Maurice Kirk: Prison Regime failing badly at HMP Parc, still – 24 Feb. 2018 + archive

Received 23 Feb. 2018: From his note, below, Maurice seems to have been given, finally, a laptop he was promised weeks back. This good news was marred by the fact that after spending all day typing up letters etc. to be  sent to the Royal Courts of Justice pending  his appeal, along with other communications to neer-do-wells posing as “solicitors” etc. the screws confiscated the memory stick he’d paid for, full up with the  said notes, at the end of the day. Disgusting. Anything to stop Maurice getting any kind of justice.  [Thinks: if only this were America…].

  from earlier:

Maurice Kirk: On hunger strike, still denied medication at the proper times, + urgent hospital visits in HMP Parc – 21 Feb. 2018 + archive

Received from Maurice Kirk 21 Feb. 2018:  Maurice states his medication is being dispensed at inappropriate times – if it is not given directly before the intake of food, it is not worth being given.

He stated in the week that the prison apologised for wrongly classing him as a MAPPA 3 subject – however his urgent hospital appointments are sill denied him, along with the laptop he was promised and paid over £100 for before Christmas, which  also included “printing and posting” items.  Other irregularities continue.

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Maurice Kirk: On hunger strike, still denied medicines, hospital appointments, MAPPA details, and more – 16 Feb. 2018 + archive

Received 14 Feb. 2018:

1]  MAPPA: failure to disclose information, etc.:

2]  MAPPA abuse, continued:

3]   Letters sent that are ignored, since mid-December 2017, the date MK entered this prison – are his letters even leaving the prison?

4]  To: S. Wales Mental Health Authority

Archive continues:

Maurice Kirk – Call 10 Feb. ’18 – Lawyers don’t even turn up at court after being paid! and more 14 Feb. 2018 + archive

Call from Maurice Kirk –  10 Feb. 2018



Received 10 Feb. 2018: Maurice writes regarding being denied a laptop he’d been promised but is still denied [along with vital medication and urgent hospital visits] and as the authorities have erred so many times regarding court cases etc., he is even denied access to law books in the library of HMP Parc!!:

Archive continues:

Maurice Kirk, unfairly imprisoned, calls from HMP Parc on 06 Feb. 2018, telling of the appalling treatment he is subject to there. Many authority figures have been notified, with nothing being done. G4S staff this prison. 

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