WHO IS “HOAXSTEAD”? THIS is who they are 18 Sept. 2018

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One Response to WHO IS “HOAXSTEAD”? THIS is who they are 18 Sept. 2018

  1. butlincat says:

    Paterson, we believe, is a police asset and a HOAXSTEAD supporter,[although he acts very much the opposite] and theres more than just my evidence for this. I have a pile of letters from both Dorset + Sussex police + the IOPC re: trying to prosecute PATERSON in the courts re: numerous death threats made to me via emails but the police simply wont prosecute him so i’m having to do a private prosecution. I gave 2 formal statements to Dorset police AND i had a ridiculous 64 minute phone call from a Dorset police sergeant who defended PATERSON! Something is very wrong here – and his close friend Brian Setchfield was/is with Crimestoppers which is a police site!

    from x today: re: Paterson =

    “10:44 (47 minutes ago)

    to me

    he divulged details of my IPCC email about hampstead to hoaxsted
    research. He got very nasty when i exposed him. I did report him to police about
    this because he divulged serious information and compromised a police investigation.

    The post is still up on hoaxsted. Why is he untouchable? ”

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