Maurice Kirk: Now disgracefully targeted even more by this prison! WHY? + those false charges dissected – 21 April 2019 + archive

Received today 21/04/19: Updated and added are the charges Maurice finds completely without merit, as shown directly underneath his latest message. Maurice states in his message received a couple of hours ago regarding the petty punishments now meted out to him by this “prison” who seem desperate to mess him up and make his life as unpleasant as they can – the latest hostilities include:

1] for some reason his canteen has been reduced to £4 / week. Whywhen every other convict gets £15+ canteen [+ work wages if applicable] each and every week?  

2] after speaking with his sister on the phone, whereby he had the statutory 30 minutes allowed to be out of his cell to make the said call  – as he didn’t go “behind his cell door” immediately on finishing the call he was then “arrested” by the screws – despite not having used up the said 30 minutes. An appalling punishment by those clearly targeting him. Serious letters of complaint will be sent regarding this abuse concerning Mr. M. Kirk, no. A7306AT – beginning with the governor at The Governor, HMP Cardiff, Knox Rd., Cardiff CF24 0AU – and also the HM Prison + Probation [Wales] HQ, ChurchilL House, Churchill Way, Cardiff, CF10 2HH .    

Those false charges dissected:  highlighted and marked with an “x” by Maurice are the highly disputed [as false] charges:

1]  the full sheet

2] showing: “Current psychological problems / depression” – “significant problems”

3] showing:  “Evidence of childhood behavioural problems”…followed by

2nd item down as listed: “History of severe head injuries, fits, periods of unconciousness [optional]:

  NB –  “I, John Graham, have known and met with Maurice often since 2011 and at no time has he ever shown anything as described whilst in my presence, nor have I ever heard from anyone anything as described in relation to him, since 2011 to date 23 April 2019″ – this is a true sworn statement by myself J. Graham 23 April 2019”

4]  More falsehoods referring to Maurice:

5]  more:  shown are specific charges without merit against a child – in effect we are told Maurice arrived back at his abode to find there a burglar who he tried to apprehend, who was trying to escape with her arms full of his property. Grabbing this burglar by the arm, he let go immediately, noticing it was a young female. This female was allowed to flee and Maurice didn’t pursue her, getting his property back then, nor did he report anything to the police, as these would have been the same police who had caused him so much grief for years [and still are] and he felt any action would’ve been futile and a complete waste of time. This female made certain highly questionable charges against Maurice afterwards [at the behest of the police?] but was later prosecuted in relation to certain matters connected:

Archive continues =

Maurice Kirk, 74, phone call – still on hunger strike in HMP – his mail to authorities undelivered 20 April 2019 + archive

Maurice Kirk, still on hunger strike in HMP – his mail to authorities undelivered and returned to him weeks later – 20 April 2019

It is a public scandal how Maurice has had nothing at all done regarding at least 4 extremely serious and MADE UP convictions which have been made part of his official documented “legal history” – the “OAS System Probation History”, which judges and the like see as part of cases – and make judgements against him using – these 4 serious and false additions to his history include CHILD ABUSE, DRUGS and WEAPONS and are part of the much bigger malfeasance – see “100 ERRORS CONCOCTED IN 49 PAGES OF HIS LEGAL [Probation] HISTORY 

These fake convictions were concocted by the Welsh police 
[allegedly] who seem to hate Maurice with a vengeance as is obvious by their constant and horrific targeting over many years – ALL BACKED AND CONDONED BY THE WELSH COURTS! These more serious charges are all completely untrue and made up, but what’s worse is the Maurice only found out about these fake charges recently [2019] after seeing his “Probation History” but these manufactured items must’ve influenced many court judgements whereby he was imprisoned by Welsh courts, going back as far as 2009 when these fake charges were supposed to have been concocted and declared as part of his legal history – those court judgements being that he was imprisoned many times – 7+ years inside since 2009 – surely influenced by this false history! NOW, NO ONE WILL CORRECT THESE SERIOUSLY ILLEGAL ENTRIES IN HIS LEGAL HISTORY – ANOTHER SHAMEFUL PUBLIC SCANDAL and formal complaints made by friends, family + supporters to certain authorities about these serious lies REMAIN IGNORED AND UNACKNOWLEDGED!!

See more: “Maurice Kirk: SHOCKING: 100 errors in 49 pages of his “Probation [police] History – 02 April 2019 + archive”

Just more deceit + malfeasance by these prison cronies – and the prison staff – “G4S” – have a lamentable record and are surely an extremely poor example of staff contracted for the prisons as their past behaviour testifies – not all of them, but many – eg. their losing of the “drugs cabinet” on occasions so Maurice had to go without his much needed prescribed medication [the “Omerzaparole” he was denied so many times during his most recent stay in HMP Parc – needed to be taken “before food” so that M’s very painful stomach ailments [which include “Barret’s Syndrome”] could be addressed – the staff made sure so many times that M was denied this medication over the 12 month period up till December 2018] – sheer unadulterated inhuman and barbaric treatment from those who should – and do – know better, but just part + parcel of the cruel victimisation they mete out – and always have – to Maurice Kirk, 74.

See the full MAURICE KIRK archive going back to 2011: –

What happened about his formal complaint to NHS Wales about his appalling and disgraceful treatment?

What does MP Alun Cairns do apart from ignoring formal complaints + more sent to him – he’s been Maurices MP in the past as MP for Barry, and is the WELSH SECRETARY [Secretary for Wales] and has been kept very much up to date with everything that’s been going on – what is he actually doing about the many irregularities and even illegalities M is having to endure courtesy of the Welsh authorities and connected? NOTHING IT SEEMS! The Welsh Assembly was written to very recently – not even an acknowledgement from them!! 

Maurice’s site [needs updating] is “MAURICE KIRK Challenges S. Wales Police”

Peace to all!!


Maurice Kirk on hunger strike: badly victimised in prison – phone call – 17 April 2019

MAY I please urge friends + supporters of Maurice,74, to please complain to the governor of this hellhole HMP Cardiff asap regarding this utter hostile victimisation of Maurice – he is again on hunger strike and now he’s denied appeal or bail application docs which are readily available to any inmate in prison and could well see him freed as their corruption is coming very much into the light – the address for the HMP Cardiff governor is The Governor, HMP Cardiff, Knox Rd., Cardiff CF24 0AU – the Prisons + Probation Ombudsman needs writing to too, @ Prisons and Probation Ombudsman, Third Floor, 10 South Colonnade, London E14 4PU
Email (general & complaints):
Email (fatal incidents):

Maurice Kirk,74, on hunger strike: badly victimised in prison – phone call 17 April 2019

This call from Maurice describes he’s being disallowed even common appeal documents in HMP Cardiff, along with a whole lot more. He is on hunger strike as a result – see the archive –
archive continues:

Maurice Kirk: Dodgy Welsh police block Maurice’s right to appeal using false convictions they made up – and more sheer vindictiveness and lies – 16 April 2019 + archive

Received:  RIDICULOUS – Maurice is now told to write himself to “Caswell Clinic” for his medical records [they know he’s done that many times], withheld by many agencies who refuse to give them to him although he is perfectly entitled … Continue reading 
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Maurice Kirk: phone call from HMP Cardiff – deceit and more deceit 16 April 2019 + archive

Maurice calls a family member 15 April ’19. After being released on parole around 18 December 2018, and after serving 12 months, and forced to live in a MAPPA bail hostel in Cardiff where he had to “sign on” at … Continue reading 
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Maurice Kirk: complaints sent and more docs. re: the illegalities of Maurice’s situation 12 April 2019 + archive

Received: Other new docs received from Maurice, a formal complaint sent to NHS Wales regarding the malfeasance and other irregularities regarding the failure to provide Maurice with medical records that he is perfectly entitled to. They are withholding certain records … Continue reading 
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Maurice Kirk: why is he still in prison? 11 April 2019 + archive

Received:  various documents detailing the chronic malfeasance etc. constantly occurring connected to that place known as HMP Cardiff, run by “G4S”, lol. Archive continues: Maurice Kirk – more docs received 08 April 2019 + archive Posted on April 8, 2019by butlincat Received:  this … Continue reading 
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Maurice Kirk – more docs received 08 April 2019 + archive

Received:  this note, written on the back of a completely shredded brown envelope, which was inside a Royal Mail clear “apologies as to the state of this letter” polythene bag, explains the latest from Maurice, which is selfexplanatory.  More later, … Continue reading 
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Maurice Kirk – those denied documents + his hunger strike 07 April 2019 + archive

Received: From Maurice a few days ago – this note looks like good news – more promises anyway [see note directly below] whereby the docs that he is perfectly entitled to but have been denied him for so long are apparently … Continue reading 
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Maurice Kirk on hunger strike again because of prison staff’s failed promises 05 pril 2019 + archive

Received:  Prison staff promised Maurice, 74, certain documents but renaged on their promise, hence his return to hunger strike. The latest notes received from him detail the malfeasance. Friends and supporters of Maurice are asked to please write and complain … Continue reading 
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Maurice Kirk: SHOCKING: 100 errors in 49 pages of his “Probation [police] History” 02 April 2019 + archive

Received:  Maurice highlights more lies in his “probation history”, this history based upon [fabricated] police records and connected – all used against him in the most outrageously criminal way. When authorities are told about these breaches of Maurice’s Human Rights … Continue reading 
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Maurice Kirk: back on hunger strike again as he’s lied to regarding the docs he was promised not being given to him 28 March 2019 + archive

Received:  As can be seen in the previous update [below, dated 23 March ’19 after the 8 sheets just received] Maurice was promised documents by certain prison staff by “the end of play” on the 22nd March 2019. Once again … Continue reading 
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Maurice Kirk: to come off hunger strike after promises for docs are made? 23 March 2019 + archive

Received: Apparently, HMP Cardiff prison officials have promised to give Maurice the documents he was promised by the end of the 21 March ’19  which would allow him to come off his hunger strike, as the following document, dated 20 … Continue reading 
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    “I hope Maurice Kirk makes it out of prison – they’ve killed people for less, and now knowing that they doctored his criminal history doesn’t help. I am reminded of the Cardiff murder of Leanette White case … where 19 serving or retired cops were prosecuted in 2011. Adding fake charges to anyone’s history, as has happened to Maurice in 2009 during his “machine gun trial”, allegedly, when he was acquitted, could prove very ominous for him as it opens a whole can of worms, although he’s nothing to do with anything #Cardiff #police #corruption #Anonymous #justice #humanrights #Wales #NWO #evil @SkyNews @RT24News “


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