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Dear Sirs, this is MORE in the Lancs police corruption and INTENT to discredit me by reversing FACT to make FICTION.
A formal police document is attached that I found when they finally sent me SOME of my data after I made my Sec 7 Subject Access Request under the LAW which surprisingly, is also applicable to them. They declined to bother with my request; it was thanks to the ICO that I was finally sent anything at all. I am Ms Carol Woods of 28 Fell View LA2 9RP.
This is ONE I scanned and shows what I mean.
Notice how they record that I appear to mentally ill and have pestered SANTANDER BANK with letters so must be mentally ill and “vulnerable”. (This is why they illegally detain me every so often to give weight to their LIBEL.)
The only vulnerability was from their murderous thugs recruited at that time in PREMEDITATED ATTEMPTS TO MURDER ME. I name 3 THREE: KENNETH NICHOL caravan 2 @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ, STUART WILLIAM ROGERS aka STEVE aka DAVE from caravan 1, and ALAN McTEAR aka J DELANEY and various others who did not live at 298 but pretended to.
All that has been sent out and I have the EVIDENCE of the attempts to cause a gas explosion at MY caravan 1A when I rented there.
Why I rented in that hell hole was because MY HOUSE WAS STOLEN, WRECKED AND LOOTED IN OCT AND NOV 08 and there is more to follow on that: I send out a bit at a time or else it is overwhelming but the ROOT cause of ALL in this is that MY house was wrecked and stolen etc as punishment for blowing the whistle on LCC and police as child care social worker, and then for “not forgetting” as I was told I must as if I did then “they” MIGHT leave me alone. Who told me that? Councillor GEOFF MARSLAND Morecambe Bay Independents sent with the message with one from me that he should tell “them” (Dark Forces aka police) that my memory was almost photographic and I forget nothing.
MIKE TODD GMP was murdered in March 08 as he saw from Nov 07 EXACTLY what had been going on from 2001 and was prosecuting.
This document then and SANTANDER. I found when renting at 298 that MANY claimed to live there but did not, I found that 2 who did used other names and ALL claimed unemployment benefits calling to 298 for their related mail. Nichol and Rogers did live there. Some horrendous females also were used and claimed to be me with MY mail stolen by the landlady to hand to them to aid them pose as me. This data is not to include all that but the point is that I found one caller ELIZABETH MASON when I found out her name, was a SANTANDER staff member. She with red Kia Piacanto PK07 EDX was posing as me when she called to 298 as my “small red car” (Toyota Yaris X165 YUB) was apparently not there as I am apparently IN MY HOUSE and the PROOF of that will follow within the week. I then, anywhere else, am apparently not me but someone the Gestapo invent. ODDLY the data sent to me came to me at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP where I “live” surrounded by EXACTLY the same types as at 298 Oxcliffe Rd and adjoining caravan sites who all take part in collective harassment and thuggery etc.
While at 298 I found that E Mason was setting up bank accounts IN MY NAME and those linked to me via the murderous thugs who all claimed links to me e.g. ROGERS did not sign as available for work as I found he claimed to be my brother and carer and driver of me when he pretended MY car was his. NICHOL in caravan 2 claimed he did not work or sign as available as he was also my carer as he was my partner; he tried to cause the gas explosions (THREE) so was protected by the Gestapo but they were not quick enough to gather the evidence; I was. McTear actually attended a DWP claim tribunal saying I was HIS partner, taking a troll with him to be “me” that on 23 Nov 2012 when I formally reported him as stalker of me on 25/11/12 when stalking was a law in its own right. It was Dec 2012 before I knew why he was stalking me; pretending to be with me. Reported and ALL ignored, perjury, fraud, forgery, deception, premeditated murder attempts, ID theft etc etc and ALL ignored. Then I find this on the police data. SANTANDER and a REVERSAL of FACTS.
I dropped into Morecambe branch a letter expressing my concerns, it was ignored. Letter 2 was dropped into Lancaster and then letter 3 brought forth one from their FRAUD DEPT. It slipped past the landlady. Their fraud manager wanted a copy of letter 1 as Morecambe had not forwarded it. All that was done via another branch out of the area and sent internally. The response was that I WAS RIGHT AND THE MATTERS HAD BEEN SENT TO THE POLICE that was how I found out the name of E MASON as bank staff. She had set up FIVE accounts in my name or others linked to me. How did the Gestapo respond?
They sent PCSO PAUL SHEPHERD and WPCSO ANGELA HALL to see me to ask for my letters from Santander (one also reached me Special Delivery when 2 others were stolen in TREASON) which I declined to hand over. Shepherd said that he (PCSO) was not prepared to conduct an investigation into bank fraud. I did not laugh; I pointed out that he had no authority to conduct a bus as PCSO. That was 18/4/13 and then days later I was handed a letter from CS RICHARD BAYLY which is NOT on proper police stationery and he names me as WOOD saying he has investigated all MY case and found nothing untoward. Really? Well, we’ll see about that. I asked what incident and crime numbers had been allocated and how he could have had any investigation when he couldn’t get my name right. It is WOODS not WOOD, not WOODRUFF or any of the deranged he NOW claims are me round Fell View. As data subject I own the copyright and publishing rights to all in my name. Sorry I have no phone and TREASON still RIFE. Emails we all know about. Personal callers welcome with full ID. Yours etc Carol Woods Ms.

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