Eugene Lukjanenko: Hunger strike ends, preparing for RCJ Appeal – 08 March ’18 + archive

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Eugene Lukjanenko

from fb, March 06 2018:

Today 6th of March I hear that Eugene Lukjanenko stopped his second dry strike on or after day 5 and that was last Friday 2nd of March. Sorry I did not know earlier, I would have posted if I knew. He is now preparing for appeal hearing 14th RCJ



EUGENE LUKJANENKO HUNGER STRIKE DAY 71 + “Protester found guilty after spending 57 hours on top of ex-Cheshire MP’s Tarporley home” + VIDEO – 2 Feb. 2018

from EL’s FB 01 Feb. 2018 = “Eugene Lukjanenko is back on his hunger strike. Today is his 70th day. His trip to the hospital yesterday had something to do with an old ailment. I have been told that he is quite well otherwise. Thank you to all who prayed for him. A pastor was allowed to spend time with him. I know he has been reading his Bible, the Psalms in particular. All of us who have been following Eugene’s situation are relieved to know that he is ok for now. Will justice be done in this life for Eugene and his son? Only God knows.”



Protester found guilty after spending 57 hours on top of ex-Cheshire MP’s Tarporley home

Eugene Lukjanenko targeted home of former Government minister Edward Timpson

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