Maurice Kirk – more docs received 08 April 2019 + archive

Received:  this note, written on the back of a completely shredded brown envelope, which was inside a Royal Mail clear “apologies as to the state of this letter” polythene bag, explains the latest from Maurice, which is selfexplanatory.  More later, with other docs. received today. Again, thanks to all who wrote to these authority figures recently =


Jan. 19 2019 Cardiff

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2 Responses to Maurice Kirk – more docs received 08 April 2019 + archive

  1. eliza parr says:

    Who are these people covering up for and why? i understand his problem as my own police refferal cites a made up convicton. did this person not contest it or go through proper channels? why are they doing thgis to cover backs of assholes.who is so powerful and important that they need this cover?


  2. butlincat says:

    What do you mean “Who are these people covering up for and why?” The officials are covering up for each other so they aren’t brought to book for “maladministration in public office” and worse.
    And if you’d read the updates it states Maurice only just found out about these extra charges put in his history. He is in prison, and updates also state numerous times his mail sending is being denied him, so he can hardly contest anything if mail can’t get to a place, or anyone….at the moment.


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