Fishing For Dooleys, Lammys & White Saviours VIDEO- 07 March 2019

Fishing For Dooleys, Lammys & White Saviours

Published on 1 Mar 2019

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re: the complete charletan and fraud David Lammy, “MP” – in 2010 / 2011 we Musa family supporters begged Lammy to act at the time over Haringey Council’s corruption of removing 7 children from the perfectly decent African visitors here the Musa family via lies, crimes, and deceit. Lammy, in his insufferable contempt, ignored our pleas and Haringey council’s crimes were allowed to occur wholesale – the Musa parents, Bishop Gloria and her husband Chiwar were jailed for 7 years each after a farce of a trial during which so much vital evidence was omitted by a totally corrupt defence team, we allege, who were in the pay of the council, + police etc. After having 7 children wrongfully removed these 2 African parents were abused badly whilst in prison for 3 years each, with badly needed medical treatment being denied throughout, and much more: THE MUSA FAMILY – 7 stolen children – A TINY, SHOCKING PART OF WHAT HAPPENED TO THESE VISITORS TO THE U.K. – 7 children removed by that N. London council + archive… 

After the horrific sentences they were deported back to Nigeria with their passports removed, never to ever see any of their so wrongly removed 7 children ever again. Even the judge at the 6+ week criminal trial was unfit to preside due to “conflicting interests” but that didn’t stop anything during the outrageous trial where only 3 defence witnesses were called to give evidence by the corrupt “defence team” to the prosecutions 43+ witnesses – although there were 20+ excellent witnesses ready to be called for the Musa family but were denied. It is still truly shameful what occurred, courtesy of Haringey council, N. London – the very same council responsible for the shocking “Baby P” case which also should never have happened if honest, responsible people had been in place at the council = OUTRAGEOUS! “Shamed Baby P boss Sharon Shoesmith’s ex-husband is caught with a haul of child porn – as she prepares to cash in on the tragic toddler’s death with a tell-all book ” + ARCHIVE…

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