The Carol Woods Coverup: More serious crime, including Met police lies, massive ID frauds, + more 10 June 2018 + archive

A lot of posts from Carol to cover,  from 09 June to 01 June, detailing chronic harassment and serious crime – none of which our wonderful authorities will deal with.  I am countering severe stalking here, daily – the stalkers range from teenagers to elderly tramps, and everything inbetween, as well as having to deal with those death threats I received with the CPS.


Why will no one sort this massive corruption out?

Apart from the other serious crimes connected to Carol Woods case[s], which include disappeared elderly ladies, treason, murder and attempted murder [and so much more] the monetary value alone of the ID frauds using Carol’s name, and variations of her name [“Carol” with an “e” added – as in “Carole Woods”, or a “Carol Woodes”, or even a “Mr. Carol Woods” etc.] must run now into hundreds of thousands of GB pounds – all at the UK taxpayers expense. Carol Wood’s ID has been gleaned so many times from, it is very strongly alleged, deliberately misdelivered Royal Mail meant for Carol, misdelivered to criminal neighbours who, amongst other felons involved in the overall targeting, reap the gains of these ID frauds in one form or other – one form being receiving luxury goods, including cars. Cars, for example, are driven by local yobs when stalking Carol in her car [which has a GPS tracking device in it placed there by an Oldham garage under instructions from, it is very strongly alleged – Lancs. police. Please see the posts on this tracking device which manages to be exempt from Data Protection Act laws, and also E.C.H.R. Article 8 rules [the right to a “private and family life, his home and his correspondence”]: THE ILLEGAL GPS TRACKING DEVICE IN CAROL WOOD’S CAR – WHY A LANCS. “COVERT POLICE OPERATION”? CAROL WOODS IS NOT A CRIMINAL – 21 April 2018 + archive

How many cars have been “given” to these criminals alone so as they can harass – and even attempt to kill –  Carol when she has been out driving her car? And what else has been given to the huge number of criminals involved in this massive example of organised crime? 

The posts here, copied from Ms. Wood’s communications, detail numerous serious crimes, and outrageous hostilities happening to Carol Woods which continue to this day – the archive made of scores of posts beginning in Febuary 2016 after certain “supporters” found out Carol had been placed in a closed mental hospital unit for the 5th [at least] time for no reason. On January 31st 2018 Carol was arrested by Lancs. police for being myself –  the owner of this site – for allegedly posting articles here – a nonsense charge easily negated by my affadavit / statement as sent to Lancs. police [the statement can be seen in the recent related post put here recently], but nevertheless this unwarranted arrest causing unnecessary hassle and more grief for Carol – the point of the exercise, probably. Carol has been falsely convicted in the past on fake charges. 

Preface: Some Background – why does Carol Woods suffer so much harassment still, since whistleblowing in 2001? See the links:

Carol Woods = “It is a highly complex matter which the police organise where they try to make me someone I am not. They have in fact tried to invent me as the reverse of myself using numerous characters, including “neighbours” who live alongside myself, and others elsewhere – the entire situations going back years. I find things out because I am not stupid. See my original w’blowing blog York LGO Blog re Lancashire CC   http://criticalreader2006.blogspot.aeyou will see why I am hounded by lowlife RECRUITED to do that by the Gestapo. 

More is described here:   “Harassment as punishment for whistle-blowing: Lancashire”

and see below, under the posts, “Some Background to Carol Wood’s being severely harassed, and the longrunning and almost infinite crimes committed in her name which include mass ID fraud, and just some of what she has had to endure since 2001, including the theft of her house [total value £400,000]. Also below are the informative videos of interviews with Carol, which detail much of what she discovered whilst employed by Lancs. Co. Council as a top social worker, and since 2006, including the Brian Gerrish UK Column video, also shown here:

See the archive of 120+ posts on this site on Carol Woods since Feb. 2016 –


OXFAM more corruption Lancaster 09 June 2018

carol woods
15:11 (14 hours ago)
to penny.mordant.., editor, lep.newsdesk, me

Dear Sirs I sent the email 12 Feb 2018 and have just been into the OXFAM shop in Lancaster which I do not frequent as the THIEF is now protected by the Gestapo and covered for. Thus they ILLEGALLY see me head there on a rare visit and have the same THIEF waiting in the shop as working. He is to start shouting into his mobile phone in a “brainwashing farce” that “Chris, he used to work here; he’s in a bad way” (local colloquialism meaning most unwell), and that will be masonic lunacy in pretending I was the CHRIS (as the Gestapo are desperate to make me male and use the name CHRIS as that is a name for both sexes) and the THIEF. Thus I return to the library again and using the public terminals record how they continue to cover for such lowlife who steals from a charity shop.
Yours etc Carol Woods Ms. Sorry I still have no phone.

On Monday, 12 February 2018, 16:49, carol woods <> wrote:

Oxfam corruption in news: I have something to tell not on the same scale but who knows what the scale is?
2012 Oxfam shop Lancaster and the PAID manager tried to pocket £2 for an item which I bought. I made damn sure he put it in the till and issued a receipt. Relating that in another charity shop, it filtered back to the Gestapo, the next time I went in, he had been “spoken to” not about theft (and who knows how many he had seen from the shop without a receipt over time?) but how to harass me when I went in. He claimed he worked for the police and was in the cells as employee looking after dogs of arrested people as if I was an idiot. His story became wilder and wilder as he knew he was untouchable, I ceased going in until recently, he is still there in his PAID post. Yours etc Carol Woods Ms 28 Fell View LA2 9RP sorry I have no phone.

EMBEZZLE tax payers monies in NHS fraud. 09 June 2018

carol woods
to heather.tierne., huntj, lep.newsdesk, lepforum, cat_smith, look.north, me, bae146, peter.lawson, haveyoursay, graham.farrant,, ministers, farront, fieldf, info, beechroyd99

Profuse apologies, I forgot to add the photos I refer to: That is stress caused by the hooligans sent to harass and try to be seen “with me”, (there seems to be an endless supply). Carol Woods.

On Saturday, 9 June 2018, 13:57, carol woods <> wrote:

Dear Sirs I, Ms Carol Woods sent 2 emails not long ago and logged out as the Gestapo sent a pair of halfwits to use the computers as close to me as possible; one female and one the usual yob type; she was, in this boiling heat, to wear a heavy winter jacket with fur hood of the GREEN type used by stalkers for YEARS. Apparently, those jackets (which are not my taste nor the taste of anyone I know) are PROOF the wearer is with me and if she sits with a male to log on after watching I do and log out when they see I do, then that is DALTON from 45 Fell View and WOODRUFF from 2 Fell View both thieves and worse using computers and phones as if me AND as if linked to me. Thus I log off, the pair in Lancaster library does and they assume they follow me out in leaving: I decided not to leave and return to do this instead.

The photos attached show more harassment and lunacy in Lancashire for which YOU pay.
First I add that I went out from 28 Fell View LA2 9RP over 2 hours earlier than usual today as the LOFT NOISES told me local lowlife used computers and phones as if it was my use. Clearly if I was out in my car, their use was not mine. The use of thuggery in harassment is on camera and all I note is that my report of yesterday of fraudster FV06 FDA at 2 Milestone Place off Fell View and her use of taxis of the 32090 firm where SHE pretends I ring for taxis as if I am not me with my car, I had a stalker in FV05 KHU, then a taxi hiding to wait to drive behind me when I moved my car (I moved it metres only so YOU funded him in that INTENDED FRAUD and HARASSMENT) BG59 GYU of the 32090 firm, plus a female drawn in who thought it was her chance for MI6 recruitment now: she in FV04 EOK silver grey Toyota and while gleefully driving to harass me as I walked then to the town, she not watching her driving almost hit 2 males crossing the road; on excellent photos.

Thus the photos: I moved to rent accommodation on 4/3/12 to the lunacy involves the COUNCIL using YOUR money to pretend that I move on the 4th of every month of every year. This photo attached is one of their sleazy gormless sent at 6 10pm as I had not gone out so could not be said to have moved in from anywhere else, she was to walk up and down outside me and wave her bits of paper and PRETEND I had just moved in. I have sent out scores of photos all the same as they do this often. I also moved once on the 1st (of July) so I also move on the 1st of every month, and I moved to Fell View on 24 March 2014 so, they pretend I move on the 24th of everything as well.

On 5/6/7 July 2014 the malicious old thief and worse AGNES JACKSON in 26 Fell View set up READY TO BE “me” for when I moved into 28, did admit herself to a local mental hospital in my name and how funny and clever they all thought they were returning her to 26. They all knew she was not me. On 26 Dec 2014 she rang the mental health team and claimed to be me “depressed” when the sleazy sent to parade up and down outside me knew I had not phoned at all. Excellent photos; I was washing my car when he arrived. Thus 5/6/7 Dec 2015 as I returned to 28 Fell View after being out, about “tea time” one EVERY DAY an NHS ambulance stalked me and cruised along Fell View then off and PRETENDED to be dealing with me. Thus here we have the “latest” version but 4th May 2018 presumably because they wanted to link it with a supposed “move” again.

On 8th June 2018 at 8am I was woken by heavy knocking on my door, NHS mental health, NO ID tags and no explanation why they harassed me. No, they could not come in, the INTENTION was to claim I rang them and they responded in this lunacy of trying to manufacture as PROOF I have a phone. One was OT staff but OT do not home visit nor do they even start work before 9am and mostly 10am. What was she doing at 8am?
ROSE GARE SIMMONS with her and she pleasant but corrupt. In the last ILLEGAL DETENTION of me Rose was found crouched on the floor outside my room door using her phone for texts and pretending it was my use in my room.

Another in that, LIZ BAINES, a liar and totally corrupt constantly added a phone number to my records when other, decent staff knew I had no phone and deleted it, Baines would re-add it when she was back on duty. That is who is to be “covered” for now. Who told them to call on me as if I had requested a visit?

Why did they have no ID? Because it was a FARCE again and I was to forget the sleazy of earlier harassment events and forget that the persons POSING AS NHS IN LANCASTER POLICE STATION ON 7 NOV 2015 IN THAT WRONGFUL ARREST AND FALSE IMPRISONMENT AND ILLEGAL DETENTION who claimed I was deluded in saying I had had jobs I said I had had and thus needed locking up.

ALL that was to be rewritten in a similar act of thuggery on 31 Jan 2018 which failed as they then had REAL NHS who would not have me locked up. They knew the police made ludicrous statements such as being a male from Bournemouth and posting items on his web site. They refuse me my custody records as they want to claim I was not released. More on NHS sleaze asap. Carol Woods Ms please feel free to quote me.

Police Aid and Abet uninsured to drive; harass and defraud 09 June 2018

carol woods
to 101, peter.lawson

I have now worked out the kaleidoscope shake NEW FRAUD and LUNACY.
I have reported and sent photos of a car Y274 FWP used at 13 Fell View from Jan this year but at 20 and 22 from 2017 on at least one occasion.
The driver is the very dark haired that “someone” wants to claim is a daughter of mine to be JOANNE HALL a niece of mine not seen by me since 2010. Hall has never driven and is now in her 40’s. The driver of the Y reg is not as old nor as tall, aside from anything else. Hall is tall for a woman.

K MILLS thief and worse in 20 Fell View claimed in GAIN for almost 3 years to be my niece when she is nothing to do with me. That from spring 2014 to summer 2016 incl.

The unemployed in Y274 FWP has a rear window covered up as the glass is missing. It appeared at 13 Fell View just after MY CAR WINDOW “event” i.e. it WAS SMASHED BY YOUR THUGS with the INTENT of having me claim on my insurance and in that have JUNE FRANCIS WILLIAMS thief and worse in 30 Fell View (who claims to be me with filmed ID in my name as provided by YOU to aid that ID THEFT and more) then pretend she was me claiming by standing about and “being seen” just in the usual masonic lunacy e.g. officer ANDREW HALLIDAY stood outside MY house from May 2008 and claiming it was PROOF he had bought it. I did not claim on my insurance so that spoiled that.

(I also add here that no statement was taken from me at all about the deliberate and malicious vandalising of my car.)

Thus Y274 FWP appears and uses STAIG in 13 Fell View the alias given to K MILLS thief and worse in 20 Fell View who pretended links to me for gain over 3 years and somehow that name was thus linked to me via MILLS and 13 Fell View with a driver of a car with a smashed rear window (my rear window was not smashed) with the lunacy of pretending that STAIG was a name linked to me but not via MILLS but by the driver of Y274 FWP who it was thought could be said to be JOANNE HALL a real niece of mine.

Thus someone has wasted police time to throw together MILLS to cover for her frauds, Hall to cover for hers of 2010, and STAIG to be confuse the niece issue and then presume it as a daughter.

On Saturday, 2nd June you had females you thought could be said to be the Y reg driver try to walk to my car when it was ILLEGALLY seen that I returned to my car. Thus that was to be PROOF that driver was my daughter or niece at least and did drive me about when she drives about a male equivalent of herself. You had the police helicopter used to hover over Fell View 2/6/18 to claim they saw Y247 FWP at 13 and somehow that was PROOF she was linked to me and STAIG thus is MY name and MILLS is “off the hook”.

Someone is deluded. Mills is NOT off the hook. Hall’s involvement will be told when relevant: it is out of scope for this.

All along I have asked why the driver of Y274 can get away with not having the window repaired as it must be illegal not having rear view.

Yesterday, still no repair and she then at 15 Fell View after the harassment of me on Thursday evening by MILLS aka STAIG and the driver of F4 ORT (which I recorded guessing it was to link those 2 and then “re-use” Y274 driver as someone else linked to me in the usual “all change” lunacy) which driver of F4 ORT was a type slightly higher up the evolutionary scale than the driver of Y274 but very dark. She does not live round Caton and who pays her petrol for a large Audi when she is unemployed?

The use of 15 Fell View on Wednesday last by 2 vehicles at different times and both to pretend they “moved someone” (invisible) to 15 set the scene.
Y274 driver does not live in Caton so, who funds her petrol costs as she is unemployed?

Thus we move on: she sits and waits to see if she can STALK ME to pretend she drives me; she can leave about 9pm if I have not gone out to be stalked and driven by her.
Why move to 15 now instead of using 13?
The use of 13 has been flogged to death and we all have seen the INTENTION and MOTIVE in using that address.
Thus we have ANOTHER “idea” I guess.

I also consider the yob TRAVIS DALTON in 45 Fell View who claims he drove me about when I moved to 28 Fell View March 2014. On camera his car red Corsa R629 MUY which ‘disappeared’ after I took photos well into spring and early summer 2014 of him stalking me. DALTON claim he has a new name as MILLS has tried to claim but Dalton could not remember what his “alias” was.
Dalton claims he cannot recall the car, red Corsa.

He also claimed to be my son as if his horrendous mother MARGARET DALTON aka WHEATFIELD was me and thus we have the wrongful arrest and false imprisonment of 31 Jan 2018 in the picture and Dalton hidden in Lancaster police station AS MY SON.

That is why I am refused my custody records. The use of his mother was because of photos looted from MY HOUSE of 2007 when I was in Tenerife and someone with a vivid imagination thought that the roughneck Mrs M Dalton could be ME on MY photos. I was in TINA PAZZANO’s apartment decorating and refurbishing for her which some photos show:Ms Pazzano will confirm she has never heard of Mrs M Dalton and Mrs Dalton, even in 2007 did not have my colour hair and her attempts to dye hers from my move in to 28 were and continue to be pathetic.
Thus we have moved from driver SON to driver DAUGHTER. BUT DALTON DOES NOT DRIVE AND HAS NO LICENCE NOR HAS HE INSURANCE. R629 MUY was not the only car he had to drive as my photos show.

And I suggest that the driver of Y274 FWP is not insured and that explains why she cannot have her window replaced as she can’t afford it herself. SHE I SUGGEST IS ANOTHER NON-LICENCE HOLDER AND NOT INSURED OR ELSE SHE WOULD HAVE CLAIMED ON HER INSURANCE MONTHS AGO AND SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN PULLED UP MANY TIMES ABOUT THE LACK OF REAR VIEW.
She thus is the masonic inversion lunacy of son to daughter.

Why 15 Fell View, Mr and Mrs EDNA and RONALD SCOTT? Flat 15 Penhale Gardens when I rented Flat 3 (1/7/13 to 24/3/14) was EDITH CURWEN in her 70’s another deranged old thief who claimed to be MY DEAD MOTHER with Shirley Rycroft in Flat 4 claiming to be her daughter BUT as if Rycroft was me. Rycroft was about 10 years younger than CURWEN (not linked to CURWEN fraudster in 24 Fell View I add). On 4/2/14 SX03 SUE old doxy and T19 MAP her “replacement” called to Flat 15 and pretended she with Rycroft indoors there was able to sell my house as she being “too disabled” to live there. Thus EDNA SCOTT is deemed to be close enough in name to be EDITH CURWEN and 15 being “useful” we have moved the driver of Y274 to 15 Fell View now.
Ask if this is hard to follow. Photos help.

Carol Woods Ms reporting now aiding and abetting and organising harassment plus misuse of public monies. Sorry I have no phone whatever you try to manufacture.

NHS HARASSMENT continues Lancs. 08 June 2018

carol woods
to huntj, heather.tierne., me, bae146, editor, haveyoursay, cat_smith, ministers, tim.jacques

Dear Sirs I sent out the attached photos of thief and fraudster K MILLS of 20 Fell View LA2 9RP ONE from many with the de facto protection service of Lancs police so, did they call to take a statement from me? NO, they contacted her yesterday afternoon after all their acts of thuggery took place which failed to manufacture FICTION as FACT using OTHERS to be me, Ms Carol Woods of 28 Fell View LA2 9RP. On my return to Hell View early evening and ALL acts of lunacy thus failing to show they were anything to do with me, my email sent out in regard to CUSTODY RECORDS of 31 Jan 2018 being denied me and the corruption then to claim I was NOT interviewed and NOT released but deemed to be mentally ill and locked up which is is why I am refused my custody records: arrested for being a male from Bournemouth and posting on his web site!

Without repeating all that farcical harassment, fraud and worse, the Gestapo then had to INVENT yet something else to cover for the NHS sleazy, solicitor INTENDED corruption, and general thuggery but how?

They staged an event which was to rewrite FACTS and hope I was provoked enough for them to call to arrest me TODAY so that ALL I sent out was then spoiled. MILLS was used as she is often is; ALL the criminals are used to provoke to then be “victims” and they ALWAYS have a “witness”, someone else known to be a long term criminal, and they confirm that what one known liar says is true and I am the “guilty party”.

The manufacturing of such an event ALWAYS involves provocation which i ignore; MILLS was used last evening again but not the driver of the Y reg from 13 Fell View as below but one very similar, a dark haired rough looking woman with a black Audi F4 ORT. She is a type as the driver of the Y reg and was the “witness” to what I responded to by way of being provoked. Except I ignored them. For the record; F4 ORT was a silver grey Audi that appeared on and off for over 2 years to recent but near Fell View, I had never seen the driver, the plate then appears on a black Audi and the car is left outside me in 28 Fell View as if the driver is indoors with me. I still had no idea who the driver was. The car then appears at 20, 22 and 41 all the usual lowlife who were ALL parties to bullying to death the elderly lone lady in 28 because it was wanted for me (so they could do same to me) with the driver seen, a dark haired woman of a type used as the Gestapo claim ONE of the same is my daughter when none of my daughters is dark haired at all. Nor are they unemployed lowlife. MILLS is naturally dark when she is not dying her hair to be RED to be my daughter or whatever she claims.

last night the driver was the witness to Mills trying to provoke me and, seeing her closer I saw she was an older version of the Y reg car driver (now back at 13 Fell View), that provocation was so the Gestapo could protect MILLS again and arrest me today for whatever they hoped to achieve with the “witness” on hand so conveniently. Later at the rear of my 28, they had MORE bullying criminals WILLIAMS aka WOODS from 30 try to provoke me with the Gestapo desperate for an arrest TODAY to cover up all events I sent out as information involving DWP FRAUD ID THEFT as usual. Williams are used at least 4 times a week to try to provoke me; they don’t. Thus NO ARREST THIS MORNING so what instead? Anything to spoil my case AGAIN as the bullying thugs they are? They sent NHS, why? Who gave my details? Who had permission? No one. Did my GP refer me? No, I have no GP. They were sent in the desperate attempt to revert to the thuggery in claiming mental illness: that failed.

What transpired was that they saw my car which I apparently do not have, they remembered I was arrested for following someone to a local airport when I then asked who was paying for all the taxis used as I apparently do not drive. Did I follow someone by jogging along? No, I am apparently “disabled” so that’s not an option. I did not invite them in, I told them they harassed me, they told me the NHS harassment of Saturday last in the library HAD NO RECORDS OF JUSTIFIED ATTENDANCE and so on which PROVED that harassment. They also confirmed that I was not known for SHOUTING which is really, all the Gestapo have left to claim now. I did not hold them personally responsible; they act on what they are told. But this is the latest AGAIN. Yours etc carol Woods Ms and the email to follow shows what lunatic now has been sent on a train to Preston to be me in the PRESTON farcical links. Carol Woods Ms.

Part 1 of 2 E-CRIME and worse LA2 area. 07 June 2018

101 Emails <>
7 Jun (3 days ago)
to carol, info, contact, info, bae146, me, michael.lockwo.,, look.north, privateoffice, telegraphedito., homeaffcom, farront, johnsonb, graham.farrant, bennh, donald.toon, sara.thornton, casework, hq1-profession.,, lotusprincess4u

Dear Ms Woods
Thank you for your email. Unfortunately I have failed to understand what exactly you are reporting to police and what your require from police. Please reply to let us know what you would like from police and please make it as clear and concise as possible.
Many thanks
Cumbria Constabulary

From: carol woods []
Sent: 07 June 2018 18:11
To:;;;;; 101 Emails;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

[continues] Subject: Part 1 of 2 E-CRIME and worse LA2 area.

From Ms Carol Woods 28 Fell View LA2 9RP. Dear Sirs, the lunacy of Lancs is yet again to pretend I am someone else and have just moved yet again and have lived in KENDAL when I have never lived in Kendal but now I know why the Gestapo insists that KENDAL is an issue. I have photos of letters with a troll hiding in KENDAL library where I called on the day to visit the town and used the library while I was there. The CUMBRIA Gestapo parked to confirm I was there thus the letters that thief and fraudster had PRE-PREPARED to post as if I had typed them and printed them were what I had typed, printed off and sent out. I took photos of the Gestapo and the would-be-thief and worse and printed nothing. If anyone wants those photos again, please ask.

Thus we mesh all that with this: apparently I have not been living in 28 Fell View as I have been others living in their addresses round FELL VIEW LA2 9RP.

Today AGNES JACKSON in her 70’s known thief and fraudster from 26 Fell View went out to be “me” claiming more DWP money as “ill”. She aided and abetted by all the usual lowlife who all claim FREE MONEY using my name. Without concentrating on that FRAUD and ID THEFT, the INTENTION is to claim I am not in 28 at all but in other addresses and this is ANOTHER reason why. See the attached, photos of the ILLEGAL wiring I found and traced in my bungalow when I moved in and which is attached to ILLEGAL devices in my loft to aid MANY use their phones and computers as if it is MY use. They have all gained hugely but that FRAUD is something I have imagined apparently.

Moving in to 28 I knew someone was accessing the bungalow while I was out and found my ironing board had been moved. When I moved it back to its original position I found measurements written on my newly painted wall and they all linked the dangerous illegal wiring to the loft. Naturally I took photos of it all. Leaving out what the lowlife in 26 and 30 esp, got up to with that and use of MY POWER I refer to this as now. The sockets on the party wall to 30 I found had been rewired to link MY power use to 30. I found it was also linked to 26, in other words, MY BUNGALOW was not there, it was part of 26 on one side and part of 30 on the other.

I started to keep a record of “loft noises” as I can hear when others use their phones and computers as if it is my use. The document was sent out with a few months data and ignored. I started to keep more records learning what was phone use and what was computer use and the most likely user in FRAUD. I was right.

Thus the data drawn up records the times I have my power on and when it is off, which noises and from where and what the events outside me in 28 are as linked.

It has to be remembered that my car has an ILLEGAL GPS on it and the Gestapo can arrange for much of this as they know where I am when out and when I leave. The Illegal listening devices can act as an entertainment centre for me as I record verbally on my dictaphone what is taking place and know the Gestapo can hear so they then have to contact all their unemployed lowlife to do other things which they hope I will not find out about. I have no TV and a small wind up radio which I like to listen to with power on as little as possible even in winter. I hear WILLIAMS the thieves in 30 Fell View test their sockets on the party wall to see if my power is on so they can then have TV on as if it is my use. In AUG 2014 they had the 2nd SKY TV installed and that is IN MY NAME so they try to link that use with my power on. They hide in 30 and pretend to be out but watch without sound and pretend the use must be mine. In the data to follow as Part 2 it can be seen that yobs hide the car from 30 to look as if they are out when they are not with the INTENTION of hoping I switch on my power so they can use it as theirs. Without recording all of that FRAUD and ID THEFT, the point of this is to record the events now and the lunacy in pretending I am still not me and in 28.

The related data in Part 2 is from my “Loft Noise” document and I chose the dates because of this: 31 Jan 2018 I was arrested on more lunatic charges of being a male from Bournemouth and posting on his web site. In that the Gestapo stole my lap top. The INTENTION was to hope that NHS claimed I needed to be in a secure hospital but they did not; I was released and the Gestapo refuse me my custody records and the CD made of the interview. Why? Because they had AGNES JACKSON thief and worse found out living in hiding in 26 and at her son’s near by from end Dec 2017 to claim she was me as I “DISAPPEARED”. Her “disappearance” was to be mine BUT I didn’t “disappear”. However, it suits the Gestapo to PRETEND I DID. They refuse me my custody records to pretend I was not released while they will record I was.

They refuse me the CD made of the interview because if NHS deem a person to be mentally, NO INTERVIEW TAKES PLACE. I of course had the usual corrupt firm of solicitors involved who decline to assist me get my records which I am entitled to as I ask when leaving after interview; they do not get MONTHS to decide if I can have them or not. Jackson going out today with the usual lunacy in place and all pretending fiction is fact is recorded and that was to be ME making a DWP claim for extra money as “ill”. That is not repeated here; part 2 is the few days of LOFT NOISES recorded from my on going record which is now about 50 pages long.

Part 2 explains what is so obviously incriminating about that document. WE HAVE TO THINK OF THE ELDERLY LONE LADY BULLIED TO DEATH TO GET HER OUT OF 28 SO THAT I COULD HAVE IT SO THAT ALL THIS COULD TAKE PLACE. Shipman policy alive in Lancs. I have found out about 4 such deaths; imagine what a REAL INQUIRY could find out and that is ANOTHER COVER UP. Part 1 ends here. Carol Woods feel free to quote me. A ref no from one agency ID 20180 1889. They know who they are.

E-CRIME in FRAUD and worse Lancs: 2 of 2 07 June 2018

carol woods
to info, casework,, me, lotusprincess4u, bae146, hq1-profession., bennh, johnsonb, contact, 101, sara.thornton, donald.toon, look.north,, farront, homeaffcom, telegraphedito., graham.farrant, privateoffice, lep.newsdesk, fieldf

Part 2 FRAUD and worse LA2 at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP.

This is from my Loft Noise document and the odd detail is that I am not apparently in 28 Fell View at all! BUT the “arrest” of 31 Jan 2018 and my lap top stolen and not returned for many weeks; despite dozens of attempts to manufacture “proof” I have a phone I do not have a phone. So, how can all this E-CRIME be taking place when I have NO POWER for most of every day, no lap top and no phone. There are at least 24 who use their phones and computers as if it is MY use. I have learned to differentiate which is which and from where. ALL fraudsters are named and all have gained hugely. Notice what hiding goes on; they are deranged and think they are normal. Shouting is to unnerve me and goes on a great deal with the children used from as young as 2 to 6 to chant and hope to provoke me so they can scream they are all victims.
My lap top was returned to me over 2 months later which is also odd if I was not there: the photos I have of the Gestapo involved suggest I was. I put it in a plastic bag where it has stayed with their prints all over it: they could have planted anything on it and someone else will see. AND if I was not released from custody and locked up as mentally ill, how can this data exist? Can anyone at all see what thugs, liars, deranged and deluded halfwits I deal with? Carol Woods Ms if anyone wants explanations as to data in this, please ask.

2/2/18 12 mins to 10am from 30 Fell View , 9 mins to 10am from 30 and 6 mins suggesting that lowlife took part in a phone call supposedly me with someone else. Then TV on very low in 30 at 12 45 with phone use from 34, then 1 30 maybe 43, 1 45 seemed to be 43, then it went on until Thursday when the lunatics in 30 had the yob in the red Audi DE06 DBO ‘hide’ PJ65 WLL and Williams hid in 30 until Friday night about 9pm when I caught them sneaking about indoors as she put on a light at the rear by accident, it was only on a minute but I knew they were indoors all that time. The yob NEVER collects or returns the keys when he drives off PJ65 WLL. 8/9/ Feb 12 14am onto 12 30 loud mouths in 23, shout across as I unload my car and 26 has had blinds adjust themselves as did Williams in 30 pretending to be out. Halfwits on scooters were up and down.
Then on 9 Feb 2018 it was manic with noise, and vans arriving with another gardener’s van on 10th which went to 45 DALTON ’s after leaving the van at my bungalow as usual. From 3 24pm in 30 to 3 44pm on 9th it was phone use and 41 joined in. The use from at least 3 went on to 4 26pm non-stop.

My power off all day again to 5 20pm and the Gestapo helicopter went over at 5 35pm so I took 2 photos. The fireplace was heard at 6 06 which whatever LARGE device is fixed behind that NEW for my move in. The TV was loud in 30 at 7 55pm but they were in the dark pretending the TV was in my bungalow, 28, I recorded on my Dictaphone that no one had been in to feed the cat; 8 30pm and the fireplace again then they realise I saw them at the rear so all their lights went on at 9 10pm.

10/2/18 Saturday: 8 50pm loft noise phone from 30, they still pretended to be away when I knew they hid. NY54 RZN drove to 20 and pretended to move someone in as 14 had done the same there earlier. A yob had been stood outside me about 7pm using his phone which was to be said to be MY use, usual lunacy with Williams pretending not to be indoors. 9 04pm, 30 – phone, 9 12pm 34 goes on Internet use, 9 19, seemed to be 43 computer. 9 36 photo of car parked by 32 with headlights, using phone, left after I took a photo. Sure linked to 41. There has to be 2 taking part so that one can be me. Car outside me doing same with 41 at 10 38pm.

At 2 34 the loft noise woke me, a car drove off from about no. 16 at 2 43am, at 7 30am noises from the supposedly empty 26 that went on to 8am at least. WILLIAMS found to have been hiding after all and they in 30 before the car PJ65 WLL was driven back. Someone else had that out to look as if Wiliams were not indoors when they were. Jackson pretends she is not in 26 and hides. This is another “mental hospital” FRAUD in progress.

Clarke in 23 at 11 12am somehow knew I had switched off my radio, all starts when I have no radio so I keep it on most of the time. I had on no power most of day and into the evening. YJ17 GNZ starts to drive back and forth.

Sunday and Jarvis from 41 at church but loft at 12 41 and then all cars left by 1 54pm but Mrs O’Conner arrives back at 39 after being absent for at least 2 days. She in Y547 OGW the car used by council to drive her about then she gains it as council gain her other cars V24 MAJ and V23 MAJ. I switch off my radio after 1pm news, TV on in 30 and council sleazy at 37, FP06 PJU. Radio on and off (confuses them) scum up and down coincides with my radio on and off, loft phone use 30 at 2 18pm, radio back on after being off a few mins, then off again at 2 21. Jarvis back in 41 and oft starts 7 mins to 3pm then 6 mins to 3, 2 mins to 3, switched to 30, 8 mins past 3, snow started, all sorts of yobs inn cars hidden rear 31 drive off, some walk off, Curwen from 24 in and out, back and forth, this is 11 Aug 2012 again.

Loft 9 34pm from 41, they use their computer ground floor front to be me in bungalow. 9 48 was the fireplace and 10 39pm phone at 30 2 mins after I record bits on my Dictaphone. 10 41pm noises after I record 10 39 noises then 10 45, 10 46pm between 30 and 41.

12th Jan. Loft noises woke me at 7am then a car drove off as I look at the snow 7 30am, a RED AUDI used a few times lately to be stalker Bleasdale in WG03 DMW when it is not the same Audi model or the same red. A white van was with the red Audi so, I have just moved again. Council sleazy hidden at 39 which I saw had no snow on the car; Mr O’Conner had left his parked on the street last night which was odd, he left his driveway free for the scum to arrive and park to pretend. Mrs O’Conner walks a dog back to 39 at 9 05am SA64 NGX large white arrives at 33 and waits, at 10 30am a taxi pulled up for 1 second by my car then raced off, another pretend to drop me off. Small black cars were mixed in with large white and Curwen in and out more than for weeks. Fraudsters at 23 were dressed in RED and the CLARKE van from PRESTON sent to pretend that they had a NEW tenant “disabled” (while they were out). 11 05am Clarke van races from 23 almost as if he knew what I had recorded on Dictaphone. Loft noise 12 noon, news on 30 and 34, phone use 30 at 12 06, then 41 at 12 23. White car leaves from hiding at 31 at 12 36, my power on 8 48am to 9 30am only.

Jarvis the deranged were at their usual antics, 7 cars park up outside me and incl. the beached whale in the “54” car, one small child was used in that when a small white drove up with the other 6 SIX and in the howling winds and freezing cold rain had the child in and out of the car to hope I took a photo so they could scream I took photos of children. That white car was ANOTHER to pretend to drop off someone at 20 Fell View yet again. MB04 MFK a small black then arrived with the lump in NY54 RZN and pretended using a plastic laundry basket to move ‘someone’ into 20 which now makes at least 30 persons in 20 since Xmas Eve 2017. I asked them if my car hindered their farce; they drove off after taking the laundry basket into 20 as someone “moving”. I drove off again and more started to race round; AJ54 was one. 31 was used for hiding again, then 33 and as I drive round later 33 is unoccupied after all that fraud. Red Honda then arrives and pretends to be in 30 Fell View, and as I went to get a photo of GN07 not parked Mills from 20 was still rushing about in another car going between her house and 7 Leslie Ave her sister’s. At 8 24pm I hear the loft noise and see the lunatic Mr in 41 at the computer which they position to be ME in 28, my guess he was in touch with others pretending that I was making contact. PL17 OSJ used variously was hiding at 7 Leslie Ave in a “move”.

At 3 mins to 9pm I heard more from 41 and had found MR JARVIS using his phone, hiding in my front garden, right under my windows as “proof” it was my use. He disturbed my plant pots which was what alerted me: he ran off as I unlocked to go and see. At 10 15pm I heard phone use from 30 just after the fireplace noise.

13/2/18 Noises from 26 after midnight I heard yet she supposed to be away. I got up about 9 15am and switched on my power, PN16 YKK a red Vauxhall appears and then Mr W from 30 hides in his shed: it is pouring and very cold, Jarvis pretends at 41 with GN07 and O’Conner at 39 plus Clarke at 23, one hides in 31 yard then drives out and red car sleazy floats about at 33 and all that was in 5 mins. 12.39 the loft at the rear, possibly use from 36. TV on in 30 at 12 50pm. 41 caused the loft noise I was sure at 1 07, then 1 38, 1 40 and 1 52pm so it is computer use. Males about later all rush to post as I pass when out so we have a MR CW in progress. 2.02 I had heard the noise from 34 and activity in 30 after fireplace at 2 29pm. My plant pots were moved by Mr Williams in 30 aka MR CARL WOODS as they think they are me as a couple: he moved them as Jarvis knew I was alerted by his kicking against them. Photos taken and more plant pots added to make it harder to move them.

This day 2017 and Mrs in 30 sneaks from their front door while I work my rear garden and she sneaks round by 32 and into the rear of 30 pretending that she was me leaving 28! She had on a coat for the cold and her carpet slippers! I had started to record the fireplace noises as they always coincided with lunacy from 30. At 3 26pm phone use from 30, 3 30pm, phone use from 30, all this is emailed to the council and includes the obese in NY54 silver Clio dropping off AGAIN Mrs Invisible to move in but at 21 instead of 20. BN65 CVH was male parked at Morecambe train station NOT paid, as they never do, and he using his phone as a gawper as I left the library. 11 mins to 8pm loft which was from 41, 30 put on TV low 2 mins after I put on my radio; they think I can’t hear their TV. 8 22 pm it was Jarvis use, 8 39 loft and somewhere between 31 and 39: that stretch of roadway. At 8 40pm I comment aloud on the OXFAM scandal and the Gestapo hear which is why I do that and loft starts again at 8 40pm. 8 44pm, 8 50 and I take a photo of cars at 37 GN55 was one as usual and lights were on in 23 which they use as their ‘computer room’. 9 02 was 41 again, 9 03 was phone in 30, 9 05 was 23 or 37 again, 9 07pm was 34, and 9 10 was 30 again – phone use.

At 2 40am noise from 26 woke me, then the fire surround was loud at 2 45am, I look out and find McHarran in 43 STILL up and she is a main fraudster so that would be her use; no one else had a light on at all. At almost 3 am the noise was on-going so computer use.
14/2/18 30 Fell View created the loft noise at 11 25am, my power on for 10 mins only and off again for 9 20am. I looked out and found scum in X341 YVB at 45; took a photo and he drove off. Loft at 12 27 from 41, Mr Jarvis one of only 1% to work was again having lots of time off work, I had no background noise so added my radio, 12 41 and then at 1 03 switched it off. Sleazy council drove from hiding at 1 09 (at 31) and as my radio was off they alerted by Gestapo pretended to drive me off so I waited then put it on again. (This is what they do EVERY night.)

At 1 36 there was scuffling in 30 when they had pretended to be out, then fire surround noises at 1 38, then they start to bang about not even pretending to have been out and entering 30. At 1 45 there was no TV as I had no power on and 1 58 the fire surround noise was loud and more scuffling about in 30 almost as if they had someone else in there, then the loft noises started and that was 41 I was sure of that. Phone or Internet use. Mr Jarvis in 41 was not at work but left after the loft noises that was then about 2pm. By 3 28 Williams were banging about again and my power was on at 5 19pm, the loft noises started at 5 20pm from 41 (he was back at 41) and the TV was on and off in 30 to match my radio on and off. Then the TV was on in 30 from about 4 30 with the loft again at 5 55pm from 41? It went on to 6 02 so had to be Internet use. By 6 11 I was sure it was 41, by 6 18pm it was phone use from 30 then back to 41. The fire surround noises started again and the loft as if 30 and 41 were in touch with each other. All coincided with “action” at 23. At 34 they were using the Internet and my loft told me at 6 45pm. It went on all evening but no cars were visible so it had to be the usual lowlife indoors. 33, 26, 24 were all apparently unoccupied. I recorded on my Dictaphone and the loft started: I wondered if the deranged in 30 was pretending she was me on a phone, I heard the phone loft noise from 30. That was 10 27pm and then I switched all off and heard her again at 10 33pm. Ends Carol Woods Ms

TREASON MAIL THEFT FORGERY again Lancaster 07 June 2018

carol woods
to jake.diamont, bob.gallacher,, bennh, contact, richard.little., cat_smith,, hq1-profession.

Dear Sirs If anyone has written to me EVER I have not received it: I am only allowed such as the one from the MET liars: right now I have been in the post office and as usual those WAITING to then post as if it was what I posted flooded in with their items. Apparently I have sent out nothing; Thus one female troll sent KENDAL MINT CAKE to LONDON which was to be PROOF I am from Kendal which is the lunacy of Lancs Gestapo trying to prove: I am not me in 28 Fell View apparently yet have all those photos from indoors and taken from 24 March 2014 when I moved in: I have none from indoors anywhere in Kendal so, a jury might ask relevant questions.
They had the usual BLUE SHIRTED fraudster waiting as the Gestapo monitor where I am heading ILLEGALLY via the CCTV so, the blue shirted male waving about his A4 BROWN envelope was to repeat the council sleazy on photos sent out earlier and thus I attach again the blue shirted fraudsters already on film.

I also recorded how a troll hid to post as I passed NEW ST post box on Tuesday with PCSO to claim he saw me near my car and thus that was PROOF I posted what that troll posted EXCEPT she is on photos posting. Not yet developed but please ask. I also add ONE GESTAPO PLANNED FRAUD yet again and this was ANOTHER recruited fraudster in RED so proof she was me in my red car! She was to wait where my car was parked (same place as Tuesday this week) and that is not far from the old main post office. She then was to dart to the post boxes at that redundant building and post as I walked past: in that, the GESTAPO were conveniently on hand yet again to claim they saw me walking along there so PROOF I posted whatever she had. BUT I then saw her and her car a RED MINI. The Gestapo provided Agnes Jackson thief used today again from 26 Fell View LA2 9RP with a red Mini and driver in Aug 2016 and pretended that she driven and seen for 5 mins in a RED MINI was PROOF she was me but why? Because the Gestapo thought my daughter in law had a red Mini so, if Jackson was seen in one then she was me out with my daughter in law. Jackson will never have a daughter in law. The Gestapo sent over a helicopter while Jackson was dropped off after being driven up and down round Fell View for just a few mins and that was PROOF but, my son and family called not 5 mins later and my daughter in law confirmed she knew no such thief and parasite as in 26 Fell View, would not think of driving one about and, her MINI had been swapped a few weeks earlier so she had no RED MINI. That is why RED MINIS are and were used still in that lunacy. Thus here we have something else they can rush to “revise”. Carol Woods Ms please feel free to quote me. PS police arrest SOME in GRENFELL TOWER DISASTER FRAUD, really, that can only mean one law for them and one for others. What corrupt bullies they are. Ends.


carol woods
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to bob.gallacher, ministers, coopery, me, bae146,, chiefexecutive, chiefexecutive, ctax, benefits, haveyoursay, cat_smith, huntj, heather.tierne.
Please see the latest lunacy in Fell View in FRAUD.

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On Thursday, 7 June 2018, 14:00, carol woods <> wrote:

Today and MORE DWP FRAUD ID THEFT and lunacy Lancashire FUNDED by You.
Agnes Jackson thief and fraudster from 26 Fell View LA2 9RP goes out with her one real son, he in his 50’s she in her 70’s; she is apparently me. I rent 28 BUT WILLIAMS the pair in 30 Fell view are aka ME as Mr and Mrs CARL WOODS.

May 2015 and Jackson went to claim DWP extra monies as me using a local unemployed yob from 36 Fell View also coincidentally called JACKSON and that is what is revised today. The yob had to meet her in Lancaster as he does not drive; then another fraudster from 31 Fell View drove Jackson to met him: I was not to know and I attach the frauds where the yob stood outside me and pretended to text me in 28 with arrangements for the FRAUD.

Thus that yob replaced by her real son, and JARVIS from 41 another serious fraudster then goes out to be her daughter and uses the bus; GN07 AHO is left: Jarvis is a driver but pretends not to be when told to. She claims she is my daughter today again with Jackson her “mother” and ME again. This is the masonic inversion lunacy.

At 33 Fell View unoccupied from the day I moved to 28 Fell View (24 3 14), was the usual old fraudster in MT03 PWL who is a key to 33 and pretends she calls on someone there ME as the MISSING ELDERLY LONE LADY MRS M PECK WHO DISAPPEARED WITHOUT TRACE yet the council ALL this time register her as if she is in 33 and PAY fraudsters to pretend to call on her; she is ANOTHER victim of the Lancs SHIPMAN POLICY. The use of TAXIS to stalk and pretend they drive me about by telepathy will follow.

2 other doxies hid behind 31 which yard is used daily for such so cars can hide then drive off when my car leaves 28 and they pretend they drive me as if I am MRS PECK “disabled”. They then found out and one leaves but one hides elsewhere and thinks her car is invisible: SK17 CXN red Kia looked visible enough to me. The Gestapo send round the council funded EMCOR to simply drive round and off and pretend it is PROOF they deal with someone moving in ME yet again. I attach with this a few moving in days which YOU all fund without a murmur it seems. I attach the council sleazy who are sent to walk up and down outside me in 28 and wave bits of paper and pretend they oversee a “move in”. I have scores of such and only include the few I do include.
On Tuesday in the usual FRAUD leading to TREASON of mail posted as if I posted I filmed a woman hiding on NEW ST Lancaster as I left the library (bearing in mind I was apparently not in Lancaster) who posted an item as I walked by to be something said to be from me. Near my car was a PCSO who was to confirm he saw me thus I was the one who posted at the box in town, plus I spoke to the man sent today to pretend he had not seen me Tuesday, so, there you have it, lunacy.

It went on: This was the DARK FORCES FARCE: 31 Jan 2018 arrested for harassing WILLIAMS in 30 aka WOODS with FRAUD and worse from them ignored. the intention was to have NHS claim I was mentally ill but they did not: THE GESTAPO PRETEND I WAS NOT RELEASED BUT WAS IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL AND THAT T DALTON FROM 45 FELL VIEW, sneaked into the police station, a yob used and claims to be me via HIS Internet so E-CRIME covered up, was to be the ME released; I was to “disappear”. Dalton I was not to know was there; he was. He was released about 8 am on 1/2/18 and which I caught on camera.

AGNES JACKSON in her 70’s had from end Dec 2017 hidden in 26 Fell View and at her son’s round the corner KENNETH JACKSON not related to the yob in 36 Fell View. I was to think she was away BUT she was pretending she was me having ADMITTED MYSELF INTO A MENTAL HOSPITAL (via the Gestapo thuggery). The plan failed on 31 Jan 2018 but the Gestapo refuse me my custody records as they want to claim a) I was not arrested and b) that I was not released if I was arrested. Jackson emerged end March 2018 assuming I was an idiot and having not heard her in 26 for weeks. Clearly she could be out when I was not in 28 as the GPS ILLEGALLY ON MY CAR shows the Gestapo where I am and they can alert her to then hide.
JACKSON ADMITTED HERSELF INTO A LOCAL MENTAL HOSPITAL ON 5/6/7 JULY 2014 and how funny and clever they all thought they were in that when they returned her to 26. The returning her led to the lunacy of Tuesday when one doxy stalker in MX64 XEZ I would say was NHS and she was pretending to drive me.

All involved on 5/6/7 July 2014 knew Jackson was not me.
On Saturday as recorded the library which I used for almost 2 hours was flooded with gormless sleazy all NHS and pretending the library was a hospital. And they think they have a right to be in charge of truly ill patients!

Meanwhile JUNE FRANCIS WILLIAMS In 30 Fell View is me again with ID provided by the council/Gestapo and their antics of yesterday again to try to prove that left me laughing out loud.
Agnes Jackson used her real son today yet she has 5 FIVE “identical twins” to drive her about and they all live in 26 apparently, she has at least 5 sons, at least 3 daughters, a sister and a brother and grandchildren with cars: at least that YOU supplied her with in FRAUD and all to make me think something untrue as if I am an idiot. The INTENTION was to a) claim she was 2 people so one was me, b)try to give her MY family make-up so she could be said to be me (I only have one son and he’s real), I have real grandchildren and a real sister, 3 real daughters, a real brother and so on. YOU have funded that fraudsters frauds along with at least 24 others EXACTLY the same and now we have the MISSING LADY from 33 to cover for again so, here we go again. Oddly note the photos from Fell View when I apparently have not been there. DWP can expect a NEW CLAIM now in FRAUD and the sleazy postie who is identified will deliver to her the related mail in TREASON. Yours etc Carol Woods MS please feel free to quote me. PS I asked the male I am friendly with on Tuesday if he could get for me again the COMMON PURPOSE CD he loaned me years ago which shows what dimwits are “brainwashed” and how to make them into automatons. I suggest he will not have it to loan me now.


carol woods
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to steven.chalmers, alex.doncaster, DPSMailbox-.CST, policing.minis.,, garry.shewan, ian.pilling, editor, editor, michael.lockwo., micheal.lockwo., telegraphedito., homeaffcom, johnsonb, john.humphrys, bae146, me, secofstate, susan.acland-h., customerinvest., david.lidingto.,, farront, fieldf, chris.packer

In the lunacy of pretending I ms Carol Woods was not in Lancaster 2 days ago, the Gestapo have sent a male I am friendly with but rarely see; I saw him and talked to him on Tuesday for a length of time, today he was to “bump into me” and PRETEND he had only now seen me and I was not there on Tuesday; and old act of lunacy. In my 2017 diary I find the entry for today which was WEDNESDAY last year and I had called into Lancaster then and collected my lap top in for repair. Days later the staff were to stop me in the street and say I had my lap top to collect when I told them, I had already collected it. All that is on emails of the time. The lunatics of Tuesday involved are all on digital camera. This data is in response to yet another liar in the MET POLICE in the COVER UP of my case and their corruption, ineptitude, dishonesty, harassment and all the usual. The legal definition of a COVER UP: this category provides that qualifying disclosures include information not only about the substantive malpractice, but information which tends to show the deliberate concealment of information about the malpractice.
From Ms Carol Woods 28 Fell View La2 9Rp typing this while at least 2 unemployed thieves from Fell view PLUS their entourage are out posing as me making a NEW DWP claim as if they as me have just moved to Fell View again BUT as the MISSING ELDERLY LONE PERSON MRS MARGARET PECK FROM 33 FELL VIEW, ANOTHER VICTIM OF THE SHIPMAN POLICY OF LANCS. That data is another email for DWP fraud dept. but anyone can ask for details.

I attach the letter I received from the MET and the envelope: notice the usual game of backdating the letter, sending days later by 2nd class to continue the delay and thus the 28 days I am told I have to advance further the complaint is reduced by at least 7 whole days. Amazingly I was allowed this letter when 99% of my mail is stolen for those who pose as me.
This is STEVEN CHALMERS Professional Standards which speaks volumes about the rest of them. Notice he claims my complaint is an abuse of the complaints process and inserts 2 TWO reference numbers apparently already allocated but for what I am unsure. I attach the email that claims they received my form sent to me when I received no such form of that date nor did I thus complete and submit my form; my requests for information about that clear “someone else” using MY name were ignored.

My complaint was after I received again a form to complete which was not stolen and which I had not asked for. I had copied the MET police HQ into an email which was related to GMP thuggery where their new Chief Constable had referred his own professional standards dept. to the Met for investigation of corruption. That was not a joke: the form came to me after my email told the MET I had cogent evidence of corruption and bribery of GMP Chester House.

That was not addressed at all. This was my complaint again and shows the COVER UP.
In Jan 2004 I was allocated a crime number in relation to corruption of LORD JUSTICE PETER GIBSON in the London High Court he who acted as the corrupt judge as is NOW in the news of such in the JEREMY THORPE COVER UP and police ineptitude etc. Gibson told me I had made up the Perjury Act 1911, the Human Rights Act and Croner’s Employment Law. (All with a witness statement provided.)

By May June 2005 a DI JOSEPH MUTCH was appointed and he then appointed A/DI NICK WOOD who wrote well enough but after EMAIL INTERCEPTION his tone changed. He had asked me for a court document he needed and I sent all I had; I knew the content was false but not the FACT that it was a false court document. Wood would have known and said nothing. He arrived to claim to interview me by which time the former CC of Lancs Paul Stephenson had taken the job with the MET so, I knew that explained WOOD’s change in tone. Cutting to the chase, the INTENT TO HARM ME in Lancaster police station in 2005 failed with WOOD then claiming no one knew he was there. So, he had parked his car in their secure compound and had a room yet no one knew he was there! With Wood was a woman at least half his age who he introduced as a senior Met officer when she was anything but and had NO ID. Wood I then discover had been on leave when he was in Lancaster and NO ONE KNEW HE WAS THERE, the intention became clearer. I reported that and asked for the return of my file which had been in front of GIBSON and which the Met had asked me for, it cost me £25 to copy and send it and it “disappeared” IN THE MET.
The file was NEVER returned to me despite many requests.

MY complaint about WOOD met with back dated letters, forward dated letters in sheer lunacy as if I am stupid, and lies. NO ONE ADDRESSED THE FACT THAT HE HAD AIDED A MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC TO POSE AS POLICE AND HE NOT EVEN ON DUTY IN THE INTENT TO HARM ME. That was a criminal offence covered up. CRIS 6200836104 was the allocated crime number and NOT dealt with as they try to claim. I found nothing but corruption in the IPCC on this and without their corruption such as EWAN McGREGOR, MIKE TODD OF GMP WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN MURDERED FOR PROSECUTING WOOD AMONG OTHERS. Wood named in my Attorney General file.
I had asked Ian Blair if REGULATION 9 was considered and as soon as he started to investigate, he was discredited and forced out. Stephenson took his post and there was no competition. (We all found out what he was.)

MY file seems to have been destroyed: ANOTHER criminal offence, Destruction of Evidence, The Criminal Procedures and Investigation Act 1996.

Fast fwd to 2010 and harassment relentless, wrongful arrests and false imprisonments they knowing I was not who they pretended I was ID THEFT. THERE WERE NO ARREST WARRANTS AT ALL SO NOW I KNOW I WAS KIDNAPPED. On the Aug 2010 arrest to make sure the High Court judge then involved and he not corrupt the MET found my driving licence and thus could not produce me in any court as the person they invented. I was dumped in a mental hospital: I had no idea where I was and when my family contacted the thugs involved, the HARROW WEALDSTONE told them they had never heard of me. I was deprived of communication at the time. I was never told where I was when held on arrest. At least TWICE I was given my belt and laces and told to “Get on with it”. What was I arrested for? “Fail to attend” Fail to attend what? They could not say. There is no such thing.

The hospital, which I later found was in Harrow on the Hill, tried to encourage me to admit myself after the psychiatrist “interviewing” me found I was not mentally ill and said, “Get her out of here”. I did not admit myself and sent out recently the discharge document they tried to deny me so that I could be said to have “escaped” leading to more thuggery. No diagnosis and no medication at all. No signs of mental illness. The MoJ have since confirmed that the supposed COURT CASES which were nothing but farces in SOME arrests have no records of taking place at all.

The MET declined to ask me for copies of the bogus letters sent to me on falsely headed paper which were all to lure me into traps. They ignored the emails ignored where I had asked for names, ranks and badge numbers of ALL involved in “arrests”.
In 2010 I had been constantly lied to: DWP FRAUD in ID theft went ignored and TREASON etc. all of which I was right about which the passing of time shows.

But in that, one officer from the MET did listen to me telling of my house theft, wrecking of and looting with emails to Lancs police asking what was the FACT of the matter. Lancs told them I was mentally ill and could not accept my house HAD BEEN REPOSSESSED (after mortgage defaults). I had not that evidence when I complained to ALEX DONCASTER named in the HQ dept of Chalmers. I sent him the evidence they had been lied to. I have never had a mortgage on my house.
I sent much else (please ask if copies of what I sent Chalmers are required), and none was available when I dealt with DONCASTER in 2016.

In 2011 I found that police officer TRACEY KENNEDY and her partner with a former inept probation officer ROGER FRANKLAND had been in the High Court London posing as me with Frankland posing as solicitor as if for me when he knew those 2 were not me. The court staff showed me the file and I went to report the FORGERY and more ALL CRIMES to HOLBORN station being told that AGAR ST was closed for decorating which sounded like nonsense to me but heck, who knows?

Holborn I dealt with a WPCSO BLAIR who was the ONLY professional person involved; the bullying thugs acted out the MURDER OF MIKE TODD in mockery saying things like “Wind chill factor today could kill you” etc. That was reported and ignored.

Fast fwd again and 2016 and DONCASTER invited me to submit a complaint after the INTERNET users/campaigners highlighted my case. He extended the days I was allowed to submit asking me for details of ALL police forces involved, as Easter 2016 fell among the number. I did not need an extension of time, I drove to London and hand delivered with a receipt of delivery.

DONCASTER claimed I was out of time as the liar he was and never dealt with the complaint yet here we have more liars claiming he had. I sent them for this matter the proof DONCASTER was a liar. It was ignored.
Chalmers saw cogent evidence of COMPUTER MISUSE and ignored that.
As data subject, I own all the Met have sent to me, and own the copyright and publishing rights.
Carol Woods Ms PS is the Met saving money in using 2nd class mail? No, they use huge inputs to harass when I go to London, organising their lowlife and thugs, and recently have harassed, using squad vehicles, a campaigner copied this. Sorry I have no phone. Please feel free to quote me. CHALMERS AND DONCASTER ALSO KNOW THEY AID TRACEY KENNEDY TO POSE AS POLICE WHICH THEN BRINGS THEM INTO THE CHARGES OF AIDING AND ABETTING SERIOUS CRIME, lying to me as a member of the public is MISCONDUCT IN A PUBLIC OFFICE.

FRAUD using 41 Fell View LA2 9RP starts yet again 05 June 2018

carol woods
5 Jun (5 days ago)
to bob.gallacher

Dear Mr Gallacher DWP FRAUD Dept, I wish to record this now; MORE in regard to SUZANNE and ANDREW JARVIS of 41 Fell View LA2 9RP thieves fraudsters, forgers and more.
I also send this to the Housing Ombudsman who now accepts the matters in regard to the council corruption.

I move to 28 Fell View on 24/3/14 as you know and within 1 hour knew that MANY were recruited fraudsters including JARVIS sent to tell me nonsense as I unloaded the last bits from my car. I knew she was a liar then. The council sleazy started to arrive at 41 and I knew they were up to no good after my VAST experiences of their sleaze and corruption.

PE08 ZRX was one used mostly. I keep minimum detail here but all will be stated when I am asked to make a formal statement for prosecution of these. On 24 April 2014 I had a day out in another town and on my return found ANOTHER sleazy following me and she went to 41 and they pretended I had just moved in AGAIN, PE56 NXB. ALL is on photos.
Thus they aided Jarvis to forge my signature as she pretended I lived there being cared for driven about by her in GN07 AHO and all that was validated by the council who knew she had a small council house and 3 youngish children plus MR so there was no room. It went on and on.
ALL is on record. This is a snap shot:

End Oct 2014 Jarvis went away, I waited a few days and then sent an email saying they had left Mrs Invisible alone and probably she would be dehydrated and starving.

The lunatics leap into action with keys provided by the council to access to 41 where MORE pretended to care for the invisible. On ANY day of intense harassment and thuggery where I am to be “seen off” one way or another, the cars used in that lunacy appear at 41 and PRETEND that any NOW is Oct 2014 again! Thus this week being manic for harassment and all found out, PE56 NXB stalks me to Morecambe today and pretends she has driven me. I found the name of PE08 ZRX driver SARAH FETTERMAN and she was claiming to be my daughter as well. Please note unemployed lowlife in 13 Fell view STAIG possibly, now claims to be a daughter of mine. Fetterman lives on 17 Whalley Rd Lancaster as I saw by chance. The gains for all are huge.
The cars sent end Oct to conduct that farce was a rough looking woman I would know again in MV57 CFE, and another who does so much sneaking about it is hard to say what she really looks like, EX59 VOY; they both appeared after months of not doing only 2 days ago and JARVIS goes out with a woman in F4 ORT black Audi who pretends at 20, 22, and in fact anywhere at all, that she is dealing with MY HOUSE SALE yet again. All thieves fraudsters and liars and ALL for gain. That now on record. Carol Woods Ms.

ID THEFT and more FRAUD PLANNED. LA2 05 June 2018

carol woods
to contact, donald.toon, secofstate, graham.farrant, me, bae146, lotusprincess4u, farront, fieldf, johnsonb, john.humphrys, look.north,, telegraphedito., privateoffice, homeaffcom, andy/rhodes, policing.minis.,, steven.chalmers, caroline.lucas., lep.newsdesk, coopery

This data is yet MORE found to be used in ID THEFT and serious crime round FELL VIEW LA2 9RP. From Ms Carol Woods 28 Fell View LA2 9RP if anyone has written I have not received it and sorry, I do not have a phone. Currently SOME emails are being intercepted.

Pages 1 and 2 of attachments and we see K MILLS again at 20 Fell View where I rent 28 under duress. Here she shouts into her phone to inform DPD driver NOT to deliver as PLANNED as I had not driven off and thus the BEHIND MY BACK, THEFT, FORGERY etc could not take place at 20 Fell View. MILLS claimed to be my niece and that I was renting that squalid caravan which is seen. Mills sent the DPD driver to her associate’s house which I found by chance and took photos of the delivery made via E-CRIME in MY NAME as usual. Reported; ignored as usual.

In 2017 to aid and abet MILLS the Gestapo gave her an alias of STAIG as they gave thieves and fraudsters REID in 49 an alias of MOSS and the old fraudster in 32, MARY LAMB became Marilyn Reid, WILIAMS in 30 Fell View and Jackson in 26 were ME as WOODS from the day I moved to rent 28 which was 24/3/14. Thus I check for the name STAIG and find 3 at 13 Fell View, all women. But after I expose MILLS’s fraud with an alias, a car that had been used in stalking but at 20 and 22, started to appear at 13 Fell View: Y274 FWP. The car was there on and off but never permanently.
December 2017 and my car window smashed in what was to be an INSURANCE FRAUD with WILLIAMS in 30 but which failed as I did not claim on my insurance, the Gestapo pretend it did not happen as usual. (I had a parking fine to pay weeks ago and asked for receipt of my cheque sent. The firm signed for the recorded delivery but my request for a receipt of payment HAS NOT BEEN DELIVERED TO ME AS THE GESTAPO WANT TO CLAIM I AM NOT IN 28 AT ALL WITH MY CAR AS WILLIAMS IS ME AGAIN WITH A FRAUD PLANNED FOR END JUNE 2018 FOR WHICH SEE WHAT FOLLOWS.) How then to make me think my car window was not mine after all? Easy, have lowlife unemployed sent with a window “conveniently out” covered up. Y274 FWP at 13 Fell View thus I am in 13 now as well as in 2, 12, 14, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 30, 34, 36, 38, 42 at least.

This car cannot be legal without the rear view: it has been like this since JANUARY. It was used again on Saturday as this. My car can just be seen on the photo of the car rear driving to 13 after stalking me on 8/4/18. On Saturday the lunacy was in use of this roughneck who is very dark haired, looks quite short and slim with a male version of herself sometimes: they are proof evolution goes backwards. She is apparently my daughter I find out.

She is not a STAIG as far as I know. All 3 STAIG may or may not be 13 now: I will have to check the electoral register when the new one is published. It is late this year. Thus walking to my car parked on 2/6/18, the Gestapo had females, short, slim and with long dark hair to be seen going to my car thus PROOF this driver is me or is my daughter. In this anything is possible: remember that May 2008 IAN YOUNG police legal rep claimed “She is her daughter”; I had become my own daughter (the middle one) and that is what this driver is used for. I have 2 of my daughters in the local area: neither drives.

At approx 2 45am today AGAIN the loft noise woke me which only 13 had lights on and as it is from the area “new” in this, we have E-CRIME now from 13. I can hear the sounds and you have all seen the photos of ILLEGAL WIRING PLACED TO MY LOFT WITH BT DEVICES TO ALLOW FOR THIS, and now this “newish” noise is 13 Fell View. It went on to 3 30am at least. Given no one works, they are all up to all hours and mostly to that time it had been McHARRAN in 43 and BLENKINSHIP in 34 with DALTON and others ceasing to use their computers LINKED TO ME in 28 by about 1 or 1 30am. I took a photo showing lights on in 13 at that time. Thus the driver has to be covered for and made to seem to be linked to me as my daughter OR to be me as if I was my daughter: this is how in the Masonic lunacy.

They have a female stood where they KNOW ILLEGALLY I WILL be (this morning after catching an NHS old doxy red handed stalking and pretending to have driven me to drop me off, silver FORD MX64 XEZ because AGNES JACKSON of 26 FELL VIEW another ME, did on 5 July 2014 admit herself into a local mental hospital as if she was me when they all knew she was not. How funny and clever they all thought they were returning her to 26 Fell View; she does not drive which makes her posing as me rather ludicrous). The female was to stand about and, NOTICE THE WHITE SHIRT after the fraudsters on photos sent out recently and more to follow today, suddenly take photos on her phone which, as I was there, was PROOF the phone was mine after all thus I have a phone AND THUS HEARING THE THIEF AND WORSE IN 30 FELL VIEW AND JACKSON in 26 USING THEIR PHONES AS IF THEY ARE ME (SATURDAY 2/6/18 FOR EXAMPLE) was PROOF I have a phone and so they posing as me is fine!

In 2014 Williams in 30 pretended she was me and that I was her sister. They pretended MILLS was their daughter thus I was aunt to MILLS. I have reason to believe now that JUNE WILLIAMS as her “predecessor” SHIRLEY RYCROFT of Flat 4 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA when I rented Flat 3 (JUNE WILLIAMS took on RYCROFT’s role when I left the Flat for Fell View) did pose as me IN COURT. The mania to have me use a phone is to repeat AUG 2011 when I circulated those who posed as me in the HIGH COURT LONDON so on 1/8/11 a telephone hearing took place so the fraudster and imposter could not be seen, and this is what the Gestapo PLAN for end of JUNE this year. Except, I ALWAYA go abroad to stop their frauds to rewrite the EXTORTION and worse of 29 June 2006. That has spoiled all their plans. The WILLIAMS attachment here, will be sent to any court I think might be being used for such FRAUD again. Ends Carol Woods Ms. PS remember WILLIAMS is bankrupt; I am not. Please feel free to quote me.

ID THEFT HARASSMENT and FRAUDSTERS goes on Lancs. 05 June 2018

carol woods
to 101

Sirs, I have just had to break into my day “out” AGAIN to record MORE HARASSMENT with INTENT. As the ILLEGAL GPS on my car showed, I parked legally in the Aberdeen/Dumbarton Rd area of Lancaster about 20 mins ago so that I could walk to the ADULT COLLEGE on White Cross site, a former employer of mine, and check that YOU do not have the thief and fraudster JUNE FRANCIS WILLIAMS using MY name as if she is me as YOU provided in HMYOI Lancaster Farms 2014.
Williams aka ME, Ms Carol Woods, uses PJ65 WLL so I wanted to check if that was parked there: (I found out JARVIS the thief and fraudster in (posing as me as a cleaner in Lancaster University in 2015 by finding her FORD GN07 AHO by chance at the sports’ centre). The PJ65 car was not parked on Fell View this morning.

As I parked MY RED TOYOTA YARIS X165 YUB, I noticed that the usual doxy type had been following me: her car not one I know at all, MX64 XEZ a silver grey Ford.
She alighted after parking as close to me as possible so she was ILLEGALLY parked and then she walked up and down like the bullying trolls sent to do same outside me in 28 Fell View to harass and cause anxiety, and she waved about an ID tag on a lanyard which agency I could not see. I returned to my car not finding PJ65 WLL parked on the White Cross site so I will look elsewhere and she suddenly ceased parading about and drove off just as I did. She was one of those who claim they have “met with me” or drive me, (The taxi stalker earlier was one of those which fraud I spoiled as I got some petrol).

This is now HARASSMENT WITH INTENT for the record: I have no idea who the troll was; you will know; you “provided” her. Carol Woods Ms.
PS the male I know as COOKIE is now in the library; was anything done about him posing as MR C Woods in the DWP centre in 2012 as reported to you as FRAUD and making me a male?


carol woods
Attachments4 Jun (6 days ago)
to donald.toon, customerinvest., graham.farrant, helen.reynolds, bae146, me, lotusprincess4u, farront, fieldf, feedback,, graylingc, govem, homeaffcom, huntj, look.north, dispatches, skytoday, privateoffice, telegraphedito., david.lidingto., policing.minis., andy.rhodes, michael.lockwo., johnsonb

Dear Sirs On Saturday 2/6/18 I noticed the use of many old red cars all with R plates and all driven by males in the usual lunacy of harassment and stalking. THIS IS ONE THEY COVER FOR; POLICE OFFICER TRACEY KENNEDY (or according to her sworn signed witness statement where I am said to be harassing her while she posed as me which meant I harassed myself.)
KENNEDY used to be me in that, to pose as me in a case where I was to plead GUILTY so that she did not appear as victim or witness, and YOU ALL KNOW and DO NOTHING. I found out and informed CPS immediately and from then on dozens of times and agencies and no one does anything at all.

I can just imagine some corrupt saying that I could have appealed!

(I was right about the usual sent in after the Gestapo assumed I would drive away but returned to send this data. This is a woman and her son and they are to be the MALAYSIAN thief and fraudster from 37 Fell View LA2 9RP who claimed for over a year that I was her mother and she cared for and drove me about from 37. She was ONE from 24 others to make the same claim and no one bats an eye lid at all that money going to a thief and fraudster. This one used maybe Malaysian, I am unsure but the “coincidence” is not unnoticed.This pair are ALWAYS sent in when the Gestapo are running out of lowlife for the day who they want to be me as MR. The Malaysian thief had a son; she was single parent with high standard of living at tax-payer’s expense.)

The Gestapo knew I had my car RED TOYOTA Yaris bought 21 Jan 2012 and the ILLEGAL GPS fitted then (SINCE ADMITTED IN WRITING), but if KENNEDY, in MY HOUSE, was me then she had to have a red Toyota and YOU the tax payer bought her this RED TOYOTA STARLET R205 XRJ to be seen at my house as proof she was me. On 13 Feb 2012 I went to get some photos of MY house and the thieves indoors. Kennedy finally emerged and sat in the car telling me she was going to her job as manager of Lancaster Homeless Unit. She could not drive and had to give up and ring for the Gestapo who raced to MY HOUSE (not far from Lancaster train station) and arrested me.
Apparently I was in breach of an INJUNCTION ORDER NOT TO GO TO MY HOUSE. But that was the bogus case from 27 12 09 which we have all seen was not an arrest leading to anything at all but a release with no charge.

However all the (10 at least) wrongful arrests and false imprisonments related to that FRAUD with KENNEDY on the police tape interviewed as me, (which came to me by chance from the CPS who know and do nothing) as apparently I had failed to attend a trial when I had not at all. ALL that was sent out recently with the police formal document which the ICO gained for me where it states in so many words that I was released without charge.
Thus JOHN ROBINSON sleazy from PRESTON MAGISTRATES was running that, I also asked why Preston and that is why they send males now to take trains after stalking me as they are really me and I really live in PRESTON so they are me as Ms on my documents! ( I told you I couldn’t make this up.)

ROBINSON, a FREEMASON who actively prevented me from swearing an affidavit in Lancaster Mags 2002 when he worked there as legal clerk. That was for a JUDICIAL REVIEW for my whistle-blowing case which he was to prevent but didn’t finally; thus enter another corrupt member of the judiciary to tell me I could not have my employment tribunal and a Judicial Review which did not include my employment issues at all, at the same time, liar that she was. I was forced to drop one and dropped my High Court JR after being granted an oral hearing. I had to be stopped and that was how they did it. Thus ROBINSON still party to the corruption and sleaze and HIS junk sent to me in a different name and to an address where I have never lived and he could not have known of.

Kennedy was running an “alternative therapy” business from MY HOUSE (no planning permission and no qualifications) AND she is also described as is partner as being vaguely “council employees” BUT she was also councillor for Green Party so, how busy was she? And they say the police are not political! She also has massive debts UK wide which she hides from.

I move to 28 Fell View on 24/3/14 and knew immediately that this car at 45 was “suspicious” and was right. The unemployed yob from 45 I found to be TRAVIS DALTON was stalking me using this until he saw I took photos; the car “disappeared” the rest is out of scope here. He then admitted to me that he had no licence and could not recall this car; well he would say that wouldn’t he?
BUT one murderous lowlife drink driver KENNETH NICHOL of Caravan 2 @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ when I rented 1A there, 4/3/12 – 1/7/13, claimed he was linked to me; he had a red Ford P801 CRN. I found he worked while unemployed for ever at a pizza take away doing home deliveries which is a joke at others drivers’ expense given he was KNOWN DRINKING and DRIVING but a chum of the Gestapo so “untouchable”. Thus cars now used in FRAUDS along the way e.g. SX03 SUE and on Saturday last a red “R” reg was left at a pizza take away as SX03 had been the week prior to that: they are PROOF that I have links to a pizza takeaway! (SX03 SUE was the old doxy using Flat 15 on Penhale Gardens pretending that she called on me to SELL MY HOUSE IN FRAUD. I rented Flat 3 at the time , 1/7/13 – 24/3/14.)

Outside Lancaster police station on Saturday they had left a RED R reg, that was what I wanted to film today but they had moved it; it was to be PROOF KENNEDY was a police officer as an R REG RED CAR WAS SEEN THERE. was it a Toyota Starlet? NO. Was it anything like R205 XRJ? No. The final photo is KENNEDY as me making a DWP claim on 27/3/14 pretending she was me just having moved. The tax payer bought the red jacket as that is PROOF she is in a red car so is me just like all the lowlife round Fell View who are also me with their NEW RED JACKETS.

Why was she walking right across town with all that mail when she passed a box near my house and the main post office (since closed)? Because she was to use the one near my car where the Gestapo OFTEN have lowlife waiting for me to walk by to my car where they post as if I have and the proof I have is that my car was there! the dog is an issue: MANY who are said to be me do not drive yet have dogs. Indeed JUNE FRANCIS WILLIAMS of 30 Fell View who clams to be me has to talk to her cat and pretend it is a dog now as she is me as if I am one with a dog. She has posed as me for over 4 years without bothering her cat and giving it an identity crisis; this is now why she has to be have a dog if she is really me. But I have just taken a train to Preston surely? There are 3 PSCOS that will confirm they saw me near the station so I must have gone to the station as the male they had waiting in hiding to then walk behind me? The garage caught fitting the GPS ILLEGALLY told me, “You are dealing with lunatics”, “I know” I replied. Ends I wait to testify when the muddy waters will come clear that I promise. Carol Woods Ms Sorry I have no phone and if anyone has written to me: I have not received it.


carol woods
to info, donald.toon, policing.minis., editor, andy.rhodes, tim.jacques, lep.newsdesk, bae146, me, lepforum, haveyoursay, haveyoursay, look.north,, homeaffcom, chiefexecutive, huntj, chiefexecutive, coopery, benefits

Dear Sirs, the usual FRAUD in my case is to send males with white shirts who stand about outside where I rent and pretend to be indoors with me Ms Carol Woods and agreeing to sign a compromise agreement about my whistle-blowing, theft of my house etc when I will sign nothing: there is no compromise with evil.

BUT blue shirted thugs are also used, dimwits who think they are clever; the Gestapo ILLEGALLY seeing I scanned a blue shirt fraudster then sent one earlier to be seen where I was so PROOF yet again: i took his photo. He was nothing to do with me. Here are 3 earlier ‘others’: I moved to rent Flat 3 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA on 1/7/13 (which is why the lunatics in power try to manufacture a MOVE for me on the 1st of everything, every year AND, I had moved on 4/3/12 to the address prior to the flat so I also apparently move on the 4th of everything as well) but in Flat 3, I heard one late afternoon 26/7/13 a “Bye” and found the male rushing off had been hiding in the doorway to Flat and pretending to be indoors with me Flat 3. He had hidden his car so not to be identified. often the shout from a disembodied person is “Hello” and they as spineless fraudsters hide so they are not seen and they carry on pretending.

There were many such events and still are; this is just 3. summer 2017 and I sat with a lunch in my car to find this halfwit with a clip board pretending he was meeting me! In hiding behind a car parked behind me I had not then seen sleazy NHS hiding and she was to step out as he walked off in the lunacy of him somehow deciding I needed a corrupt idiot PAID AT PUBLIC EXPENSE, I have an excellent photo of her gawping into my car after he started to walk off.
I also was ILLEGALLY known to walk a route taking me through a small church yard and thus on 30/6/15, they had one waiting to set off ahead of me and thus he had met with me: notice he has his “file” (junk).
In that, I then would pass the Gestapo Morecambe bunker as he would and thus they confirm that they see me and him and 2 + 2 does = 5 after all.

I sent out some emails earlier this afternoon then left to get my shopping and move my car. I left my car near to the train station in Lancaster as I noticed on Saturday that the Gestapo had in use as many OLD RED CARS as they could find with R reg plates (MOTIVE TO BE SCANNED AND SENT OUT) so I had driven past the police station to see what I could film. Thus I park that side of town instead of where they arrange for me to be said to live in 3 and 33 Woodville St and, The Old Coach House and No. 3 both on Bath Mill Lane*, 12, 22 and 30 Williamson Rd and 9/9A Moor Gate. By my car there were 2 PCSO’s and one as I walked from the centre: as EVER they had their recruit INTENDING to claim they saw a male walk to take a train (remember the train tickets farce of last week when I apparently moved to Moor Gate area and had scattered tickets like Hansel and Grethel) who was ME from after use in the library while they had had 2 male lowlife using THEIR phones and lap tops trying to mesh with MY use of public terminals. I took photos and can confirm that the male sent fitted the description of himself so was not me. I moved my car and returned to the library so now they will; have to send in a rush more male lowlife to use as they will be me.
WASTED POLICE TIME. A CRIME. CAROL WOODS Ms under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP sorry I have no phone.

The lunatics want ALL those I used on photos from Fell View who pose as me to be me. AND THEN OFFICER TRACEY KENNEDY AND THE FOLLOW ON EMAIL EXPLAINS THE DESPERATE USE OF ANY OLD RED CAR WITH AN R PLATE. * Instead now of using DAVID and PAT MORLEY former friends of Bath Mill Lane to be me as if she is me married to him, they have decided to use PAT alone as I am not married. I asked the Chief Executive about benefits payable to ME as if I was PAT MORLEY and proof of when I changed my name (not to mention much else), yet there has been no reply. Thus if Pat Morley has a claim in my name as SINGLE and an identical twin of herself then The Old Coach House is STILL used is it not?

ID THEFT in cover up: Lancs 04 June 18

carol woods
to contact, lep.newsdesk, look.north, lepforum, ministers, bae146, lotusprincess4u, me,,,, cat_smith, farront, fieldf, graham.farrant, funchal.consul., homeaffcom, huntj, privateoffice, telegraphedito., johnsonb, john.humphrys, justine.greeni., steven.chalmers, info

Dear Sirs, JEREMY THORPE case NOW in news: COVER UP, CORRUPT JUDGE, POLICE SUPPRESSION OF EVIDENCE, THE ESTABLISHMENT RALLIES TO PROTECT THEIR OWN, AND go the lengths to make sure the court trial was BURIED in other BIG news of WILSON resigning. What I have been saying for almost 2 decades: MY case ATTEMPTED MURDER often, and told “You have taken on the establishment” when what they really meant was that the establishment have taken me on. The details of that and yet more “legal profession” corruption to follow.

I attach some photos and show how I am to “disappear” not only in “news items” MANY MANUFACTURED all details on request, but I am said not to exist. This is how.
Some used in ID theft, main players of now. I am Ms Carol Woods 28 Fell View and this is on-going with more and more lunacy invented by Lancs Gestapo to aid and abet serious fraudsters and worse FOUND OUT. In that, to cover for them, AND MAKE THEM INTO ME, the Gestapo tries to invent me as someone of their imagination and in the usual Masonic inversion make me the opposite of what and who I am.

The first page of photos shows and old woman in pink with almost white hair, SHIRLEY RYCROFT Flat 4 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA when I rented Flat 3 briefly (1/7/18 to 24/3/18); she ONE to bully to death at least 2 lone elderly tenants of Flat 3 prior to me, one moved in and did not survive the year and then the second, a MRS MARGARET PORTER who also died through bullying within the year. They failed with me as I was not their usual victim. In that assets were looted, NO COURTS were appointed to oversee “estates” and the persons simply “disappeared”. Rycroft was married to a seedy old male DEREK who pretended that as she was me then he had to be seen as if married to me. The pest was a lecher and leerer who suddenly had a purpose to his miserable life. Neither had worked for many years, if ever. But RYCROFT was aided to be me.

I move from the flat and rent 28 Fell View LA2 9RP about 12 miles away and find EXACTLY the same had happened to at least 2 elderly lone ladies who had also simply “disappeared” – bullied out and ultimately to death. 28 was wanted for me as WILLIAMS in 30 fitted what the Gestapo wanted to be seen as me as if RYCROFT had been me: June and Kingsley Williams were the Caton version of Derek and Shirley Rycroft and the same bullying thieves and fraudsters who also finally had a purpose in their miserable lives. Mrs JUNE FRANCIS WILLIAMS with ID provided as Mrs Carol Woods (me) and he with ID as MR CARL WOODS have gained much in FRAUD. The photo of the 2 March 2014 soon after I moved in and their antics started the minute I moved in. By then I was experienced and knew exactly what to expect. Nothing I have reported ALL SERIOUS CRIMES has been even acknowledged as being reported by the Gestapo or council.

Notice her grey dyed hair trying to make it my colour; her colour varies from yellow to bright orange depending on how she gets the dye. BUT I have now found that she uses a hairdresser and claims to be me there: notice she needs glasses, I do not. He is the same type as DEREK RYCROFT a leerer and seedy but the overall appearance is different.
The photo of me on Morecambe prom was taken Jan this year.

Notice my red boots: the harassment and thuggery by the Gestapo in using others with RED FOOTWEAR to be me is why they are so used: their RED FOOTWEAR is “proof” the wearer is me, male or female, almost any age.
The old woman with the red handkie on her head really thought she could be said to be me with red hair if she wore that. The Gestapo STILL have idiots do the same, those they want to say are me.
This one lived in Flat 5 Penhale Gardens and was a serious LOOTER OF THE DEAD.

Page 2 is one of the partners in crime of Williams and is AGNES JACKSON of 26 Fell View; she is the Caton version of the Flat 5 LOOTER. Jackson here, 5/9/14 uses her phone as if she is me. At 9pm on 1/6/18 I heard Williams make a call as usual, via the LINK UP FROM 30 TO ME IN 28 AND MY LOFT WITH ILLEGAL DEVICES, and she posed as me ending with a comment as to going for a walk when she walks nowhere at all and never has: I walk a lot. That was to be proof to the person called that she was me.

The electoral register and entries 2006. These show that WILLIAMS were in 30 while I was in my house; under normal circumstances I would not know such as these. The register shows that Mrs Greenbank was in 28 so was long before 2014 when I moved there. The CURWENs in 24 can be seen: apparently she is me as well yet here she is in 2006 while I was thankfully nowhere near the lowlife. Curwen has gained hugely in this fraud.

LAMB in 32 is an issue as MR now deceased with Mrs alone and she a fraudster claiming in gain that I am her daughter and drive her about with a car PF08 WDJ the GAIN among other things. My mother was never a parasite as she is and died young, more than 25 years ago. In 2017 to aid this fraudster the council and Gestapo had her added to the electoral register as MARILYN REID. They have aided a few in that way, MILLS thief and worse in 20 for example becomes STAIG and WILLIAMS and JACKSON become WOODS.

I add RYCROFT in Flat 4 Penhale Gardens of 2017 as this suggests she is there so is not me in Caton. The final photo illustrates the lunacy; I take a photo of a fraudster male in the OFT DONE FRAUD of hiding in doorways near to me then shouting “Hello” or “Bye” and “disappearing to pretend he has met with me: this one was on 26/7/13 not long after I had moved to Flat 3. The Gestapo use ALL details in my photos which is why I cut them down now; they use the details to create new events and new “FACTS”. Thus yellow cars usually MINIS are used and apparently, it makes me forget such as this thug and my photo. The yellow car was not a tenant in the flats and only appeared twice in all the time I rented there. PLEASE NOTE THE ADDED USE OF SLEAZY NHS OVER THE LAST FEW DAYS IS TO COVER FOR AGNES JACKSON WHO THESE DAYS DOES NOT LOOK AS AMUSED AS SHE DID: ON 5/6/7 JULY 2014 SHE ADMITTED HERSELF INTO A MENTAL HOSPITAL AS IF SHE WAS ME AND HOW FUNNY AND CLEVER THEY ALL THOUGHT THEY WERE; PUBLIC MONEY WASTED. Ends Carol Woods please feel free to quote me.

WRONGDOINGS round Fell View LA2 9RP AGAIN 04 June 2018

carol woods
to jake.diamont,, bob.gallacher, ministers,

Dear Mr Diamont, I check my last year’s diary often to see of the NOW is a repeat of then; and I report this: at the time I only hand wrote letters to the head postmaster in Lancaster, how they must have laughed. I had not then your details.
When I moved to 28 Fell View on 24/3/14 I had called over 2 weeks previous to that daily to decorate etc. By then I knew all about forgery and TREASON and saw a troll using 32 Fell View for mail which was odd in how they acted. MARY LAMB in 32 claimed to be my mother and in that, claimed she was disabled and I drove her about. (This to DWP fraud dept as well.) My mother has been dead about 25 years now.

Lamb was covered for last year when I was to believe she was a MARILYN REID to also cover for thieves and fraudsters in 49 Fell View REID who were MORE to claim I lived with them so they could have their FREE MONEY. REID were, late in 2017 given bogus alias as MOSS.
LAMB in 32 was so aggressive when I called to ask her if any mail had arrived for me in 28 as she would not know my name, so I thought I could introduce her and say if WOODS mail arrived and she did not know who it was for, it was for me in 28.

The troll I then saw sneaking into 32 and running off with mail, I followed in my car, she went to 28 QUERNMORE RD which is 5 mins walk from Fell View; I was right, the FRAUD was DWP in a car PF08 WDJ for LAMB with me as driver when she was a total stranger and drives herself. Thus 28 was to be used which is the MO, 34 Fell View and druggies moved to 34 Quernmore Rd to be daughters of mine (all of them) who move to and fro BOTH “34” houses. And so on. Anyone can ask.

On 3 June 2018 the mania increased and I checked to see what 3/6/17 had been like: EXACTLY the same lunacy with rather more this year. And one less “feature”.
On 3 June 2017 SATURDAY I had mail to SUSAN LUMB of 28 QUERNMORE RD delivered to me to aid her and LAMB in 32 and somehow make me Lamb’s mother and the CAR FRAUD somehow legitimate.

I put it back in the box with the address ringed QUERNMORE RD not WOODS in 28 FELL VIEW.
Today I saw by chance as I took a different route a SECOND POSTMAN at The SCARTHWAITE HOTEL in Caton an address used by many in frauds trying to link me to that address (he rents out holiday chalets.) The time was 1 10 approx and the van was KM11 while the postman who delivers to me when I am allowed my mail was walking round Fell View with his van parked. Yet another 2 postal deliveries in the area at different times when the whole area can be walked round in 10 minutes.

Thus this is what we have; and I will add that 22 Fell View with its HUNTER tenants who claim I am the mother living there and moved again by FE11 OBN last week, which driver has not been for months after the last time when he called almost every day the week and each time drove a different woman with dyed hair and they were ALL to be me moving in again! 1 photo attached. I was right about that, an ‘FG11’ was sent to stalk to harass and on Saturday and today, more “11” cars were used to park and wait to stalk me as I drove to Lancaster. Thus HUNTER seems to have had MAIL as well as FREE MONEY in my name from APRIL 2014. I wait to testify: Carol Woods Ms. TO amuse you, on Sunday (yesterday) after I sent out other photos to show the fraudsters, thieves and bullies in 22, JUNE F WILLIAMS who is ANOTHER “me” from 30 Fell View was sent to be driven about with her hair dyed and wearing “orange” as PROOF someone of this description somehow was in 22 Fell View and the person was me! The lunacy goes on. Ends.


carol woods
2 Jun (8 days ago)
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Dear Sirs, Lancaster University: this is a complex matter if ID theft and POLICE LED so please bear with me while I, Ms Carol Woods record the relevant details.
The police of Lancashire want me to be someone of their INVENTION to cover serious FRAUD and worse, FOUND OUT. In that they INVENT others to be me.

In 2014 I have on FILM a rough, coarse, foul mouthed old woman with health issues from excessive alcohol and smoking who was claiming to be me with ID PROVIDED FOR HER BY LANCS POLICE. In that she was given ID to work as volunteer in HMYOI Lancaster Farms as volunteer only as it is quite clear she is semi-literate, inept and stupid. That photo found her out, she in her 70’s, JUNE FRANCIS WILLIAMS of 30 Fell View LA2 9RP. I had just then moved to rent 28 and found her out quickly being by then experienced.

In 2011 I rented in LEWES and found my landlady JANICE BOURNEN had applied for teaching jobs as if she was me when she was semi-literate and could be seen to be what she was. Anything she was offered of course she has to turn down as she had no qualifications at all. ALL REPORTED: ALL IGNORED with related MAIL THEFT, FORGERY etc.

Then I find in 2012 that a DIANE LENNON claimed to live at 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ as me as if i was disabled and needed a job via REMPLOY.

I am left to discover and deal with this by myself.

Lennon stole mail for me on 11 Aug 2012 and then “ran away”. I am not disabled.
Then we move to NOW and I find that JUNE FRANCIS WILLIAMS is to be used AGAIN as if she is me. I saw yesterday by chance that LCC has given her AGAIN ID as if she is me for something else.

Her car is grey Peugeot PJ65 WLL and not my red Toyota.
In the town library today I printed off a form I needed and found as usual the troll type sent to sit as close as she could to me in the almost empty place and use her phone. Williams uses her phone as if she is me. REPORTED ALSO TO BT, IGNORED.

The troll saw I printed off the form and then logged on to your site and printed off a JOB APPLICATION for what I was not sure so I send this to a general email address.
She acted oddly and I knew we had ANOTHER BOURNEN on our hands.
Williams is provided with REFERENCES that LCC have in store from my jobs with them as qualified teacher etc of years. SHE GETS THOSE AS IF SHE IS ME.

The troll in the library raised my suspicions as she was not a usual user at all and looked guilty; waiting to watch for me to print off the totally unrelated form I did print off and thus it is something to watch for.

In 2015 I also found that SUZANNE JARVIS a deranged thief and fraudster in 41 Fell View decided she was me and took a cleaning job in the sports centre as if she was me. That lasted a very short time as I found out as I used the centre often. Jarvis drives GN07 AHO a dark blue Ford so she is not me either. Please watch for anything in my name from Fell View. IT IS FRAUD. I use my emails; I rarely send anything by post.

This to interested parties.

Neither Williams or Jarvis has any qualifications as Lennon had not.
Yours etc Carol Woods Ms PS I do not share my email addresses nor do I allow use of them, I have no phone nor Internet use of my own. Ends. PS If you do receive anything that seems “odd” and you think it might be related to what I report, please alert me.


carol woods
to andy.cooke

I printed off a form which was council related a few minutes ago and the troll sent in to sit next to me using her phone, then she was to log on the LANCASTER UNIVERSITY site and get an application form for something; YOU THUGS HAD BETTER NOT BE HAVING ANY HALF WIT APPLY FOR ANYTHING AS IF THEY ARE ME. She was like JANICE BOURNEN the landlady from 7 North Way LEWES who thought she could be and applied for jobs without being able to take them. Carol Woods Ms.


Data Analysis
to public.enquiri., steven.chalmers, me, bae146, policing.minis., secofstate, donald.toon, privateoffice.., homeaffcom, i, editor, david.lidingto., customerinvest.

Dear Sirs I found your contact address on the Internet and wish to report a farce at tax-payers’ expense organised by Lancashire police in harassment and thuggery.
I will not relate all but of relevance is the masonic lunacy in inversion of making FACT into FICTION and thus ME into a MALE AND in Masonic thuggery have tax-payers monies used for private purposes to harass me. As a whistle-blower, these are my “reprisals” as I have chosen not to forget the whistle-blowing and related matters. I appear to be “on probation” as MR CARL WOODS.

Today I watched a van, which I had never previously seen, drive round FELL VIEW LA2 9RP and took a photo as deliveries are made to unemployed thieves and fraudsters who claim the goods are from me so, I report all that as routine. (All police organised so nothing is done.)
It was not a delivery, but 3 THREE HOURS later I went to my car and the van was still parked with them all suddenly “leaping into action”. It drove to a play area on Fell View and males spilled out; my qualified experienced work as probation officer told me that it was likely COMMUNITY SERVICE event.
I was right: it seemed like 2 staff and 3 other males.

The MOTIVE in such like events of harassment (in sight of) stems from MY report of a ROGER FRANKLAND formerly of Lancaster office, inept, spineless, corrupt, a liar and Freemason with his “oath” to them over any other. FRANKLAND and his thuggery involving me is well documented and they are kept safe BUT in that he was posing as a solicitor in the LONDON HIGH COURT with police officer TRACEY FRANCIS KENNEDY (who claims to be me in ID THEFT) and her lesbian partner ANNA JUDITH PERELES both of Lancaster and who live in MY STOLEN HOUSE as me with a partner.

I found the file in the High Court on 23 Jan 2011 after knowing EXACTLY the sort of things FRANKLAND was involved in as a fraudster; it is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE to pose as a solicitor not to mention forgery of my name, PERJURY, FRAUD, ID THEFT aid and abet serious offenders etc. The court staff saw I was right, advised police report which I tried to do via HOLBORN station. There they mocked the related murder of Mike Todd former Chief Constable of GMP (who was prosecuting Pereles and Kennedy and various police of Lancashire and why he was murdered; the matters are complex but do please ask if you are interested) and ignored the CRIMES IN THE COURT.

Frankland occasionally is sent to stalk me and PRETEND that he is linked to me. He lives on HILLSIDE LANCASTER.

Thus the thuggery this morning and use tax-payers’ monies for private purposes is the MOTIVE: I am to forget FRANKLAND and be “confused” over what I remember. The usual masonic “brainwashing”.

Yours etc Carol Woods Ms cc to interested parties. This is one of 2 email addresses I use; NEITHER IS SHARED. Public Interest.

INTENT TO HARM W’Blower LANCS, M Todd’s murder. 01 June 2018

carol woods
to graham.farrant, helen.reynolds, bae146, me, lotusprincess4u, cat_smith, contact, huntj,, letters, letters, letters, letters,,, sara.thornton, donald.toon, look.north, secofstate,, steven.chalmers, ian.pilling, garry.shewan, chris.packer, ian.hopkins

Typing this LANCASTER LIBRARY my time was allowed of 2 hours which was half used up, as I type this I see my time is INCREASING and not decreasing!¬ Someone messes with MY emails and log in details.

Dear Sirs After my email re JUNE F WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View supplied with MORE ID as if she is me, I add this: I sent the data below 21 April 2018 which was ignored but then yesterday in Morecambe library the Gestapo used the woman they used on 21 April 2018 again. They had her in the library where she was to shout and argue. The staff could not cope; they sent for the Gestapo. I left and did not return for an hour or so. By then the staff were concerned about the Gestapo handling of the woman who really has to be mentally ill. She was taken to Lancaster, why when there was a large station not 5 mins away from the library? Surely a shorter journey would have been better for her? Where were the sleazy NHS? I’ll tell you STALKING ME AS THEY DO TODAY TO CLAIM I AM THAT WOMAN and have now “escaped”. (Right now as I type this yet another has arrived and sits with a paper pretending she waits for ‘someone on a trip out’ (me) making sure all know she is NHS.) The woman was taken to Lancaster because that is where I was when “arrested” in what went so wrong for them 31 Jan 2018. How is that woman coping with no NHS to stalk and harass her and pretend they are “on duty” but actually do something proper?

I also found out she was called VANESSA. She is large, tall and well built, about 60 I guess. Why is she then seen to be “useful” without obviously knowing how USE and ABUSED SHE IS BEING? The Gestapo re-use names as often as possible all from MY BOOK and hope to make events of years ago NOW. Thus the “3 some” I mentioned earlier with a thief and druggie V McQUAID recruited with Steve WILLIAMS plus 1 extra was because McQUAID was a thief and druggie, and the Gestapo want to claim I am. But she was used after a found out murderous thug McTEAR had claimed to be my partner in a DWP FRAUD incl PERJURY. Then a McNAMARA was said to be linked to me and then McGuire in 14 Fell View where I apparently live now as she has taken over from McQuaid as posing as my daughter. Thus VANESSA another name: end 2011 I stayed with my sister where she lives with her grand-daughter who was then 16 going on 36. A grossly overweight 17 year old started to befriend the grand-daughter, she was going on 40. She was VANESSA KILDAY and was never off the doorstep of my sister’s house but as the grand-daughter had no real friends, Kilday was accepted.

I found that she and the grand-daughter used FACEBOOK in the bedroom until the early hours every single evening into night with one posing as me. How funny and clever they thought they were. I could not tell my sister as it was her house, I was a guest and the offender was her grand-daughter plus a false friend.

I left with my car X165 YUB then new to me on 21 Jan 2012 finding the garage had been forced to fit an ILLEGAL GPS (since admitted in writing) and Kilday ceased being the “friend” as her “job” was done. This was indulged in from end March 2014 along FELL VIEW as by then I had moved there and with similar unemployed lowlife such as Woodruff and Dalton using 45 Fell View, the yobs and druggies who collect at 34 and so on.

Who was KILDAY? I was told she was the daughter of PCSOs for GMP which may be true, so this to GMP, use of a 16 and 17 year old to pose as ME the great aunt to my sister’s grand-daughter! Imagine that mentality.

Thus VANESSA KILDAY is now ME via the mentally ill woman who shouts, really shouts and her size, like Kilday, makes people wary. Kilday 17 in 2011 and thus I am 24!

This was some of the data I sent in the trap of April 2018. Without listing the serious crimes committed by Williams and others, the Gestapo arresting me in the lunacy of 31 Jan 2018 tried to have NHS say I was mentally ill and “section me” when the NHS, did not.

Leaving the police station, they told me that their systems were “down” and I could not sign for my belongings as I left (given a life to Caton about 5 miles away in unmarked car as then it was after midnight), my belongings were my purse, my house keys, a little bit of cash, my glasses case and reading glasses. Nothing else, I take nothing as they have stolen much from me in other similar ludicrous arrests. When arresting me they had stolen my lap top NO WARRANT and returned it 2 months later after which I have not touched it.

I guarantee that they want to claim I was not released without charge and want to claim I was sent to a mental hospital and thus arrest me again and claim I RAN AWAY.

Thus after all the stages farces to pretend in traps that I burgle, that I lure children, that I try to kidnap children, that I run bank accounts in fraud, that I use social media and order goods on line, that I follow people in my car, that I steal mail ALL in the usual masonic lunacy of REVERSING FACTS for FICTION, and much more (EVERY SINGLE DAY OVER YEARS and much on photos) what had they to rely on to suggest I was mentally ill?

They set a trap on Saturday, 21/4/18 as 23rd of any month of any year from 23 Oct 08* is crucial for them to claim I am arrested for ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR they set the usual harassment leading to the “trap” which failed as it always does.
In Morecambe library I had the usual louts after stalking me with their phones (“proof” I am male and use a phone which gives me around 40 every single day apparently) and 3 yobs to pester as I sent a few emails from the library.

Outside is the Arndale Centre and there I went leaving the library and the yobs to their lunacy. The ILLEGAL monitoring of me allows for ALL this as I often go to the Centre after the library so they banked I would this time. I went to one shop, made a small purchase and left but leaving a woman started to shout and scream at someone upsetting shoppers and small children. She, I had seen used a few times: she is ME apparently. She would make 2 of me being as large as she is, she wears the long rags as skirts and is clearly mentally ill and probably has Turettes. (Sorry unsure how that is spelled and have not time to check it.) The security guards told her to leave and banned her from entering again. What has that to do with me? She was to be me, banned from the shopping centre as anti-social!

How can that be “arranged”? These “vulnerable” people are OFTEN used in staged events. She was to wait to see me who she does not know and then start her routine. It is known in some circles as “kicking off”. She then shown out by the security just when I was to walk out.
Outside the “witness” the Gestapo always handily have was a yob sat in the gloomy dirty space back of the service area to some stores, he was to claim he saw me leave the Arndale when she did but he would not see her. Hiding also behind the service area was the Gestapo, they have not yet realised that a squad car is a squad car as it is easily seen, they are not easy to hide anywhere. I waited and watched the driver with the yob gawping probably the most exciting thing he has ever done, the driver could pull out as there was no traffic and no pedestrians, that gloomy space was not in much use, he was then to claim he saw me leave from the area and go to my car and then claim he knew me because of my car and thus I was ejected from the centre because I was shouting. I took photos and returned to make another purchase and then went for my car: my second till receipt is timed well after the local woman was so used and, to prove a point, I moved my car then went and made another purchase from the centre.

back at Fell View persons reported earlier in the day as thieves fraudsters stalkers and harassers were out in force to start screeching and pretend I had returned with them to 34 Fell View.
*Police officer TRACEY KENNEDY in MY house as me went to Liverpool Magistrates Court AS ME on 23 Oct 2008 on an “anti social matter” of which I knew nothing until tipped off in June 09. Whatever it was it led to them claiming they had legal jurisdiction to seize wreck and loot MY house. Thus EVERY 23rd they try to stage manage something and within that stage manager lunatics with vans to pretend I have just moved so that the 23rd of ANYTHING of ANY YEAR is 23 Oct 08 again. Please feel free to quote me. Carol Woods Ms.

Formal Complaint after Sat. 21 4 18 01 June 2018

carol woods
to contact,, bae146, me, lotusprincess4u, bob.gallacher, casework, info, david.morris.mP,, lep.newsdesk, haveyoursay, chiefexecutive, chiefexecutive
This re WILLIAMS 30 Fell View LA2 9RP reported OFTEN this is one report which was ignored.
Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP.

On Monday, 23 April 2018, 16:24, carol woods <> wrote:

I sent this as an email and now send as FORMAL COMPLAINT. 31 Jan 2018 I Ms Carol Woods was arrested for being a male in Bournemouth and posting on his web site, (what? details of known thief, fraudster, harasser and lecher Mr K WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View LA2 9RP who the Gestapo gave ID as as MR CARL WOODS to hope to pretend to prove I was his horrendous wife JUNE).
In 2014, I found, after moving to 28 Fell View that she had ID in my name so she could work as a ‘volunteer’ trying to be me, they have had at least 5 cars as if they are me and SKY TV, bank accounts etc but apparently, the Gestapo seeing to all that and aiding and abetting WILLIAMS (who bullied to death the former occupant of 28, an elderly lone lady as they wanted it for me so ALL the frauds PLANNED could take place – I was not to find out as fast as I did, or at all) yet arrest me when I sent an email in regard to HIM in 30, the old lecher who pesters me and pretends I am his wife.

She is foul mouthed, coarse and rough, screeches a lot, uses her phone as if she is me and so on. I have no access to the web site posting my emails. Clearly I do not live in Bournemouth .
Without listing the serious crimes committed by Williams and others, the Gestapo arresting me in the lunacy of 31 Jan 2018 tried to have NHS say I was mentally ill and “section me” when the NHS, did not.

Leaving the police station, they told me that their systems were “down” and I could not sign for my belongings as I left (given a life to Caton about 5 miles away in unmarked car as then it was after midnight), my belongings were my purse, my house keys, a little bit of cash, my glasses case and reading glasses. Nothing else, I take nothing as they have stolen much from me in other similar ludicrous arrests. When arresting me they had stolen my lap top NO WARRANT and returned it 2 months later after which I have not touched it.

I guarantee that they want to claim I was not released without charge and want to claim I was sent to a mental hospital and thus arrest me again and claim I RAN AWAY.

Thus after all the stages farces to pretend in traps that I burgle, that I lure children, that I try to kidnap children, that I run bank accounts in fraud, that I use social media and order goods on line, that I follow people in my car, that I steal mail ALL in the usual masonic lunacy of REVERSING FACTS for FICTION, and much more (EVERY SINGLE DAY OVER YEARS and much on photos) what had they to rely on to suggest I was mentally ill?

They set a trap on Saturday, 21/4/18 as 23rd of any month of any year from 23 Oct 08* is crucial for them to claim I am arrested for ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR they set the usual harassment leading to the “trap” which failed as it always does.

In Morecambe library I had the usual louts after stalking me with their phones (“proof” I am male and use a phone which gives me around 40 every single day apparently) and 3 yobs to pester as I sent a few emails from the library.

Outside is the Arndale Centre and there I went leaving the library and the yobs to their lunacy. The ILLEGAL monitoring of me allows for ALL this as I often go to the Centre after the library so they banked I would this time. I went to one shop, made a small purchase and left but leaving a woman started to shout and scream at someone upsetting shoppers and small children. She, I had seen used a few times: she is ME apparently. She would make 2 of me being as large as she is, she wears the long rags as skirts and is clearly mentally ill and probably has Turettes. (Sorry unsure how that is spelled and have not time to check it.) The security guards told her to leave and banned her from entering again. What has that to do with me? She was to be me, banned from the shopping centre as anti-social!

How can that be “arranged”? These “vulnerable” people are OFTEN used in staged events. She was to wait to see me who she does not know and then start her routine. It is known in some circles as “kicking off”. She then shown out by the security just when I was to walk out.
Outside the “witness” the Gestapo always handily have was a yob sat in the gloomy dirty space back of the service area to some stores, he was to claim he saw me leave the Arndale when she did but he would not see her. Hiding also behind the service area was the Gestapo, they have not yet realised that a squad car is a squad car as it is easily seen, they are not easy to hide anywhere. I waited and watched the driver with the yob gawping probably the most exciting thing he has ever done, the driver could pull out as there was no traffic and no pedestrians, that gloomy space was not in much use, he was then to claim he saw me leave from the area and go to my car and then claim he knew me because of my car and thus I was ejected from the centre because I was shouting. I took photos and returned to make another purchase and then went for my car: my second till receipt is timed well after the local woman was so used and, to prove a point, I moved my car then went and made another purchase from the centre.

back at Fell View persons reported earlier in the day as thieves fraudsters stalkers and harassers were out in force to start screeching and pretend I had returned with them to 34 Fell View.
*Police officer TRACEY KENNEDY in MY house as me went to Liverpool Magistrates Court AS ME on 23 Oct 2008 on an “anti social matter” of which I knew nothing until tipped off in June 09. Whatever it was it led to them claiming they had legal jurisdiction to seize wreck and loot MY house. Thus EVERY 23rd they try to stage manage something and within that stage manager lunatics with vans to pretend I have just moved so that the 23rd of ANYTHING of ANY YEAR is 23 Oct 08 again. Please feel free to quote me. Carol Woods Ms.


carol woods
to huntj, contact, bae146, chiefexecutive, chiefexecutive, info, casework, me, steven.chalmers, editor, telegraphedito., ministers, policing.minis., lancashire, haveyoursay,, privateoffice, look.north, graham.farrant, farront, homeaffcom, lep.newsdesk, andy.rhodes, customercare

I had typed the data below, logged off from the computer in Lancaster library ALL ILLEGALLY monitored and was not surprised to find 3 lowlife with their HOODIES and so forth had been sitting close as they could and using their phones to be the DRUGGIES the Gestapo have claimed are linked to me from 2013 VICKY McQUAID STEVE WILLIAMS and 3rd, a yob. The Gestapo claimed she was my daughter and without going into all that yet again (on excellent photos) the Gestapo think if they send any old “3 some” of halfwits with nothing better to do (they are never the same “3 somes”) then somehow I am McQUAID’s mother. Notice the name of her partner STEVE WILLIAMS and ANOTHER reason 28 Fell View was wanted for me so that WILLIAMS could be “confused”. The 3 some left assuming I was; sleazy NHS mental health right on cue rushed in and started to follow me about, I used the ladies and asked her if they relied on library toilets now instead of using NHS. She did not know what to say: she was to be here as “companion” to me as if i was someone else. RELATED DATA FOLLOWS AFTER YESTERDAYS HARASSMENT and who else is to be me as well. PLEASE NOTE IF ANYONE HAS WRITTEN TO ME I HAVE NOT RECEIVED IT.
CC to those who need to know MY DATA IN ID THEFT IS NOT BEING PROTECTED.

Dear Sirs I Ms Carol Woods have told you ALL for years that wherever I am, there are recruited lowlife who Lancs Gestapo set up to be me in FRAUD and ID THEFT.

Moving to 28 Fell View LA2 9RP on 24/3/14 was no different: by then I had learned what to watch out for. The car PF08 WDJ black Mitsubishi Colt left with dark grey Peugeot PK62 NXJ smelled of fraud. I informed the council that they should not be linked to me in any way. PF08 WDJ “disappeared” for a while but then reappeared. Then I caught bankrupt, inebriate with heavy smokers’ health problems JUNE FRANCIS WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View walking about with ID from HMYOI Lancaster Farms which “volunteer’s post” she gained IN MY NAME trying to give her MY experiences to make her me as she is LEGALLY BANKRUPT.
She is in her 70’s and married to KINGLSEY WILLIAMS old lecher who thinks he can pretend to be married to me to make me into her. He is also known as MR CARL WOODS to aid her FRAUD and worse.


Recently I have sent out documents showing the MY HOUSE THEFT, EXTORTION and more in my case and what does the Gestapo do? They have ALL those who claim to be me start to park their cars as if they are in 28 Fell View. Williams was given the volunteer’s post to try to give her MY experiences as qualified teacher in HMYOI years ago and other prisons etc. She semi-literate, rough, coarse and foul mouthed was to be ME. I have recorded much of that enough; for now this is TODAY.

One earlier version of ‘me’ was murderous lowlife SHIRLEY and DEREK RYCROFT Flat 4 Penhale Gardens who were the Penhale Gardens version of Williams; Williams “took over” when I left Flat 3 after finding out the SHIPMAN POLICY and LOOTING THE DEAD. Rycroft had a dog yet she was ONE “me” while I rented Flat 3 (1/7/13 – 24/3/14). Thus recent days and JUNE F WILLIAMS has been pretending to be driven about as if she is RYCROFT who does not drive, for an hour or so in the early evenings and then returning to 30 and pretending the cat was a dog as she was to be RYCROFT who did not drive and who had a dog. The lunatics call it “brainwashing”.

But then THIS WEEK again with the INTENTION of setting “traps” for me so I could be “arrested” again on 31 May 2018 to “disappear” and be 31 Jan 2018 which failed so that WILLIAMS could then be ‘me’ without me in the way, and the Gestapo livid about MY DOCUMENTS SENT OUT, yet all “traps” failed.

Thus I found the TREASON of yesterday with mail to 26 and 43 Fell View MORE WHO ARE “ME” in gain, and the Mrs A. O’CONNER stalker from 39 Fell View and Mr O’CONNER parking with my car at 28 to say “Look, she is Mrs O’Conner”. I found McHarran from 43 stalking when O’Conner was found out and have reported yet again ALL those who claim I live with them who are not the same as those who claim to be me; they in 2, 12, 14, 20, 22, 24, 34, 36, 38, 45, 42, 41, 49, 23, 37, and so on; apparently I am related to ALL and ALL are paid to drive me about and be “carers”.

Sleazy NHS play a part and the Gestapo now today: I park and walk into Lancaster via M & S and find sleazy NHS waiting to walk with me PLUS 2 Gestapo with the INTENTION of saying I was with the sleazy and have “run away” as if I am someone else so that WILLIAMS etc can be me. THIS IS WHY THE GESTAPO REFUSE ME MY CUSTODY RECORDS OF 31 JAN 2018 TO CLAIM I WAS NOT RELEASED WITH NO CHARGES BUT THAT NHS THOUGHT I NEEDED A SECURE HOSPITAL.

The car FP06 PJU has been stalking and pestering for a few weeks now, reported as a stalker yet ignored. Today yet again they arrive and pretend at 37 and 39 and I see another driver; one of a type similar to O’Conner so they are pretending I am in BOTH those houses; 37 has been used as flop house from 2015 claiming the sleazy using it are carers for someone with serious RTA injuries who needs full time care – ME. The car is the Masonic lunacy found to be PF08 WDJ so that sleazy NHS can tell me, “But luvvie, you got them mixed up, you mean FP not PF”.)

For Williams to “work” (briefly at HMYOI) she had ID IN MY NAME PLUS references of MINE stolen from me and “doctored” by the lunatic in residence of the council to make them seem to be hers. She “resigned” 18 May 2014 when I let it be known I had excellent photos of her with the ID lanyard etc. FP08 WDJ is used by MARY LAMB ANOTHER given bogus alias as MARYLYN REID to cover her frauds which were? She claimed she was my dead mother and that I drove her about in the black Mitsubishi Colt PF08 WDJ. They used 28 Quernmore Rd near Fell View for related mail in TREASON and FORGERY as I moved then to 28 Fell View. LAMB still drives herself about.
PK62 NXJ of WILLIAMS was on HMYOI CCTV yet she was there as me. It was not my car. My car is RED TOYOTA X165 YUB so nothing to be “mistaken about”. (At this point the Gestapo ILLEGALLY monitoring have sent in yet another MR CARL WOODS, unemployed yob who thinks he is me. 14 15 typing this.)

Williams have bank accounts, SKY TV and more IN MY NAME and I have reported to ALL dozens of times and sent photos. Currently she has a silver grey Peugeot PJ65 WLL which was bought for her in another “all change” when they all get new cars etc and pretend that I have yet again just arrived on Fell View and don’t know the earlier events. How does RYCROFT now then fit in? Walking to town from parking with the ILLEGAL GPS the Gestapo had a seedy old man waiting to join in with me; he was supposed to be DEREK RYCROFT to make it seem he was with me so I was Shirley Rycroft thief and much worse.

I did not take a photo of J F WILLIAMS with her NEW ID BADGE today, but did take a photo of the deranged parking as if she was in 28 Fell View again. She pretends she is in 28 and he is in 30 and that they are ONE property. Who would want to give Williams a job as what she is? Simple, the council to hope she is said to be me working again. Thus they had PATRICIA ALLEN of Lancashire Social Services semi-literate with false CV and claims to non-existent qualifications, foul mouthed, rough, coarse but “doxy” of management from being a cleaner to rise to MANAGER in CHILD PROTECTION on which I blew the whistle so, making Williams seem to be me they INTEND to claim I was PAT ALLEN after all! AND JUDY DEERING pub manager and claimed to be senior solicitor for LCC and Child Care dept, P Allen’s friend. Judy often smelling of alcohol in work and no trace of her registered as solicitor at all. That was also exposed and thus WILLIAMS bankrupt with a pub background, drinking all the profits is possibly the PA to the Chief Executive knowing Lancashire as I do. I have no phone and WILLIAMS stands in their rear garden to use her phone as me; she tries to speak like a normal person without swearing, screeching etc, but why outside? Because she hears my radio and thus if it was my call then the radio would be in the background as it is not my call, she stands outside to pretend it is, no radio sounds there. Ends Please feel free to quote me; The arrest of 31 Jan 2018? Yes apparently I harassed the old lecher in 30, the Masonic inversion lunacy of reversing FACT to create FICTION. Naturally ALL I have reported is ignored. Carol Woods Ms.

See the archive of 120+ posts on this site on Carol Woods since Feb. 2016 –

Some Background:

Carol Woods is a former Lancashire County Council Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer [who used to train social workers] and a former Probation Officer, amongst many other things. Perhaps the appalling and chronic targeting she has no choice but to put up with 24/7 is because she reported numerous seriously grave irregularities she discovered, including child abuse, when being employed by Lancashire county council, and when one realises that the very controllers of the targeting and stalking Carol is forced to endure are, very probably, very closely connected to the same departments and personnel who are described in the links above and the “IMPORTANT VIDEOS” shown below, which detail what was discovered when Carol worked as a Child Protection officer in Lancashire, then it should not be hard to understand these hostilities enacted against her. Put it this way: the Welsh scientist, weapons expert and authority on biological warfare, employed by the British Ministry of Defence David Kelly was supposed to have leaked serious information to the detriment of the PTB at the time – look what happened to him. Now, Carol is no weapons expert, but one doesn’t have to be one to upset the proverbial apple cart bigtime. And anyway, we are told there have been assassination attempts upon her life too – quite a few in fact, including ramming her car at speed, on a main road, by perpetrators unknown…well, almost unknown.

And why is there an illegal tracking device installed in Ms. Woods car – put there, apparently – by Lancs. police? The Chief Constable of Lancashire has been written to so many times about so many serious matters with no response it’s quite remarkable. Another 2 chief constables have been written to asking can serious crime be reported to their forces also with no response whatsoever, and I have tried on more than one occasion to notify my local police about serious crime at my local central police station to be totally ignored every visit, which is just another public scandal!

Many more serious crimes and misdemeanours committed against Ms. Woods are all completely ignored by whichever UK government agency one tries to take anything to, including:


many murder attempts upon Carol,

impersonation, ID frauds,

person[s] impersonating police officers in official government hearings, [or hearing[s]  purporting to be official],

Royal Mail frauds,

monetary frauds involving: dubious bank accounts at numerous high street banks, the DWP, Social Security, town council[s] and other agencies,

illegal tracking of motor vehicle via GPS device [or similar],

a high number of motor vehicle “Blue Badge” [UK HM Government concession] frauds,

regular physical harassment / mental torture upon a person [aka “gangstalking”],

telephone / Internet Broadband  / electricity supply fraud,

wrongful arrest,

wrongful kidnapping[s] / incarceration[s] in UK HM Government units, police station[s], HM Prison[s] etc.,

home burglaries, car vandalism going uninvestigated by local police [see 

– many other instances of serious crime and illegal activity exist, and many acts contravening not only the Data Protection Act 1998, but also the contravention of articles pertaining to the European Commission of Human Rights [particularly Article 8].

What is going on is maybe unbelievable, and at times complicated, but that is surely deliberate and part of this outrageous targeting of a law-abiding citizen  – a lone female – who dared to report serious irregularities she found during her employment as a Level 3 social worker and Child Protection Officer. As a result, apart from the crimes committed against her as described, her house and contents with a value of £400,000+ was stolen from her, and her employment tribunal award of £50,000 found its way to someone who conspired against her who fraudulently took Carol Wood’s ID. Other serious crimes exist and continue to  this very day…


 1] PLAYLIST [3 videos]: EXPOSING FAKE SOCIAL WORKERS ETC. 06 Febuary 2016

2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016


 SriLankerC 24 April 2016

5] Interview by torquaytalkeytv  31 March 16

6] Carol Woods Social Worker Unlawfully Incarcerated In Psychiatric Gulag   – 16 April 2016 by  GeorgeGreekTrucker


See all 120+ posts from Carol Woods since Feb. 2016 –


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