Maurice Kirk: The barbarism reaches new heights: now barred from living in England, and more – 21 Nov. 2018 + archive

Received:  A truly startling note from MK received today. It starts off by stating that he is now barred from living in England, and when he is released, in the middle of next month, he is to go and reside in a particularly nasty place: a bail hostel in Cardiff, presumably until he can make further residential arrangements. WTF is going on with these characters in positions of so-called “authority” in Wales, and their cronies? Whatever is going on with them – simply because Maurice has stood up against the [alleged] rancid corruption that is rife in the Welsh courts / judiciary / police forces and elsewhere for over 20+ years has now gone way too far, as if having to do over 7 years in prison since 2009 on highly questionable charges wasn’t enough. Maurice is deemed a MAPPA registered citizen – an allocation reserved for a particularly nasty number of anti-social citizens, such as rapists, child murderers and more recently terrorists – but Maurice is none of these! He is an ex-vetinerary surgeon before they took that career away from him – he cared for animals all his professional life – period! He would not hurt a fly has no charges of violence on any record or any other place that deems him a MAPPA subject! This is all lies and baloney making him a MAPPA subject so as neverending restrictions and prohibitions can be heaped upon him, whether he’s in prison or not, and half the time these false authorities [I call them false because they have shown themselves to be false and not genuine or of or for the people as Maurice’s experiences alone clearly show] can’t even agree on which level of MAPPA he is. If he’s in a prison, then he’s a Category One [at times] – if elsewhere the registration is changed to Cat 3 [at times] – sometimes they even say he’s not a MAPPA subject at all! It’s ludicrous when he doesn’t deserve a MAPPA registration at all!  His MP who’s known him a long time – Mr. Alun Cairns – does little to help Maurice, it appears – who I’ve been told to contact re: a parliamentary contact, as Cairns is the Welsh Secretary. A few weeks ago, Cairns contacted me by email after I wrote to him complaining about the particularly savage lack of care M had been subjected to since December 2017 after entering HMP Parc. I received a reply stating the message was confidential, and that he would be visiting the HMP Parc bosses and would be discussing Maurice Kirk whilst there. Now, weeks later, it seems now that little good for Maurice came out of that stated contact by Mr. Cairns with the prison bosses, and perhaps this alleged meeting wasn’t to actually benefit or help Maurice regarding the irregularities he suffers in the first place, but rather the opposite was to be created. More fool me for thinking any outcome of Mr. Cairn’s visit might be in Maurice’s best interests! MK’s medication still ceases to be given to him, and M states also that his hospital appointments are still denied him, as well as private medical treatment, and so much more – contacts [phone calls] to his family are denied, as stated in this latest note, and now even postage stamps and other sundries from his weekly canteen that every prisoner is allowed are denied him, but, and much worse, he is to be barred from living in the UK!! What more can they do to affect this 73-year-old disabled O.A.P.? He will be on a probation watch list, and all the baloney that goes with being a marked man – and the reason for that is simply because he’s stood up to their malfeasance and treachery for 20+ years – and it seems they can’t handle it. 30 of what I would allege most citizens would consider to be perfectly reasonable cases of his against the Welsh authorities and others are denied him and are “in limbo” also now, connected in instances to at least 13  judges or the notorious South Wales police, or a particular doctors as M has stated previously [not only dr. TW who created the false “brain tumour” report that caused M to spend months in Caswell Clinic – the records of which are mostly completely unobtainable – another major irregularity]. The fact that Maurice didn’t die in this recent custodial sentence, with it’s denial of medications and hospital medical treatment for serious stomach ailments that you or I would get immediate treatment for, and all the rest of the irregularities – is not Maurice’s fault!!  And allowing Neanderthal-like thug heavies residing on the same wing as Maurice to threaten and intimidate him, with the full knowledge of the prison staff, I contend, is a particularly barbaric form of targeting. This is supposed to be a prison [which Maurice shouldn’t even be in again] not a replica World War 2 concentration camp where the effects of  people such as MPs and the like could do exactly what they wanted and damn the consequences!!  And thanks Mr. Cairns – your letter marked “confidential” was kept confidential, but now I know why, as MK’s situation has now gone now from very bad to even worse. Sleep well at night too – all of you responsible for this outrageous barbarism against a lone 73-year-old disabled man who wouldn’t hurt a fly – your salaries paid for by us – the people! The consequences of your abominable and wicked actions will not be felt in this place!


If anything can’t be read in the above by anyone and they need a translation, pls get in touch and I will endeavour to try + tell you what is printed. I printed off and returned the entire note to MK with it marked with the sentences or whatever I couldn’t understand, and should have a reply soon. I know his mail is being messed with, especially as i’ve sent emails within the past fortnight with replies attached which haven’t been used which makes me thing he hasn’t received them, as are communications to his family denied now for him, as he states. But, we live in hope [what else is there?] and, until the bitter end, will oppose these examples of grotesque and inhuman targeting by those who should – and do – know better. It could have been any one of us who ended up in the position Maurice has found himself in 20+ years after it all began [unless you’re ok with characters such as these completely ruining your life]  and Maurice has paid far too dearly by, eg. getting an acquittal in a [particularly rotten] case in 2009 where they tried to lock him away forever via and including a corrupt consultant doctor’s false “brain tumour” report, and all the rest of it, eg. painting a nonworking machine gun [which came with a vintage aeroplane purchased] a different colour to fool the jury, for starters] – that case known as the “machine gun case” – a case rife with malfeasance and other atrocities manufactured against MK so as to remove this thorn in their side forever, the end result of this unbelievable case intending to be that MK would be forced to be put in a closed mental unit for the rest of his days. This treachery  didn’t work, they ballsed it up, the little dog had his day, and this hurts them. Too bad. My heart bleeds. NOT. 

Archive: Maurice is serving a highly questionable 2 year sentence, beginning on 14/12/2017 in HMP Parc, Bridgend, Wales – the archive of posts here with MK’s updates from HMP Parc:

Maurice’s site is

his email address is:

From earlier:

Maurice Kirk: Hunger strike continues as does denial of private and prison healthcare + the outrageous “MG6D” rule that is used by police etc. to deny disclosure of evidence entering a court case – 07 Nov. 2018 + archive

This, from the “Inside Times” prison newspaper shows how court cases can be manipulated away from true verdicts, by the denial of what could be vital evidence in cases using the “MG6D” rule – and IT’S TOTALLY LEGAL! 

Received:  After waiting 40 mins. in the rain [because any post is denied from entering + being delivered to any resident in my block of flats] the post finally arrived with backdated letters from MK, including a note dated 4 Nov. which stated: “Still on hunger strike: “Food refusal” HMP now call it! and “Refused medication entirely today!” and “Told outright: G4S does not allow private care”, along with =

1]  2014 form: “Consent to share information” + other reapplied for + rejected by prison regime – latest date 03/10/2018

2]  HMP warning appeal form response 02 Nov. 2018

3]  “S. Wales police coverup” letter  03/11/2018

4]  G4S letter stating “imposing a restriction on the number of complaints we [G4S] will register on your [MK’s] behalf” 30 Oct. 2018 


1]  2014 “Consent to share information” application  reapplied for, and more, all rejected by prison regime – latest date 23 Oct. 2018

2]  HMP warning appeal form response 02 Nov. 2018

3]  “S. Wales police coverup” letter  03/11/2018

4]  G4S letter stating the “imposing a restriction on the number of complaints we [G4S] will register on your [MK’s] behalf” 30 Oct. 2018 

5]  To the S. Wales police chief constable: “Statement of Complaint” 05 Nov. ’18

Archive: Maurice is serving a highly questionable 2 year sentence, beginning on 14/12/2017 in HMP Parc, Bridgend, Wales – the archive of posts here with MK’s updates from HMP Parc:

Maurice’s site is

his email address is:

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Maurice Kirk: Now attempts to section Maurice fail! – vital medication and hospital appointments still illegally denied for 10 MONTHS – 24 Oct. 2018 + archive

Shockingly, an attempt by the authorities to section Maurice to a lunatic asylum failed miserably during the past few days, probably because he is quite sane and doesn’t need such convoluted attempts to make his persecution even more miserable than it already is. Maurice is in great pain constantly because this prison regime at HMP Parc refuse follow the laws of the land and let him have the hospital appointments in place, or private medical treatment, or give him the long-prescribed medication – Omerzaparole – that he is perfectly entitled to and was receiving before he entered this den of inequity. One might think the Welsh Secretary Mr. Alun Cairns MP, who has known Maurice a long time, as well as being his MP at times might actually do what he is paid to do and see to it that the laws of that land apply to Maurice and let him get the proper medical treatment he so badly needs and is perfectly entitled to which the authorities claim is there for clients that need it – and no one needs medical treatment more desperately then Maurice at the moment – but no, Mr. Cairns lets the debacle of Maurice’s medical situation fester and worsen despite being  in a position of such high authority as the Welsh Secretary who should be able to get things done – if not Maurice’s dire medical situation then surely the totally fake medical report from the Welsh Caswell Clinic could be  corrected, this totally false report originally manufactured by neer-do-wells such the a] former consultant doctor, head of Caswell Clinic [who left the NHS not long after Maurice’s acquittal at the trial which the report was concocted for way back in 2009 to section Maurice to a closed mental unit – Ashworth] and b] a certain police force – the South Wales police force – who are all involved in their respective lack of responsibilities by stopping Maurice’s parole this time round which should have begun on the 1st August, along with MAPPA. These, what can only be described as totally corrupt agencies are letting a confusing and totally false situation regarding Maurice’s MAPPA status run and run without the badly needed corrections happening that  false reports would normally receive so more restrictions and persecutions can be heaped upon Maurice – the denial of Maurice’s parole, and the illegal denial of hospital treatment being 2 examples of serious malfeasance affecting Maurice’s life to a very large degree because these dubious agencies refuse to do their jobs properly and correct what needs correcting. And Mr. Cairns, the Welsh Secretary himself, doesn’t help either. Why is that? This insane situation has been ongoing since Maurice entered this hellhole in mid-December last year.
Are they trying to kill Maurice by denying him the medical treatment he so badly needs yet is so illegally denied for 10 months? The answer can only be “yes” – by their own actions!
Documents received:
1]  Fao NOMS [Wles] [National Offender Management Service] 21 Oct. ’18
2]  Ministry of Justice No. 1 governor “Adverse police influence on HMP Parc”
3]  to MoJ “Mental Health Day” in a G4S UK prison
4]  to MoJ No. 1 governor: “The appalling G4S medical services – Denied Gastroenterologist” 22 Oct. ’18
1]  Fao NOMS [Wles] [National Offender Management Service] 21 Oct. ’18
2]  Ministry of Justice No. 1 governor “Adverse police influence on HMP Parc” 


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