Maurice Kirk calls 13 Dec. ’18 – the persecution continues in hospital – he is in a locked hospital ward although his release date is today and denied even calling his family! 13 Dec. 2018

Maurice Kirk calls 13 Dec. ’18 – the persecution continues in hospital.

Maurice was sent to a local Cardiff hospital for an examination and treatment a couple of days before his official release from prison – the 13 December. He was sent to the hospital for treatment relating to painful stomach complaints – “Barrett’s Syndrome” to name just one ailment that he’s been refused not only prearranged hospital treatment for during the entire time he’s been in prison but also his prescribed “Omerparazole” medication was denied for almost all of the 12 months he’s served too, putting him in great pain 24/7. His prison release date was the 13th Dec. but he was sent to the hospital a couple of days before that, supposedly for treatment but even that is denied now, we are told in his calls below. He is now kept in a private room in a locked ward in the hospital, and not free as he should be, on parole, with other restrictions in place there too. The last time MK was released on parole was in 2015, having been convicted in identical charges of “breaching a restraining order” against the very same now ex-NHS doctor who manufactured a false report on MK claiming he had a “brain tumour” when he hadn’t, claiming such made MK too dangerous to live in society so he had to be locked away forever in a closed mental institution – the attempt to do that failing. After serving half of his previous sentence given in 2014 he was recalled days later to finish the sentence [more months in prison] on trumped up charges of “breaking his parole conditions” yet they couldn’t – or wouldn’t – produce the subjects with whom he was supposed to have breached his parole against by [allegedly] having an “argument” with “them”! Completely outrageous and a clear miscarriage of justice which will probably repeat itself this time and just the latest in a long line of malfeasance that hes gone on for over 23 years when Maurice’s grievances against these highly questionable agencies in S. Wales began!     

The calls, 13 Dec. 2018:

Call 2 from the hospital

Call 3 – Outrageous conditions set for MK now he’s released [today] from the prison – at least his release date is the 13 Dec.

Maurice Kirk: when they attempted to put radioactive isotopes in his brain over the totally bogus “serious brain damage” diagnosis, + more 09 Dec. 2018+ archive

Received:  the outrageous victimisation and persecution by S. Wales police and their cronies continues, which shows them to be totally unfit to be in the positions of “authority” they are – a complete and utter public scandal! There is no justice in the cases connected to Maurice Kirk – only malfeasance, and more malfeasance, and blatant corruption – it is truly disgusting.

Archive: Maurice is serving a highly questionable 2 year sentence, beginning on 14/12/2017 in HMP Parc, Bridgend, Wales – the archive of posts here with MK’s updates from HMP Parc:

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