Received 03 Feb. 2018. 

M states he’s on hunger strike since last w/end due to still no meds or access to doctor. 

He writes he’s been given a MAPPA certificate after trying to establish his status – he asks WHY he is MAPPA 3, which, he says, 3 independent separate Parc officers have now confirmed to him. 

 He says the newly appointed Disclosure App.  judge Thomas, on taking over from HHJ ​Bidder re: 17/12/2009 “trading in M Guns” hearing, ordered his name to be removed from the MAPPA register – but apparently this hasnt happened.

He asks “who ordered the MAPPA 3 status anyway, if not the CC who was identified as the only person “at risk” and documented as such in Dr. T. W’s report on 19 Oct. 2009?”.

He says getting the info is a major breakthrough as it’s the 1st he’s been officially told in 8 years.

 Bad news about the hunger strike, as if he’s in dire pain already, not eating will not help, as he won’t get the strength his body needs from any food.

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