Electronically targeted individual / stalking UK: “Cassandra, Part 3 – UK Fusion-Center Led Social Terrorism, Scapegoating” 12 Aug. ’18 VIDEO

Report #79: Cassandra, Part 3 – UK Fusion-Center Led Social Terrorism, Scapegoating


Published on 11 Aug 2018

Cassandra, the young EFL teacher from the UK who has been reporting community harassment and targeting along with police involvement, returns in Part 3 of her story to discuss the shameful devolution of English society into medieval barbarism guided and led by fusion center strategies of scapegoating innocent citizens and people of integrity (in true Kafkaesque style: on fabricated and undisclosed charges) and subjecting them to horrific daily abuse. The irony that this scenario is being created by local police and Intel supposedly intent on protecting communities and keeping the peace cannot be lost on us. The phenomenon of “Community Policing” which has invaded the US and UK and Europe and every other country and continent, courtesy The War on Terror and the Surveillance State’s use of fusion centers, is being used to scapegoat innocents, single them out, isolate them, character-assassinate them (in order to isolate them), and essentially socially blacklist them. Additionally, Cassandra reports, neighbors are trained or paid to phsically and verbally harass and persecute these targets, who are then set up and trafficked into various nefarious projects, including military and Intel neuro-experimentation, and subjected thereby to remote-assaulting RF and acoustic weapon use on their bodies and brains. The piled-on violation of human rights and erasure of due process is staggering; all this occurring in countries like the UK and US which make a big song and dance about other countries’ human rights abuses but daily increase and intensify their own. What can you do when the police become criminals? People are trained to revere and respect police and Intel agency employees and tend to keel over when one of these approaches and do everything they ask. But should police who participate in scapegoating, targeting, and torturing citizens be respected—or reported? Please listen in to Reports #57 and #77 for earlier parts of this critically important podcast series with Cassandra, detailing the current state of affairs, with Surveillance Abuse rampant in the UK—as it is also in the US. Please help keep these podcasts going with a subscription at Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/RamolaD or supportive donations via Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/ramolad.


Report #57 – Cassandra: “Voyeuristic Torture, not Surveillance–and a Societal, not TI Problem”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsUKDsKx08k&t=3s

part 2 Report # 77: Cassandra, Part 2 — On Targeting of People of Integrity; London Met Police Harassment  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7baNJFjSliU


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