MAURICE KIRK: My 14th Cardiff Judge is Fast Running Out of Time over my Uncorrected Medical Report


What is as shameful as is it unspeakable are the irregularities performed by those in High Places in our courts who cover up and collude to persecute someone – in this case, Maurice Kirk eg. the unspeakable doubling of his 8 months sentence not that long ago. There needs to be proper, honest and unbiased investigations into not only all of M Kirk’s dubious arrests and subsequent sentences, especially sInce 2009, BUT ALSO THOSE JUDGES INVOLVED IN THE MISCARRIAGES OF JUSTICE ALSO who back up and condone their colleagues unspeakable and deliberate irregularities while supposedly performing the actions of a judge while upholding the law!! It is perfectly apparent THEY ARE DOING NEITHER!


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Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police

The unlawful manner in which I was registered MAPPA level 3 category 3, in order that I may be killed and if that opportunity ‘back-fired’, as it most spectacularly did, it would stop my decades of simply seeking civil redress for the first 33 failed police malicious prosecutions  brought by the Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding.

Wilding Wanted

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