screeching, shouting, threats, FILMING ON CAMERAS and so on; apparently that was perfectly normal and acceptable but then the Gestapo visit Mrs Dalton in the early hours and other lowlife women while they are supposed to be on duty so we know what they’re protecting. On 11th June 2017 Mrs M Dalton was again used and that time she was me with a “pink bag” the Gestapo will say is proof she is me as apparently one of my daughters bought it for her in 2010 and Dalton was living in Harrow London and I was not; I apparently only thought I was. The INTENTION for 11th was to claim I moved from 28 Fell View in ANOTHER day of lunacy which events all failed to achieve anything at all.
 The pram issue: 2010 and in Harrow where I apparently did not live, the landlord’s partner AGNIESKA RACKSFALZSKA I found claimed working tax credit for a child that did not exist. There was much more but to be brief, she then claimed she was my daughter and I lived there being cared for by her! In 2012, the Gestapo tried to repeat that and found a druggie and thief, VICKY McQUAID with auburn hair they thought they could claim was my daughter making me into someone who did not exist. In that McQuaid was to try and entrap me often to then claim it was “proof” she was my daughter thus I was not me. In that I rented at 298 Oxcliffe Rd and the Gestapo in wasted police time spent finding just the person they wanted, McQuaid, and sent her to 298 to PRETEND she “seen there” was proof she lived there when she did not. In that McQuaid was to use a pushchair and PRETEND she had a toddler. That stage prop “disappeared” when all that and much else was exposed and reported which brought such as the banana as DWP fraud investigator. It brought nothing else except more Gestapo harassment and more reprisals and as McQuaid and a partner then with a shaved head, the Gestapo try to recreate all that NOW using the girl with a real baby and the yob Dalton.

At 10pm on 15th I switched off my mains power that I had had switched on for an hour. It is off most of every day as WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View is linked to MY power ready set up for when I moved to 28 as the INTENTION was always to make that lowlife into me. 30 is only one party wall: Jackson in 26 is linked from my other party wall. BOTH use TV’s as if they are me viewing with Williams using a SKY TV in MY name paying with a BANK DIRECT DEBT in my name. I have no TV. I have very little on electricity, no washer of fridge: I make do. Thus I walk in about 7 30pm and WILLIAMS wait in 30 and switch on their TV and pretend they are me just entering and putting on the TV so my power is off most of every day and night. At 10pm I switched it off after it had been on for a hour and I watched the lowlife in 23 Fell View, CLARKE expecting him to switch off his lights which he did. That lowlife has been living in 23 hiding for weeks as if he had moved out but I noted odd events there and knew someone was using 23 in FRAUD. He was PRE-PREPARED to be used for when I moved in to 28 as he is a type like a murdering thug STUART WILLIAM ROGERS aka others who PRETENDED he was my brother and that he drove me about IN MY CAR! Rogers had no car so the lowlife hiding in 23 had to have his LARGE EXPENSIVE vehicles moved (probably hidden) so he could be seen then not to have a vehicle thus be ROGERS from 298 Oxcliffe Rd he who rented caravan 1 while I rented caravan 1A. ROGERS who tried 3 times to force entry to my caravan to murder me in the early hours – reported, ignored. He who hid in caravan 1 for months on and off and pretended he was in my caravan with me and who would wait for me to enter my caravan after being out and then slowly open his door from the inside pretending that he had just returned with me!He spent MONTHS switching on and off his lights to try to link to my use there as he was PRETENDING there was only ONE caravan and he a total stranger. ROGERS reported for endangering the lives of his Saturday children where he left them, one about 5 one about 9 locked in the caravan unattended for 18 hours in blazing heat (closed windows to pretend there was no one inside and the caravans like ovens in summer) while he stalked me PRETENDING he was “with me”. I suffered because I dared to report that child neglect at best and of course, like CLARKE in 23 ROGERS is a recruited thug so needs protecting. The baby now being used as I say, has not much a future has it with all that IGNORED? Thus I switch off my power and his lights go off which is odd: I had no light on, how did that thug know my power went off? The Gestapo informed him as they have nothing else to do in Lancashire. They have nothing else to do as they cannot cope with serious crime given their level of stupidity, so ignore it thus have lots of time to do nothing.

CLARKE in 23, and a CLARKE in 16 Fell View, more stalkers and harassers to link me to that name. But 17 Langdale, also on the rear of Fell View (even numbers side) a pair of loud mouth unemployed trolls AUDREY and GEORGE CLARKE who have harassed for MONTHS and gained a great deal pretending they drive me about AS WELL and AT THE SAME TIME AS at least 25 others. The same names crop up time and again around Fell View and the off shoot streets, all in-breds and related, like something from a horror film. And that is one reason they all aid and abet each other That is how “I” live in 17 Fell View with Joanne Nolan as a “daughter”, how I am, at the same time, in 17 Langdale as what I do not know but they will claim a relative of sorts, and 17 Leslie Ave so as names are repeatedly used, so too are house numbers. AND ALL THAT IS PAID IN BENEFIT FRAUDS, BLUE BADGE FRAUDS AND MAIL THEFT, AND MORE.

About 10 10pm I found serious interference on this when I tried to type data. I found that WOODRUFF from 2 Fell View, who is the Caton lookalike of McQuaid and used to be “me” in her red car DG51 WRL (McQuaid did not drive) with her auburn hair BUT used at 45 with T. Dalton. There, the 2 of them, plus other visiting yobs have used the Internet for at least 3 years posing as me, caught red handed, reported, ignored. The E-Crime led to goods being ordered on-line as if I placed the orders and bank accounts are run. All found to be FACT yet ignored. Thus not only is every no. 17 a “me” but so too is the number “2” and thus I am apparently in 2 Fell View, 12, 20, 22, 32 as my dead mother replacing Margaret Middleton from 298 Oxcliffe Rd who claimed to be me as my dead mother when I rented caravan 1A from her, and 42, PLUS 2 Milestone Place off Fell view, 2 Hall Drive off Fell View and 2 Copy Lane off Fell View, al at the same time. Notice how often 298 Oxcliffe Rd crops up in “re-enactments” t make NOW be 2012 again. Dalton and Woodruff have been unable to claim it is MY use of the Internet since I had my power off 22 or 23 hours a day which curtailed their FRAUDS.  One minute Dalton is parading about with a silly girl and her pram and then he has Woodruff to replace her. I read by torchlight often and at 1 15am I rose to make a drink to see O’Conner, the deranged thief and fraudster who is ALSO me. They in 39 Fell View have a “new routine”. She has been PAID to pretend to be me at another address and for over 2 years at night, after I retired for the night, a car would drive off and PRETEND it was me leaving for ANOTHER ADDRESS which the council have funded for over 3 years now. Mr and Mrs O’Conner have a garden area where they park their cars, his is DG04 UXR and hers varies, she has had at least 5 and often she has 2 at once. She is deranged and claims to be an identical twin of herself which “twin” is me.Thankfully she is nothing like me. But that is at the same time that Williams is “me”, as Jackson is “me”, as Jarvis claims to be in 41 or Hunter in 22 plus all the rest. And their other common trait is that they are all useless parasites; unemployed forever.  Mr O’Conner, on camera ANOTHER stalker, now parks his car away from their garden area to give her free run to be in and out which she did at 1 20am after they saw I was up and put on my power and light while I made a drink. She then drives off and pretends she is me “up” and leaving 28 Fell View for the 2nd address. To do that, she, like many others, waits for HOURS just in case she can act in lunacy and fraud. The car she used at 1 20am to drive away from hiding in the garden area of 39 was I think the silver Seat, Y547 OGW. The ludicrous situation does not explain how I am then in 28 every morning from early. Mrs O’Conner could be working, that would give her something proper to do. No one works in this whole area; all are parasites with free money and at least 2 decent cars EACH which they manage to drive about regularly always in one fraud or another; often involving the stalking of me to pretend they are me or are driving me about.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
 There is NOTHING “new” in this; it is all same old thuggery. YOU fund it all so this to benefits, council tax, local MP and anyone I can think of.

I add this on 16/6/17 to show again what lunatics I deal with. Before 10 am, JARVIS was to stand at the front of 41 Fell View and shout in “conversation” to a pair who had been sent (never been previously) in a car not dissimilar to LT59 FGN to be LT59 FGN for any one “interested” and seeing. Jarvis is given to shouting often as apparently her shouting makes FICTION into FACT, she is not the only one JACKSON does the same, WILLIAMS, MILLS and HUNTER at least. The minor detail being that I am supposedly O’Conner leaving 39 Fell View in the early hours yet she has not returned; if she is me, she would be noting the action and typing this surely? Jackson was to go out in a GREY HOODIE which was found for her to wear in Aug. 2015 when she was “proving” she was me. The looter of the dead in Flat 5Penhale Gardens, who was apparently me with a PROVISIONAL LICENCE and the LOOTED ASSET of a silver Clio from the lady bullied to death Mrs M PORTER, YK02 VPF which car was apparently MINE and she in flat was ME learning to drive. That flabby faced old harridan was nothing like me so the Gestapo provided her with hoodies to wear when taking driving lessons where she wore the hood to cover her face and straggly grey hair. Like O’Conner does now, that old looter from Flat 5 went to 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ to take SOME driving lessons from to pretend she was me when I did not live there but the pretence was that I did. Jackson is slightly older than the looter but the same type so, my move to 28 Fell View from Flat 3 Penhale Gardens and Jackson was to take over from where the looter left off MINUS the driving lessons. Thus, no car for Jackson despite the attempts to STEAL MINE and claim it had been hers but she did not pass her driving test (the looter never passed hers), so Jackson is driven round in VARIOUS RED CARS to be “seen” in a red car as PROOF she was/is me. I have many photos and show the wasted Gestapo time to aid and abet all that. Thus August 2015 and Jackson was driven about with the grey hoodie and “hood up” to hide the fact that she is nothing like me. ONE car used was Y191 SLF driven by a troll in 31 Fell View the multiple occupied house which houses all kinds of lowlife and fraudsters and is used daily as a hiding place for sleazy council who want to pretend something is fact when it is fiction. The grey hoodie, on photos, was put away and not seen again until 16/6/17 which was a repeat of 16/8/15.

Jackson however did not go out in a red car on 16/6/17, the RED CAR was driven FROM 31 yard Y191 SLF and to park in the front of 33 Fell View and which car was transferred from the troll who had used other cars and other addresses, such as 2 Copy Lane to aid and abet Jackson in her frauds of DWP claims as me “ill”.It was transferred to another unemployed halfwit, male late 50’s and he was moved into 31 Fell View as MR Carol Woods: apparently, he is me. And then a small van arrives at 33 Fell View and that will be someone invisible moving in, ME. And all before 10am so a jury would want to know, where did I travel from to be in 28 Fell View to take photos from early as to events outside and, how is the car used by Mrs O’Conner NOT yet at 39? Does that mean she is not me? Does it all mean that Jackson is? Does it mean I was in 41 with the loud mouth deranged and have now been moved out or, in again? And Williams in 30; yet again they are “up” quietly not using any water to wash as MY water use is theirs apparently so, they use no water in 30 on rising when they are me as I have used water in 28 and that apparently suffices as proof they are me in 30 Fell View. By 11 40, the colour of LT59 which is a very light bluey shade almost silver, clearly an issue as ANOTHER was found and sent, not to 41 again but to the same types in 22 Fell View HUNTER. Y274 FWP Vauxhall TO BE “MISTAKEN” FOR Y547 OGW WHICH O’CONNER IS STILL OUT USING.  The car is not on my extensive records and the bleached haired old doxy driver was “new”. O’Conner is that type and many used are the same. She sat there at least an hour then I went to get a note of the car details and off she went.The postman arrived as she drove off; he went only to 39 Fell View, not an item for anyone else at all. YOU PAY FOR ALL THIS.

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