The Queen Speech Omission

Anthony Badaloo

London, United Kingdom



Our Gracious queen, you will be addressing the nation, the commonwealth and the world will be watching, not least Donald Trump and Kim Jun Un.
I suspect, and predict, that your famous Queen Speech, will exclude the most important issue since the war. COURT ORDER SCAMS.
Like millions of others, my vulnerable family, and I are victims of this living hell, in your gracious name (www Scambuster.TV). I claim no privileges, for the fact that four of my family members, have served on the frontline in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Your name, is routinely being used, to inflict the most extreme forms of violence, child abuse and Human Rights atrocities, against unsuspecting victims.
A huge army of War Lords, falsely claiming to hold Court Proceedings, paid for and Issued by Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service.
My little child, wrote to Santa Fraud, and had his wishes totally come true, magically.
I did write to your majesty in 2014, by special Delivery of the Royal Mail, inviting Her Majesty to Stop and Correct. One of Her Majesty’s decorated War Veterans, John Anderson, acted as a military judge, and proceeded to incarcerate me in Her Majesty’s notorious Prison, @ Wormwood Scrubs without any conviction.
Michael Gove, and your current Justice Secretary, David Lidington, both wrote to us, that they have concerns, but again wrongfully uses your name and title, as reason, to stand aside, and profit. The unabated bullying, harassment and child abuse, in your name, against millions of your Royal Subjects, beggars belief. The experience of your Daughter, The late Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, of stalking and human rights violations, shows that no one is immune, from the dark forces, determined to undermine our democracy.
On 9/11/2017, Andrew Bailey, proceeded to further abuse your name and title, by cancelling my licence and livelihood, as an Award Winning Financial Advisor, where I have been in diligent practice since Prince Harry and his gorgeous Meghan Morkle were born.
I would like to make a kind and humble request, to Her Majesty, to ORDER an investigation, into the epidemic of the abuse of your Royal Name and Title, to steal, loot, and abuse little children, bleeding the NHS in the process.
I wish your highness, and your family, on behalf of the millions of voiceless victims, a most peaceful new year, with God’s Richest Blessings.

Santa Fraud is Coming to Crown


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