Melanie Shaw update: court report 14 Jan. 2019

from  facebook’s Justice for Melanie Shaw group
  Denyse Walker  

Report from Leeds Crown Court Monday 14 January 2019.

13 supporters waited around 90 minutes for other cases to be heard then Melanie’s case was called at 11:30. 10 seats only were available in the public gallery of court 10.
Judge Penelope Belcher began proceedings by informing the court that Melanie was to be admitted to Rampton on Wednesday, by which we assume she meant 16th January, via Section 48. We don’t know where she is now, but it seems likely therefore that she is still in HMP Styal. 

Judge Belcher declared herself not a psychiatrist, but did not necessarily agree with the Dr. , who had merely sent in an email to the court, which the Judge said was not acceptable, she needed a report, on the Mental Health Act category, suggesting a Section 37 might see Melanie treated then discharged under a supervision order. 

She spoke at some length with Melanie’s barrister and asked that legal aid funding be applied for so that 2 more doctors reports could be provided to assist her in reaching her decision. According to the 1st Dr, Melanie has an urgent condition, described as a personality disorder. 

Judge Belcher remarked that she had received more correspondence asking for justice for Melanie (I wonder who sent that 😉?) and that she had read it, as she had promised to, but would not be influenced by it. She only ever reached a verdict on the evidence she said, Mr Rafiq agreed she was scrupulous in this regard. 

Judge Belcher then adjourned the case until 11 February, reserving it for herself again, stating that the additional reports were required for a hospital order and this Dr. could not hide behind Sec 48, and Mel must otherwise be released into the community.

Another trip to Leeds then on 11/2/19.
Please support Melanie if you can. [ends]


The “Nottingham Post” article 14/01/2019:

Melanie Shaw arson sentencing is adjourned for another month

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