Received 10 Jan. 2018:

Regarding this former state employed doctor TW with his friends in high policing roles back then and his totally false “report” stating MK had a “brain tumour” and was a “danger to himself and society” and should therefore be locked away indefinately in a closed mental unit [eg. Ashworth High Security unit, or Broadmoor], does the fact that this character left the medical practices industry shortly after Maurice’s court acquittal before the authorities could eject him from the same not speak for itself? Note also this dubious doctor was not even qualified to make such a medical report, nor could he get fellow doctors to co-sign his report as is required by law, regarding his report of a brain tumour that proved later not to exist in the first place, as proper NHS tests proved finally 4 years later – the paperwork for which MK received finally from the HMP doctor after doing 33 days on hunger strike in 2013 whilst serving another highly questionable sentence [see: 5 SEPT: MAURICE KIRK: DOLMANS SOLICITORS, GMC WILL NOT ERASE FALSE REPORT ABOUT NON-EXISTENT “BRAIN TUMOUR”]  

There is much more to all this that cannot be written of here!

This letter received tells of blatant lies used against him:



“Defence” note: 


Communications received from Maurice Kirk today 5 Jan 18 not only tell of the illegal denial of his basic rights whilst serving a term of imprisonment, but also the blatant miscarriages of justice that occurred at his sentencing hearing on the 14 December 2017. At his hearing not only was he denied witnesses who had vital new evidence that should’ve been brought before the court, but also that he was denied legal representation – an obvious right, especially if one is being sentenced at a hearing! In HMP Parc Maurice writes he is still being denied phone calls to family and friends, and his lawyer, and even sending letters to the Royal Courts of Justice and others, along with his right to photocopy documents at his own expense. Letters of complaint should be sent to the Governor, HMP Parc, Heol Hopcyn John, Coity, Bridgend CF35 6AP  regarding these blatant denials of his rights. and the Independent Monitoring Board [a supposedly neutral organisation, there to aid sentence serving citizens when liberties such as phone calls are denied, etc.] should be contacted too, at the same address. So often this writer has found in the past the IMB to be seriously at fault by not doing what they say they will do regarding prisoners rights being trashed by whichever prison.


continues – MK’s 1st communication from HMP Parc 31/12/17;


Maurice writes from HMP Parc – letter dated 28 Dec. 17 – he was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment at Cardiff Crown Ct. on the 14 December for the alleged “breach of a restraining order” again – an order that was never served according to the law, pertaining to the dubious doctor who claimed, amongst other things, that Maurice had a “brain tumour” and was a threat to himself and society and should therefore be locked away permanently in a closed mental unit. Proper tests that took literally years to get undertaken finally proved that Maurice had no “brain tumour” [see: 5 SEPT: MAURICE KIRK: DOLMANS SOLICITORS, GMC WILL NOT ERASE FALSE REPORT ABOUT NON-EXISTENT “BRAIN TUMOUR”]  and the entire thing was, allegedly, an extremely dubious example of the skullduggery Maurice has become used to over the 23+ years he has been fighting, perfectly reasonably, for justice, yet seems to have been punished for so many times. Each couple of years the figure for the years he has been imprisoned unfairly since 2009 goes up – now this figure has gone up to 7 years unfairly imprisoned since 2009 with the addition of this present term –  maybe even longer. Seeing as this present term of imprisonment alone is based on a restraining order that wasn’t served as the law clearly states it must be in the first place it is remarkably unfair and unjust that a 72 year old citizen should have to put up with such continuing irregularities, considering these are prison sentences and the loss of Maurice’s very freedom that’s happening here, not a paltry monetary fine or similar. It seems that if Maurice had knowledge alone of such an order he is guilty if it is broken – is this right? As the Recorder of Wales stated in a recent hearing that Maurice “had knowledge” of the order – as she  proceeded to give him the date for his 4th trial of “breaching” it. How can this be legal? After all, despite even a jury at a hearing once asking to see the originalorder, it couldn’t be produced.

As is normal for Maurice Kirk whilst he is unjustly imprisoned yet again, basic rights of phone calls, to family, lawyer, and friends etc. are denied him, plus photocopying at his own expense and more are denied him, and worse is that not only was he was denied being taken to a court hearing on the 18 December for, presumably, one of  the many cases he has running against certain authorities, but also a hospital appointment has been denied him too, as shown in his letter received on the 30 Dec. 2017  =

“28/12/17  “Thanks. My first post today after 15 days in prison and still refused permission to telephone my family, mckenzie friends, a lawyer re: machine gun blocked civil damages claim or the RCJ re: police failed 37 malicious prosecutions, RCJ criminal appeal 2014 parole board, alone doubling my prison term [C40CF012] at court of appeal, denied photocopying at my expense, hand my car key out to rescue my legal papers, refused right to pay bills etc. – deja vu? Prison refused to produce me to my 18 December hearing or my hospital appointment [just like HMP Swansea in 2014] under police orders, again, I assume. REMEMBER no court order applies to you or anyone else – so publish what you like and be damned! Is Sabine in or out? None of this letter is confidential. Please circulate. Ring Guy – has he been able to rescue my legal papers + van? 
Email Celia with French tow truck – if not moved in next eg. 10 days Depamnage Galivel [number] Jean Claude may be able to move it [number] PDQ [key under tree opposite] was not there I asked – even tested to check if I was out! – if that is not proof enough? Remember this applying Gulag Card and targetting someone who is a problem to authorities will win – if not well advertised.
I need your help to get evidence to RCJ – I am refused. ” [ends]

Maurice Kirk’s site is:

Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police



All the  250+  posts on Maurice Kirk on this site going back to 2011:

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