In 1996 Dr. Leonard Horowitz wrote a book called “Emerging Viruses: AIDs & Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional?
Dr. Horowitz’s information really started getting out there in 2004.

At the same time, in 2004, The COINTELPRO agent provacateur A. True Ott created an online store called

When researching wayback internet archives of, the same store IP address, was previously used by an affiliate (spy) of Dr Joel’s Wallach’s Mineral site, “DeadDoctorsDon’tLie.” We suspect this was for the COINTELPRO agent True Ott to spy on Wallach as an affiliate, to gather intelligence on minerals to create his own Mineral site.

In 2008, Dr Jeremiah Wright came out and said God Damn America For Creating the AIDS virus and credited this knowledge to Horowitz’s Emerging Viruses book.
This gave Dr. Horowitz’s research a louder voice.…/rev-jeremiah-wright-aids…/

A year later in 2009, a website was created by the CONTELPRO (TRUE OTT via Ted Gunderson) called to disparage Dr. Horowitz and his research on lab created virus. The site was run by an Alex McGowin Studer who was a Hollywood editor found to be protecting pedophiles, and living on a property owned by Hollywood producer accused of pedophilia named Gary Goddard.

This same year, Alex Jones reneged on an ad contract for OxySilver he had with Dr. Horowitz and both he and Coast to Coast decided not to interview Dr. Horowitz any longer.
It was found that Jones had stolen Dr. Horowitz’s intellectual property replacing OxySilver with 528hz with SilverSol that uses a bad cancer causing frequency.

Dr. Horowitz and started defaming Dr. Horowitz along with True Ott in ant-semitic attacks. I researched all the connections and they all lead to Ted Gunderson who started COINTELPRO under J. Edgar Hoover.

Also the same year in 2009, a drug trafficking lawyer, Paul J. Sulla, Jr, who launders drug money through stolen real estate and acquires the real estate by forging documents showed up to steal Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane’s home. Later it was revealed that Sulla and Ott were working together in a legal filing by Sulla.

Also in Ted Gunderson’s cell was Debra Tevares and Anthony J. Hilder who made a fake sex tape using internet images of Sherri Kane & Dr. Leonard Horowitz. Tevares impersonated Sherri Kane as a voiceover.
At the same time Sherri Kane & Dr. Leonard Horowitz would receive death threats that we shut up or this tape would be released. It was sent to Dr. Horowitz’s children and his ex-wife who was being brainwashed them.
This fake sex tape plot was exposed in this video which lead Hilder to have a stroke:…/sex-tape-scandal-exposes…/

The threats increased and so did the defamation. They even spread lies claiming that Dr. Horowitz was a Knight of Malta and crazy thing is most of the accusers were masons.

In 2010, two land caretakers of Horowitz and Kane stayed at Sherri’s apartment during Christmas, where under the direction of True Ott, they drugged Sherri and filmed her in her half naked arguing with Len on the phone about Sherri not wanting any boars shot on the land. The two women took the video and gave it to Len’s ex-wife who gave it to True Ott and Studer who edited it with subtitles and physical alterations to Sherri’s appearance MKULTRA style to defame them. They continued to gang stalk Sherri and Len with these videos and It took 3 years to take the 300 videos (different versions) off of YouTube.

After that in 2012, a full length feature version (where they added Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut segments) was created that included friends of Sherri and Len such as Michael Vara, and was promoted by a Lee Bracker who had mental issues and was being manipulated by a psychologist also working with the True Ott’s cell, Michael Nuccitelli, who was brainwashing Bracker into becoming a manchurian Candidate and go to Hawaii to kill Len & Sherri. Lee Bracker eventually stopped the attacks when he died in his sleep in Arizona 3 years later.

In 2011, Dr. Horowitz and Sherri walked into a lion’s den to face their accusers by speaking at a Conspiracy Conference where they were thrown out for revealing this truth, after being told by the conference producer that they could do do this. It turned out that the conference producer Brian Hall, was a Knight of Malta. He is some video footage from their talk. Around this time, Ted Gunderson died going to his grave knowing that he had been exposed.

In 2016, Paul J. Sulla, Jr managed to steal Dr. Horowitz and Sherri when they got no trial.

Fast Forward to today. is for sale for 10k, since there is no longer a need to discredit Dr. Horowitz since they have us tied up in court trying to get their stolen home back from Sulla which diverts us away from doing more activism, and lead to Dr. Horowitz having to file for bankruptcy to try to get his home back but still no success.

Today we also have Controlled Opposition, Joseph Mercola and his self proclaimed high priced prostitute, Erin Elizabeth Finn aka The Health Nut, who are stealing the same research that was created to disparage, without giving Dr. Horowitz any credit.…/

Well we can’t afford to buy so the only good news is now belongs to us!

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