Maurice Kirk: Who Lied to Lord Leverson + HHJ Melling? 06 April 2018 + archive

1] Who Lied to Lord Leverson + HHJ Melling? 

Other recent updates continue here in this site’s archive:

Archive continues =

MAURICE KIRK: CALL 01 April 2018 + Rule 25 abuse + archive 01 April 2018

Update 03 April 2018: 

DISGUSTING: “Police are ‘trained to hide vital evidence’ Full extent of disclosure failures laid bare” Times



Maurice was convicted on dubious evidence and should be released, as he explains in this, his latest call. 

M. KIRK  – Sept. 2017 – Keyser summary – app. denied:

mk judgementKirkvSecState2


The Worboys Judgement + Summary [for what it’s worth]:


WORBOYS summary

Received 31 March 2018:

“Prison will not print for court but Worboys judgement relates directly to all 5 of my convictions based on flawed MAPPA Dr. Tegwyn Willams fraud of 19th Oct. 2009   ILLEGIBLE [concocted?] for Ashworth. 

Will send in Sat. post a version of reasons for immediate bail.


Maurice Kirk: Not taken to court for important hearing – Position statement 19 March and more – 28 March 2018 + archive

UPDATED with a document entitled “H.M. Park Prison Medical Update”, 20 March 2018: 

Documents received from Maurice, 27 March 2018, in no particular order. Other recent updates continue here in this site’s archive: :

Email received 26 March, which tells of:

2] he s to complain to a department – the prison I.M.B. – the very who have been ignoring him since his entry into the prison!

3] he has had no money for 3 weeks, and damaged goods he has received from his canteen are refused being dealt with by prison staff

4] vital and irreplaceable documents – put in a plastic wallet and given to prison staff for photocopying [with M’s own funds] – have been “lost” by prison staff. This is surely outrageous!

5]  the prison “security block production of docs. typed on my MoJ laptop. This includes my attempts for internal examination at Vale Hospital, just down the road.” I wrote for an appointment for him, and Maurice asks what was the hospital’s reply – but they haven’t replied, of course, more than likely due to a certain authority’s interference. Truly disgusting! PLEASE – can someone write to the Vale hospital asking that M be seen? – he needs urgent hospital treatment for a probable “split stomach diaphragm” along with possibly other serious conditions – all of which are being denied him – their contact form is here, which also has their phone number: . I know Maurice would be very grateful.


Maurice’s [untended] site is

His email address is:

To be continued.

above: Maurice chats with top man Caul Grant, RCJ, June 2016

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