MAURICE KIRK: 14 DEC. 2017 Sentencing Hearing – 10 Dec. 17 + archive

14th December 2017 Sentencing Hearing

The Secretary to                                     4th Restraining Order Jury Trial    T20170239

Her Honour Judge Tracy Lloyd-Clarke

Crown Court

South Wales

10th December 2017


Dear Sir/Madam,

 My Psychiatrist still needs HMP Neurologist’s, Texas, Breton and South Wales Police Ordered Dr Metters’ Psychiatric Reports

Further to my 17th November 2017 letter to the court referring to my psychiatrist needing disclosure of the original Dr Metter’s, Texas, Brittany and Dr David Seely medical reports, as with previous courts, the police continue to refuse their disclosure as it will clear my name.

Despite my repeated visits and letters to the Cardiff Crown Court on this matter and my needing the court instructed Birmingham doctor’s contact telephone number, for an appointment, I still remain in difficulties without them. No information on any of the above has yet been disclosed to me. Why, please?

A new complication arises in this week’s Cardiff County Court delay in my machine-gun damages claim judgment, 1CF03361, being issued when originating simply to have me shot if their fabricated forensic data failed to have me incarcerated, for life, in Ashworth.

Your County Court has refused my access to the public counter without lawful authority for almost a decade to coincide with your police force first hatching the machine-gun, MAPPA conspiracy to fabricate my medical reports, the heart of the matter for any future criminal or civil proceedings, as they were also for disrupting my dozen civil claims against them.

My Cardiff Crown Court refused defence witness requires a court issued witness summons, I am now informed, if he is going to be able to list the increasing number of incidents where lying was occasioned within Caswell Clinic to comply with the South Wales Police’s wishes.

I forwarded to the court my letter to CPS on 26th November 2017 asking what, if anything, remains on my website identifying the South Wales Police fraud implicating so many judges but not my fault, was it?

Lastly, I obtained no guidance when I asked  last time in court other than there must be no identification or contact with the doctor/complainant if the court or is it the police or is it the CPS or is it only the complainant, himself, considers all this as still relevant despite this long space of time and simple inescapable fact that the complainant’s credibility is now in grave doubt, he having been proved a liar by more than twenty doctors in the field all based on the original 2009 police blackmail due to their 50 odd failed fabricated malicious prosecutions now in your local various civil claims courts for smothering.


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Copies to both Criminal Court of Appeal and Court of Appeal.


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