Maurice Kirk: the situation worsens – no medical care, no wheelchair, and worse 16 July ’18 + archive

From MK’s 2nd facebook a/c =

“Sample of documents indicating an over-arching view of a malicious conspiracy

1. Crown Prosecution, Defendant and NHS (Wales) documents served on the Claimant during the course of his 22nd June 2009 arrest to his 10th Feb 2009 Crown Court machine-gun acquittal, requiring no need for defense evidence for an obvious acquittal, after the 2nd day, in the view of the jury is indictable enough of proof of an over-arching conspiracy

2. 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th breach of restraining order jury trials, ending in T20170239, also revealing an over-arching conspiracy using fake MAPPA data to procure an application that the Claimant be incarcerated in Ashworth, indefinitely, reliant on the false information within the CPS data presented to juries, GMC, RCVS, IPCC, CCRC & foreign jurisdictions.

3. Defendant disclosure of Claimant’s 22nd May 1993 police interview tape identifying fabricated indictable offences whilst having successfully applied to have him remanded in custody until ‘identified’ when actually delaying on the fantasy the Guernsey police would extradite their victim back to the Bailiwick.

4. The thirty-three failed malicious prosecutions, in case number BS614159 +2 others, 4th action D00CF279, 5th action (false imprisonment), 7th C90CF012 and 8th action, all before the Cardiff County court, also contain an over-arching view of a malicious based conspiracy so easily proven by the simple disclosure of police and court records all under the control of the Defendant but repeatedly DENIED to the Claimant when DENIED in 2013 substantive trial with over one hundred witnesses.

5. Refusal by Defendant to disclose Defendant’s Feb 2009 sworn affidavit confirming full disclosure in first 33 failed Defendant malicious prosecutions, the subject of BS614159 +2others claims

6. The above documents within the above examples are all in the control of the Defendant


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