Maurice Kirk: Police intercept Rule 39 letter to prison doctor, + more 07 Dec. 2018 + archive

Received: Maurice [still on hunger strike for many weeks] tells that the prison doctor, who has had many dealings with Maurice before in previous totally unjust sentences spoke with him and offered to contact his family, as communications to his family are greatly restricted for Maurice – hardly legal, but nevertheless happening right now, and as MK states in his note below “..but after writing Celia’s name and telephone number ‘in house’ South Wales police stopped the Rule 39 letter to her leaving the wing until 5.30pm deliberately as, by then, Dr. Marnell would have gone home” – such are the dirty deeds of these public servants who salaries are paid by the taxpayer. The message continues to say a “turnkey” confirmed to MK the following morning that the S Wales police would have read the letter “at the HMP Security Office“. He goes on to say “God help all those on remand awaiting trial as all their Rule 39 letters to their solicitors are also read by the police before being allowed to leave a Welsh prison”. What exactly is a “Rule 39” letter? It is this: “Rule 39 of the Prison Rules 1999 states that any correspondence between a prisoner and his or her legal adviser or a court may not be opened, read or stopped unless the Governor has reasonable cause to believe that the correspondence contains an illicit enclosure, or that the Governor has reasonable cause to believe that its contents endanger prison security or the safety of others or are otherwise of a criminal nature. Even then it may only be opened for examination in the presence of the prisoner concerned (unless the prisoner waives the opportunity) and the prisoner must be informed if it (or any enclosure) is to be read or stopped.”   from “Rule 39 Correspondence – guidance”

Make what you will of that outrageous malfeasance by our “governmental representatives”.

ArchiveMaurice is serving a highly questionable 2 year sentence, beginning on 14/12/2017 in HMP Parc, Bridgend, Wales – the archive of posts here with MK’s updates from HMP Parc:

Maurice’s site is

his email address is:

below: from 2013:

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    An unbelievable saga of lies and deception by the South Wales Police continues. This is the UK of 2018 on the eve of 2019.

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