Maurice Kirk: shamefully kept away from his vital court hearing by the prison staff – 30 MAY 2019 + archive

Today 30 May 2019 at the Cardiff civil court: because a certain prison officer deliberately did not process 74 year-old Maurice’s court hearing visit [as Maurice was told personally by another “officer”] he was unable to attend the important hearing today, which lasted well over an hour. The hearing was adjourned until NEXT JANUARY 2020: a whole 7 months away when we all could’ve moved on! The judge allowed me to speak to him at the start of proceedings but I could see his honour was not impressed with what I had to say when pointing out to him [which he already knew about anyway] that at least 5 FAKE AND SERIOUS CONVICTIONS HAD BEEN ADDED TO MK’s legal history [see first 2 pics below] WHICH SURELY BEGS THE QUESTION: WHO ELSE HAS HAD HIS CRIMINAL RECORD SERIOUSLY INTERFERED WITH ILLEGALLY BY THE ADDING TO IT OF TOTALLY MANUFACTURED CONVICTIONS? – each charge totally false and concocted during Maurice’s 2009 machine gun trial – anything to secure a [completely dishonest] conviction back then, attempting to get Maurice locked away forever in a closed mental hospital – ASHWORTH – which failed as the jury wouldn’t buy the nonsense at trial. Maurice was acquitted of all charges [to do with the sale of an old machine gun which was fixed to an airplane he had bought] but only found out about these fake charges put on his criminal record recently from his probation people, more by chance than anything else. ABSOLUTELY SCANDALOUSLY ILLEGAL AND PREPOSTEROUS TO PUT NONEXISTENT CONVICTIONS ON ANYBODY’S CONVICTION HISTORY – BUT WILL THEY FIX IT AND STRAIGHTEN OUT HIS RECORD BY REMOVING THE FALSE CHARGES INVOLVING CHILDREN, DRUGS AND WEAPONS? NO, THEY WON’T AND ESPECIALLY NOT IF THINGS ARE CONNECTED TO CERTAIN HIGH-UPS IN THE SWP – my opinion only of course – A PUBLIC SCANDAL THROUGHOUT. The judge didn’t want to hear what I was telling him – that MK had become a MAPPA client, with it’s terribly severe restrictions and more because – more than likely – of these fake but extremely serious charges forced upon him TEN WHOLE YEARS AGO in 2009, plus the fact that Maurice shouldn’t be in prison AT ALL, LET ALONE HAVING TO DO THE 7+ YEARS HE’S DONE ALREADY IN PRISON SINCE 2009 WHEN THESE FAKE CHARGES WERE MANUFACTURED BY THESE S WALES POLICE, it is very very strongly alleged! Anyway, it seemed his honour the judge wasn’t interested in what I was trying to tell him, and told me to stop talking and sit down, which I did as clearly I was wasting my breath.

ALSO – a report coming soon on the blatant bullying + more that MK has been forced to endure from certain characters recently [apart from the irregularities of the recorded delivery letters being refused to be sent to the RCJ and elsewhere, etc etc] – their names + numbers are recorded – one of whom made MK’s head DELIBERATELY bang against a wall whilst pushing him in his wheelchair last week, and the others who wouldn’t open MK’s cell door so he could go get his food – AND THE REST! OUTRAGEOUS! Maurice is in a wheelchair now and suffering badly at the hands of certain characters – shameful bullies WHO IN NO WAY SHOULD BE IN THIS JOB IN THE 1ST PLACE. 


pics:  1 + 2 – the false charges put in MK’s history, amongst other deliberate inaccuracies

3 – acknowledgement letter from P.M’s office re: the 14 page bundle sent to Ms. May re: the chronic malfeasance and other serious irregularities occurring recently 

4  – the PRISONS AND PROBATION OMBUDSMAN – PPO –  didn’t want to know about anything to do with Maurice when told – the usual response, going back literally years after they were written to. The details of M’s present situation were sent to the PPO with a “letter of permission” signed by Maurice allowing the interaction with this “department” who are there as public servants to help inmates. That’s the theory, but definitely not working in practice! 


Archive continues:

Maurice Kirk: IMPORTANT DOCUMENT re: upcoming court hearing 30 May 2019 + archive

Received:  A PDF file containing important information relavent to MK’s case[s], and relavent to an upcoming hearing on the 30th May =

z z z zpdf z z MK sixth draft Saturday midday 23 Feb (1).doc2-converted

above: Maurice Kirk with “People’s Lawyer” Patrick Cullinane – who was not seen after date in 2017, also greatly targeted before his disappearance /  passing. Patrick was barred from many courts because they didn’t like what he said and did – winning many cases – Patrick paid dearly for his most honourable convictions. 

See his “Stop the Fraud on the Court” at Hyde Park Corner 10 July 2016, approx. 4 months before he mysteriously vanished: 

see more:

See the “Patrick Cullinane” archive on my site:…


Maurice Kirk: Letter to Alun Cairns MP, Secretary for Wales – the withheld MAPPA / Caswell Clinic records + complaints to police 12 May 2019 +archive

Received:  the latest notes from Maurice Kirk, 74, now in a wheelchair and being held on recall in HMP Cardiff, finishing a 2 year sentence [until possibly + at the latest December 17 2019]. Maurice was recalled back to prison in around 24th Febuary 2019 after failing to adhere to his release conditions – he was meant to “sign on” at the allotted 5pm time but fell asleep on a train after becoming ill, thus failing to sign on at 5pm at the MAPPA bail hostel he is forced to reside in, in Cardiff, after being released in December 2018. He is banned from living in his own country – the UK – totally scandalous and just another punitive restriction forced upon him, being a MAPPA subject, so wrongly [see earlier updates for more details]. This man was a vetinerary surgeon and cared for sick animals, until they took his career away from him – he is not a real Level 3 MAPPA subject – the likes of which are serial rapists and the worst of violent criminals – so ridiculously unfair. Whilst in HMP Cardiff he is denied many of his basic rights – amongst other things his recorded delivery letters are being refused to be sent to the Appeal court at the Royal Courts of Justice, and elsewhere, and mail to him is often delayed for weeks at a time from being given to him, as detailed in his earlier update’s phone calls. Photocopying of docs. is often barred, as are even postage stamps on occasion, and even visiting the prison library at times has been denied him. Even going to church was barred, he reported earlier.  During the last 12 months imprisonment up to December 2018 in HMP Parc his medical prescription for very painful stomach ailments [eg. Barrett’s Syndrome + more] was cruelly denied him for most of those 12 months, with the most ridiculous of excuses coming from the screws regarding his being denied his medication such as “we can’t find the medicine cabinet” and other bs. So cruel. I just hope he makes it out when they decide to let him be released and this deliberate and abhorrent torture of a 74 year old citizen can cease. Maurice has had so many lies put in writing about him which has been used against him by judges for a very long time – beginning over 20 years ago. Maurice has / had [qu.] 40+ [unqu.] legal cases ongoing against certain authorities, particularly the S Wales police + connected. Go figure… 


1] letter to Mr. Cairns MP, Secretary for Wles and Maurice’s [former] MP

2]   formal complaint to Cardiff Bay police station Duty Officer

3]  formal prison complaint form, filled



above: Maurice eats a sausage in a central Cardiff hostelry 38 days or so after being released on 17 December 2018 from HMP Parc [ le lieu de perdition] and a couple of weeks before he was recalled to prison after breaching his parole conditions by failing to “sign on” at the allotted time at his Cardiff MAPPA hostel because he fell asleep on the train after becoming ill on it, thus missing his train stop…and the strict obligatory “signing on”

“People’s Lawyer” Patrick Cullinane, formerly of Harrow, Middx, now presumed “missing in action” and “a.w.o.l”, presumed “deceased”…

Maurice Kirk: prison note on refused mail + more – 09 May 2019 + archive

Received: the prison staff’s malfeasance and worse continues unchecked, as usual, with Recorded Delivery letters to the Appeal court at the Royal Courts of Justice and other mail being handed back to him by the prison staff 3 weeks after he tried to send them [as an earlier update from MK declared]. Isn’t it an offence to interfere with the “Queen’s mail” – or has privatisation trivialised that right too? Answers, please, on a postcard.  

Maurice Kirk: false convictions are refused to be removed from legal history, letters blocked to RCJ still + more – 06 May 2019 + archive

Received – Maurice writes today that the false charges put in his probation history are being refused to be removed by the S Wales police – since when can the police just add fake convictions to anyone’s legal history? No one stands a chance if things like this are done by those we call the “police”, which make a mockery of everything the “law” stands for. Note there are over a hundred errors in the 42 pages of MK’s probation history, Maurice writes in an earlier update. What is serious about these false additions to Maurice’s legal history is that he has been made a MAPPA subject as a result, which stops much justice from taking place, and allows much persecution and victimisation to take place, as has been happening to Maurice for years, eg. with prison sentences being given when they shouldn’t have been – the judge’s verdicts based on a completely fake history  – a history containing false convictions which don’t exist in the first place, which any judge would frown upon when giving a sentence, believing the fake history to be real.

Apart from that, his recorded delivery letters have now been blocked and disallowed completely from leaving the prison, as he tells us below, including letters to the Appeal court at the Royal Courts of Justice. This is probably because when their lordships receive the letters and realise that many of the charges on Maurice’s history are fake, and which make him a MAPPA subject too, he will be released from prison as the imprisonments, including the latest too, are based upon a manufactured legal history that isn’t real. Thus, everything is being done by the prison to stop such letters getting to the Appeal Court. Even photocopying documents  has now been stopped from happening, and even stamps are not allowed that are sent to him by supporters. 

Maurice Kirk – more notes show the chronic targeting inflicted upon this totally innocent man – 03 May 2019 + archive

Received:  notes showing how deep the corruption surrounding Maurice Kirk, 74, and the targeting goes. They all defend each other to the point of absurdity, but someone always makes a mistake which shows even more the inherent corruption of the S. Wales police and their connected parties, including their misplaced “leader” – the Ch.Con, who is walking on extremely thin ice now, as are others =

 Maurice Kirk: latest phone call: deceitful HMP Cardiff staff block Maurice’s letter to lawyer from leaving the prison! 02 May 2019 + archive

Maurice Kirk phone call 30 April 2019: HMP Cardiff staff block Maurice’s letter to lawyer from leaving the prison!

Just the latest dishonest action by these prison staff – on orders from whom?

See the Maurice Kirk archive here, going back to 2011 =

See his site:


Maurice Kirk: OUTRAGEOUS! prison block his mail to authorities [illegal] and more corruption 28 April 2019 + archive

Received:  the latest from Maurice, received from emailaprisoner, tells the usual tale of the general corruption surrounding Maurice Kirk’s quest for a level playing field to counter the appalling and shocking malfeasance we have come to expect from certain, especially Welsh authorities. The latest is that Maurice’s recorded delivery letters are refused to be sent to the Royal Courts of Justice, and other places, using the flimsiest of excuses, the mail blocked from leaving the prison as there is a glimmer of hope that when his documents are seen by these characters in high places, some of whom have at least some integrity and honesty, the chances are that these upstanding officials will do what they are supposed to do – see that the law is upheld – so it stands to reason that if the prison can destroy Maurice’s chances of letters getting to these locations in the first place, they can keep him locked away until further notice. Whoever is drunk with power who is pulling the strings regarding the outrageous targeting Maurice constantly experiences needs to realise that he is surely possessed by something very evil that the majority of good folk everywhere thankfully aren’t. Various irregularities are in play by the prison to stop Maurice’s letters from leaving the prison [or even being received by him from supporters etc], and just as outrageous is that when one rightly complains to authorities about these irregularities, or one informs Mr. Cairns, the Welsh Secretary or the Welsh Assembly itself  regarding this shameful situation ONE IS COMPLETELY IGNORED!  How these characters are able to sleep at night is surely a huge mystery. One might do well to remember that those who have been dispensing the torture over the years to this now elderly citizen [he’s now 74]– and I’m emphasising particularly about the endless prison sentences meted out to him connected to his past conviction history which has been severely tampered with by the adding to it of various serious charges that don’t even exist that Maurice was supposed to have committed – might like to take note that all concerned may not get away with any of their deceitful crimes they’ve been part of, as karma has a way of seeing to it that those guilty parties suffer much worse than those they inflicted their torture against in the first place. The old saying “What goes around, comes around” is a very appropriate statement which comes to mind, because no one gets away with everything forever, and any one of these characters involved in Maurice’s cases where massive deceit is involved would throw his / her own mother under the bus if they had to, to save their own skin. Sadly, nothing can undo what’s already been done, and nothing can give Maurice back the many years he’s spent pointlessly [and often very ill] in prison or give him back other precious things that have been taken from him – his marriages for example, or his commendable career of caring for animals when a vetinerary surgeon. All these guilty parties accolades and titles and trinketed honours mean so very little at the end of the day, when it comes to the crunch, but, of course, they’re so wrapped up in their own glamour-bs they’ve lost touch with reality and haven’t a clue what’s going on. Let them reap what they sew. 

Below, Maurice explains how the prison staff refused to process his recorded delivery mail to the RCJ and elsewhere. It nauseates me how anyone – paid by the taxpayer – can weild so much misplaced power, but there we go. In 2009, and connected to the “Machine gun trial” frame-up, regarding which Maurice was acquitted when they tried – and failed – to remove Maurice from society forever to a closed mental hospital by the fabrication that he had irrepairable “brain damage” and was a “danger to society and himself”, Maurice writes:  “Hunger strike released my probation officer’s OASys’s lies and string of serious criminal convictions and this prison, in writing,  inadvertently disclosed Caswell Clinic now denies I ever had “brain damage” or mental health disorder in 2009 – just who is on the run?” For your information, “Caswell Clinic” was run by the dishonest consultant who “left” the NHS after colluding [allegedly] with the Welsh police to have Maurice sectioned forever in a closed mental unit using lies, such as Maurice having irrepairible “brain damage”, and more, which made him a “danger to society”, and himself. It all came on top, and this dubious character was left to manufacture false stories in order that a “restraining order” was put upon Maurice – or, rather, wasn’t – as that “restraining order” was never served upon Maurice according to the law in the first place and couldn’t even be shown to a jury when they asked to see it, even though authorities make out the order was properly served, and punish Maurice with long prison sentences when they claim he has broken it – total travesties! These outrageous miscarriages of justice and abuses of power have been ongoing for years, as regular supporters of MK will all be only too well aware of. 

Maurice states that as well as his being denied letters being sent out, he is also deliberately restricted photocopying, as well as “proof of posting” for letters that do eventually get sent  – “proof of posting” is a requirement by the courts or they have a field day ignoring everything. He also states that a convict stood at his cell door was “goading” him about the postal receipts he’s being denied constantly AND WAS ACTUALLY HOLDING PREVIOUS RECEIPTS FOR LETTERS MAURICE HAD SENT THAT HE IS DENIED!! How did a con get these receipts that should’ve been given to Maurice, as a legal requirement? Whichever prison officer was involved in this criminal activity needs to be slung out of that prison and got rid of asap!!  Maurice also states that the only prison officer who would help him with his recorded delivery mail “has gone on holiday” – so more problems there with the other useless eaters parading as screws. These oafs would be dangerous if they had a brain.

Maurice Kirk: phone call: the inherent dishonesty of the HMP Cardiff staff 26 April 2019 + archive

Maurice Kirk: phone call: the inherent dishonesty – 26April 2019

The endless complicit deceit and conspiracy by the HMP Cardiff prison staff [with others] not to let Maurice’s appeal and bail application documents get to the authorities – anywhere. They stink!

Received:  The latest message received =

HMP Parc [GFS] blatantly lie in their 11 Feb. 2019 letter stating clearly they’d given Maurice “a complete set of his medical notes” prior to leaving HMP Parc in late December 2018, knowing full well they hadn’t! –

Maurice Kirk phone call – why is he made a MAPPA subject again? 25 APRIL 2019 + archive

Maurice Kirk phone call – why is he made a MAPPA subject again? 24 APRIL 2019 What is MAPPA? With MAPPA the authorities can inflict extremely debilitating and serious restrictions and rules and regulations upon the subject – this registering … Continue reading 

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Maurice Kirk: message received – private lawyer urgently needed asap 24 April 2019 + archive

Received:   Hopefully this note is selfexplanatory.   A private lawyer is required asap – pls. contact Maurice A7306AT at HMP Cardiff. Archive: Maurice Kirk: Now disgracefully targeted even more by this prison! WHY? + those false charges dissected – 21 April … Continue reading 

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Maurice Kirk: Now disgracefully targeted even more by this prison! WHY? + those false charges dissected – 21 April 2019 + archive

Received today 21/04/19: Updated and added are the charges Maurice finds completely without merit, as shown directly underneath his latest message. Maurice states in his message received a couple of hours ago regarding the petty punishments now meted out to … Continue reading 

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Maurice Kirk, 74, phone call – still on hunger strike in HMP – his mail to authorities undelivered 20 April 2019 + archive

Maurice Kirk, still on hunger strike in HMP – his mail to authorities undelivered and returned to him weeks later – 20 April 2019 It is a public scandal how Maurice has had nothing at all done regarding at least … Continue reading 

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Maurice Kirk on hunger strike: badly victimised in prison – phone call 17 April 2019

MAY I please urge friends + supporters of Maurice,74, to please complain to the governor of this hellhole HMP Cardiff asap regarding this utter hostile victimisation of Maurice – he is again on hunger strike and now he’s denied appeal or … Continue reading 

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Maurice Kirk: Dodgy Welsh police block Maurice’s right to appeal using false convictions they made up – and more sheer vindictiveness and lies – 16 April 2019 + archive

Received:  RIDICULOUS – Maurice is now told to write himself to “Caswell Clinic” for his medical records [they know he’s done that many times], withheld by many agencies who refuse to give them to him although he is perfectly entitled … Continue reading 

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Maurice Kirk: phone call from HMP Cardiff – deceit and more deceit 16 April 2019 + archive

Maurice calls a family member 15 April ’19. After being released on parole around 18 December 2018, and after serving 12 months, and forced to live in a MAPPA bail hostel in Cardiff where he had to “sign on” at … Continue reading 

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Maurice Kirk: complaints sent and more docs. re: the illegalities of Maurice’s situation 12 April 2019 + archive

Received: Other new docs received from Maurice, a formal complaint sent to NHS Wales regarding the malfeasance and other irregularities regarding the failure to provide Maurice with medical records that he is perfectly entitled to. They are withholding certain records … Continue reading 

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Maurice Kirk: why is he still in prison? 11 April 2019 + archive

Received:  various documents detailing the chronic malfeasance etc. constantly occurring connected to that place known as HMP Cardiff, run by “G4S”, lol. Archive continues: Maurice Kirk – more docs received 08 April 2019 + archive Posted on April 8, 2019by butlincat Received:  this … Continue reading 

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Maurice Kirk – more docs received 08 April 2019 + archive

Received:  this note, written on the back of a completely shredded brown envelope, which was inside a Royal Mail clear “apologies as to the state of this letter” polythene bag, explains the latest from Maurice, which is selfexplanatory.  More later, … Continue reading 

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