Maurice Kirk: Letters regarding the longstanding irregularities which don’t get received by whoever they’re sent to – 27 September 2018 + archive

Received: Maurice is trying to send extremely important letters to different authorities and either they don’t leave the prison, or they do and they’re returned unopened from whichever agency, at the RCJ for example. How can anyone say this is a “fair and pleasant land“, when it is a den of inequity with no democracy or justice in so many areas, with officials turning a blind eye to major episodes of malfeasance? =

malfeasance [“Cambridge Dictionary”]






Archive: Maurice is serving a highly questionable 2 year sentence, beginning on 14/12/2017 in HMP Parc, Bridgend, Wales – the archive of posts here with MK’s updates from HMP Parc:

Maurice’s site is

his email address is:

 What happened to Patrick Cullinane [on the left in this pic]? Was his disappearance arranged by the PTB, or did he pass because of natural causes? Why the secrecy?


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2 Responses to Maurice Kirk: Letters regarding the longstanding irregularities which don’t get received by whoever they’re sent to – 27 September 2018 + archive

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    The depths to which our country has sunk is reflected in our broken judicial system that is failing to give justice to those who need it. Maurice Kirk is one of several older people who have appealed against receiving short shrift, but lost the battle against corrupt officialdom.


  2. butlincat says:

    The letters will be received by these 3 agencies above even if they choose, as usual, to ignore everything as I forwarded copies today by recorded delivery mail!!


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