Maurice Kirk: the false medical report, part of the MAPPA registration, + more 09 March 2018 + archive

Received from Maurice Kirk yesterday – including: the 1st 3 pages show extracts from the report used in court in 2009, authored by the now disgraced doctor, used to manufacture MK’s MAPPA registration – everything false as written, manufactured to try and silence MK and get him locked away forever in a closed mental unit. These 3 pages are followed by MK’s 2010 complaint to the GMC regarding the false report, and following that the letter to the RCJ Court of Appeal re: the dubious MAPPA registration which has within it the deliberately concocted confusion whether MK is a MAPPA subject or not after the allocation was supposed to have been abandoned years ago – this MAPPA registering allowing all sorts of victimisation and targeting to take place against Maurice as has happened over a period of 9 years since the report was created, also affecting Maurice’s present incarceration in HMP Parc. At the time of the trial in 2009 Maurice was locked away for 3 months of an 8 months incarceration in the now disgraced dr’s “Caswell clinic” in Wales, before being released with no compensation for time or anything lost as a result of these dubious incarcerations [see also: related: 5 SEPT 2014: MAURICE KIRK: DOLMANS SOLICITORS, GMC WILL NOT ERASE FALSE REPORT ABOUT NON-EXISTENT “BRAIN TUMOUR”]. Followed by related notes: eg. the attempted “snatching of [MK’s] daughter”, and the original “machine gun case” charges:

  2010 Complaint re: the false manufactured data shown above:

below: MKs Febuary 2018 letter to the Chief Constable re: documents that are still denied him that he is perfectly allowed to have: 

below: 18 Feb. 2018 Position Statement to the RCJ Court of Appeal: 

below: further note to the RCJ Court of Appeal re: the dubious MAPPA registration with the deliberately concocted confusion allowing all sorts of victimisation and targeting to take place against Maurice that’s lasted for 9 years, and continues.


below: the 21 Feb. 2018 note of MK’s defence re: the prison judgement relating to MK’s denied medication and confiscated documents, and more. Recall also, from previous notes from MK how he, along with others, have written re: MK’s  letters being denied being sent out to lawyers, family, friends and courts making a complete travesty of the legal system in the UK by these prison staff who have blatantly flouted the law on many given occasions – this totally unacceptable actions being albeit just the very tip of the monstrous and gargantuan nightmare MK finds himself forced into whilst in HMP Parc. Letters of complaint re: the prison’s lack of duty and care are systematically and contemptuously ignored by the prison, and other agencies sent to since mid-December 2017 when MK began yet another most questionable sentence relating to a “breaching a restraining order” that was never served upon him, according to UK law – something that has been outrageously always ignored by anyone the fact has been put to – particularly Welsh judges:

below: the 20 Feb. 2018 note to the S. Wales Chief Constable re: this department’s failure to disclose perfectly allowable information to Maurice that he needs – all part of his case to get proper justice. Having a cast iron case doesn’t mean authorities are going to cooperate with anyone seeking that justice – very often one finds the opposite takes place with the denial of information which would aid justice to take place, something that is clearly happening here and has been happening for years to MK:

below: the original 2009 indictment charges relating to the 2009 “machine gun” case, this “machine gun” being a relic from some past war which was already on an airplane M had purchased, as was his hobby to do. M was not “dealing” in firearms as was suggested and he was charged with, along with other fantasies created by the S. Wales police. At trial, M was acquitted of the charges, but within the case saw the attempt, via the false report created by the now disgraced doctor [see parts of that above]  to not only lock him away forever in a closed mental unit, but saw also M being classed as a “MAPPA” subject, with all the severe attachments that comes with such a serious registration – still causing Maurice problems to this very day, some 9 years later. Maurice Kirk was a vetinerary surgeon who cared for and helped sick animals – he is not and never has been one of the alleged 175 or so citizens who are deemed so dangerous and violent as MAPPA Level 3 subjects they need a special world of restrictions placed upon them. This, regisistering M as such is just one of the cruelest and unacceptable blows any government department – especially the S. Wales police – can cripple a law-abiding citizen with.  A true public scandal if ever there was one.

below: the 19 Feb. 2018 note detailing the attempted snatching of M’s daughter, courtesy of the S. Wales authorities – another despicable act M had no choice but to endure:

to be continued – the above from 50 or so pages recd. this week, which also detail the confiscation of the memory sticks given him, with many letters on them – all lost – a typical example of the callous behaviour of the G4S prison staff.


Maurice asks that “any feedback to anything relating to anything be sent to his email: or contact Tel 07708 586202″ 

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Archive continues:

Received: new docs. from Maurice, inc. his being notified his canteen allowance has been withdrawn yet again, and an Appeal denial:

Denial for appeal @ the RCJ:

Concerning the Dr’s statement and false evidence against Maurice – used to attempt to lock him away forever in a closed mental hospital in 2009:

Maurice Kirk, on hunger strike in HMP Parc: phone call 06 March ’18: + archive

Phone call 06 March 2018:  the callous hostilities continue. Letters of complaint to many government agencies are blatantly ignored by the recipients regarding the sometimes inhuman treatment Maurice is receiving whilst in HMP Parc, Bridgend, Wales, including recorded delivery letters to MPs,  or a “letter of permission” is demanded before anyone will respond to the many letters explaining just what is going on in this place with the blatant hostilities enacted by the prison’s staff [let alone it’s “governor”]. “Letters of permission” for followers of this case to interact with government personnel is the last thing this prison is going to allow being sent out to family + supporters, something Maurice speaks about in earlier calls, along with M’s communications to the Appeals office of the Royal Courts of Justice and others being also strenuously disallowed from leaving the prison. It will not be until after M is released that these hostilities can be  dealt with properly [assuming, of course, M gets out of this hellhole alive!] as the file gets thicker every day – phone call received 06 March 2018:


Maurice Kirk on hunger strike in HMP Parc – 2 March phone call + archive

Maurice Kirk on hunger strike in HMP Parc – 2 March phone call

Maurice Kirk: on hunger strike in HMP Parc since 1 Feb.: CALLS 27 / 28 FEB. 2018 – + archive 2 March 2018

Maurice notes in 2 recent calls that have been received, dated the 27th and 28th Febuary below [the 3rd and 4th calls  received from him recently] that, with other matters:

a] food on plates is being brought to him in his cell, and now the plates have piled up with the food still on them in his cell – obviously this act is going against Health and Safety rules for starters. Maurice cannot and will not eat any food as it is too painful due to his “torn diaphragm” in his stomach, for which he is denied painkillers, which must be taken immediately prior to the intake of food. Letters to MPs and others regarding this outrageous denial of his prescribed medication apparently do nothing, so far. He also notes:

b] the prison is refusing letters of permission to be sent to Maurice’s supporters and family. Certain officials will only deal with anything if a letter of permission is got for the writer to interact with whichever official written to – hence the blocking of these letters, completely and unnecessarily callous. If one sends a handful of docs. with a letter explaining Maurice’s situation to certain officials all is returned. This, of course, is no reason not to write and complain to anyone in office regarding the completely cruel, atrocious AND ILLEGAL treatment Maurice is having to put up with whilst in HMP Parc, but an example of how things might turn out if one does write.

c] Maurice tells that his legal papers he had in his cell have been confiscated – these docs. used to help his case with the RCJ Appeals office etc. 

d] hospital appointments are still being denied, along with his prescribed medication

and a whole lot more, including what seems to be deliberately manufactured confusion over his MAPPA status, as reported in recent posts. He tells that he has been told by 3 seperate prison “officers” and has had it in writing that he is definately a MAPPA Catagory 3 registered individual, and, as reported in a recent post, confused over being  told he is Cat. 3 [very violent, etc.] on one wing, and Cat. O [very much lesser allocation] on another wing, when he has also been told in the recent past that he is not registered with MAPPA at all under any registration! How can any prison be confused over possibly the most serious of registrations an individual can be classed as? [MAPPA stands for Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements. These are a set of arrangements implemented by the Police, the Probation Service and the Prison Service in order for them to assess and manage the risk posed to the public by particular violent and sexual offenders].   Surely this prison needs to be thoroughly investigated by a neutral unbiased organisation and their multifold errors corrected, especially with so many serious irregularities we’re seeing with Maurice’s bizarre imprisonment where even the most basic of rules are flouted daily, to Maurice’s demise. 

Call from the 27 Feb. 2018:

Call from the 28 Feb.:

Notes from the 26 Feb. 2018: 

The complaint regarding the falsification of medical evidence, October 2009:

Letter to the Prosecution Service, Wales:

Maurice Kirk – on hunger strike since 1 Feb. in HMP Parc: phone call 25 Feb. 2018 + archive

The above video shows the call from 25 Feb. 2018 – the pic in this video is from 2015 weeks after MK was released from HMP Cardiff after serving 16 months in prison [from the end of November 2013 until March 2015] – on the same charges as this time! See all the updates on Maurice Kirk, on hunger strike in HMP Parc, – serving 2 years imprisonment on extremely dubious and questionable charges relating to him “breaching a restraining order” – an order that was never served in the 1st place!! Maurice has served literally years in prison because of this outrageous discrepancy manufactured by mainly the Welsh police and judiciary – it is a public scandal what has happened over the past 23+ years whereby MK has been blatantly victimised and persecuted by these dubious agencies + authorities.

Maurice Kirk: Prison Regime failing badly at HMP Parc, still – 24 Feb. 2018 + archive

Received 23 Feb. 2018: From his note, below, Maurice seems to have been given, finally, a laptop he was promised weeks back. This good news was marred by the fact that after spending all day typing up letters etc. to be  sent to the Royal Courts of Justice pending  his appeal, along with other communications to neer-do-wells posing as “solicitors” etc. the screws confiscated the memory stick he’d paid for, full up with the  said notes, at the end of the day. Disgusting. Anything to stop Maurice getting any kind of justice.  [Thinks: if only this were America…].


Maurice Kirk: On hunger strike, still denied medication at the proper times, + urgent hospital visits in HMP Parc – 21 Feb. 2018 + archive

Received from Maurice Kirk 21 Feb. 2018:  Maurice states his medication is being dispensed at inappropriate times – if it is not given directly before the intake of food, it is not worth being given.

He stated in the week that the prison apologised for wrongly classing him as a MAPPA 3 subject – however his urgent hospital appointments are sill denied him, along with the laptop he was promised and paid over £100 for before Christmas, which  also included “printing and posting” items.  Other irregularities continue.

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Maurice Kirk: On hunger strike, still denied medicines, hospital appointments, MAPPA details, and more – 16 Feb. 2018 + archive

Received 14 Feb. 2018:

1]  MAPPA: failure to disclose information, etc.:

2]  MAPPA abuse, continued:

3]   Letters sent that are ignored, since mid-December 2017, the date MK entered this prison – are his letters even leaving the prison?

4]  To: S. Wales Mental Health Authority

Archive continues:

Maurice Kirk – Call 10 Feb. ’18 – Lawyers don’t even turn up at court after being paid! and more 14 Feb. 2018 + archive

Call from Maurice Kirk –  10 Feb. 2018



Received 10 Feb. 2018: Maurice writes regarding being denied a laptop he’d been promised but is still denied [along with vital medication and urgent hospital visits] and as the authorities have erred so many times regarding court cases etc., he is even denied access to law books in the library of HMP Parc!!:

Archive continues:

Maurice Kirk, unfairly imprisoned, calls from HMP Parc on 06 Feb. 2018, telling of the appalling treatment he is subject to there. Many authority figures have been notified, with nothing being done. G4S staff this prison. 

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