JAMES CASBOLT: UPDATE from HMP Erlestoke – DECEMBER 2017 + archive – VIDEO

Saturday, 16 December 2017

JAMES CASBOLT: UPDATE from HMP Erlestoke: DECEMBER 2017 + archive – VIDEO

December 2017 update from James from HMP Erlestoke: 

Stay tuned for the next update from J C !


“ULTRAMAN” WRITES: James Casbolt updates 7 Nov. 2017

James Casbolt [Michael Prince] recent communications:


Saturday, 19 August 2017

James Casbolt [Michael Prince] – 12 year jail sentence, his book, + the 2007 C2C Radio interview + more VIDEO 19 Aug. 2017

FYI James Casbolt [from the “Super Soldier Talk” site]:  

Sh-t happens.


See more:

Use discernment when reading these biased and exaggerated newspaper rag reports: .

A liar and a fantasist: James Calbolt sentenced to 12 … – Daily Express

http://www.express.co.uk › Life & Style › Life

Jailed stalker and internet conspiracy theorist James Casbolt has …


  1. 17 Jun 2016 – James Michael Casbolt, 39, posted the images during a campaign of stalking against his ex, Hayley Meijer, daughter of a US billionaire. An internet conspiracy theorist who was jailed for posting explicit images of his ex-wife on Facebook had his “excessive” sentence slashed today.


James Casbolt Prison Sentence Reduced (2016 Update) – YouTube

27 Jul 2016 – Uploaded by TooFree_23

James Casbolt aka MIchael Prince update. … James Casbolt Prison Sentence Reduced (2016 Update …


James Casbolt In Jail Update DEC 2016 – YouTube

11 Dec 2016 – Uploaded by Miles Johnston

Short mention on James Casbolt and the request for an interview. This was only if it was in the public, and his …

James Casbolt on Coasttocoast AM Radio 2007

Bases at the Barge Michael Prince 2nd Edition


Thursday, 28 August 2014


 My comment to this video:   “I said that about cannabis and Casbolt not realising the story would change as the video progressed. And as for Savile – wtf did Savile give to those poor abused children? Rebirth? What a load of bollocks. Savile was an ex-wrestler and a crappy DJ – nothing out of the ordinary, or even royalty and had no special qualities as Casbolt makes out – just another nonse but Casbolt thinks its ok that he abused children – even mentally retarded children and in reality Savile was just another sick pervert out for his own gratification. 


Bases 39 Casbolt in Court     Aug. 2014  

         Following his marriage break up, forced exit from the United States, and after a series of Facebook and other internet posts, James Casbolt was finally arrested in St Ives, for stalking and blackmail. In this concluding account of Casbolt’s seemingly bizarre fantasy of stories, he is interviewed hours before his Crown Court appearance in Truro, Cornwall by Miles.

Here he gives a series of apologies and extreme accounts of the actual make up of the “Elite”, and their paranoia of being wiped out, in a mass global revolt, akin to the French Revolution.
He makes it clear the “Elite” want to be “understood” for their need to have certain nutrients from young humans, as they are an ancient, old “Vampire” type cyborg race, which the requirement to keep their external “flesh” sustained. If they do not do so, they will die.
He makes further statements about murders, he was party to as a 12 year old, in 20 Recreation Rd, Reading, connecting the Jimmy Saville affair and states where the bodies will be found, under a shed in the garden. These matters have been reported to the Police and his solicitor in August 2014.

The analysis that this is part of a “Game”, and he is a Weapons System, Deployed and now back on active service is made, and AGREED by Casbolt. This is extremely Dangerous, and is part of much larger weapons system, or “AI” He states the further why a leading member of the NSA has to do what he is doing, to save the wider public, from a horror that sleeps below.

How much of this is bizarre fantasy…..!?. If Any is True, Extremely serious matters must be understood and resolved.
Many have tried to help Casbolt, All have given up. He has pleaded Guilty to the charges, and at the time of writing faces 20 or more years in jail.
This is the end of BASES coverage of this story. Mainstream Press have now been engaged. Casbolt refers to this as Disclosure,and the Plum Productions Ch4 documentary (Involving the Mirage Men Documentary and authors) are involved, are part of this “DIS-closure”

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