Concerning “Prospects Workfair” of Bournemouth – 16 May 2018

from Twitter:
Forced onto JSA in ’16 i had 2 meet with criminals “Prospects” B’mouth who promptly got me sanctioned thru lies written in a letter. I was about to sue them but DWP reinstated benefits. All complaints ignored to anyone #Prospects #Bournemouth #DWP @dwppressoffice @DisRightsUK @MinisterDisPpl

My horrific and wasteful time with “Prospects”, Bournemouth:
I can say with absolute certainty that one of the most unhappiest periods of my life was having to go to the “Prospects”, Bournemouth appointments every fortnight, that being part of the contract with the DWP whilst receiving JSA benefits – this oufit was supposed to “help one find work”. The problems arose because when I’d visit the location for the appointments the character I was supposed to see would hardly ever be there for the pre-arranged appointments, from day one. I’d traipse all the way up to the town centre location via a 30 minute bus ride only to find this person I was supposed to have an appointment with would be absent.  Never would I be told not bother going along beforehand, as surely I should have been, as a common courtesy, but I would always go along having been led to believe the somewhat pointless appointment would take place. I had to attend, for want of not being penalised yet again for “non-attendance”, so each appointment I had to turn up for even when the person I was supposed to see was nowhere to be found – complete wastes of time. Eventually I had to report the character as the absences were getting too much, and after that this person was there more often. I got nothing from these meetings which lasted over a period of about 8 months at fortnightly intervals – the only thing worthwhile reporting was that this outfit reported lies to the DWP who then believed the lies and sanctioned me, stopping my benefits, until I could prove the truth – which I did immediately on noticing I hadn’t received the benefits in my bank account. Noone from anywhere actually told me my money had been stopped, it was just left to me, and as I don’t check my bank account regularly, weeks passed until I realised the benefits had been stopped. The stopping of my benefits was based on absolute lies put in writing and sent in a letter to me after I complained when I found the benefits had been stopped – the “Prospects” lies were easily dispoven, and the benefits were restored there and then when I visited the DWP location – this was when I was allowed on their premises, before I was stopped entering their buildings at all. How anyone expects a JSA client to liase properly with people who act so underhandedly and dishonestly beats me – because what this outfit did was actually illegal – one is not allowed to affect a State benefit by telling lies whereby a benefit is  stopped being issued as a result, but this is exactly what happened. 

 These wasteful meetings at the “Prospects” location – which didn’t help me find any job [which was the design and intention] went on every fortnight and the stress of having to entertain it all – watching constantly for signs of  being sanctioned again, or whatever – led to my having severe migraine, which continues to this day  Aside from having to waste my time going to their location fortnightly, I ventured for over 1500 jobs whilst on JSA – at a rate of 15-20 per week over an approximate 15 month period – none of these attempts at employment had anything to do with this “Prospects” outfit in any shape or form.  Indeed, when I could’ve been satisfying the DWP by looking for employment, I was having to waste my time by going along to nonexistent appointments – the entire 8 month long episode was a wasteful exercise that I gained nothing from, except migraine, and having to sort out the dishonesty received via the stopping of my benefits through dishonest means. This outfit is STILL sending me pointless letters all the time telling me their “services” are available, even though I’ve asked them numerous times to stop spamming me and to stop wasting the taxpayers hard-earnt funds and resources, but still they continue to harass and annoy – the latest pointless letter arrived today, even though I stopped seeing this lot last June 2017 – an absolute waste of paper and, as already stated, taxpayers funds, and the sooner this DWP contractee is removed from the taxpayer’s bill, the better.

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